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Jun 14, 2011

In defiance of Ministry, F.F.B. Belize moves ahead with game in Trinidad

At news time tonight, the Belize National ‘A’ Team Selection, is getting ready to play against Montserrat on Wednesday. The group of nineteen athletes, led by goal keepers Shane Orio and Woodrow West, is in Trinidad where they will play Montserrat at the Ato Boldon Stadium in the first of a home-away series to qualify for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The return match will be played this Sunday at the F.F.B. stadium in Belmopan and if successful, the team, which is not formally recognized by the Ministry of Sports, will advance to another round of competition for a place in World Cup 2014.  But, on the home front, a legal battle is being waged by the Football Federation of Belize which is filing an injunction against the Ministry of Sports for violation of regulatory procedures.  For some time, there has been animosity between Minister of Sports John Saldivar and F.F.B. President Dr. Bertie Chimilio over the legitimacy of elections held by the F.F.B. to choose its executives. As the noose tightened, in May the Sports Council placed the F.F.B. along with several other sports organizations on a list of decertified sporting bodies claiming that they failed to meet registration requirements that included.  Today the F.F.B. was set to file an injunction against the ministry; however, its attorneys were a no show at the Supreme Court.

Dr. Bertie Chimilio, President, Football Federation of Belize

Bertie Chimilio

“We’ve been harassed recently by the National Sports Council that we have been doing the things wrongly and I noted that on Channel 7 last week the minister did say that we are not following the law so we decided a long time ago to file an injunction.  The case was called up today and unfortunately it was not heard.  It will be heard on the twenty-seventh of June.  Basically we want the court to make a decision on procedure.  We believe that the National Sports Council has violated procedures and we will show them that they have violated procedures so that things can be corrected.  I want to assure you that if the F.F.B. knew it was wrong we would not have been at this point.  Nonetheless we await the judge’s decision on the twenty-seventh of June and we hope then that the attorneys for the Crown do show up and defend their case.”

Isani Cayetano

“It was recently made public that the F.F.B. along with several other organizations are not being officially recognized by the Sports Council because of procedures or logistics, so to speak.  Can you explain how this has affected the F.F.B. [or] if it will?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“It hasn’t affected the F.F.B. because our game is going through and it is unfortunate that our leaders don’t read their regulations, don’t read their laws rather and there is nothing per se that we need to be recognized by the National Sports Council.  There is nothing that says that we have to be approved to travel so when we get letters from the government saying that you’re not recognized and you’re not approved to travel, I have a passport, all the players have a passport.  We are all Belizeans, we are Belize.  We go by the point of law and the Sports Act is right here in my hands.  I will leave you a copy so you could make a story on what needs to be handed in for registration, not what that minister wants.  I know he has a job to do but in doing that job we have to follow the law Mr. Minister and that’s the reason why we are where we are and I know that at some point the F.F.B. will prevail but our games will proceed.  We play tomorrow win, lose or draw.  Whatever happens we play tomorrow and on Sunday we play here in Belize.”

So as it stands, Belize plays Montserrat on Wednesday and again on Sunday. That game is scheduled to be aired live on this station from the F.F.B. Field.

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11 Responses for “In defiance of Ministry, F.F.B. Belize moves ahead with game in Trinidad”

  1. Jungle Guy says:

    Come on… why everything in Belize Has to Be politicizes it’s a game that all belizean have been waiting for at the end Belize will look as always as a brunch of criminals fighting for nothing

  2. western says:

    let it go chimillio. You have done too much wrong to Belizean football. You are fully aware that for our boys to have any chance at being competitive regionally we need to start from the bottom, from the kids brother. We need a structured program that will bright them up, level by level. You knew this fourteen year ago when you took over Belizean Football and you still have not done anything to advance our game. For the love of the game, do the right thing and step aside.

  3. BelCap says:

    well said western, bertie has to go….in all di yrs dat he has bin der, i have not seen any of our football fields being upgrade to wat dey shud be. di belmopan field BARELY passes for an international stadium n we do hav to stat fram di youngest of our citizens cz dey will mek our country look gud in di international arena

  4. Mando says:

    Bertie probably have to go for keeping “growing football’ stagnant but the game has to be played. You an I don’t know what is happening. We only know what is being reported. “REPORTED” . For Christ sake, the Belizeans should support our guys. Its football and not for government.

  5. watchfuleye says:

    it’s all for Sergio Chuc. the government wants Sergio Chuc to run Westline and own the bus routes to cayo. and they want Sergio Chuc to Run Football Federation of Belize and they want his son to run what??????? ask m. marin, e. contreras, s. badi guerra…and the (CUBA/China) connectoin

  6. MIGUEL GUERRA says:


  7. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery says:

    Belize has one of the smallest population in the world and you mean we can’t come together and generate a football team without all this mess. I have one word for this garbage “corruption”. “Corruption” is the cancer that is deteriorating the jewel (Belize) from the inside out, “Corruption” is why unemployment in Belize rising at alarming rates, “Corruptio” is why Belizean youths are murdering one another by the hour, and “Corruption” is the main reason why we can’t put our differences aside in the name of football; the world’s sport that we all cherish, and come to a compromise. Come on Belize, we must mature as a people , revamp our thought process and negative mentality, and put our pride and egos aside for the greater good of our country/nation as a whole. In layman’s terms, grow up Belize!!!

  8. james says:

    move out chimilio. wearing a ring like that is not professional. come on.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Miguel Guerra: If you grew up in the Jewel,you would have known that almost every appointment to any position is based on political affiliations and not qualifications.

  10. Gregori Villanueva says:

    I have to say that this situation has been boiling up for a long time. Since I know myself chimilio has been head of the FFB. Why do you think he is still there? Corruption. The previous government had tried to take him out and that was not possible. How about when the BPFL wanted something else, Chimilio made his own league. Two top leagues in Belize and none of them professional. Chimilio needs to get out, if he ever wants good for Belizean football he needs to get out

  11. moses says:

    What part of no government or political interference does Saldivar not understand.

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