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Jun 6, 2011

Accidental bump transforms into shooting and alleged police brutality

When two Belize City residents, a deacon and a small business owner decided to visit a local entertainment center on Saturday night, they hadn’t a clue that it would end up in a shooting incident, as well as a severe beating at a family home; all allegedly at the hands of the Police Department.  According to Rodney Lino, after three a.m., he exited Princess Hotel and Casino, he accidentally bumped into a woman while moving with the crowd. He says he immediately apologized to her and she accepted. But a male companion of hers didn’t. And that’s when two men viciously assaulted him. It wasn’t until hours later while taking a beating at a house on Police Street, did they realize that the shooter was actually a police officer.  He was still wearing the same clothes he had on at Princess, but he was with the GSU.  Lino and his friend, Patrick Menzies took their story to the Ombudsman’s Office this afternoon where they decided to share their experience because it could happen to anyone.

Rodney Lino, Claims Police Brutality

Rodney Lino

“Just a little bump and ih already apologize to me. So now he neva wah hear that or nothing so he just punched me in my mouth. So I just draw back and I did nothing. So he just walked away and I continue to tell the young lady sorry. So now, the second guy come cross and so I think in my mind, “What am I to do now?” So anyways, I stand up and at the same position, I tell the young lady sorry again. She then tell the second guy nothing happen, nothing wrong or this and that out of the way—he just bumped into me and tell me sorry—he apologize. He didn’t want to hear that either so then after that he end up the elbow me ina my chin and dah so I end up di bust my chin.”

Patrick Menzies

Patrick Menzies, Claims Police Brutality

“I made a right turn out of princess parking lot towards BTL Park. As I cross over the bump, I tell him I will fake one of them because you had one all the way in the back walking and you had the next two couples in front. I pulled across beside him and he ran on the sidewalk and I pull back. And when I pulled back, one of them that was walking in front stepped into street like to make me stop and I didn’t stop. So he got hit. And when he got hit, I continue driving. In that split second, they start shooting at us. So we went to his house and I told him we’ll leave the car there and I will call my uncle or my dad to take us to the police station to file a report because at this moment I thought these are street guys that had guns on them. I would never think in my wildest dreams that these was policemen. So I tried to call my uncle but it was going to voice mail. So I told him as soon as daylight I’ll get somebody to take us cause I didn’t want to go in the same car. So now, before daylight, the GSU showed up—like two or three truckloads. They came and banged on the door and he looked through the window and he saw they were policemen because this time they were in uniform. And they brought back one of the same guys that split his chin with them, still in civilian clothing to beat him again. When he opened the door for them, one of them the door into him and he fell. When he fell, all I see was like four or five of them just kicking him. Those aren’t marks from punches; those are kicks from boots. They told him to put his hands behind his back and they continue beating him. Then they left him and came towards me. From the time they told him to put his hand behind his back, I took that instruction for myself too. So I lied down and put my hand behind my back right away. That is one of them picked up one of those big iron fans and smashed it in the upper part of my back. And then is where I felt just kicking and punching for a while—like four or five of them beat me up. I felt one of them punching me in my face like right here so I stuff my face deeper down in the mattress to protect my face. After that, they handcuffed me, took me outside and three of them picked me up and slammed me into the pan of the truck; head first. I hit the side of my head real hard. They took us to the station. One of them said how my face is not burst up like his face. Then other one said we’ll arrange that right now so that his face match his face. One of the GSU said I was lucky it wasn’t him that was shooting at us cause he would have killed me. That’s a threat. And they made my lie down on cement for two hours in handcuffs. And I told them repeatedly that the handcuffs is really tight and it is hurting my hand and the guy came like an hour and something after and said that your hand is turning blue now so I will loose the handcuff a little bit. And they were talking amongst themselves like they want to take me up the road and beat me up because my family was calling the police station. Even the superintendents from the police station itself were calling there and they are telling them that I am not there—only Rodney is there. Then they had me downstairs separate from him. They were telling them I was not there. When we got to the station, they said, we are not going to take a formal statement; we just want to hear your side of the story to put things together. And while I was talking, I saw the guy writing. So I said it’s a long story so he is writing for their own purposes. So he’s like we won’t use this as a formal statement. Now I’m learning that they are using it for a formal statement. The whole procedure of how they do things is very unprofessional and wrong.”

Jose Sanchez

“Are you planning to press any charges against the GSU and these officers in particular?”

Rodney Lino

“I mean because yes we don’t have a problem because I didn’t do nothing out of the way. I mean, if they are looking at that bump at the young lady for something to charge me with; that is nothing because immediately I already apologized. So weh make it worse that when they end up the beat me.”

Jose Sanchez

“At what point did they identify themselves as officers?”

Rodney Lino

“Nobody, no kinda person.”

Lino alleges that the police took his blood soaked clothing in a bag and they also wiped the blood from the house floor before taking them to the station.  The Police Department sent a late press release this evening with a different account of the incident which it is still investigating. According to the police report, a PC Casimiro reported that a woman was complaining she was being harassed by a boisterous man. The officer argued with the man, and was later knocked down by Menzies’ vehicle. No mention was made of the beating that Lino received while in the parking lot, the shots fired, or the additional uniformed officers that allegedly beat the two men on Police Street.

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37 Responses for “Accidental bump transforms into shooting and alleged police brutality”

  1. Lisa says:

    Fake around again-this time I hope its another off duty cop-maybe their methods are not ideal in US, but in Belize-they get what they deserve-no respect for law and order and so they get disorder in their lives-go cry to someone else-your media debut proved both your just rewards. Any law abiding citizen would make a report-not go take it out on another-oooopps-a cop.

  2. Rasta says:

    both of u r ma youths dem…nbdy softer dan rodney…so i knw dey chance d ii…bt such is life brethren..we all knw hw d babylonians dey got d city…all dat pressure dey puttin on poor people will not make society any better, nor will it put fear in d hearrs of my fellow belizeans…people can only take so much…with dat said…fire waah start bun directly…lil jamaica is in d making…cant yall c dat…a pare CORRUPTION!!

  3. Ann Rivero says:

    This is a dangerous country,and to think i am telling everybodyabout this land,God have this land,but wait hurricane season is starting maybe it will just wi.. …. a pity i still have every body there some good some bad damnnn!!!!!!!!!!


    What Patrick Menzies did with his car, surely put his own life at risk, nobody’s really to blame for his foolishness.
    We will continue to fall victim of police brutality as long as the GOB don’t erase that one rule from their rules and protocols.

  5. Curious says:

    What is it that the Police Department has against law abiding, God fearing, productive citizens of this country?

    Why does the GSU use masks?

    Are there known criminals among them who are used for their inside knowledge?

  6. Justified says:

    If we cannot depend on the law officers to do right by the law abiding citizens, then how can we have a order in Belize. My prayer is that all these rouge cops receive disciplinary action. I do hope that they all lose their jobs. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment. None!

  7. Latina Mom says:

    Mr. Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes. With the ring of light from his lantern dancing from side to side, he lurched across the yard, kicked off his boots at the back door, drew himself a last glass of beer from the barrel in the scullery, and made his way up to bed, where Mrs. Jones was already snoring. (1.1)

    The character of Mr. Jones demonstrates that having power in no way means one is responsible or worthy of that power.

  8. Islander says:

    There is no gang like the Gang Supressin Unit. This guys are like cowboys allowed to carry fully automatic weapons and Marco Vidal wants the government to pass more laws so that he and his hoodlooms can continue to targed anyone they feel like.

    In the old west they had Wyatt Earp and his brothers along with murderer Doc Holiday who used to go around town doing what they felt like to who they felt like. They did enforce the law but they were so ruthless that at times innocents were attacked. Eventually the people no longer liked them or wanted them, so the outlaws decided that it was time to bring to fight to the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday. In the end the Earps and Holiday won and later carried on a vendetta killing left right and center…IS THIS WHAT MR. VIDAL HAS IN MIND?

  9. javier solis says:

    This GSU issue is getting out of hand. We must have a special internal affairs bureau to deal with these issues instantly.

  10. Belizean Girl says:

    Wait, this man: fake knock down an officer, run away from the scene, gone home to call his daddy and want we swallow all that about him being a victim. Let me clarify, he intentionally wanted to knock down the officer, he hit and run, failed to render assistance and went home to hide thinking that he was not going to be identified. Typical immaturity, next time make sure you go straight to the police station and make the report, if your car was drivable, then you had no excuse. If you had good intention in the first place and did the right thing, you would not be on the news.

    You get served, and you will be served in court too. The government should bring back the old rule of corporal punishment. These boys were not raised with it and so they grow up to be thugs at this age, and ignorant at it too. “Curious” what part of these guys sound law abiding to you, they broke more than two laws, is it cuz they are your friends or relative. You support this behavior, this is the reason why Belize full of worthless boys who don’t finish school, don’t mature and go around committing crimes when they feel like.

    He said he didn’t know it was a police, so this gives him reason to knock down any civilian??? Not smart at all, guys go back to school and learn some basic laws of Belize including traffic laws. The rest of you too, try to read up and learn a thing or two and next time do the right thing man.

  11. cg says:

    we wanted monsters to deal with monsters and that is what we got…the only problem is they have no loyalty to anyone. corrupt police know what they can get away with…and they will try. no man with power on this earth has ever acted responsibly…….

  12. blacksheep says:

    GSU strikes again……what di hell were these young men doing out of their house at 3 in the morning? …young christian? men? stop playing church!! you were wrong….i bet u wont be ‘faking’ anybody anytime soon, and i bet you wont be out like that again any time soon. You would think that after what hapen to Teddy you would be more cautious than that. Anyways……lesson learnt i hope.

    GSU…nobady deserves dat….arrest them…charge them….but beat them? shoot after them in civilian clothing! attempted murder is what you call that as it seems that was the goal.
    You will live and die by the same thing….wont be too long until you beat the wrong man who will not go to the media but take things into their own hands. the only people i will feel sorry for are you children or wives who will be left to grieve your death.

  13. Maverick says:

    No one deserves to be beat down in that way by anyone. Seems to me, though, that the altercation started in a bar, probably under the influence and escalated out of control. Whats a deacon doing in a bar drinking until 3:00 AM?. This same Deacon leaves the bar with revenge on his mind as they “fake” a cop on the street with their car and hit and run on another one then run home to tell daddy and hide? The cop that got hit returns with his GSU buddies to administer his own revenge before arresting the duo for their reckless behavior. Wrong, wrong, wrong all around, and two or three or four wrongs do not make a right. This is the epitome of whats wrong with us as a society.

  14. Belizean Girl says:

    Blacksheep, you know if da mi your relative the man knock down, you would a mi gone beat him and take him to station too. Remember police are human too, just like the rest of us. They should have gone dah station in the first place and report the incident from the moment they knock the man, but no, no fake thing happen it was intentional. It is funny the police was shooting for their head and ketch them foot though, you noh think? They lucky dah neva BDF mi di out deh, cuz from what I hear, BDF train fu kill.

    So they know they were drinking, driving and attempted to murder the officer too. Why you think they hide in the first place. I noh swallow their Bra Anancy story. Fool di talk, but dah no fool di lissen, Menzies and Lino. Oh, and by the way, noh because uno neva get convicted for a crime mean uno neva commit any crime before.

    Remember what blacksheep seh, you will live and die by the same thing…see what ketch uno fu di try live by crime; oh and no forget it wont be too long until uno try knock down the wrong person who will not just beat uno but take uno life in their own hands too. Then the only people weh everybody will feel sorry for dah uno pickney when uno have left behind fu grieve uno death.

  15. Clifford says:

    This is what all the Reckless drivers in the city needs! Keep up the good work GSU/Police officers. This is the only way reckless drivers would get the sense, if that is not enough, blow their brains out! They deserve it.

  16. roska says:

    yeah right…. for some reason I dont believe these men…. wanting to “fake” the officer and actually hitting one with the car….That’s assault with a deadly weapon!!!!

    Too many thugs out on the street disrespecting women and playing “bad man”…. God forgive me if Iam misjudging these men ….but after knocking down an officer after an altercation … he chooses to go home… even after being shot….. and to make a report the following day….doesnt fits the picture!!!

    “…I tried to call my uncle but it was going to voice mail. So I told him as soon as daylight I’ll get somebody to take us cause I didn’t want to go in the same car. So now, before daylight, the GSU showed up..”

    People…. let us not just join the media in their frenzy to chastise the police for any soundless complaint wanna be thugs bring to them……

  17. Earl Grey says:

    THERE IS A THIN LINE ……………………………………….BETWEEN COPS AND CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. RedGyal Belize says:

    Belize Belize Belize…things are only going to get worse…GSU think that they are GOD!!!

  19. BZNinCALI says:

    Where was Princess’ security officers? This incident began there. I would like to hear the woman’s version of this incident because I have trouble believing that these calm, sweet, churchgoing, upstanding citizens bumped into this woman, apologized, she accepted their apology & the story got twisted into her being harassed & escalating into someone being beating, a hit & run, another beating & arrests.

    If Menzies was that afraid, why did he not go direct to his parents home & that way he would have witnesses & possibly an older person to diffuse the situation. Our men have to learn to respect women, our women have to present themselves in a way that commands respect. I don’t know that I believe this self serving story about Lino being beaten because he bumped into the woman, our boys have to lose the laying pipe mentality. No matter what we want to believe or how nice they are, @3AM, as the saying goes, the only thing open are legs, I believe there was some aggressive sniffing & that triggered the fight.

    Those may have been regular Officers who showed up, Menzies initial statement was that he looked out & saw Officers, let’s not blame GSU just because this man said they were & there is no indication here that any of those policemen wore masks. He answered the door, he laid down or did whatever he did so that he could be handcuffed, explain how was he able to bury his head in the mattress as he was being kicked. Punched maybe but not kicked.

  20. Belizean Girl says:

    Very thru Earl Gray, but be real mein, these guys are criminals. Why should we defend criminals more than the officers? They don’t respect the people and obviously they don’t respect the police either. So why show them any respect? They should earn respect by doing what is right.

    When I was growing up as a child, you had to be respectful otherwise the neighbor beats you and your parents beat you too for telling on the neighbor. Ever since we stop disciplining children, we started having people who pretend to uphold the law that go around secretly at 3 am assaulting women and men with vehicles, with guns, with machetes and who knows what next.

    I say, flag them in public like in the old days, and see what they complain about next to the media.

  21. STOPTHEBS says:

    I Bet Belizean Gial is police Officer she sound partial to the police officer ,remember all this could have been avoided if those police officer had acted professional, so don’t sit there and defend these GOONS who think they are above the LAW ,have you ever heard of (CPR) COURTESY PROFESSIONALISM AND RESPECT these police officer probably can’t even SPELL IT .so don’t sit there and criticize these individuals ,just wait until it happens to one of your family members i’m sure you will change your tune. …OPEN YOUR MINDEYES listen and look to see what’s going on in this country of OURS before it’s too late. PEACE AND LOVE down with the oppressors.

  22. blacksheep says:

    Belizean Girl….nope, honestly if it was me i would not have beat them. charge them…Hell YES!! taken them to the station… HELL YES!! please note that i did not say the boys were right. they were wrong on every account ok. personally, im more than disappointed in their behavior. HOWEVER, them being wrong still does not validate the behavior being exhibited by the GSU. i am by no means using only this incident as motivation to say dat they will die by the very same weapons and force they so freely use. what exactly is goal of the GSU? isnt dat a gang supression unit. maybe these boys are in a gang and i know noting of it. and why di hell are they doing so called drug bust elsewhere? where is ADU? yes we are all humans, and we all have our limits but trained police officers have a responsibility that comes with their training.

    Charge who needs to be charged, reprimand who needs to be reprimanded. nobady innocent or justified in this case. but GSU outta control dats a fact we cant deny for too long before ih bite wi. Y focus on them? because those are the people placed in a position to ease the violence. and belizean girl….wat if the boys were ur relatives, would u tink the GSU were justified in their severe punishment?

  23. 123 says:

    People, People, People listen you need to stop blaming the Police for everything. Something happen involving Police and civilian the civilian goes to the MEDIA because its they have freedom of expression. The Police side hit the media a while after it has channel up the ranks and by that time the public soaks up the civilian side and the Police top brass publish crap. Why don’t give the Police who is affected a chance to give his side on the media?

    As we see Police our face turn for the wrong that is the level of respect we show that we learn at our home and expect to have kids and don’t expect them to disrespect civilians who will shot and kill them then as the Police defend themselves its a problem, why don’t we go to the media when we witness a crime and implicate the culprit ASAP. Lets stop thinking that Police are super heroes they are on duty 24/7 weather on working hours or social hours. Couple yrs ago a group of Gurgaz (foreign military men) beat up and killed a teenager at Rose garden and nothing became of it. Lets not forget the past we are BELIZEANS lets think smart.

  24. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why are the GSU acting like the Navy Seals on our law abiding Citizens?

  25. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  26. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe it’s a sign from God to the Deacon to keep away from these type of places.

  27. Belizean Born says:

    My only problem with the police is their mentality that they have the right to physically abuse someone whom they have already arrested and handcuffed.

  28. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  29. jose says:

    ok let me tell you all who are defendind the police one damn thing ok listen and tek it like joke and wait for the unexpected form the GSU OR ADU OR FROM A OTHER BRANH OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, its not the first time we hear about the police especially theGSU the brutalize up people look at the case of the menjivar family in belmopan and many others then this one ah this da stupidness and all of you who says thats the beating those boys got fro the GSU HAVE YOUR SHARE COMING ITS JUST A MATTER OF THIME BECAUSE IF YOUR A POLICE ONE DAY YOU WILL BE DASH OUT AND THEY GONNA GET YOUR @$$ OK AND 123 STOP THAT BS OK YES AND NO DUBT BELIZEAN GIRL IS A POLICE TO BE TALKING !@$$ SO TO HELL WITH WHAT SHE SAID ONLY FOOLS WOULD BELIEVE HER .. THEN TELL ME IF IT GIVE THEM RIGTH TO BEAT UP THEM BOY AH I KNOW SHE WOULD SAY YES SO WHY WASTE MY TIME WITH HER BUT THE GSU is out of control

  30. Dan Armeneau says:

    As long as these GOONS from the GSU are on the wrong side of the prison walls expect more of the same. But in all likelihood it’s bound to get worse before it gets better. Nothing worse than emboldened psychopaths toting fully automatic weapons and collecting a government paycheque to send a shiver up your spine (or slug of lead to the back of your head). These GOONS are CLEARLY OUT OF CONTROL!

    Belizean Girl, are you GSU? If you’re going to be telling Belizeans “The rest of you too, try to read up and learn a thing or two and next time do the right thing man.” then maybe I would suggest you take a VERY CAREFUL READ of Part II of the Belizean Constitution ( ) before you go beaking off any more than you already have. Either that or lay off the bottle before you start hitting on the keyboard!

    The future is not looking too bright for Belizeans when it appears that Prime Minister Barrow is intent on making his mark in history alongside the likes of Fujimori, Somoza, Pinochet, Duvalier, Hussein, Pol Pot, Suharto, and others of such ilk. How soon before the GOONS of the GSU start making people disappear? If it hasn’t happened already then it most surely will. If you let it my friends!

  31. Maverick says:

    you know, the one blessing here is that the incident ended with no more than a good buss @$$ for a couple of delinquents pushing their luck. This story could have been told differently… someone pulling a gun because they felt that their woman was disrespected followed by a ride-by shooting with both Lino and Menzies lying dead in a pool of blood over “beef”, and the public would have said “tsk, tsk, tsk.. why won’t these boys behave?”

    Maybe this buss @$$ will in fact save their lives by making them think before flying off the handle in the future. Just because the one that dealt the buss @$$ with old fashioned fists after being hit by a car is a cop should be of little consequences. If more disputes are addressed this way instead of with a gun, and if more delinquents would be taught a similar lesson, imagine how much better off we would be.

  32. B grovt says:

    That wea u get fu fingle the man old lady in crowd…….u me wa stinky pinky……

  33. getitright says:

    Dan Armenua!!!

    I can hear the politics oozing out of u!!! Ur a lawyer maybe a less qualified one. Gaining political mileage huh? as i said and will continue to say lawyers like dickie bradley, ellis and ur self are scums. defending criminals u kno fully well commit crimes. u are the same ones that get authority to go to the criminals stash spot and retrieve their money and other stuff that they have robbed from poor citizens. but now u guys have also graduated to goin into prison and giving ur criminal client phone calls to threaten their witnesses. Its the lawyers who need to be held more accountable. this dude brandon tillet was convicted of a firearm offence and his lawyer ellis i believe immediately sent out an appeal and on that ground he is free to terrorize the masses which he has done. same can be said for kareem robbery lopez who is the psychopath toting fully automatic weapon and even grenades involved in several of the recent murders

    i do hope hog head and the other lawyers that whenever ur destiny “which luks murky at this time” comes nockin at ur door the Gang Suppression Unit will be there to save ur slivering, conniving stupid, small minded @SS.

    Politics isnt everything my brother. If a nuclear bomb is to be thrown in Belize only two thing will survive Politicians and cockroach choose one.

  34. Dan Armeneau says:

    getitright – Politics? You got it wrong! I’m about as apolitical as it gets and I’m most certainly not a lawyer! That’s insulting!

    What I am though is a concerned individual. Concerned about the total disregard of human rights on behalf of those in a position of authority. Concerned about the direction Prime Minister Barrow is taking the country. Concerned about those that justify locking on the handcuffs and then kicking the crap out of people whether they be criminal or not.

    Allowing law enforcement to dish out justice BEFORE a criminal trial is a dangerous experiment in democracy. As a matter of fact, it’s not democratic at all.

    As your assumptions about me were so completely wrong it’s apparent you don’t have a clue. Maybe when the GSU slap on the bracelets and then proceed to kick the living crap out of you just because someone provided an anonymous tip then you just might start to understand what human rights are all about. I’m not going to hold my breath though!

    Only a heartless, clueless, misguided, myopic moron completely lacking in compassion for his fellow man would condone blatant police brutality or the formation of a GOON SQUAD UNIT that answers to no one and operates with impunity.

    Sure enough, there’s a serious criminal problem in Belize. To think that the GSU is the answer is complete folly.

    I stand behind what I say with complete conviction and can assure you that the history of civilization supports my opinion. Furthermore, I am who I say I am. I have no need to hide behind an alias when I post a comment here. Can you say the same?

    getitright, You got it completely wrong!

  35. Belizean Girl says:

    Dan Armeneau, how does it feel to be mis judged. Cuz I am not a police as you claim either. No need to be insulting me about my opinion either be more respectful. I love my country and have had it with criminals who go to court only to be served with Nolle prosequi look at what happen in Cayo with Dionicio Salazar who got away with murder again for the 3rd time. Even law abiding citizens break the law. I know the reality and I know what these officers go through because I have witnessed it, I speak first hand. You seems to get satisfaction from dispraising and putting down people, I am a proud woman and will not allow you telling me to lay off a bottle, if you are a drunk then speak for yourself.

    Belize is out of hand and some one has to do the job. You go online and talk, but the police gets the job done even if it puts their life in danger, that takes courage, some thing you don’t have. Going online to talk bad about the law enforcers takes no courage. Going out in your community to volunteer as a COP, see how you can contribute to your country, takes courage. Stop talking, you sound like a politician, start contributing in action to improve your country. Otherwise don’t hate, I have a right to an opinion even if it doesn’t suite you. This goes for jose too.

  36. getitright says:

    well said belizean girl!! well said!!!

  37. getitright says:

    and dan armenua as far as im concerned ur still a lawyer and a politician. cant change my mind from that. i think this is probably the first time u have not quoted a part of the constitution. do u kno the members of the gang suppression unit?
    do u kno how many guns and drugs they have taken off the street?
    do u kno how many intended crimes they have intercepted?
    why are u so hell bent on dismantling the gang suppression unit?
    i do think ur a politician. and a darn power hungry one too.
    i no way shape or form am i condonin beating of people when they are already detained.
    and i have no fear of the gang suppression unit. i kno im not involved in any corrupt activity.
    and i wont shoot at the gsu with my license firearm or knock them down with my vehicle to feint them bcaz i kno much better than to !@#$ wit the GSU.

    Dan armeneau stop being a pig head. notin u have posted is nuetral completely biased. it appears to me that u get ur jollies from insulting people and being totally arrogant.
    as Belizean gril said. when u start helpin then start talkin these police officers put their lives on the line everyday. what u do. sit behind ur computer and condemn everthing that pertains to law enforcement

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