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Jul 15, 2011

Illegal Guatemalan loggers exchange shots with B.D.F.

The Chiquibul Forest has been under attack for decades by Guatemalans who cut and pillage Belize’s resources for profit.  As a matter of routine, the illegal clearings and campsites are used by loggers as well as those who harvest xate plants, just inside Belize’s border. But it seems that the situation is flaring up and bold loggers are making incursions miles into protected crown land. On Wednesday a Belize Defense Force patrol was making its rounds near Caracol when they heard movements in the area. They came upon eight men who had chainsaws and had already cut fifty six pieces of logwood to take back to Guatemala. Shots were fired in the direction of the B.D.F. and they fired back. The soldiers managed to capture one of the Guatemalan loggers.  Lieutenant Colonel David Jones, B.D.F.’s Chief of Staff, says that the captured man has been identified as twenty year old Jairo Orlando Ariel Motta of La Rejoya Village.

Lieutenant Colonel David Jones, B.D.F., Chief of Staff

David Jones

“We had a routine patrol in the area of the Caracol ruins. The patrol comprised of B.D.F., a police officer and two members from FCD. On arrival at the location which is about two point three eight kilometers north of Caracol Archeological Site, the patrol heard noises and people they heard people speaking Spanish. On arrival there they noticed some lumber was cut and when they arrived close to the scene, someone alerted the members that the patrol was coming. There was a young boy who shouted ‘negrito’—apparently that was the signal that the security forces were in the area. After the little boy shouted, a shot was fired. The patrol got down and returned fire into the area. Four of the soldiers returned fire. The soldiers got down and then started to advance towards the area where the men were seen. They observed at least about eight Hispanic men in the area who were working. They had eight horses, six of them had saddles on them and the men were attaching the lumber on to the horse. They were cedar lumber. The patrol managed to detain Ariel Motta, I think his name is, and he was taken into custody. He was also apparently grazed on the right arm by a bullet. The patrol detained him, they confiscated the horses, there was a chainsaw in the area, there was a gallon of gasoline and a gallon of lube. They confiscated all these items, they brought them in and the guy was taken into custody. He was taken to the San Ignacio police station where, I think, charges were levied against him and he is probably now at the Hattieville Prison.”

Jose Sanchez

“If you take a look at the map you sent us, these men were well into Belizean territory. How far were they on Belizean soil?”

Lieutenant Colonel David Jones

“Well almost seven kilometers; to be precise it’s six point eight kilometers east of the border which is four and a quarter miles inside Belize these guys were operating.”

Jose Sanchez

“The fact that they feel they can come so far into our country. Are they well aware that we don’t have enough forces to patrol our own border?”

Lieutenant Colonel David Jones

“Well these people are taking a risk. We patrol these areas and whenever we clamp down on a certain area, they start in another area. So we keep patrolling the areas that we find lumber and as soon as they stop operating in that area and we are not in certain areas, they operate elsewhere. So they are taking a risk and it’s all along the border—north to south—they try to operate. They cut even mahogany, cedar or even rosewood and extract it back to Guatemala.”

The B.D.F. reconnaissance team found eight horses, several machetes, fuel, a chain saw and other logging materials. Motta is still detained by San Ignacio Police.

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14 Responses for “Illegal Guatemalan loggers exchange shots with B.D.F.”

  1. RedBwai says:

    Its about time someone started shooting at these fools raping our forests and natural reserves…the government wont do squat about it….dats how we do it in Belize…we are too laid back….everyone comes to this country an do as they please and gets aways with it…..i bet if it was a born Belizean doing such savagery….he would have been put to the full extent of the law…its jus sad…..real sad to sit back and watch this happening in our own country and we cant do anything about it…..

  2. reatph says:

    the people do not understand kilometers. why don’t you say how many miles in ??????????????? speak so that the most of the population can understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. me says:

    i am noticing a trend, we are protecting this and that and others are reaping the benefits. For instance the marine reserve in san pedro. they are protecting that tooth and nail from the belizeans. I went to the mexican side for a little visit to a neighborhood where they are boasting that they get big fish from that same marine reserve. i yearned so much to eat the fatty fish flesh the mexican was describing that he harvests so often. now i reading this bout the guates. we protecting tooth and nail dem natural resources only to have the guates come in and reap. just like the mexicans they are enjoying the sweets of our nation as well as the irish lady reaping all the sugar sweetness – OIL from our country. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL? WAKE UP YU ALL

  4. Sugar says:

    How cum BDF shoot and miss?/ out in the jungle U can shoot them dead and justy report that a gunfight ensued and they are victims…..mek sure they cannot cum back to haunt U guys. They have NO business in our jungle

  5. belizeanpride says:

    i would have shoot them and never report it to the media since the have no respect for our jewel so we shouldn’t for them this is way off the limit, i hate this issue of how they just come in and logg while the belizeans have to go through alot of hell to get license to cut wood in the areas permited imagine in the areas that are reserve. jeez i hate immigrants for real.

  6. bzn2dabone says:

    I feel the same sentiment that the other patriotic Belizeans feel. I am also taken aback by the fact that only a few Belizeans have written their point of view on this issue. I am sure that most of us Belizeans will never feel sorry if a dratted chapin (Guatemalan) is shot and killed while raping our protected forests. I think we need more and well-armed patrols included as many sharpshooters as possible. In there, the law of the jungle should take place – if it moves, shoot it; if it breathes, kill it. I hope that $&^(&#@ that was caught is left to rot in our prison; in fact, give him hard labor so that the other (#)@)#)&) get the sense.

  7. marco says:

    What manner of thinking? What do we do with our own that steal? Our own steal from us what we work hard for? are we hungry like the guats or only steal to sell cheap to buy poison for our bodies. People must consider the reason why certain things are done before making judgement. Stealing is not correct but is harvesting from mother nature to feed ourselves considered stealing?

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    That’s what happens when the laws of a country are not enforced.This is just the begining.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why don’t the government invest more money in the BDF?I doubt if the BDF has over a thousand soldiers.Furthermore these guys are overworked and underpayed.

  10. Sasha says:

    What we need to do is anything along the border that is of value and is not protected 24/7 should have a fence built like the GREAT WALL OF CHINA, this way it will be hard for the enemy to get in or out. Belize INVEST IN YOU SAFETY.

  11. RedBwai says:

    What marco fails to realize is that we can never go over to guatemala and do that crap…..they wouldnt stand for it….so why should we allowing them to rape us like dat??? come on wake up man….i have no compassion for a thief be it belizean or guatemalan….

  12. Belizean says:

    I hope everyone who writes about this is ready to pick up a weapon and stand at the border to defend it when the time comes. Patriotism is not about writing it on blogs and blaming someone else for not doing enough, its about standing up and directly waging war in defence of national sovereignty. Lets all get up and fight now for Belize or lose it. Whether it is agains this opportunistic governement making monies off contraband north or litigations. whether its against chapins at the borders or beaners up north. If we dont fight today we re giving up our kids futures. I for one have started to take up my part, and thats in taking an active role in governance, and so should you all. your local town or city council and demand explanations and actions, call your government ministries and demand more work be done..join a group or coalition…form your own groups and affiliate yourselves with other social partners…

    One thing we need to stop doing, that is putting lawyers in government. we need businees people and economists to run as candidates, we need people with military and various other ediucational backgrounds to run the country…lawyers are greedy and opportunistic, its more importat for barrow to take over telemedia and bel, which means millions in litigations, than to nationalize our oil and defend our borders with that income…! You have bdf shooting and killing hard working belizeans during riots, when we belizeans are standing up for our own rights in our own country..but yet they cannot kill one guate..they cannot stop any of this injustice at the border…yet belizeans are losing land to our own government…!

  13. PrinceMichaels says:

    I completely agree with you RedBwuai. The fact that these Guatemalans simply does not respect our boundaries is pretty disturbing to say the least. They are obviously getting very comfortable with the sick game they are playing but they don’t realize that it’s a serious issue that will eventually end up in a gun battle that could very well result in these Guates or BDF losing their lives soon! I completely agree that if a Guatemalan shoots at a patrol unit, they should be eradicated like the pests they are! First of all, you’re trespassing on OUR land then you have the balls to shoot at our forces on our soil! I think that’s clearly an act of complete disregard for our laws, border, and our people! It angers me that these things are happening more and more without proper counter attack from our government and our forces. Dude are you kidding me! I dare a Belizean to go to Melchor and pull some drama like this! They woul probably shoot him right there in front of everyone because THAT is how Guates treat Belizeans! It’s a proven fact! In fact I was in Melchor drinking that Gallo beer around the easter time this year and I kid u not, these military police officers with state of the art fire arms and bullet proof vests were all eying me and mad dogging me especially due to my skin color (black). I didn’t give a damn! I drank my beer and mingled with the hot bartenders anyways! But I’m sure they WANTED me to slip (so to speak) so they could hog tie me and throw me in jail, beat me up, and throw away they keys! It’s just the reality of how things are! Maybe the Guates feel that because the Guatemalan dispute says that Bze is owned by Guatemala, they see it just to trespass on our soil, cut our trees, and reap the profits. I think it’s zero tolerance for this act of selfish and total disregard for us Belizeans….. So I say with pride “TELL GUATEMALA LEAVE FUH WE BELIZE ALONE!!”

  14. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    You know something? I really don’t understand my Belizean People, if we know the way these Guatemalans behave why the heck do we still go to Guatemala and spend our money? would the sole reason be because we can get certain items over there cheaper particularly liquor and whores than in Belize, I think that a life is worth more that cheap merchandise and on top of that I think that the Belizean economy can really use the extra money that is being spent in Guatemala, I say to hell with Guatemala until they become civilize enough to know how to be hospitable to our people when they cross the border into their country. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

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