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Jul 19, 2011

Chamber receives short response from P.M.

On Monday night we reported that the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry had forwarded a resolution to Prime Minister Dean Barrow calling on the government to obey the rule of law and to refrain from infringing people’s fundamental rights and freedoms. The Chamber’s Resolution also called on the government to ensure that compulsory acquisitions are genuinely for public purposes, are not discriminatory and that persons be compensated quickly and adequately. Given the factual circumstances surrounding the recent nationalization of B.E.L. and the re-nationalization to B.T.L., it would seem that the concerns expressed by the Chamber were timely, legitimate and fair.  Two-thirds of the Chamber’s membership present at the meeting voted in favor of the resolution. In a one paragraph letter, that can be described as curt and threatening, the PM rejected the resolution as biased. He warned that if the concerns were a pre-condition for Chamber and the government to work together, “then we have a problem”. The PM’s brusque letter essential says to the Chamber that they’ve got it wrong and there’s no basis whatsoever for its concern.

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10 Responses for “Chamber receives short response from P.M.”

  1. I Have Awaken says:

    WOW!!! What a surprise!!! I am sure PM Barrow thinks his intellect is probably mucho grandioso than that Albert Einstein. Not a soul, except for the PM has seem to got a grasp on any and everything. I wonder if PM has got a warehouse built just for his ego.

  2. Hill says:

    Haha, he didn’t even sign on the letter

  3. Rod says:

    Here we go this pm doesn’t care about the will of the people he only cares about himself and his family and friends when will you belizeans stand up and send this idiot a message like putting him on a plane to no where in a y pajamas get him out he is destroying our beautiful country and all you mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters of all the people who have been killed it is because of this guy barrow that they are dead he doesn’t care about the will and wants of the pele of this country guan barrow guannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn resign you are a total failure at your job.

  4. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Is Belize moving toward dictatorship? It appears that Barrow is taking the lead from Obama.
    Snuff out dissent. Control the media. The Chamber and the people of Belize have every right (for now) to voice their opinion and hold their ground. Dictators do not like dissent. Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin eliminated dissent. Be careful Belize. This is a slippery slope.

  5. Numenorean says:

    That is such a disrespectful response. I guess the PM feels that as long as everybody in Queens Square likes him, he doesn’t have to listen to anybody else.

  6. Roy Yates says:

    The business establishments that pay taxes to run the givernment, say to the government that they are doing things that are counter productive to good business, and this PM say, I dosen’t want to hear from them. I suggest to thebusiness establishments, come together and hold your taxes and let them put you all in prison. Folks if you are not prepared to sacrifice to put and end to this stupidity by government, its clear what the future financial impact will be for all of you. What has this Dean Barrow done for the country other than taking money left right and center? What has he produced? Do I have to remind you business men/women back there that unity is strength?

  7. indian woman says:

    Belizeans wanted a BLACK MAN to be the Prime Minister. Learn anything yet??OHHH, i am not being racist… just realistic.

  8. Vuk says:

    “Belizeans wanted a BLACK MAN to be the Prime Minister. Learn anything yet?OHHH, i am not being racist…just realistic.”

    Firstly, “indian woman”, I don’t think the fact that PM Barrow is “Black” is the reason why he and his party were voted into power. If that was so, then, it would have been an *extremely* odd phenomenon, considering the fact that PM Barrow comes from a segment of the population that has lost the position of being the majority due to the emigration and immigration dynamics that have affected Belize for the past 50-30 years.

    Rather, it seems to me that the reason why he and his party were put into power was because of the *abysmal* way the last PUP administration managed the economic and social realities of the country. If they [the PUP] managed the economic and social realities of the country properly, don’t you think that they would still be in power? I do. I mean, if the PUP were doing the right things in regard to the economic and social realities of the country, then, despite the fact that it is full of individuals that are of questionable quality, the average Belizean wouldn’t have hesitated keeping them in the position that they were in before they lost the general elections.

    And secondly, “indian woman”, why did you capitalise the words “BLACK MAN”? and why did you say “Learn anything yet?” If you, as you claim, aren’t a racist, then the way that you have attempted to convey your lack of racism is going to be perceived to be insufficient by many and I would suggest to you that you should do a better job of doing that when the opportunity for that appears again.

  9. Justice says:

    Indian woman ,I am not one to promote racism but the PM has fulfilled the saying that if you give a black man power he abuses it. His ego cannot fit anywhere it is so big. Wish he had a reason to visit Afghanistan and gets lost over there. that would be the best gift to the Belizean people!

  10. indian woman says:

    Well, i guess VUK is either black or stupid.Cause look and you will see and hear everywhere….. this is the worst gov, Belize has ever had.By the way,,, i am not white so as i stated…. I am not being racist just being realistic.Sad that some people cannot deal with the truth.THE GUY IS NOT FIT FOR THE JOB.Plain and simple. Justice said it right even though many will not agree because the truth is hard to swallow.And many more will agree just not all will say the way they feel. AGAIN, I am not promoting racism , just telling it the way it is.I WILL SAY WHAT I THINK. Lets put the right person there ….. one who can and will do what’s right for our country. Forget about who we like.

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