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Jun 16, 2011

P.U.C. proposes to cancel B.E.L.’s operating license

Belize Electricity Limited C.E.O., Lynn Young has made the point that the Public Utilities Commission is squeezing B.E.L.  At the most recent Annual General Meeting, Young said that;  “Rather than secure that we are able to finance our activities for customers and shareholders, the P.U.C. instead seems obsessed with destroying what we have built over the last thirty years.” Well, on Wednesday a public notice was issued by the P.U.C., proposing to cancel B.E.L.’s operating license, effective July fifteenth. The utility company has not paid up one point eight-eight million dollars in fees for 2009 and 2010. We can’t ascertain what will happen then because government has already said that to avoid blackouts, it is contemplating the takeover of the company.

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9 Responses for “P.U.C. proposes to cancel B.E.L.’s operating license”

  1. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    It is very simple what will happen the PUC will cancel the operating License and on the 15th there will be a forced takeover of the company by GOB after all we cannot have a monopoly in the country using scare tact tics on the people and turning off the electricity at will when they cannot have their way with the PUC and GOB maybe GOB should just turn BEL into a mutual company owned by the people not for profit this should contribute well towards the quality of life for all Belizeans, the share holders should be happy if they get ten cents on the dollar after all BEL is a failed company and the reason for their failure is certainly not because of the actions of the PUC but their own doing share holders can then take BEL and FORTIS and all the subs to court for mismanagement of the company that type of setup having a foreign company owning a public utility is a very bad one, imagine what type of profits have been leaving the country over the years with apparently no reserves held for these hard times when these profits go out they don’t come back in they contribute to the wealth of another country BEL should have never been sold to foreign interest. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

  2. hard woking Belizean says:

    What makes Barrow think he can run a massive company like BEL when he and his no good ministers are running our entire country straight over the edge?!!! Come on people…open your eyes and take a stand! We live in a democratic country where if when we took a stand for what we believed was right when the PUP was in power what is the fear now? Will we permit our barrier reef to be destroyed with the oil drilling as well? The time has come for us to speak out our born Belizean rights!!!

  3. Justice says:

    In this administration, the people’s voices are non existent. It is what that egotistical joker of a PM wants!

  4. Joe McGuire says:

    So Negro Mr Clean will make the PUC cancel there license to operate so they will have no choice but to allow him to take it over, wow and we taught Musa was going to be the next Castro . . .

  5. Fairman says:

    The utility should be operated by a non-profit organization for the benefit of the people. Those companies are using creative accounting tactics to misrepresent their financial status so they can squeeze out more money from the people. We the poor cannot afford to give the rich more money because we need to survive. They don’t need any more than what they already have. They should try to exercise some conscience.
    I support the government take over for the time being until a better management team can be organized and put in place.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why arn’t these people been audited?Get to the bottom of this bs,we need to start holding people accountable.Why do we keep allowing the masterminds of these ponzi scheme to go unpunished?First it was Zenaida Moya now it’s Lynn Young.Who’se next?

  7. carlos says:

    If BEL is having problem now due to seasonal power shortage, imagine when GOB takes over. We know that any institution or company administer by GOB is very inefficient. Politics will be involved, quality of product will be poor, efficiency will be poor and costly to taxpayers. Come on people if there is efficiencies and accountability in this country we are sure it is in the private sector. Governments should facilitate the environment for the private sector to function. Government are not voted in power to administer companies.

  8. Mr. Electricity says:

    The government of Belize is a bigger joke than the ppl running the companies. Its obvious the GOB has no sense of how to conduct a profitable operation thats why Belize is in debt. I do agree with auditing and setting some rules in place that help aid the company to grow and manage its funds better. Its sad to see in a time with Wind Turbines and Solar Panels we are still using a diesel generator or we are buy electricity from another country. If we can get millions for a bridge or a stadium (lol); we should be able to get millions from many countries to promote a Greener Belize. Most of our problems in Belize are because the GOB doesn’t aid companies in growth unless they are either they family members or close friends. I have watched many businesses come to BZ however they are turned away unless they come willing to pay off the GOB. Look at what BTL does to a company needing an internet connection to do voip calling. Ready Call pays over $50,000 a month for internet for 16MB. If we wanted 1MB in our house for private usage to check mail and so forth we would only pay 300 a month. They alone are paying for everyone in Belize to use internet literally. Do the math they are getting too much profit. I would love to explain why at the end of the year we dont see it in their reporting; but I will do so at a different time. Because of the GOB’s ignorance all the business China and other countries have gained because of the down fall of the USA could have came to us. Ask any foreigner. GOB makes it hard for anyone to come down and start a business. This is what taking small brides in exchange for casting vote causes. Wake up before its too late. Belize needs help. Stop being silly and ask. Its obvious you cant govern yourselves. 30 years of independence and what have you proven so far that you can steal and sell out everything that normally would be profitable. You yourselves have enslaved yourselves. All you did was change masters 30 years ago.

  9. Proud Belizean says:

    It is great to compare and contrast the approach of Management at BTL versus Management at BEL during the hostile takeover.

    I am extremely proud of Lynn Young and his team for jumping the ship and seeing if Dean Barrow and his crowd can handle the running of the operations.

    When Barrow and his crowd came into BTL, for the most part, all the managers were doing their best to suck up to the politicians, with the exception of the managers that were eventually terminated.

    Sadly all the top management at BTL could not band together as a team or else the result would have been completely different. But then again, BTL had greedy, egotistical, I would do anything you want Karen Bevans, while BEL had humble and self respecting Lynn Young.

    Karen managed to put together the most whimpy set of managers who are so afraid of losing their jobs that they prefer to give up their dignity.

    Shame on you Karen Bevans, BRAVO Lynn Young!!!!

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