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Jul 21, 2011

Healthy Living takes the sore out of an intense workout

Feeling the burn is considered a sign that you’re getting a good exercise, but those rigorous workouts are often followed by lingering muscle aches.  And while it’s a par for the course, it’s important to know what causes the soreness and how you can reduce it. Healthy Living has advice from a body builder and fitness instructor.

Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, a gym junkie, or newbie. We’ve all experienced the stiffness and soreness that follows the day after a strenuous workout or your first day back at the gym. But what causes our body to respond this way and is there any way to avoid it? To find out more, we checked in with Clayton Greenidge, professional body builder & fitness instructor.

Clayton Greenidge

Clayton Greenidge, Professional Body & Fitness Instructor

“It’s called DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Muscle Syndrome. It’s caused after a period of intense workout whether its weights or aerobics. It is a tiny microscopic tears. It’s like if you get a cut the muscle has to heal and this is what’s happening. You’re actually tearing up tissues.”

There is still much research being conducted about DOMS but the symptoms are clear: the dull, aching pain in the affected muscle. It is believed that the tissue damage is what causes the soreness. It usually starts after 24 hours, peaks at about 72 hours and wears off in about 5 to 7 days. This is why the most common recommendation is to give the muscles a rest.

Clayton Greenidge

“Obviously if you cut something, if you cut your hand or your leg, then it’ll have to heal eventually and the muscles they go through the same thing. Rest, you need to recover you need to give the body enough time to recover, if you don’t then what will happen then your muscles will get weaker and smaller.  I always say, it’s depending on how you feel. If you did legs the day before then I say give yourself 2-3 days before you do it again (before you do leg s again?) yes before you do legs again. If it’s doesn’t feel right and you still walking with aches and pains then please don’t you’ll get hurt what you’re gonna do is making your muscles weaker and smaller.”

Also, the muscle is said to adapt to the exercises after recovering, which is why there isn’t usually further damage when the exercise is repeated. Although, no one strategy has been proven as an effective treatment, the most common recommendation is stretching.

Clayton Greenidge

“What I make them do is I make them stretch and I also do cardio and in that way when you stretch you elongate the muscles you relax the, muscles you get oxygenated blood to flow into the muscles to also help recovery. You get more blood pumped into the muscles you feel better, you feel good and you recover faster.”

Clayton also advises that you should plan your exercise routine with slow progression in order to prevent unbearable soreness.

Clayton Greenidge

“If you’re going on a road trip you need a road map, so if you’re pursue a fitness program you need a guide, you need a book, you and write your won journal the progress you’ve made, how many reps how many sets how many days you’ll do legs, how many days you’ll do chest and things like that so you need a guide unless you do that, then you’ll be successful.”

But don’t expect that it’s an easy process, while we may not be able to avoid DOMS, we must surely pay attention to it.

Clayton Greenidge

“I’ve been doing this for the past twenty-three years and I’m searching but haven’t found it. There’s no way you can avoid it. If you avoid it you’re not gonna improve you’re not gonna make progress. So, the pain comes it’s a natural thing. It’s a part of your workout. If you workout eventually you gonna get pain. That thing, “no pain no gain” is a myth. Pain is an indication that the body needs to rest or you need to stop. So people have to be mindful of that and be aware of that if not you’re gonna get hurt.”

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