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Jul 4, 2011

Junior Heredia amongst those in defiance of tint law

Dean Barrow

The following wasn’t a topic at today’s special sitting of the house, but it was worth some discussion with the Prime Minister.  The tinting law was scheduled to come into effect on June first, but the Prime Minister indicated that there would be a one month extension, which should have afforded motorists sufficient time either to remove their tints completely or get an acceptable grade. The PM noted that government vehicles and ministerial vehicles would also follow the new rule so as to avoid George Orwell’s Animal Farm adage of Some animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. But when our news team arrived in Belmopan, they found San Pedro Minister Manuel Heredia’s black SUV was still sporting the darkest shade available. News Five spoke to the PM about it, and he said any minister who breaks the law should be fined.

Dean Barrow

“I am saying to them now, the authorities must charge them. I’ve made it clear in cabinet; you cannot be above the law. You see, I do something that is perfectly consistent with constitution and with authority and they accuse me of violating the rule of law. Man in the case of a simple matter like this, it is not just that in principle you can’t do it, man that has to looks bad; that has to look terribly bad if the law will apply to regular folks and not ministers. That can’t be the case. I am saying to whoever—to Mister Heredia or whomever—the authorities must charge you. I haven’t seen his vehicle but accepted that what you say is true, he must be summoned and charged. You can’t do it man. We won’t have it—absolutely won’t have it.”

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15 Responses for “Junior Heredia amongst those in defiance of tint law”

  1. Jan says:

    Words words words the are so beautiful…

  2. blvnjah says:



  3. CEO says:

    We know the purpose of the law is to cut down on criminal activity and the guys driving the public service vehicles are not the problem. So can we just try to get our heads out our…. and lets start dealing with real issues.

    If it is a government vehicle they should have a schedule for the removal and if it is the personal vehicle of an elected official then yes he also should have it done but let’s not loose sight of the real problem.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    I really don’t see how this law would cut down on criminal activity.I believe that an increase in the conviction rate would have more effect than the removal of tints from vehicles.

  5. WTF says:

    Junior Heredia has a 2011 Land Cruiser, worth 150,000 dollars. he lives in San pedro, why on earth do tax payers need to but him this vehicle. wasn’t this the reason Santi Castillo was removed from the board of BTB because he did not approve the purchase. forget tint his entire vehicle should be removed and a whole new school building can be built with that money.

  6. belizeanpride says:

    maybe he’s trying to follow your step barrow since you don’t even respect the court of appeal how the hell will he too, be respectful if you show them the bad way. what a joke.

  7. Concerned says:

    I agree with CEO and Elgin but if we are going to make dark tinting illegal, then maybe we should make bicycles illegal too! I’ve heard of more ride by shootings than drive-bys! In the end, this is only addressing the symptoms not the cause of the problem. CORRUPTION, POVERTY, IGNORANCE and GREED are the problems!

  8. Tell it as it is says:

    the reason for expensive vehicle is at the end of the political term they get to keep the vehicles. so stupid and dictatorial system.
    i agree those money can be put to better uses. school building or centers for under priv kids, hospitals, ambulances, helicopter for the BDF to partrol our borders and i can go on and on…. our leaders just there for the money they dont care about the poor people. all they think about are themselves……..we need a change and we need it now………..i am not political but like i said one os 6 and the other is half dozen……

  9. Eye in the Sky says:

    I think ALL BELIZEANS should NOT REMOVE their TINT in defiance of the law. Barrow no like it! Well Barrow can lock the whole country up and see how far he will get.
    Barrow NEEDS to enforce Seat Belt and Drinking & Driving Laws.
    Barrow needs to change the Law to Allow Hanging of Convicted Murderers.
    If he is so against tinting, then the law should be that Any Vehicle Imported Into Belize After 1st July 2011 can not be registered or licensed if tinted. Leave Fu We Old Rides Alone. Some have been tinted for over 10 years and the tinting is holding the glass together from driving on these Bad Roads.

  10. Maverick says:

    I gotta say.. it’s a pleasure to drive by and see people that are driving in traffic. People are actually waving at each other instead of waving at the palms of other peoples hands..

  11. my Belize says:

    Tint – i have no problem removing my tint…. but what about all the big jocks???
    i personally think – July 1st – ticket should have been giving out … i mean you done give us a whole month – just give damn tickets to anyone who have one tint … make it easier but the PM he set summons and court case … many poeple wont even show up to that case and all the minister nuh even wa bother….

    so far i see moya and other ‘famous” senators vehicle only 2 front tint come off… pure BS

  12. BELIZEAN says:

    The true purpose of the tinting laws is to reduce road accidents, this is why its a law all over the world. Now we all agree that it wont curb crime, so thats definitely not the main reason, i mean u can get a simple box truck or cargo van, put a body/drugs in a box behind some sacks of sugar, corn and diapers and no police will check all boxes to ensure there is’nt a body/drugs in one! just a thought. i passed a police check point yesterday and my licence sticker was not on my car. the police looked at the windshield and signalled me to move, he was definitely not doing his job, or should i say, just doing what his pay is worth! the laws can be effective if the true purpose of the law holds its grounds, meaning if its enforced for its purpose..whats the use of having a tinting law in place to prevent a road mishap when police are not enforcing the laws that actually causes road mishaps. Drunk driving, speeding, no seat belts, vehicles not road worthy, and list goes wwwaaaayy too long for this post, These are areas not being addressed so i doubt taking off the tints will reduce road accidents when these factors contribute to it far more than a damn tint. When will our roads be fixed, bad roads degrade our tyres, front end and brakes causing poor braking and blow outs. In addition the import fees on the necessary parts of our vehicles are so damn high, we cant afford the high quality ones that can prevent these accidents. i didnt have to study at the norman mandly school of law to have common sense or atleast reasonable judgement, i would think having practiced law for so long the PM would know what the loop holes are in the system that are actually affecting us. Guess we all went and voted in a bunch of bucket head ego have our way at all costs or we punish government!! I ll never vote UDP.!

  13. Ashamed.. says:

    This da lone bull crap!!! removing your tints from your vehicle….mister PM stop wasting our time and money…you knw why??? this law will be ignored within a year…what are you trying to do with us Belizeans??? do you want to turn us into a communist country???…. and tell us what to do…maybe soon you will pass a damn law stating you cannot play music in your ride…its like we have no say in our own damn country…I sit an read the bull crap you do everyday…and I realize that this is no longer LAND OF THE FREE!!!….honestly.don’t you read news and see that the killings are being done on bicycles???….I think its time this government get their $#!% together and focus on providing more jobs..that will lessen crime… all knw exactly who are the criminals..lock their @$$#$ up…that will lessen crime….fix the damn kendall bridge….. fix the damn justice system with those weak @$$ penalties for murder….capitalize on our resources and produces….we have a lot we can benefit from than wasting your time with forcing people to remove their tints…I Love My Country but am Ashamed of how things are in the country….the government calling the opposition a jackass in the house meeting…what type of role models are you guys to us up coming youths??? I AM NOT ON EITHER SIDE AM JUST ASHAMED OF THE SITUATION IN MY COUNTRY!!

  14. BELIZEAN says:

    by the way, what are those fishermen doing at the BTB offices every now and then? i mean, why is junior herdias fishermen friends their? that is an organization for tourism development right? hmm so if Santi stood against him getting an expensive vehicle for himself, is it true that buying votes at BTB a practice too? hmmm no one said nothing when the talents at the BTB were sent home…why were they sent home???? i mean the people running the ship there were true Belizean talents…is tourism in a better place now than it was then? and dont give me any BS about the economy and recession. this is why BTB is there for a creative way to promote Belize. Hopefully those fisherfolks who will vote in the next elections for we all know who now…(Junior Heredia!) are contributing to the growth of Tourism…isnt that why our much needed tax dollar is being spent their? like i said bucket heads ego have our way at all cosst.. pfftt…san pedro will see u at the next elections JR, and so is gapi and all the other opportunistic ..!

  15. Joe McGuire says:

    Minister Heredia also refuses to remove the tint from his 2011 Golf Cart Prado! ROFLMFAO!

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