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Jun 29, 2011

Marked man murdered in Old Capital

Edward Lord Jr.

At news time, a person identified as Edward Lord, was shot and killed on Mahogany Street. The shooting took place at around five-thirty and Lord died on the way to the hospital. Edward is a known associate of Darrien Banks, who serving time in prison and whose brother, Jessim Gladden, was killed as recent as last week. Edward, as far as we know, was charged for the murder of George “Juni Balls” McKenzie, but was acquitted in March 2009. Following his acquittal, there were several attempts on Edward’s life in 2010, the most recent was last October when he was shot in the face. Before that incident, in June, another Lord, twenty-eight year old Colin was killed and it is believed that Edward was the intended target.

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43 Responses for “Marked man murdered in Old Capital”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    The carnage continues with no light at the end of the tunnel.This seems to be the norm in the Jewel.Very sad.

  2. islandboy70 says:

    Good riddance. Is it a vigilante group out there? would be great to clean up the idiots out there.

  3. funbze says:

    Has the law changed concerning murder? I ask because the murder seem to be the craze in Belize.

  4. BelizeanVoice(Micah Goodin) says:

    The wave of voilence in Belize is far from over! For evry murder there is a retaliation so this means that the cycle of voilence will continue until all involved will become extinct.

  5. REDS says:

    this fellow did too many things to too many ppl n GOD isn’t sleeping…u was living on borrowed time lawdy!!!

  6. Justice says:

    All of them should kill out each other to have peace once more in Belize!. All those who were acquitted and were guilty should be served the same justice.

  7. BelizeanVoice(Micah Goodin) says:

    The wave of voilence in Belize is far from over! For evry murder there is a retaliation so this means that the cycle of voilence will continue until all involved will become extinct. Nobody deserves to be killed!

  8. BelizeanVoice(Micah Goodin) says:

    He that is without sin should cast the first stone!

  9. equal says:

    wat goes around comes aroung.. der is no remorse on this side to give.

  10. Dark Angle says:

    I believe what goes around comes around ten times worst he deserve every bullet he got because he kill too many people. Sherwin Requena on 4th September 2005 & George “Juni Balls” Mckenzie just to name 2, what about those people family. The world can do with out people like those menace to society.

  11. Sky says:

    you live by the gun…you die by the gun…

  12. crying for peace says:

    I have felt the evil of yor hands. It has steered fear in my heart now you dead and gone and my heart does not allow me to rejoice but feels sympathy for a young life lost. If only you had taken a different path in life.

  13. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    The vicious cycle continues, what if there was a plan in place to identify all the murderers in Belize and then send them out warning letters in the mail that if certain things occur that they will be next on the list to be taken out and make sure that this happens every time, do you think that maybe they will then work to keep peace in the city knowing that they will likely be the next candidate at least they will be given warning and would have time to work for peace, just some thoughts. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

  14. Steve (Dual Citizen) says:

    There’s a saying in The City that if you took a shot at every idiot you’d be broke all of the time buying bullets…with just a littl help from the police & BDF maybe they’ll kill each other off!!!

  15. Peace says:

    @ Dark Angle>> Juni Balls was no angel… They all deserved what they got.. They kill too many familes. Many Single mothers are out there and many sperm donors are out there. Men need to step up to their plate and start building familes instead of breaking them down.

  16. Eyes on Belize says:

    Kill and be killed. The only sad part about this story is that innocent people got killed looking for this idoit. He took one life, and the avengers took 3. I hope this sends a message to all u so called Gunman. You kill and your family and Dog is in some problems. This $#!% need to ease, because people is feeding on this bs. People looking forward to reading the news and going on the internet to see how many people get killed in Belize. Mr. Police let me give up a smart tip, u notice almost all these killings are done by gunman on bicycles, figure it out Mr. Commis.

  17. Dk says:

    Yo, check dis out all ah unnu weh vote een da @$$!@#$,need to look at the big picture c now since those laws r in place that have trapped an restrict the recent an steady flow of deportees to live their foreign live’s in little old Belize, open up Di door, free deem up, or jus expect this society to live wit the BEEF !!!!

  18. Bowin requena says:

    Go to HELL with that bs Micah Goodin. This ……!@#$%^ got what he deserved. It is about time. I watch this sob murdered my Brrother. !@#$ all who have sympathy for him I don’t. I am having a drink on this news. Darren Banks, the one who put the gun in his hands and sent him needs the same faith. !@#$ you too crying for peace. tell that to their kids these animals left fatherless, ……

  19. Bowin says:

    And by the way Jewel my @$$, can’t you idiots see you are living in a dictatorship? Open your eyes, if the Prime Minister can say screw the law, then who can’t, morons? If the court let them walk, then you need to go seek your own justice, just like Dean barrow did!!!

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dean Barrow needs to lock the City down.He is the PM,then he needs to find a solution to this crime situation.Drastic times calls for drastic measures.This PM needs to stop acting like a pig that has been castrated.Get some cohones you’ve got no morale courage.

  21. belizeanpride says:

    guys eaze down tomorrow the tinted ban penalty comes into effect, maybe this will stop the crime since that’s the idea barrow has in the baldhead good for nothing. after tomorrow there will be no more killing but a peace in the city while the war within btl and bel continues with barrow.

  22. Kay says:

    @ belizeanpride…LOL!!!

  23. Eyes on Belize says:

    Bicycles do not come with tints

  24. Dark Angel says:

    Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! i really would want the killing to stop but these @#$#@$# are the ones killing and hurting innocent people. and by the way i know Juni Balls was no angel but this @#$#@$# wasn’t either. The city should celebrate this @$$ hole death. and the tint wont solve anything either dont you all see that the murders are riding instead of driving now.

  25. lovebelize says:

    yeah u got it rite breds!! this peel head piece of $#!% cant think straight. he thinks with his eyes. so stupid of our leader. i think the best thing he can do is step down. i want to think this might help solve some one of the many problems we are having.

    he is so rediculous. so the next step will be to start taking away bicycles from riders as that might solve the crime wave in the city. get out mr PM.. ur on barrowed time. mr dean barrow.

  26. Dark Angel says:

    and by the way no body deserves to be killed on till they @$#$ with someone you love and care about and that mother #$%@#$ did so go riddance to bad rubbish and EDWARD LORD was bad rubbish.

  27. Dark Angel says:

    and #$%$ you, whosoever is going under the name Peace because i know Juni Balls was no angel but he was just and example of one of the person that mother #$@#$@ killed. what about the innocent live he took not every body that @$$ hole bastard lord killed was like him.

  28. Drama says:

    Have you guys realize that murderers whom the law set free are being gun down by either victims families or close friends. Goes to show the law is washing their hands and leaving the civilians to clean up the dirty work. So when you think you gonna kill one person and get away with it well 10 persons are thinking of hunting you down……nuff said R.I.P Balls

  29. newyorker says:

    @peace…Junie balls change his life around ppl deserve second chances that completely change there life around i know that cuz we are family. we use to hang out n do postive things. he was a robin hood to pink’s alley was done with the killing n throwing events like soccer games n etc so the kids have something to do he leave behind 2 sons n wife n family that cares

  30. Elgin Martinez says:

    Junie balls might have changed his life.But as you can see people in Belize doesn’t seems to believe in forgiveness.The motto in Belize seems to be” Vengeance is mine”

  31. payback says:

    like i said after the death of KADEEM MONSANTO they will b a lot of mothers crying, and many many more murders. look at the city from the 23rd last week thursday since he died.this man had last 2 sons now .open unu eyes and he want sno one to be charged for his son death.the law is not giving no justice in the court,that guy who killed his son hangs out with BANKS AND LORD.HMMMMMM.

  32. U R Sick! says:

    @ newyorker, that is such a load of bs. So it is ok for everyone to go ahead killing people, do right in society and call it even in the name of rehabilitation? You must be mad. I say they all got their just deserves.I think they all should realize that a life for a life. You take one life and someone else will take yours.When they all see that it is just the bible fulling itself, only then will the quit killing other people.I didnt know this man but if he truly did what they said he did then he got exactly what he deserved.Junie balls di so many wrong to people and anyone that thought he would live till he’s old and gray are either stupid or naive.That goes for all the so-called bad @$$#$ walking around Belize.Their days are numbered so they need to take the time that they do have to beg for forgiveness and repent like repentance was made for no one else but them.

  33. Rasta says:

    all d real …… either DEAD or in JAIL!! …d smart ones r called silent assassins!! …bt NO!! everybody waah talk bout weh dey do n get fame!! ….still waters run deep!! @newyorker- junie balls wanted to change his life….bt wat about d other families lives he changed after killing or sending hits on their luv ones??!! …all wanna bee badman gat wa expiration date!!

  34. UB Alumni 2007 says:

    RIP Sherwin Requena…as I woke up in USA this morning and read the Belize news…I became sad all over as I remember a person who was professional, helpful, and always had a smile on his face as he did his job as a UB librarian up to time of his sudden death. I really dont know what to say about this young man death ; however, I am praying for our Belize. Sherwin on this day I celebrate your life!!!! And I am saying a prayer for your children and girlfriend Audrey C….girlfriend I pray that God give you strength especially at this time….RIP Sherwin..UB lost an excellent Libriarian!!

  35. mike g says:

    hey guys r u aware that Barrow continues to provide cover for known street gang generals,what Barrow is doing is allowing these guys to arrange hits while collecting tax payers money for doing nutn. The police also r selective on who they raid n haraz.

  36. black chinee says:

    Just kno that as long as ppl dead more shattas born da key thing is dnt be a memory or a statistic only da strong shall survive enough said deal with everthing that is occuring until da end but theres no end so get unnuh gun n just ready fi d war cause its world wide

  37. black chinee says:

    just kno dat as wah ghetto youth from belize we personally kno that d gov of bze n da police them is part of d street war that they initiated fra way back everybody weh dead was either contracted or innocent for da innocent ones symphatized with them but contracted ones its just business mein

  38. cali says:

    @peace,yes junie balls may have change his life,but that still didnt change the fact that he kill alot of people,those people also have wife,mother and kids

  39. Sugar says:

    While he rests in peace…..many people will now sleep in peace….Karma is a bad bit*h….

  40. Elgin Martinez says:

    Sugar:I disagree with your statement.There is going to be retaliation after this young man’s death.Can’t we all see that this is now a trend?

  41. Elgin Martinez says:

    Cali:I agree with your statement because if someone is out in the streets murdering people and expect nothing to happen to them after all they’ve done then that would be unrealistic thinking on their part.

  42. Gilbert says:

    I am not sad when the gangster kill each other at all. This @$$hole took too long to die. I don,t pity him. At least i know that he wont kill anyone anymore especially someone innocent. I sound harsh but that just the facts!!!

  43. Elgin Martinez says:

    Instead of focusing on tints,this PM should focus on finding the suppliers of all these murder weapons that are been used in the assacination of Belizean Citizens.

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