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Jun 6, 2011

Another Matura murdered

mark matura

The Matura family of Central American Boulevard is no stranger to the constant street violence. At the start of the weekend, a fourth family member was murdered. Mark Matura was shot once in the head by a brazen gunman who first checked his identity and then came back to finish the job. The Matura family wants an end to the violence. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports on Friday night’s murder.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The murder of twenty-year old Mark Matura is the latest tragedy to befall a family that’s all too familiar with misfortune.  A pair of hired guns breached the perimeter fortified by this zinc fence and dispatched the young man in cold blood as he stood inside the yard socializing with his relatives on Friday night around ten.

Voice of: Dorla Matura, Aunt of Mark Matura

“He mid deh right ya pan da bike noh.  Three ah dehn deh out ya dehn di enjoy dehn lee self.  Di two person come from [back deh], [dehn] jump di fence fahn back deh, di gate and come and walk and di watch he eena ih face and dehn stop right da da lee old house deh, come back and then dehn walk ya and shot ah eena ih head.”

Matura was hit once from close range, the bullet entering and exiting opposite sides of his head.

Voice of: Dorla Matura

“When dehn shot ah ih drop, ih drop right down deh soh weh da lee wet stain deh like blood and then mi lee bwai pick ahn up and ih dead eena fih he hand.  But yoh know when somebody healthy and strong da heart noh wah stop [beat].  Ih finish dead da Karl Heusner.”

His death is the second blow dealt to this family within a period of three months.  Indeed they are reeling from another massive loss.

Voice of: Dorla Matura

“The family deal with it haad because weh happen to he noh right.  Da too much ah di family di get dead out, too much.  Knife, gunshot, knife, gunshot; why dehn haffi do we dat? We no harm people.”

Despite the aunt maintaining the family’s innocence a number of its members have fallen victim to crime and violence over the past year alone.

Anthony Matura

First there was Glenford Jr., an employee of Belize Maintenance Limited, who was shot and killed while working in the area of Euphrates Avenue and King Street in March 2010.

Lisa Matura, Sister of Glenford Matura (File: March 10th, 2010)

“Dehn killed ah fi burn we because just last night dehn dodge Bobby. Just last night dehn dodge Bobby and dehn try done Bobby life. Dehn know my bredda dah di softest one and di coolest one and he noh harm nobody so dehn try hurt he fi hurt we. Dehn can’t get to who dehn di try get to so dehn get to my bredda cause dehn could ah mi come yah last night. dehn could ah gone dah Arlington Drive last night and dehn chose when he gone dah work dis morning.”

Lisa Matura

Several months later, Glen’s sibling Anthony Matura was stabbed to death as he was getting off a bus in Ladyville.  Their grief-stricken father spoke with News Five shortly after he received word of the brutal slaying.

Glenford Matura Sr., Father of Deceased (File: July 15th, 2010)

“Ih just real painful that you know fi lost one son, whey o tink ah two son? Just cya understand weh di happen mein. i nuh know weh di go on wid deh youth deh just di kill up wan anotha. People son di dead everyday, yo know, just dat ih happen eena my family dis time; but everybody go through dis same grief and pain mein, yo know.”

…and roughly a month later his grandson, Jermaine Matura, was fingered for the murder of fourteen year old Helen Yu during a robbery-turned-murder at a grocery store on Iguana Street Extension.  Jermaine’s mother, like Mark’s aunt earlier, also maintained his innocence.

But while the family was busy burying its dead or visiting relatives in detention on November 2nd the entire residence known as the ‘Matura Village’, where Mark would later lay mortally wounded, went up in smoke during a mid-morning blaze which left roughly forty persons homeless.

Daniel Matura, Fire Victim (File: November 2nd, 2010)

“I mih di sleep deh dis mawnin check cause my back di pain me and when I conscious di house di ketch fire yo check. Everything bun up, four TV, mi refridge, gas range, all mih clothes, all mi ma things dehn, yo check. Wi noh got nothing now check, only dehn pants ya pan di line weh ah mih heng out dis mawnin check.”

It’s a spate of hard luck that has culminated in the death of Mark Matura.  His aunt Dorla made an impassioned plea for the violence to end.

Voice of: Dorla Matura

“Why dehn haftu just walk eena dis yard and di do murda?  Why? Dehn wrong, dehn noh fi di do dat cause we noh come from black bird.  We come from human.  Everybody come from human, dehn come from God.  Dehn shoulda stop the killing.  Stop it ih noh right.”

Belize City police have since detained three men pending investigation. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

The other family member lost to gun violence was Reymundo Chun Quinote, Mark’s brother, who was killed on March fourteenth on Fabers Road.

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10 Responses for “Another Matura murdered”

  1. Lisa says:

    Family of Criminals-what goes around comes around-the Sins of the fathers (and brothers) shall be visited upon their sons (and brothers)-they all know why they are targeted-they are no saints- no one checks ID first for no reason-not random, not coincidence 3-4 times-put your kids in check early or they end up like this-acting big on streets then when you die-your mommas cry-learn.


    The Matura killings have nothing to do with “bad luck”, its KARMA.
    They make very poor choices in life living like anti socials.

  3. j killa baby borther says:

    R.I.p. bread raymond killa gentle , GOD nuh di sleep matura

  4. belizeanpride says:

    maybe because of the month of grace in tint the crime hasn’t stop, hope the pm is watching the news maybe next month the crime will stop since by then everybody will have no tinted car. what a joke pm. this will be a slap in the face of the pm to see, it will get worst.

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    No family deserves this but at some point the adults have to become a part of the solution. Whatever he did outside followed him home. We, the parents, the Matriarchs & Patriarchs have to not only turn our children in when they commit crimes & we are aware of it but also do what we must to cut down on witness intimidation by their friends & other family members in order to slow the violence.

    We need to remember that all the players in the shooting of the Chinese girl were not arrested & charged. The court may put them away for a while, the streets will put their lights out forever & if the story about the family member who was shot on Euphrates is true & “they” got him because they could not get “Robert”, it is time to re-evaluate this perversion of family loyalty & stop enriching the undertaker.

  6. islandboy70 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this killing was done by a vigilante group. The chinese community and other law abiding citizens are fed up with what is going on. It seems as though to get some hired guns in Belize is as easy as buying a “five dallas” fry chicken on the streets. If you can’t beat them the legal way, then might as well fight fire with fire. What if this is what it takes to clean up the mess on the streets? An organized vigilante group putting their resources together, with proper investigation into these heanous crimes and decided that it’s just too much for our PM and the judiciary system to handle, so they are lending a helping hand. Just what if….

  7. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  8. Fairman says:

    Everybody condemns the crimes being committed by the youths in Belize City but no one wants to apply the correct solutions to the problem. The first step is to reinstate home discipline which has been successfully eradicated by the Human Rights Commission. Our youths have been irresponsibly liberated and misled to believe that they are free to go and do whatever they want. The Human Rights Commission told them of so much rights to freedom (to the extent that parents can no longer tell their children anything) but nothing about their duties and responsibilities in society. The Human Rights Commission indirectly tells us that it is wrong for us to discipline, control, and guide our children but it is OK for the children/youths to make mistakes in life and be brutalized and murdered by each other and by the police. The media gladly follow and support these misleading authorities for popularity and fame at the expense of our children.
    The Mennonite communities in Belize have proven themselves to know better by applying the old-style home discipline and not having their youths in delinquency. Minister Patrick Faber, who is leading a failing community, is stubbornly going in the opposite direction. It is not time for him to go and tell the Mennonites what to do and not do in the field of discipline but he should look at the evidence on the ground and try to learn from the Mennonites.
    Capital punishment is not a solution to this problem because many poor people are no longer afraid to die or get hanged. This is proven by the fact that murders continue despite Dean Barrow’s threat of capital punishment. Our legal system is not perfect: the wrong person could be hanged – just remember the true story of policemen trying or successfully planting incriminating materials on people.
    The economically deprived will always find a way to survive, or die, or go to jail due to natural survival instinct. Hence, economic reform is necessary to complement home discipline. These correct solutions, however, are not the choice of our politicians because they only need to serve and please their rich masters. We the parents who know better are not going to close our eyes and let things go as usual. The time will come when we are going to hold the crooked leaders responsible and let them pay for it.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    If you’re out there killing people then what do you expect?,a Nobel Peace Prize get real my Belizean People.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe the Chinese Suppression Unit got Matura?

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