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Jun 22, 2011

Cabana Businessman Mike Menjivar gets bail

There was good news in court today for La Cabana Bar owner, Mike Menjivar, who was in prison since a Gang Suppression Unit raid on May twentieth. Menjivar is facing nine counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault in connection with a shootout with the G.S.U. officers at his property. This afternoon, Justice Troadio Gonzalez, heard Menjivar’s bail application, which was supported with an affidavit of Dr. Joel Cervantes.

Miguel menjivar

According to Dr. Cervantes, Menjivar was in his care  after a near fatal motorcycle accident on October seventeenth, 2010. Menjivar suffered a brain injury known as diffuse axonal and was in a coma for four days.  While he was allowed to leave the hospital, Dr. Cervantes says that Menjivar is still undergoing medical treatment and is scheduled to undergo specialized testing including an MRI, which cannot be done at the prison. Menjivar also missed an outpatient consultation on June eleventh because he was behind bars. Justice Gonzalez granted bail of twenty-five thousand dollars with the conditions that he surrender all travel documents, refrain from interfering with witnesses and appear at all subsequent adjournments. Menjivar was also ordered to report to the Belmopan police station once a week, but his Attorney Arthur Saldivar objected for safety reasons and that condition was removed.

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17 Responses for “Cabana Businessman Mike Menjivar gets bail”

  1. Rod says:

    If I was this guy I would sue the gov. And the pm personally for every one cent they have one of the worse cases I’ve seen sue sue sue.

  2. Benqueno says:

    Good job Saldivar, now lets see what the MARA SALVATRUCHA guy will do now…i hope that the local authorities have their eyes open,,,,because shortly their will be an influx of Salvadoran nationals coming to Las Flores village Belmopan…THIS GUY HAS A TEMPER PROBLEM and revenge he will take…he hates Police…i dont know how he obtained his license for a firearm…i have tried to get mine but to no avail…

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    How many counts will vidal and crew face for shooting Mike’s dogs?

  4. observer says:

    Benqueno…you are a perfect example of a hater…that is why Belize is not progressing.

    For your information, Las Flores is not a Village but a part of Belmopan. Get your facts right. I guess they have read your posts on this site hence the reason you don’t get your licensed firearm.

    Hablas pa que no se te pudra la boca…

  5. Fairman says:

    No one has been able to present proof that Mr. Menjivar is involved with gangs and drugs in Belize.
    If he obtained a firearm license, he must have had a good record and a good connection in Belmopan. Firearm license are granted by police officers under the supervision of the Commissioner of Police and sometimes in compliance with orders from some politicians.
    The Mara Salvatrucha tattoos just pop up everywhere. The more you write about it in the news papers, the more youths put the tattoos on themselves because they want attention, dominance, and people to fear them. I personally fear no one so those tattoo addicts mean nothing to me. When they try to confront me, I meet them at their level and let them know that we are all capable.

  6. observer says:

    Very well said, Fairman.

  7. Shy says:

    Bout time this man got out of jail! It is sick how they went into this mans property just to destroy it and kills his animals and almost killed his kids and the entire family yet nothing is done to the people who clearly used excessive force.

  8. Dan Armeneau says:

    Benqueno -

    Mara Salvatrucha? Any that I’m aware of don’t run nightclubs – they just ask for money and if you don’t give it to them they behead you. A lot less hassle than running a nightclub.

    One more thing, Salvadoran DOES NOT EQUAL Mara Salvatrucha. Can’t imagine how you could possibly get the two confused. It would appear your comments are fueled by nothing more than prejudice and hatred. Generally speaking, Salvadorans are noted throughout the world as being very hard working people. Maybe watching someone get ahead by working long hard hours is just too much for you to deal with. Too bad for you!

    For the most part, folks making comments to these news reports understand what’s going on and are aware of the ramifications of having a Goon Squad Unit running roughshod over the civil and human rights of law abiding citizens all under the guise of “gang suppression”. It’s good to see that many Belizeans are not easily fooled. Others, not so much!

  9. Clifford says:

    So I was right about the plane that landed last week!!!

  10. Undecided says:

    Leave the damn man alone, he’s there minding his own business @ La Cabana while people are there hating on him for being prosperous, they work hard and deserve to live the life they are living!!!

  11. I Have Awaken says:

    Why is this guy getting some much airtime on the media? When murdered youths in Belize City get a flash on the front page for sensationalism and then quickly fade to oblivion of just being another statistic. I am almost certain that incidents like this happen very often in south side Belize, but I guess because they people are poor and black no one gives a hoot.

    Sorry to burst all the bubbles of people who think this gentleman made his money legit, they are sorely and blindly mistaken. I live in an area where i have seen any and pretty much all racket when it comes to money laundering, drug dealing etc… and you can tell who is legit and who haven’t earned their money, also, do some research and it will dawn on you very quickly the type of person this man is, doesn’t take much effort or a genius either, but as usual everyone in this country lives in denial or simply support illegal behaviour, thus our current state of affairs.

  12. I Have Awaken says:

    @Fairman: Are you kidding me? What planet you live on my friend? In Belmopan, with the write contacts and enough money to throw around, you can get a gun license, even if you have a record a mile long, and that is not hearsay my friend, that is personally witnessing this, I know plenty of people who have paid for gun license just like how more than half the people in this country paid for the drivers license. HA! Denial is a beautiful thing.

  13. Benqueno says:

    Lol…i am not a hater, i respect all ethnic, creed, colour of people…but when it comes to people involved in organize crime..and have influence with people in high post who facilitate them in their need for some form of protection like MENJIVAR who is friendly to Belmopan Police and to high ranking officers….who facilitated him in obtaining his firearm license, a proper background check was not accurately done….

    If he think that he owns Belmopan he cannot own the west…the authorities most focus on new arrivals in that HISPANIC COMMUNITY….AS A MATTER OF FACT ALL SURROUNDING AREAS IN BELMOPAN SHOULD BE OF SECURITY INTEREST…

    For “Don Armeneau” if you say that MS dont run nightclubs! but you miss a fact that they are financiers to criminal activities…

  14. observer says:

    Clifford, and you are so stupid to think that you are right. Only someone without sense and with your ignorance think a plane would come in to drop off 25,000 dollars for bail.

    Well said, Dan.

  15. John Eskisofrenico says:

    This “BENQUENO” doesn’t even know what MS is. Just stay where you are and wait your turn. Continue talking like that and MS will come to your door. All your comments are welcomed.

  16. observer says:

    You are a hater….your comments speak for themselves. You are the audience, the judge and the jury…how can you judge people…remember what the bible says….you’ll be measured with the same intrument you measure with.

    You certainly know not what respect is. You speak out of turn and without intelligence. Envy seems to guide your decision and speech. Moreover, you seem not to know what Mara Salvatrucha means…and what they stand for….they could never own a successful business much less finance it. They don’t work since they are parasites who live off society.

    You just vex at others having what you can’t have since you spend so much time judging and worrying about why this one has that and so on….typical crab in a bucket mentality.

  17. Dan Armeneau says:

    Benqueno -

    You should really consider putting your mind in gear before putting your keyboard in motion. You need to think things through first. How can you say that Mike Menjivar is “friendly” with the Belmopan Police and high ranking officers? When the “friendlies” shoot up the family home, kill the dogs, terrorize the children, beat the crap out of you when you’re handcuffed on the floor, and leave you in remand for a month then enemies shouldn’t be that much of a concern.

    You can beak off all you want about how you’re not prejudiced or a hater but when you turn around and paint the Hispanic community with the same tar brush as that what you use to paint organized criminals and such all you accomplish is showing the world that your protestations are somewhat hollow.

    As for the MS, it’s quite clear you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Financing criminal activities isn’t something they do. Extortion, murder for hire, arson for hire and that sort of thing is their modus operandi! They’re far removed from anything “financial”.

    I Have Awaken -

    I would suggest a name change there buddy, it’s abundantly clear you’re not quite awake yet. You make a lot of allegations but I would challenge you to come up with any proof. After all, the Goon Squad Unit, acting on “information received” failed to find anything illegal after conducting a search that took several hours. Were is YOUR proof? You sound like a likely suspect for providing “information received”!

    You would like us to believe that you have a vast knowledge of “money laundering, drug dealing, etc.”. And just how did you acquire this knowledge? I would venture a guess that the vast majority of ordinary, law abiding citizens would have little knowledge of such things. Maybe you watch too much TV or something. As “observer” so appropriately put it this is nothing more than a, “typical crab in a bucket mentality”.

    The real disturbing part of this whole affair is the fact that the GSU acts with impunity, completely ignores civil and human rights and is headed up by an alleged child abuser that looks like he has a real anger management problem who happens to be married to really the only person that could lay charges against him. Now those that happen to cross paths with these government sanctioned and financed thugs can look forward to further transgressions in civil and human rights thanks to recent “anti-crime legislation”. That’s the very scary reality and the REAL story here! All I can say to you “I Have Awaken” is “WAKE UP”! This is only the thin edge of the wedge!

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