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Aug 26, 2011

Vacationer says she was terrorized by GSU

Sonia Harris is in Belize on vacation but her holiday became terrifying after two encounters with the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). Harris says that on Sunday she was on Supaul Street and witnessed the GSU harassing some young boys. She also claims that the GSU was verbally abusive and tried to take her camera. Harris said she reported the incident on Monday but on Tuesday the GSU stormed into her small shop that is managed by her son on Holy Emmanuel Street. They claimed they were looking for guns and drugs and Harris said they physically assaulted her.

Sonia Harris, Claims Police Brutality

Sonia Harris

“I said ‘sir, there’s no gun, there’s no drugs here, all that’s in here I sell clothes, water and ideal.’ Okay I got up to call my son by the time I call my son I came out to take the search warrant he pushed the search warrant quick in my hand and pull it back but I had already saw that the search warrant didn’t had no name, didn’t had no address,  didn’t have a stamp from the judge. By the time I said that they all pushed their way in, so I took my phone out to call the police to say they are out here harassing us. If you could notice, the whole of my wrist, they started bending my hand, had gun on me and my grandson; my grandson is American citizen. I was all swell up to take away my phone. Slam me down on the floor, have the foot on my neck just because they want to take away my phone. Because I reach to cut off the laptop the all of them started to punch me into my stomach, men and women they punch up me in my stomach. They dig up the place, they dig up in my things upstairs, and then when they notice that they’re in the wrong place oh umm this-that-tara. Then they had it to say that they’re not scared of whoever I wanna tell. Then they got in their truck and all ah them start laugh. I came here for a visit. I’m on my vacation to come here to be beaten by police I don’t think its right. I got enough of it because this is the second time in a week. They said the reason they came back after us is because I went to make a report about them on Monday.”

Harris said that she has reported this latest incident to the police.

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17 Responses for “Vacationer says she was terrorized by GSU”

  1. G says:


  2. Rod says:

    This is what you get I told all you belizean American don’t come to Belize this is what will happen to you this useless corrupt pm and gov. Is the worse in the history of Belize and all you belizean Americans voted for this gov. Only because you wanted a black man in charge well this is what you get enjoy it all you belizean traitors.

  3. rich says:

    Don’t worry mom, it is clear that the GSU are just a bunch of cowards. Just bare in mind that police officers are the most hated people in Belize!!!!!! and they can’t help it.

  4. rich says:

    Don’t worry mom, it is clear that the GSU are just a bunch of cowards. Just bare in mind that police officers are the most hated people in Belize!!!!!! and they can’t help it.

  5. L.C. says:

    This is sad. The even more disturbing thing is, they have no shame about it. Like no conscience whatsoever is present.

    Tourism is one of Belize’s top industries. If word starts spreading that the police department is corrupt, it’s only a matter of time before the industry collapses.

  6. Charlie Price says:

    Obviously……….POLICE ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I Have Awaken says:

    This is what is being done to Belizeans right now, imagine what will happen if the 9th gets passed. That pushing of the warrant in her hands wont even happen, it may be straight bullet to the head.

  8. DISGUSTED!!!!!! says:

    I will definitely copy and re-post this story on the internet for all the world to see. These low-life dogs can abuse defenseless women but they can’t solve the crime epidemic that’s plaguing the country. Starting with the thieving scums of the earth in politics! TO ALL MY AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN FRIENDS! STAY AWAY FROM THIS $H!THOLE OF A COUNTRY AND IT’S DISEASED POLITICIANS AND POLICE FORCE!!!!!! THERE ARE MANY BETTER, CLEANER, MORE CIVILIZED PLACES IN THE WORLD TO SPEND YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY AND ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!!!!! BELIZE IS A NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ny says:

    sue the gob, its amazing how this could happen in the jewel. but again i’m not surprised because the gov, the judges, the prosecutors, the police department, and the media are all incompetent, its sand; its scary. it has been literally twelve yrs now since my fellow bzeans have been killing themselves over petty things, and the gov seems to can’t get a grip around this urgent situation, and as a direct result more and more of the people thinks that killing is the norm. kids are becoming colder and colder, when you look into their eyes all you can see is sadness. i don’t know what it will take for the jewel to get back to the days when one was free to walk anywhwere.

  10. Concerned Belizean says:

    Police corruption has, still and will always exist in Belize UNLESS something crucial is done to curb this problem. All those corrupt and abusive officers need to be fired…imagine them biting the hands of the people who feed them and their families?? This is outright outrageous and these GSU officers have been placed to stir nothing but trouble instead of serving the community as HOW THEY SHOULD!! Outta ordah!

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    The GOB is corrupt so what do we expect from the Police.

  12. Steve says:

    GSU is part and parcel of the 9th amendment to the constitution. Barrow is field testing the GSU as his police force that will take over command when the 9th amendment is passed. GSU will be Barrow’s bodyguards, intelligence, and force that will spy on people and eliminate all go against his wishes. You better get use or prepare to defend yourself.

  13. Belizean says:

    @ rod …nothing you ever say makes sense.

  14. Do it right says:

    Agree with you Belizean. Rod is a senseless anti-Belizean who seems to have been raped by GOB lol. I sympathize with the lady for enduring what happened to her, but that doesn’t mean you should put down the whole country bc of a few idiots. Love your country for it is your heritage and a beautiful country. If you don’t love your country then get the hell out ROD and Disgusted. No one is begging you to stay. Y’all the ones that would sell out your country for a chicken or pizza. lol In the old days y’all would be charged for treason for going against your country.

  15. L.C. says:

    The internet needs a filter that reads back what you type before posting so you can hear just how stupid you sound when you post, Rod.

  16. indain says:


  17. general says:


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