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Jul 21, 2011

1st time mother gives horror story of losing newborn at hospital

A young first time mother from Ladyville buried her newborn son earlier this week after what she described as a horrific experience at the hospital. The nineteen year old went into premature labor this past weekend, only twenty-two weeks into her pregnancy. And while she did not want to appear on camera, the Ladyville resident told News Five that she went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital when she started experiencing complications, but she claims that no one attended to her until it was too late to save her baby.

Voice of: Disgruntled Mother

“When I went there I explained to the nurses what is the situation and the nurse asked me if I had already filled out a paper to see the doctor and I told her yes. When I told her that, I said that I’m using the bathroom really regular and I have this really, really, bad pain and she told me to go and sit down until the doctor ready to deal with me. I told her I can’t and I keep on just walking and walking round with this really, really bad pain and the nurses just kept on passing. My mom told one of the nurses “my daughter eena pain” and the nurse replied like “I’m not no doctor here to deal wither”. By the time she told me that I was just keep on walking and try to get one of the nurses to tend to me. And when the pain really grab me and couldn’t take any more I went on the floor rolling. I pleaded to the nurse please put me on the bed. When the nurse came to pick me up my legs was already numb, I couldn’t walk. When she put me on the bed my baby was already there. She had to rush me into the delivery room. She told me that my baby already died in me but yet I noh get washed out until Sunday after nine. If my baby died in me, she should have washed me out right away because I could have caught an infection there that could have cost my life.  I’m, just here to say that they weren’t treating me fair. They told me that my baby doesn’t have heart, lungs or nothing. My baby was fully, fully developed with every, every single thing. I’m just here to inform the rest of mother and whoever went through the same thing just to let the public know that they are not treating us fair as human beings that this situation doesn’t happen again like this.”

Delahnie Bain

“You mentioned that they wanted to burn the baby, did you end up having a proper burial for him?”

Voice of: Disgruntled Mother

“I gave my baby a proper burial because that’s a human being mein, that’s a real human being. That’s my flesh and blood. If nobody else feel it, I really feel it and I know the mothers out there who already went through that stuff still feel it.”

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19 Responses for “1st time mother gives horror story of losing newborn at hospital”

  1. Cliff says:

    I am so sorry young lady! I hate fat nurses at hospitals! Lazy obese ugly nurses!! greedy!

  2. Maria Marshall says:

    Horrible news of inhumane treatment and even more cruel to know it happened in a hospital.
    Shameful and disgraceful in every way !!!!
    There is no excuse for the uncaring attitude of those concerned and they should be fired from their jobs.
    My deepest sympathy to the young mother who had to endure such pain “in hospital” which eventually led to the death of her unborn child. This is a traumatic experience and can have long term effects. She should be compensated accordingly.

  3. Victoria says:

    I feel terrible for the young lady, what an experience!!!!!!!! some of these nurses at the hospitals in Belize have no class, bad attitude and think everyone should bow down to them. Being a nurse is a priveledge and not a right, they should be willing to help the patients, be empathic to their situation and not the other way around, if you are fat and have stinky attitude to go with your size, you do not belong in the hospital, it just indicate you are there for the paycheck and not the patients.and Cliff I agree with you totally

  4. concern says:

    This where Barrow should come in instead of making his pocket fuller and fuller. If you say you love your people so call Prime Minister here is where you should started to show interest. The health of the people. My deepesy sympatht to the young mother.

  5. deedee says:

    A few months ago a woman came to the media saying that this very hospital had switch her baby with another…her claims her right, now this time they ignored the plea of a pregnant woman who was in terrible pain. Some of those nurses at KHMH are only there for a pay check, could care less about the well being of an individual who needs attention…SHAME & DISGRACE. From the moment they saw this young lady was pregnant & complaining of pains…they should have attended to her immediately. Its very unfortunate that she had to endure so much pain & more sadly loss her infant due to neglect by the IDIOTS AT KHMH.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Sue the hell out of these idiots,Stop the malpractise open your eyes Belize.

  7. marco says:

    Why are we ready to blame and accuse and hurt? I am not a doctor but could it be that the lady in question had provoked an abortion? Was she attending the clinic regularly as is necessary? Yes, I know that when you are in pain the time you wait seems forever, but let me tell you, the nurses are doing the best they could particularly at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. My dad was there for a week and let me tell you, the treatment to him that I saw left nothing to be desired and we could be classed as nobody since we do not have wealth or prestige but we know how to treat people.

    I cannot say the same for the San Ignacio grumpy nurses who in my presence told a hispanic lady that she should come back to the hospital when she learns English. I guess that these attitudes are a result of poor leadership at the hospitals and not necessarily qualification of the nurses. A firm, strict leader will see that all these foolishness are corrected even before it happens. But a firm strict leader is not popular but what the heck that is what we need. We do not need a popular person but an able person with good Public relation quality.

    I praise the KHMH for doing the best the can!!!

  8. cg says:

    this is nothing new…if i didn’t have the kinder nurses on staff when i was about to deliver at KHMH i would have been left to have my baby on my own. You have to scream and wallow at them to do their job and the faces they give you like u r wasting their time when all they do is sit on their fat @$$ the whole time watching tv. heartless women they all are and you’d find it hard to belive they are mothers. even their own nurses that work alongside them, the ones that do their job are appalled at their behaviour yet they still have a job

  9. mad woman says:

    it is very, very sad to read these kinds of news, we as belizeans to belizeans we should protect and help each other, not just because it isn’t our family or our friend we shouldn’t give a helping hand or becasue we won’t get a paycheck for the good deed. this is one of the reason why our country is the way it is killing, stealing, fighting and worst of all hatred, so i said sue those fricking ……. and hired real nurses and doctors that really care about people live and not just there’s.

  10. Karen Q says:

    First I would like to send my deepest sympathy to this young mother for her loss. Secondly, I concur with Elgin….if more citizen of Belize start suing these so called Medical Instituions they would really consider the employees they are hiring and also put more into training them and Best Practices. Thirdly, God forbid I ever find myself or a family member in a situation like this be it Belize or here in America…I promise I would own or have shares in it. Belizian…please, please learn your rights and enforce it…Absolutely no reason for someone to be treated the way this young woman was treated especially at a Hospital!

  11. slimgirlsp says:

    First of all, my deepest sympathy to this young mother. so sad to know that in ur own country ur been treated unfair…
    It’s not the first time you hear something like this happens… People, come out and speak for your rights , Belize is a free country and everyone should voice their opinion….
    What the hell is wrong with these people, what is the purpose of going to a hospital and you don’t have the attention you need? Belize need some mid wives and I bet more people would trust them than going to the hospitals..

    I recently had a baby in Dangriga and I must say that I was treated very GOOD, thanks to nurse Roches, she is the type of nurse they should have in Belize City and everywhere…

    Being a nurse, you need to have passion for the job, not an obligation, the way it seems at some hospitals.

  12. check it out says:

    Killa heusna, living up to its name. but the CEO makes120 thousand dollars a year!! and they don’t have capable nurses. at 22 weeks a baby is fully formed..

  13. A U.S Nurse says:

    @ marco, whether or not this lady provoked an abortion is irrelevant. To the young lady, I’m sorry for your loss but take it from someone who knows: when you’re 22 weeks pregnant and in labour, there’s very little that can be done to stop you from giving birth to a fetus that will not survive due to extreme prematurity. Injections to stop premature labour aren’t given before your third trimester/28 weeks of pregnancy. TLC and better care go a much longer way when medicins is not enough. Take your complaint to the hospital managers, to find out where ths hospital staff failed you.

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    Most people in the medical field these days are there just for the pay,hence they treat people the way they do. There is something known as compasion”.Hello department of health.”

  15. I Have Awaken says:

    It will be a very unfortunate thing; but one of these days someone is going to walk into that hospital and go on a shooting/killing spree – however, it seems that history proves that this seems to be the only way to wake people up.

    The Georgia Guidestones may be right, after all.

  16. zabdi says:

    those stupid fat nurses good fu nuting.,.. they can barely walk.. they take thier time.. wen its an emergency i they cnt even run and rush the person.. my 4 yr old baby bro can run faster dan dem

  17. Belizean Med Student says:

    No fetus would survive in Belize at 22 weeks of gestation. Lungs aren’t even formed at that age.

  18. Midnight says:

    @Cliff, Victoria and Zabdi, Sorry for your loss but did your baby die because a fat nuse couldn’t move? Or because there’s no way of saving a 22 weeks newborn?

    @ I have awaken, THINK SIS! If you take a loaded gun and shoot up inside a hospital with atleast 100 oxygen sources, your child, your husband or mother might not survive the explosion that will occur.

  19. Ashley says:

    Sorry For Your Loss I Too Have Had This Experience
    I hope you will be able to help me shed light on my situation
    My life will never be the same… This place is terrible and I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy… I had a life changing experience that will haunt me for the rest of my life… Not only me but my husband and children as well… I went into labor and had to call 911 to get to the hospital I arrived at the hospital at 5pm I was greeted by nurses asking how far along I was… Unfortunately at that time I had insurance out of Orange County so I wasn’t able to see a doctor in the Antelope Valley because no one would expect my insurance so I didn’t know how far along I was exactly I told them the situation and notified them that I had went to Palmdale Regional 10 days prior to this visit so maybe they had the information that was needed… Shortly after that a nurse came back in the room where I was and started to feel my stomach for a heartbeat never hooking me up to a fetal monitor she decided to tell me she didn’t feel a heartbeat so she called another nurse to assist her doing the same thing fortunately the second nurse was able to get a heartbeat… 2hrs and 30mins into the visit which is @7:30pm I’m finally admitted into the hospital so soon after I was picked up by ultrasound… I asked the ultrasound tech if there was a heartbeat and if I could see it and he showed me there was and it was strong… I then asked him if he thought my son had a chance to survive… He then told me Yes but also told me he wasn’t suppose to give me his opinion but in just that moment he made me feel secure… After the ultrasound the tech then takes me back to my room… Moments later the doctor arrives and asked me what I thought was going to happen and what did the ultrasound tech tell me… I then told him that I thought that there was a chance to save him… The doctor then told me and my husband that whatever we thought was going to happen wasn’t and then continued to tell us that not only was he going to be dead he was also going to come out breach… Soon as he said that me and my husband started to cry… I was not only going to have my baby vaginally but my baby was going to be dead that was the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had and all I could think about was why the entire time waiting to fully dilate… So @10:22 my son was born the doctor that I thought was going to deliver my son was no where to be seen a nurse delivered him and everything the doctor told me was a LIE… Not only was my son born head first he was ALIVE… I then asked the nurse if there was anything that they could do… They couldn’t answer my question… They then asked me and my husband if we wanted to hold him and we did… It had reached 12pm and they still didn’t treat my son I finally decided to tell the nurse to take him to the NICU hoping they would do something for him I didn’t want my extremely premature infant to be cold in a janitors rag… After that nurse left the room with my son I never seen him again the next time I would see my son was 31 days later in a urn… And I’m sure your thinking 31 days later WHAT? Yes 31 days later… I had problems getting my sons remains because the hospital tried to pass my son off as a still birth SMH… When he was born ALIVE… So after that didn’t work for the mortuary nor the health department I discovered there was another problem… The doctor that was supposed to deliver him also refused to sign his death certificate… I called the hospital to tell them the situation and one of the nurses got high rate with me and I didn’t understand why… I was trying to explain to her that the information that she was giving them was incorrect and since my son was born ALIVE that they would need a real reason for his death like a heart attack kidney failure something and she then understood… Finally a couple of days later I get my son and his death certificate I find out not only did they lie about the time he passed… They also lied about what caused his death which is not a heart attack it was lack of oxygen to the brain which caused a heart attack SMH… Well I’m going to end with this I WILL NEVER KNOW WHEN MY SON REALLY PASSED AWAY AND I WILL NEVER KNOW IF HE COULD HAVE SURVIVED BECAUSE THEY NEVER TRIED TO SAVE HIM… The nurse reason for not trying to save him I NEVER SEEN A BABY THAT SMALL SURVIVE MORE THEN TWO HOURS reason for not bring my son to me after he passed… WE ARE RETRAINING STAFF ON BRINGING BABIES BACK TO THE MOTHER AFTER THEY PASS AWAY… As a mother or father would that be enough for you… Nobody deserves to be treated this way… No one should ever have to experience this pain that will never go away… When my son died apart of me did too and I will never have it back
    Thank you for reading my story Stay Blessed

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