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Jul 4, 2011

Supporters of U.D.P. rally in the capital

Last week, leading up to today’s sitting, the government made the point on the airwaves that it had the people’s support to re-acquire Telemedia and toward the end of the week, it publicly called its supporters to Belmopan.  Transportation was made available but the turnout fell shorter than anticipated. The crowd was one of the smallest yet to come out to prop up the government’s side. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports from outside the National Assembly.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

When the United Democratic Party extended an invitation to its membership to converge on Independence Hill this morning it was under the assumption that the turnout would number in the thousands.  Supporters of the Barrow Administration have been bused in from the far reaches of the country to gather in support of government’s move to re-nationalize Telemedia.  Today, under the banner of party’s standard of red and white and blue approximately five hundred stalwarts made the journey to the Garden City.  Among them is Duncan McPherson who made the sixty-six mile journey from Sittee River to lend his support.

Duncan McPherson

Duncan McPherson, U.D.P. Supporter

“I believe it’s the right and proper thing [to do] as a nation and I feel like anybody that is nationalistic should support the move by the Barrow Administration.”

Isani Cayetano

“Do you believe that you have had sufficient time to actually understand and become educated of what the current situation is with regards to the reacquisition of Telemedia?”

Duncan McPherson

“I formed that opinion long before it materialized so time is not a factor.  I felt like, I feel like all monopolies, any government, whichever government should have majority control of all monopolies.  It should never be in the hands of private [individuals].”

It has been a little over a week since the Court of Appeal declared that the taking of the company by government in August 2009 was unconstitutional.  Public sentiment is that despite the unlawful manner in which it was wrested the move has been beneficial.  While some are in favor of BTL’s reacquisition others, like Hezekiah, simply came to applaud the government for nationalizing BEL two weeks ago.

Port Loyola Resident

“Ah come support Mr. Barrow pan di right thing weh ih do fi tek back fu we energy fi dis country ya.”

And, in the spirit of nationalization, businesses which were once government owned such as the Port of Belize Ltd. are also being eyed and questioned by members of the public.

U.D.P. Supporter

“We wahn yo tek back Port to Mr. Barrow cause we noh know weh di go on wid wi port of entry.  Yeah tek back Port Authority to.”

Catherine Casimiro

Catherine Casimiro, U.D.P. Supporter

“The reason why I’m here is to support my minister because he’s doing a good job.  We have already gotten back WASA [and] now my water bill is very low.  We have already gotten back electricity which is very good because we want back hat is rightfully ours, okay.  Now we’re fighting for B.T.L. and I support him all the way because we are Belizeans and everything belongs to us Belizeans so I’m one hundred and ten percent behind my minister.”

Amidst the crowd were placards aplenty.  Some which displayed eternal gratitude for the prime minister.

Moments after the Special Sitting convened P.M. Barrow emerged from the Assembly Building where, along with his fellow ministers, he proceeded to meet and greet with the chanting throng of supporters. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

The senate this afternoon debated the new amendment to the Telecommunications Act to retake Belize Telemedia. Couple of things to note; Lee Mark, the standard bearer for Freetown, was appointed president of the Senate for today’s sitting. Senator Godwin Hulse, representing the Belize Chamber of Commerce, the government’s latest whipping boy, abstained from voting. Hulse opened his presentation by noting that there is nothing wrong with the business community defending its investment even when it did not gel with the public sector.  Hulse explained that he was abstaining because he did not get the opportunity to carefully go through the new bill which was handed to them at the last minute.

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7 Responses for “Supporters of U.D.P. rally in the capital”

  1. belizeanpride says:

    a bunch of fools not seeing the crap barrow is doing and they still gave the guts to come out and rally for barrow jeez , because of sensless people like this nothings changes they should look into the future for their children’s future not the political side.

  2. Wow says:

    These “so called” supporters are a good indication about whats wrong with Belize. It is in the government’s best interest to keep its people poor and uneducated so that they can use them on a whim for political purposes. The comments of these people reveal the lack of understanding and knowledge of the common man. See if they were educated, they would have had jobs or other responsibilities that would have precluded their attendance at such “empty” events.

    I hope these people get to read their comments or at least have someone explain to them what was the real significance of the actions of their government. I think if they understood they would probably be appalled.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    It’s so ironic how Barrow could have convinced all these people to support his propaganda and yet these so call supporters wouldn’t show up to a demonstration against crime.These people really need to educate themselves.

  4. BELIZEAN says:

    Aahhh Catherine, u make me saaddd u are a casualty of the war on power and greed ministers using the poor and uneducated to justify their greed and ego, saadddly this is why they will keep these people ignorant and poor to maintain power…did u think the poverty alleviation project was a true means to break poverty? look at the projects, short jobs paid for by gob, u get a job, they say money runs out, u wait till another one comes up, u wait, realize u need the gov for another job, your money runs out, they giv u another one, so u become dependent on them, and their subsidized supermarkets, and gifts on elections day. why not open a school and teach these people to have their own businesses and be independent of the state, instead of short meaningless jobs and supermarkets, why keep these people dependent on you?

    Your water bill went down when gob took over? thiss iss saaddd, disheartening and disgusting from the PM to prey on her. Catherine, do you even know puc approved a rate increase for BWSL, not WASA by the way, when the government owned it? do you know what is the cost you re paying per gallon? or what the average cost per kwh is? or what you re paying per minute on your cell phone? i bet no minister will educate her on it. she’s bought, her ignorance is owned by PM, good luck at the pearly gates Barrow, you ll find out their you re not God, and judgment will be enforced, not declared, you wont be able to change the laws then sir!

  5. belizeanpride says:

    maybe most of these people are unemployed and had nothing to do so they had time to go there and show themselves as puppets for barrow and his scum ministers. jeez makes you laugh at how politicians handle the less educated and poor for his propaganda agendas.

  6. Me says:

    Although privatization is good and works well in developed nations, I believe that in a Third World county like Belize utilities like Water and Electricity should stay in control of the Government of the people.

    I don’t agree in the manner it’s being handled, but I also don’t think they should of been sold in the first place.

    Privatization and competition is good but we don’t even have a Million people in Belize who better than the people to invest in their present and future.

    The only factor is CORRUPTION, and the meaning of corruption is Politics such as UDP and PUP and the comments I have seen so far is all based on politics and not on what’s best for the country.

  7. Diehard Belizean says:

    It is a pity to see how politicians continue to keep ignorant many people in our beautiful Belize. Barrow continues to use his facility of words to play a ‘whap’ on these innocent souls. I strongly believe that many politicians deliberately want and do keep the people in ignorance by the use of slick words and ideas. They know exactly how to reach people. Barrow, likes to say that he does everything for the improvement of the lives of people, that Belizeans will be the owners of these large businesses. Poor ignorant Belizeans believe this; however the ones who will benefit are those bunch of politicians and as we have seen Barrow’s family members.
    I want to have a clean respectable man or woman as our Prime Minister… but , my gosh.. this may be only a dream for now.

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