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Jun 20, 2011

Mystery Mexican plane lands; but no one found

A Mexican plane made an emergency landing in Orange Walk Town on Saturday and the first question raised was whether it’s another drug plane. Well, tonight that question remains unanswered as it is still not known what cargo was in the plane and no one was found in the area. Police and B.D.F. personnel found the damaged aircraft on the road and six gallons of aviation fuel about two miles in the bushes. The plane is registered to Joel Romero Juarez and documents found inside indicate that the pilot was Julio Ismael Salazar; both men are Mexican nationals. Minister of Police, Doug Singh, down played the landing and referred to information that has been gathered so far.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

Doug Singh

“We received reports very late on Saturday night, I think around eleven thirty that there was an aircraft flying over a particular area of Belize and so we sent out police officers and B.D.F. to look in the area and they did not come across anything, but the following morning, there was a report that a plane landed in an area called Goat Hill. Goat Hill is an area where BSI grows, does some agriculture, farming of cane. And early in the morning we sent out the Anti Drug Unit along with other police resources and they came across a small piper, a small aircraft. I think it has about four seats and a little longer area in the back where passengers can also sit. So it wouldn’t seat more than six people at a maximum; it’s one of those very small planes. With all seats intact, its landing gear had been damaged. There was a report the Saturday night that there was an aircraft flying overhead. The weather wasn’t the best so it was very difficult to determine if there were any lights or anything on the aircraft. So it could have been an aircraft in trouble or it could have been otherwise.  It is difficult to determine at this time, because we have not found any individuals at the aircraft or near the aircraft and we are still investigating the matter to see if anyone would provide information of the whereabouts of at least the pilot and any other passengers that might have been on the plane. There were no casualties, as I said the landing was damaged and all seats were intact so it is not likely the plane was used to transport drugs or any substantial amount of drugs. There is normally evidence with these things and the plane has been checked and we cannot say absolutely, but it doesn’t appear to us that it was a plane used to transport drugs. We’ve contacted the Mexican Embassy. The plane had some registration information and flight plan information which we’re confirming with the Mexican Government to determine exactly what may have been the circumstances.”

Jose Sanchez

“So it’s not a local plane; that’s locally registered?”

Doug Singh

“No, it’s not.”

Jose Sanchez

“At this point, no one has crossed the border to indicate that they had been in a plane accident?”

Doug Singh

“Not to our knowledge.”

The plane remains under B.D.F. guard.

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18 Responses for “Mystery Mexican plane lands; but no one found”

  1. funbze says:

    Could it be Colton Harris-Moore “barefoot bandit” has landed in Belize?

  2. Bzn2DBone says:

    Could be that the plane was being used in human trafficking, or to transport members of a cartel to hold their clandestine meeting somewhere. There is obvious clandestine movement due to the aviation fuel that was found not too far from the site where the plane landed.

  3. tim says:

    can’t our radar detect these planes?? they are flying over our flying space.. oh well, what the heck.. just another drug plane landed and they “escaped” with the help of our police which the scumbag dough singh know who they are.. well, at least it’s not a murder case that’s going unanswered!!!

  4. OW Resident says:

    the barefoot bandit… is in jail now…. it maybe a friend of the real belmopan bandits

  5. Truths says:

    This is very interesting.. however what happens to the planes that land mysteriously.. because they do tend to appear one after the other… MAYBE THE PLANE BROUGHT THE MONEY TO PAY THE OUTSTANDING BILL THE GOVERNMENT HAS IN FUEL LOL .. OR THE REST FOR SOME MAJOR INVESTOR TO COME INTO PLAY LATER.. LOL.

  6. rod says:

    come on police it doesnt take a genius to know this is a job gone bad by drug dealers who are you kidding singh you just dont want the belizean people to see how incompetent this gov. is but people arent stupid its easy to see so please come clean for once and admit your failures you and the pm and the rest of this useless incompetent gov. need to resign .

  7. Curious says:

    Min Singh trying awfully hard to downplay this and definitely trying to spin the “not a drug plane” theory



  9. Clifford says:

    They brough in money to pay off Menjiver’s bail. Or pay some attorney to free him off. Or pay off Dean Barrow. Shouldn’t be surprised.

  10. Rescue says:

    Come on Rod, do you want PM to run around in a bullet proof vest and investigate himself?
    You’re disgusting with you and your comments.

  11. common sense says:

    Elections are coming……votes need to be purchased!

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dean Barrow please get some radar for the air traffic control at the Airport.

  13. observer says:


    It is obvious from the narrow-minded comments you post that you have it against Menjivar….you fail to realize the nepotism that exists in this government.

    Hope when GSU comes breaking your door, you applaud their work. I sense much hatred and envy towards hard working latinos…remember the saying in the Bible “Con la vara que midieres, con esa seras medido”.

    Also, I hope you don’t fall victim of the new laws proposed under the 8th Ammendment to the Constitution of Belize. You seem so passionate about attacking and pointing fingers when you have no information…let alone intelligence….you just as bad as the GSU.



  15. JCA says:

    This plane has been circling belize since Thursday June 16th in the wee hours of teh morning it flew around San Ignacio and Sanatal Elena maybe teh drop off was in that area and they were bringing more after a successful drop and on their return ran out of fuel or experienced problems,

  16. belizeanpride says:

    what catches my attention more is the way that singh is not even concerned about how come this planes keep flying over our jewel with no permission. how come mexican planes can fly here, if the got lost they must have called for support as “distress call” but they never did and secondly why did they have the fuel hiding in the bush. really it brings alot of question but one theory that the police should know is that this planes don’t bring druggs but most of the time they are used to spy and survey the area best for landing bigger planes. i’d say they must have tried to land and if they had succeeded they might bring a bigger one loaded with drugs after this landing but they had bad luck. just to bring in the ideas if they got lost, they should have given a distress call for help and the pilot would have never flee the area like what they did. Union is far south but the area in Santa Cruz is not far for a mexican to get away in Botes mexico side. very clever for them but for our police and bdf no ideas for them nor tactics, what a shame.

  17. Johnson Richards says:

    How can the Minister know that it doesn’t appear to be an aircraft that carries drugs? How can he know?

  18. sherwin williams says:

    that $#!% stupid in america they know about every plane in the here mein my country stupid wy would u know about a plane in ur premisis mein ual foolish

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