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Jun 13, 2011

Mystery winner collect Mega Bingo’s jackpot

On Thursday, June ninth, we told you that someone hit the Mega-Bingo progressive jackpot of two hundred and nineteen thousand five hundred and seventy-three dollars. Well today, the lucky winner went in to claim their winnings of one hundred and eighty six thousand, six hundred and thirty seven dollars and three cents after taxes. But personnel from the Mega-Bingo office say they could not furnish us with an interview with the winner nor disclose the winner’s name. However, the winning ticket was purchased at Lisa’s Supermarket in Burrell Boom.

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32 Responses for “Mystery winner collect Mega Bingo’s jackpot”

  1. bz says:

    This is very…..unorthodox. Why would you not publish the winners name? hmmmm

  2. Lisa says:

    So maybe the winner was a relative? this is like childood raffles where everyone bought a ticket and then -oops-my cousin won it from the US. Just good for all idiots who play Bingo.

  3. Stephen says:

    What the hell something is wrong we want to see who won as this look fishy. I am not going to buy any more Bingo as the rule is that the person must be present to collect the winnings as stated in the bingo rules. There is no accountability in this so they better do it right and let the Belize public see what going on. People go back to your lotto as they do it where everyone can see that it is fair.

  4. mick says:

    if lotto can interview winner and disclose the winner name why cant the bingo do the same i think their just a scam i dont think anybody really won that bingo i think it was going up high and nobody couldnt win the jackpot and people were already getting discourage of buying bingo i think they set up that machine so people doesnt win. i see people spend 50 dollars worth of ticket and not even one play well i think i should stay with my lotto cause you always get a better chance of winning . (LOTTO ALL THE WAY)

  5. chabelli says:

    interesting is this a set up or a rip-off???????

  6. deedee says:

    Hmmmm something about this isn’t rite. The only reasons I can think of as to why they chose not to reveal the “winner’s” identity is because there isn’t actually a mega bingo winner. Or Secondly, if there is an actual winner I bet that individual is an employee or a family member of a person or persons who are closely affiliated to mega bingo, hence the reason why the “winner’s” identity is not reveal.

  7. Justice says:

    Fishy Fishy. Sounds like a set up

  8. mlgr says:

    These comments are so true. From the white man left no onw won. Rmember the white man accused Rachael of tampering with the machine. Show the winner. They can’t show it because there is no winner. These people think Belizeans fool but we know about these tricks. People stick to what you know Lotto at least make people win and you get to see who they are. Betta buy Lotto!!

  9. skull says:

    what if some did win and is just scared to reveal their identity…because then you will see family members that you dont know from anywhere… or people wouldbe bothering you to lend them money….me for one if i was the winner i would want my name or an interview to be shown either i would want it to be disclosed for security reasons

  10. get it right says:

    LMAO why doesn’t this surprise me. Every other Bingo winner names and pictures are published and now they don’t publish this one. Bogus Bogus Bogus. Do you see who owns the Mega Bingo game. I called this before it happened. I know that Shackron’s nephew is always buying Mega Bingo at that same shop in Burrel Boom when he passes thru there heading to his home in Belize City. Its all a set up people. Nothing new with these people.

  11. sulemy25 says:


  12. looker says:


  13. Jan says:

    mega bingo is fishyer than the cat fish they are selling ppl for fillet snapper….something wrong stop buying mega bingo and stick with Lotto…………..

  14. PC says:

    I knew something was wrong. At the moment someone supposedly won there was an error on screen like there program crash. Then you heard the cheer & shortly after that there was a boo. There probably was a bug in the program and no one really won that night.

  15. Do it right says:

    While i do agree with you skull, because of the public nature of the business, it is required that the person name and photo be released for transparency reasons. Same thing applies with Lotto. I don’t know if there is any law stating that the person’s name must be published, if not i don’t see why they do it for this person and not the others. I have heard rumurs of who they said won the money. I won’t say the name but its suppose to be a person that has money that lives in Burrel Boom. How true it is, i can’t confirm because i also heard about two more people that they say won it. At the end of the day Mega Bingo, lotto, boledo are all scams that are set up to take our money. A few individuals are fortunate enough to have won, but the profit made off our heads is crazy. I mean if Mega Bingo is able to pay out that kinda money and give out close to $10,000.00 every wed and sat, they must be making crazy money off the poor Belizean public. But there is more going on behind the mega bingo game than meets the eye. I mean the game has been going on close to 6 months and the amount of money paid out thus far is staggering. Makes you wonder if all this money is actually generated from ticket sales. Just food for thought.

  16. theboss21 says:


  17. mlgr says:

    PC I saw that error screen too but did not know what it was. They quickly change the screen when that error message popped up. Stop the thiefing. The gaming control board need to look into this.

  18. c says:

    the buay neva want get jacked… welcome to the jewel

  19. ATTA says:

    There is a stage winner the company found someone that is willing take 10 or 15 thousand to say that they won the bingo, they are just preparing the person how to answer the questions that will be ask and sign an agreement with the person so he or she will not say anything.

  20. oscar965 says: many of you are such sore looser…its a game of chance so if you do not like to loose then just do not play. There are no coverups!!! JD Financials has the exclusive and wants to be the first ones to discloses the winner first. Its just that simple. Notice that when the show starts it says “Paid Program by JD Financial”. JD pays channel 5 for airtime and they want the ratings for themselves. Most of the negative posters are just sore loosers. I play mega bingo every week and have fun doing it and yes its my money and i choose how to spend it…

  21. Karz says:

    Another form of hack … money laundering …

  22. Karina says:

    Mega Bingo is a scam, it seems very fishy!!!!!

  23. RedBwai says:

    Its all sounds shady to me but i agree with oscar965…they will wait until the next Mega Bingo game aires on tv..I am from Boom and i heard the same thing as Do It Right said….im hearing it was two pple or one of two pple who won…..i know who those individuals are… of them is supposed to be a distant relative of mine ……..but who knows right……..You all wont kno who won until Wednesday. JD Financials should kno better tho…this will hurt their company’s credibility big time..and at a time when almost everyone is already suspecting that the game is a big scam which it probably is..Say who won and save urself the black eye…an plz make the game less rule constricting…that way more pple would have at least a fair chance of winning something at least…

  24. BT says:

    Lotteries (and that includes MegaBingo) are simply a tax on poor people who are bad at math. What makes the situation worse in Belize is that the lotteries are run by private enterprise that provide no social good in return. Other countries keep control of their lotteries and use the revenue to fund arts, culture, and sports. We give our lotteries away to well connected people who exploit poor people by selling dreams and returning nothing of good to society.

    The lotto commercials are particularly distasteful… especially the one where a young girl’s dream of going to college only comes true because her mom wins the lotto. Seriously, is that the message for our people, that access to education is a matter of luck? If we have to have lotteries in Belize, then at least use to money wasted by dreamers to fund programs that will develop our country. Like, maybe… EDUCATION?

  25. mick says:

    i agree with u atta that definately sounds like a plan their doing and mega bingo is just making people wasting their money (stop buy bingo your only wasting ur money)

  26. ml says:

    I do agree that people do what they want with their money, but this does look fishy. Everyone is not a soar looser, because I did not play but I realize that something was wrong from the time they are not able to show us who won. People only win $100.00 and they have their pictures on the Tv. So why for so much money they are not able to show the person after 5 days.

  27. Get it right says:

    Karz you said it. This is a easy way for money laundering to occur; and given the current owners and the family linked behind it, that suggestion is not far fetched. @Oscar965 the only loser i see up here is you dude. Its a public forum in which people can freely express what they think on the matter. Just because our views don’t agree with yours don’t mean that we are wrong or vice versa. Frankly i don’t think anyone up here gives a $#!% if you buy bingo and play it home. $#!% son, no one is telling you how to spend your money. If you want to have fun blowing your money on a hooker for a blow while playing Bingo, that’s your call buddy. But like i said no one here gives a $#!%. VOTE FOR PEDRO! lmao

  28. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  29. Karz says:

    Yes certainly Mr. Get it Right, and yeah, Mr. Oscar has nothing else to do other than speak stupidness, he needs to respect others’ opinion and if he’s happy playing BINGO, he can keep up the great job and continue sponsoring those scammers, because at the end of the day, he’s the stupid one if this is in reality a SCAM. Good day folks.

  30. ESSB says:

    this really sounds fishy; if lotto can do it why can’t mega bingo?

  31. I LOVE BELIZE says:

    Mega bingo has not said the winner because they want to do the first interview! Geez it just shows how we belizean like to jump on year-e-so! Give the people a break, bad mouthing spoils everything in belize! you know how many people have won from megabingo! i personally play every week and my family and I enjoy the game. It’s something good… come on… all this negativity is stupid just because they want to air the winner first!.
    you think a company will spoil their credibility being that this is the biggest win ever in Belize! i dont think so!

  32. David says:

    Best way to double your money………………….fold it in half,then put it back in your pocket,want to get rich?become a millionare?send me one dollar I tell you how(set around and wait for one million people to send you their dollar)….you work hard for your money,don’t waste it gambling,cause that good ‘ol boy setting across from you ,he don’t work to take your money…….and should you win the lotto or bingo,don’t tell no one’case then you don’t gotta work no more and Large and sexy say it right “them Bway might just decide to hold up the winner,START SMILING AGAIN BELIZE,keep them wondering!!!!!

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