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Jul 1, 2011

Only one P.U.P., but Party split on nationalization

There is a major split in the opposition party. That’s not exactly news, but leading up to the House Meeting on Monday, P.U.P. representatives Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde, issued a release at midday today on the re-acquisition of Belize Telemedia. We note that even as they sign off as senior deputy party leaders, to which they have just been elevated, they don’t use the party’s letterhead. Espat and Hyde say they support the government’s decision. Well, that won’t have any particular effect on the House vote, because from what we gather they have e-mailed parliamentarians to say they will be absent from the House. That will leave four other P.U.P. members on that side of the House to fight against the abuse of power and for the respect of the rule of law. The Opposition leader is not in the country, we are told, but will be back by Monday for the special House sitting.

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12 Responses for “Only one P.U.P., but Party split on nationalization”

  1. Lucas says:


  2. Lucas Black says:

    Time for Espat and Hyde to leave the PUP! Simple as that.

  3. 2Cents says:

    This sounds like political posturing and not like individuals who are truly concerned about the well-being of Belizeans or the country. Cordel and Espat, show that you are men of integrity and share with the public your reasoning to support a government to break the law and show up to the House and cast your vote for what you support. Belizeans should see these individuals for what they are and cast them aside along with this government.

  4. Justice says:

    I do not agree with Espat and Hyde. Two wrongs do not make a right so by encouraging Barrow to ignore the Court of Appeals what are you doing? I hope you come to your senses. I reapect you but this has lowered my views on you.

  5. Ricky Malthus says:

    Espat and Cordel are fifth columnists and moles for Barrow . Expel them from the party. Barrow cannot be re-elected ever again, not even as dog catcher.But the problem remains about rule of law. Either we obey or not. Barrow refuses to abide by rule of law but has chosen dictatorship. Well, we won’t let up . He has to go one way or another but go he must. We will close down the country for as lon as it takes for him to go.

  6. junito says:

    Wow i had HUGE respect for these guys but i am definitely having second thoughts about them by their current decision not to attend the convention in OW and now with the political posturing with agreeing with the nationalization of BTL illegally. Hey you TWO. Everyone is Pro to nationalization once it benefits Belizeans. However it should be done the right way and for the right reasons. We dont need BTL as profitable as it is since we will be burdened by litigation after litigation and will only be making the Barrows richer than they leechingly are. Wake up!!! unu now the look bad and remember no one is indispensable…especially if ur actions are wrong

  7. To the grain says:

    Cordel and Mark are two rub-a-dub-dub two men in a tub. These gentlemen are after their self interest. Because they can’t get the leadership of the PUP, they will oppose anyone in the leadership of the party even if it is not Briceno. So if it is Mark or Amandala it is not for no one. Be careful Belize and PUP! Their presence in the PuP is a disgrace!
    I concur with junito. Nationalization is to be done in the right way. Did barrow explore alternative ways to nationalize?

  8. only in belice says:

    HOw much the Kremandala crew collects montly in ads from GOB owned BTL, now you think they, Mark and Cordel , want to lose that

  9. junito says:

    You hit it right on the BUTTON “only in belice”. Doffy and Ruffy know that being against the nationalization of BTL would mean that AMANDALA being owned by Espat’s father in law “Evan X Hyde” who is also Cordels dad at the same time would immediately be cut of from advertisements of BTL due to their Anti-Aschroft rethoric which they have been helplessly spewing for over a decade now. Self Interest thats as clear as a crystal. Dem no worry bout the rest!!!!

  10. Carlos says:

    The party is taking too long for the result. Party Leader you must expel THEM!!!! The party is still lost!

  11. I Have Awaken says:

    Junito you just having second thoughts, have you been living under a rock for the past couple years? We are up s**t creek without a paddle and the dory is leaking; while Barrow and his crew is sailing on by on a 200 foot yacht sipping Crystal, eating cavier; while wearing Gucci suites and high end rolex watch and Rayban shades; hey maybe they will throw us a spoon the bail the dory.

  12. Diehard Belizean says:

    Hey, everyone, it is NOW the time to rally with the opposition. The opposition as enshrined in the Constitution is a MUST in every democracy. Without a strong, not necessarily in numbers, opposition the ruling party can do great damage to our country. The Opposition CANNOT be divided. The division that cordel and mark have created is BAD. These boys seem not to know the great responsibility they have as opposition members, but the way they are acting, is telling us not to trust these guys.

    Remember, they won under the PUP banner, not udp!! You have a very important mission to accomplish as opposition, but you are NOT doing it…you are siding with the enemy. What a crap!!! you 2 guys, watch it, the ones who voted for you are watching your actions Remember, you are not irreplaceable!!

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