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Jul 4, 2011

P.U.P. walks out on nationalization house debate

In a matter of hours today, government passed new legislation to re-nationalize Belize Telemedia Limited. The controversial move was coupled with the pronouncement that Government would go further by seeking to pass an additional constitutional amendment that would ensure that government owns a majority stake in utilities. Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s move to rush the legislation through the National Assembly, where representatives had little time to review and consider a law so consequential to the nation, is emerging as a troubling pattern. It was on similar fashion that government took control of B.E.L. on June twenty-fourth. Today’s aggressive move will have far-reaching consequences for the economy, foreign and local investment, the rule of law, and our democracy. And the fallout is likely to impact our country for years. There are many questions that require answers but let’s start with the dull coverage of today’s dramatic events. The special sitting started at ten o’clock, the leader of the Opposition rose on a point of order and here is where hell broke loose. Accompanied by the three other opposition members, he was soon to file out of the House.

{Nat sounds from inside the house}

John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition

“We wanted to make a point to the Speaker of the House that I believe that before we even start to talk about a reacquisition of BTL that the prime minister has a responsibility to us in the National Assembly and to this nation to explain what is going to happen on this first ruling that has been deemed unconstitutional.  And as usual the prime minister in his arrogant fashion tried to stop us from bringing across the point and we said that we refuse to be a part of this circus.  For the past three years and a half whenever we want to bring up a point of order, whenever we want to bring up a serious issue they always start to shut us down.  They use the speaker to be able to get their way and we refuse to be a part of this illegal, unconstitutional and dictatorial behavior of the prime minister.”

John Briceño

“Our party has been very clear that whilst we do believe in nationalization what the prime minister has been doing is not nationalization.  You cannot take something from one person and give to another.  That’s what Dean Barrow has been doing.  He took away B.T.L. from its previous owners and has been going around like a cheap peddler around this world trying to get somebody to buy into B.T.L. and he has failed.  What has happened then [is that] he has made so many promises and a very important point [that] I just remembered.  In 2009 during the debate we pointed out and also the honorable Francis Fonseca was very clear [when] he said that that move was unconstitutional.  Now two years later we have found out that it has been deemed unconstitutional after we wasted millions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars.  There are only certain people that are benefiting [namely] the ‘Friends and Family’ program of the prime minister.  What have we benefited from as Belizeans?  Have the prices gone down?  What happened to VOIP?  What happened to the cheaper rates, to the better services?  Has that happened?  It has been a fraud from the beginning.  It is about the ego and the personal fight of the prime minister.”

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15 Responses for “P.U.P. walks out on nationalization house debate”

  1. FP says:

    The whole nationalization thing is a bad move for the country. I totally do not agree with this.
    It is costing the tax payers a lot of money. at the end of the day it will all be illegal and we will be paying millions of dollars in fines. if we want buy the companies the price has to be agreed before so it is a legal deal. Plus this will cause the investors to stop investing in Belize and have no confidence in our country policies. This whole thing should go through a referendom before any desision is made. From a concern buisiness man in Belize

  2. maggie says:

    what a lot of people don’t know is that Mr Barrow is inebriated. and it’s not liquor. when he sobers up, who knows when, he too will look back with alarm at the calamity he has wrought.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    eaze down johny get ready for election time and you’ll be on the hot seat after these messed up udp is doing, just make sure you do the correct thing because they’ll cast you out also. we as belizeans are tired of you politicians lying to us all the time. hence believing you guys after so many lies it’s very hard. U.D.P AND P.U.P are the same bunch of liers that leech on the tax payers and poor belizeans.

  4. Me says:

    Just like how barrow took away peoples lands, “quitar” just like he said and doing it big time now, just like how he hauled ex representatives/ministers to the courts to slander them, he should be hauled to the highest court when his term is up and be made to pay back all them monies he caused the public treasury to waste on his fidel castro move here. I guess he feels that he is the smartest lawyer on earth, full of ego he is. Look how he keeps barking at cardona. Putting down cardona to the lowest and thing is they both came from the same law school. All over himself this man. Poor cardona, gets chewed up always at them meetings. barrow every fowl have his sunday.

  5. Justice says:

    Time to evict barrow! He is a worthless pice of crapo that keeps disgracing our jewel! No person in their correct mind would bring investments to Belize.

  6. Nicholasa Ruiz says:

    It is soo embarrassing to have our children see the behavior of the leader of this nation. The arrogance and cynicism of Dean Barrow has no boundaries!!! I have promised myself not to watch another house sitting because I am sure that I will VOMIT just looking at this man’s behavior and listening at the VENOM that he spits out every time he opens his mouth. It is truly frightening to know that we have a dictator for prime minister! Look at the scorn with which he treats Marcel Cardona – one of his own; What can we the regular citizens expect from him???…I hope that he can cope when all hell breaks loose in Belize

  7. Maverick says:

    Nicely staged, Johnny.. But not sure that’s what the Belizean people wanted to see you do. The true test of a leader will be how well he stands up under fire. I think we all wanted to see how well you could perform under this major challenge. While I agree that the question of the rule of law and the cost of the war waged against Lord Ashcroft to Belizean people was a valid one, the other side of the coin is that Belizean nationalistic pride in taking control of our utilities could not be ignored, and the adverse stance taken by the two deputies needed to be addressed. I think all of Belize was looking forward to a healthy debate on a complicated issue, and I think this was a chance for Johnny to show what he is made of. I for one feel like I paid for a championship fight and was cheated by an early concession by the challenger.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    The speaker of the house has a duty to keep order in the house.Why didn’t he put Barrow in check.Or is the speaker of the house one of Barrow’s cronies that was given this position so that lame as Barrow can do as he please in the house.

  9. amir castellanos says:

    The whole thing is a scam that the minister is playing. He perfectly knows that it is illegal what he’ doing but nevertheless; his ex-wife and other affiliates need to make as much money as possible while the party remains in power.

  10. Anderson says:

    Why do we put up with these liars, these hungry dogs, and these so called politicians? With great position comes great responsibility and obviously Mr. Barrow is now cut out for the job. These games that they play, the mockery that they make of running our country, and the joke that they continue to play on all of us must stop; it has to stop. Democracy is for the people and by the people. Dean Barrow is quickly becoming a dictator and he must be made to answer to someone because seemingly not even the Court of Appeal makes him sit up straight. BEL and BTL today…what tomorrow? Democracy must be maintained, therefore the people of Belize must begin to do just that. Maintain DEMOCRACY!, maintain PEACE!

  11. Imagine the possibilites says:

    a member of parliament is stoned at in the house, opposition members not allowed to speak, microphones being silenced, where is our fragile democracy going.

  12. hennic says:

    Well I am disappointed with the leader of the opposition because he FORSHADOWS what he will do if he is again challenge. How can he walk out of the National Assembly just like that when he is looking up to be the next Prime Minister if he shall win. I thought he was going to stand up to the challenge. What he (Johnny) depicted was childish-that is NO characteristics of a leader. …….

  13. Liberty and Freedom says:

    The march to Socialism and a Fascist state is rapidly happening in Belize. Much of what Mr. Barrow is doing is modeled after Obama policy in the USA. The people of Belize are free to choose. Make your choice at the ballot box. Get with your representatives and urge them to vote “NO” on nationalizing Belize. If the government controls the electricity, they can shut it off at any time as a means to control the people. If they own the phone system they can monitor your conversations and control access to the internet. If they control the banks, they will use your money for their own purposes. Do not follow the path of any other country. Lead, follow or get out of the way. It takes just one voice to create a ground swell and keep this beautiful country a free nation. Honduras stuck America in the eye and declared that they would remain a free country under a Constitution. Yes, America cut off a lot of financial aid – they are being punished for not giving up their freedom. Freedom has a price. March. demonstrate, protest to your representative – do not use violence. Watch for government planted anarchists in the crowd. The government just loves to crack down on people who protest.. Violence only begets violence.

  14. Dwayne Requena says:

    while that person was right about the level of education of the majority of Belizean people as it clearly showed on Monday, with them idiots supporting these morons and yelling and gathering at the assembly house, bet they got paid some peanuts for that, not all belizeans are uneducated idiots.
    That spetacle called the general assembly is an embarassment, it is like looking at a bunch of kindergarden kids trying to hold a meeting in deed. No where else will you see such disorder, yelling at persons trying to speak. The UDP has no class, education or professionalism to them. It is like watching a pack of howler Monkeys perputrating a gov’t. Bermudan landing seems to be the Capitol, not Belmopan.

  15. Diehard Belizean says:

    I am starting to believe that mark espat and cordel hyde should graciously step down from making as if they are members of the PUP. In every occasion that the PUP has important meetings and in the House, they do not participate. I believe Amandala is messing them up. They will pay the price dearly by showing that they don’t stand together with the Party.

    We know that Amandala is supporting barrow because both have some bone to chew against Ashcroft and thus both son and son-in-law do what papa tells them to do.

    I used to admire these two, but that admiration is waning very quickly. Perhaps if they come back to the party, and be in solidarity, then, perhaps, they can redeem themselves. The enemy is not Briceno.. guys it is barrow!! Wake up, you two. Act positively and show the people who votes for you as PUP area reps that you are truly men to be trusted.

    You two, are intelligent men.. you can see all the lies, attacks, threats, foolishness and the corruption that is being out by barrow and company on all of us… and you 2 still can’t come out strong for all of us.

    Get strong, or like barrow, get the hell out!

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