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Jun 1, 2011

Squatters and police clash during protest on Belcan Bridge

For the second time in five days the government has come under intense fire. On Friday, the bus owners paralyzed the northern and western highways over runs taken away from established bus owners and given to a new company owned by a highly placed party supporter. This morning at the crack of dawn, police descended on a community of squatters where a bridge is being constructed to connect Fabers Road Extension to Chetumal Street. The area was quickly barricaded as the police and Lands Department proceeded to destroy the houses of the squatters who were in deep slumber; seventy-five persons watched helplessly.  By mid-day the situation had escalated into open confrontation with the heavy handed security forces as the squatters made their way to the City.   We have been following this development since early this morning and News Five’s Isani Cayetano begins with the volatile situation at the Belcan Bridge.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

A handful of evicted squatters congregated shortly before noon at the Belize City Center where, along with social activists Moses Sulph and Yolanda Schakron, they hatched a plan to block the flow of traffic across the BelCan Bridge.  Their action followed a short procession where angry residents, under the banner of the Belizean flag, made their way to the center of the bridge.  There they protested the need for justice.  The group of about forty-five to fifty men, women and children, feels slighted by government’s decision to have them forcefully removed from a tract of land which extends from the bank of the Belize River facing Chetumal Street to the Western Highway adjacent to Fabers Road.

Moses Sulph

Moses Sulph, President, COLA

“As a Belizean I am very, very dissatisfied that poor people are being oppressed in every sector of this country.  In every corner of this country it seems like our government is out to oppress the country and oppress the poor and make those who are poor lives even worst than it is.  The people out here [their] houses were broken down four o’clock in the morning.  These people have families.  They have no where to go now.  Where will they go?  To me it’s like the government is declaring war against the poor people of this country.”

Once traffic came to a partial standstill the police made its descent and the stage was then set for a massive showdown between the expelled residents and a team of armed officers.  Assistant Superintendent Alford Grinage took control of the scene at that point.

“Unu are here illegally, unu have no authority to block the bridge.  Unu are going to remove unuself off of the bridge immediately you understand me?”

What ensued thereafter is pretty self-explanatory.

We are about to remove everybody off the bridge.  Either you move voluntarily or you will be forcefully moved.  So please remove yourself off the bridge.

To get a clearer understanding of what led to this riot we’ll take you to Gungulung, an area behind Lake Independence which is being developed illegally.  This morning around five o’clock a team of workmen descended upon the community in one fell swoop, under orders from the Lands Department, and demolished a number of houses.  Rene Garbutt is among those whose homes were destroyed.

Rene Garbutt, Squatter

“I didn’t know at first that I needed to be three hundred yards farther to build my structure.  My structure was already built, not entirely to live in but it started out where it’s costing me at least five thousand dollars where it’s at.  The structure next to me was torn down and that house was beautiful.  It was made nice and costs at least fifteen thousand dollars, you know, and these guys just came and demolished that.”

The property Garbutt is referring to belongs to forty-four year old Rosalia Molina, a single mother of three.  The walls of her wooden home have been stripped.  The contents of her household are scattered across the yard at the mercy of the elements.  She tearfully described the arrival of the workmen and the mayhem that followed.

Rosalia Molina, Squatter

“The officers came and told her that she had to evacuate and take everything out of the house because they are getting ready to break this house down. She stand up for her rights. She said that she paid for everything. She has receipts for everything and she is not going to let them break this house down. And apparently they just did what they did—they didn’t finish the whole house.”

Molina, like forty-one year old Gilberto Carillas, have invested time and money into building these homes despite the fact that they were constructed on illegally acquired land.

Gilberto Carillas, Squatter (File May 17th, 2011)

Gilberto Carillas

“I get this land more than two years ago. Well I just come and I see like how all them people build their houses and that’s why I started to build my one. Well the problem is [that] I don’t want to continue with the rent right. I have my son to send to college this year and I try to save that money eena fu he college right.”

Today his home has been dismantled.  Sheets of zinc that were once his roof are now stockpiled on the roadside along with rectangular panes of plywood and other pieces of lumber.  His wife Martha was not allowed into the area.

Martha Carillas, Squatter

“We come out here yesterday afternoon to try and find out what’s going on and Mr. Felipe said well the government agreed to remove houses [that are not] three land [spaces] to the back because they will need three hundred meters away from the street, three hundred feet.  So well we agreed to that.  He said the deal is to remove the houses [that are not] three hundred feet [away] and then he will give all the people at the back the survey free.”

Despite the offer a number of houses were destroyed, paving the way for what transpired on BelCan Bridge a few hours later.

Elodio Aragon

Elodio Aragon, Assistant Commissioner of Police

“Well this morning the police, along with the Lands Department and people that we got to assist us, we went and we cleared out some of the people that were squatting on Chetumal Street.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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91 Responses for “Squatters and police clash during protest on Belcan Bridge”

  1. walnut says:

    I m disappointed at every thing , first of all I’m a Belizean and I don’t even own a piece of land , I have tried many times but was unsuccessful, all i get is promises . First of all what d hell them people think them just could come to belize and squat on any piece of land …..That is not right……
    I have seen aliens get land before me …..and im a belizean…….now u will tell me that the Government have to get a piece of land for these people Im sorry for the kids but the adults have a lot to do with their suffering ,cause its like u are stealing encouraging other immigrants to come in the place an take land where and when they want. nest thing politics da belize daa lone @#$@#$ cause now the pup will put this as a big issue for them , yet again they are the ones who have all the support from the immigrants …. Of course they should have give them notice at least couple of weeks or months ….I agrree with that but Minista I tell you u need to tighten ur pants and take out people who works in the lands department they give land to who and whom they want ……..foolish like we get nothing …yet we don’t take any land ….and we keep trying …so let hon johnny by some land and give the immigrants now don’t give them a piece of land let them earn it cause i am a born belizean and yet i have one !@#$#$ to claim….people working for sir are making you look like the big bad wolf I respect you and I respect Johnny but right is right and wrong is wrong ……so if they should get let johnny by it for them …cause if it was belizean wqho would do such thing we would be behind bars a long time ago…..but aliens get protected and given rights more thatn belizeans .. I have nothing agains them but we cant go to another country and squat and take things that we don earn

  2. Disappointed says:

    I agree with all that stated these people should apply and get land legally just as born Belizean had to do. I am a Belizean and could not get land in order to own a piece of my own country I had to pay a lot of money but these people think they can come here and just take what they want. However I do not agree with the way it was handled two wrong does not make right. They should have been moved or made to apply for a piece of land somewhere else and given enough time for the process before they just came in and destroy their house that they paid money to have built. In Belize there is absolutely no compassion and the Government is the worse of all when it comes to compassion and as we all know S–t rolls down hill so there you have it. Very disappointed in my people and country.

  3. Mars says:

    Whether it be PUP or UDP they act the same way. But hold now you are defending immigrants to squat on Belizean Land, yes this people are trying to make a living, but didn’t they knew from the beginning they were doing wrong by building where they were not suppose to? Reality is that I don’t mind if its our own Belizean doing it but perhaps you should count how many of these people are even legal in our country. Do you think they try the same sh in their own county.

    Government play your game.

  4. walnut says:

    If they give the aliens, land then we must fight to get one too let squat too belizean only so we will rightfully belizeanize get a land that we are suppose to get ………………………..

    let us squat those who no own a piece of land …..
    imagine if we would count up on all those who was once in possession how many land and houses then own imagine ………thats why i no deal with politics no more…. politics da lone R$!#$@!$#!@ all and i mean all politician kiss u a#$!$# then them ick u A#$%#@$ afterwords

  5. Joe says:

    I wonder if they plan on doing anything about the hundred of illegal immigrants building houses and clearing land for faming right after you jump the bridge in St. Matthew’s Village. I bet they won’t go asking for documentation there or ask them for papers. But the born “Belizeans” they can do it to…..makes you wonder what kind of country we live in. We are under the guise that we are living in a good country when the government is !***ING us in the @$$ and then smile at us with a grin stating….what are you going to do about it

  6. ang says:

    The fact that the children are victims of this eviction is the adult parents’ fault. If GOB gave them notice and offered them land before this, and they did not take it, someone else already owns the land they are on. The long time Belizean will go through proper processing to acquire land. Sometimes adults expose their own children to dangerous situations, we grew up poor and still struggle but we try our best to respect the law.

  7. Fairman says:

    Those people may have known that they could end up in trouble but is there another way that works in this country? If you Belizean go to the minister to beg for a piece of land which should be rightfully yours, the idiots hide and set up a secretary to tell you to come back next time. If you are lucky that the PUP gave you a piece of land, the UDP will come and take it away from you later after you have already spent your life savings on it. If the UDP gave you land, the PUP will come and do the same thing. These idiots are always playing political games with land and the losers and victims are always the poor Belizean people.
    Why can’t Belizeans see who the real trouble makers are and deal with them accordingly?
    Some of the above comments are emphasizing the illegality of the settlements and the violation of the land laws by the people but who is respecting the laws in Belize?
    Dean Barrow, himself, is in complete violation of supreme court rulings due to his family greed for oil in protected areas.
    Yes! The police personnel and BDF are brave and dangerous when it comes to using unwarrantable force upon peaceful citizens who are trying to find a way to survive in Belize but when it comes to dealing with Guatemalan intrusion along our border, my grandmother would do far better than them. What are they trying to prove?

  8. Tiredbelizean says:

    this is what happen when gov’t give out residency to aliens.

  9. judith says:

    I wander if the squatter can sing our national anthem, maybe the should come now south at santa cruz because only the alien are getting the land down here.It’s hard for a belizean to get a piece of lands.

  10. Activist says:

    Life really Haada Out Ya!

    Barrow is a heartless colded blooded bald head dictator: He and his government will suffer 10 times the injustice they have imposed on poor people. Where is the spirit of God in all of this. Erwin X says, Life Haad Out Ya! And its getting worse now. The worse is yet to come. Barrow got to go Belize. Wake up.

  11. Angel Mendes says:

    Squatters? Please police – come to Succotz – A political appointee at the western border is squatting on what has always been “reserve land” how can that be happening in this day of age? The wrath of God will take care of that though – trust me!

  12. Nigel says:

    @ Friend I hope you show the same support when the Government send their personal hit squad a.k.a the police to kick down your door in the middle of the night because some rich politically connected prick wants the land that is legally yours. You missed the whole point, I do agree 100% that these people are squatters and have no legal rights to the land they are on. What you and every one of us fail to realize is the ulterior motives that this fascist regime is slow bringing into public acceptance. We stand by idly while the trample over us every day and all the while bringing the economic hammer down on us. Do you realize all these stupid new laws are designed to basically rob us of our hard earn money? They are slowly eroding the line that separates the middle class from the rich and the poor. They victimize the poor yes but their main objective is to erase the whole middle class system. Think about it and I have personally seen this happen. Their bs@#t gun law my family members were arrested on under this same law and because they have money they were released the same day; do you think this would be the case for people of limited means? When you have no money or no connections then you are at the mercy of the powers that be and that is their reason for wanting more poor people in this country. It’s time for you my people to take your heads out of you’re @$$ess and look around you at what is happening for this has already happened to the poor of our neighboring countries. Without money you are just a compliant slave to the system that they are created and when they whip their slaves all the slaves can do is say thank you sir may I have another? So say good bye to what little freedoms under this fake democracy that you used to enjoy. I am in no way of any political affiliation or opinion but damn give us back Said and Ralph for at least they kissed us while they were butt !@#$king us. So Mr. Devil’s disciple of a P.M when you lay down beside your horse face wife and put your big bald head on your pillow tonight and fall asleep take comfort in the fact that you have done another deed for your master by making innocent children homeless you !@#%%ing soulless ….. and the same goes for you Mr. Devil’s advocate deputy P.M. I didn’t even know you had time to oppress people I thought you were busy giving your family and friends exclusive contracts and taking the daily bread out of hard working people’s mouth. You both live up to my favorite movie quote “I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies I’m stealing their lollipops”.
    So when all you poor people queue up to vote on election day just remember that you are only useful to the politicians one day out of every 5 years and after that day you are the dog $#!% under their shoes, worthless and a total inconvenience.

  13. david says:

    The Belize Government is a shame, how can they treat people like dogs

  14. boots says:

    The police should not be blame for what happened .Parents knew that thing could get worse.So why did they bring their children in the hot sun in the middle of the day?

    Squatting is illegal and every knows that and if the GOB allows a few people to squat then there will be a huge problem because they will be more and more . If the GOB putt his foot down now then the trend will continue.

    people are basically saying “i dont want to rob the bank but have too”‘ Is that a solution ?

  15. boots says:

    he police should not be blame for what happened .Parents knew that thing could get worse.So why did they bring their children in the hot sun in the middle of the day?

    Squatting is illegal and every knows that and if the GOB allows a few people to squat then there will be a huge problem because they will be more and more . If the GOB putt his foot down now then the trend will continue

  16. Jaime says:

    It is sad to see how our own government is giving an example of the way criminals should behave. How can someone with conscience be able to demolish homes of individuals in our Belizean society who are only trying to live a life that too many in Belize has now become a challenge? The government is there to represent us as a country with morals and principles that display justice and appropriate conduct. We do not elect our government to treat our brothers and sisters in the way the are being treated. I believe in present day Belize is being ran sadly by avaricious individuals who do not give a cent for the welfare of our society but look only for their pockets’ well being and that of their political supporters. Whether UDP or PUP, our representatives should run with the mentality of being service providers to citizens and not income suckers.

  17. very angry says:

    SOMIAH How can you say you don’t feel sympathy for these ppl????? What kind of human being are you ?

    Yes it’s true no creole descent where there this time but has anyone asked the question why??? Couldn’t it have been that the A#& Hole Prime Minister has made some kind of agreement with them cause after all we all know he is racist.I bet he has granted them some land so the creoles have no need to fight anymore….THINK MAN THINK!!!!!

    Whatever the case is this is in no way justified. How can someone be so inhumane to come in the wee hours of the morning and open houses and worst destroy everything they could get their hands on .COME ON!!!

    Mr Barrow you feel so MACHO well you just showing us how arrogant and stupid you really are. You treat humble ppl who all they want is a piece of land to build and live so disrespectful but yet prize the crimminals them with land ,work ,salary and homes in each district . You really need help man!

    God have mercy on your soul Dean Barrow

  18. halla pow says:

    All the land that belize posses and they can’t designate an area for people? Just goes to show the level of ignorance we as Belizeans vote into power every election! Then Mr Borrow is so dissapointing…leader? come on..this dude is a fraud! the mayor is a fraud! the deputy mayor is a fraud! WAKE UP BELIZE!

  19. JahKid says:

    Politics as usual. My people are descendants from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize. Many years ago my great grandparents used to tell us that it took them long time to get a piece of land. They didn’t want to face embarassment so they waited until GOB had approved a piece of land. We grew up respecting any political party in power. The laws do not change when the party if replaced. But there is one of the political party that does nothing when these squatting happens, they say nothing and play as if they are so humanitarian to these people, but they do not try to straighten the situation, they act as Pontius Pilate. Then there comes little golliath and says I’m going to do the things right. Then they use their muscles to do things, but wait, the Pontius Pilate was only waiting for this moment in order to attack and play his role by saying when I was there these people did not suffer any of the brutality that this government is doing. Well I tell you Mr PUP, you are worst than Mr UDP. You knew the scenario and you knew what would be the outcome. And here it is. Now you jump up foaming from your poisonous lips as if you were soooooooooo good in trying to help these people. But actually what you did is fatten the monster. Very sad case for the children, but these people are instigated by some politicians to continue with what they are doing even encouraged to bring more people into the area. Also with these aliens we are being incurred not only along the border but also INLAND. If Guatemala ever decides that they will fight for Belize they already have troops even in the Old Capital. Respect and lets pray for betterment. Pray for any political party in power for GOD to guide them in doing what is right. No one is perfect and to those idiots at Negative Vibes please stop instigating violence.

  20. BZNinCALI says:

    Squatting is illegal & there is nothing more annoying & tedious than trying to get across to people who are conveniently stupid that feigning ignorance does not excuse breaking the law. These squatters have been told over & over to stop building & there are enough interviews with them stating that they are entitled, they were going nowhere. I know of no one who enjoys paying rent or a mortgage but it is a fact of life for those of us who were not born with a gold spoon in our mouths, so being tired of paying rent is a lame excuse. About the woman who spent about $15,000.00 for a nice house, let’s get real. How many poor people have that kind of money to spend on developing someone else’s land & if she had actually earned that money, she would have had enough sense to buy a lot somewhere & build a house no one could throw her out of.

    Johnny, I like you but cut the crap, you would have done the same thing these guys are doing. The problem is not really the size of the UDP majority, when PUP was in power, you all did everything you could to become the minority party & there is no reason to believe that you guys would have handled this situation any better.

    As Beizeans, we have to lose the something for nothing mentality or we will always be at the ministers’ door begging for crumbs. I’m not sure how many times we have to ask that our Government come up with a development plan, a simple one would curb most of this craziness & that cycle of going to Lands to beg for a little piece of land. As we watched the maze of old pallets & whatever the people in Gungulung had to navigate to get help for the child who was bitten by the dog, the clear message was the need for better planning. Our houses burn to the ground not only because they are made of cheap wood, inadequate blocking & firewalls, many are hard for the firemen to get to & we have to move into this century & pretend we give a tish about our people, develop a plan that is workable & follow through.

    Boots, I have kicked you when you needed it but you have my support on this one.

  21. john doe says:

    to all thos people making comments if they are belizeans or aliens come on dont you guys see the news these people are mostly belizeans they even speak better english than us belizeans. So come on people stop and think yes they give them notice but what wud you guys do if you are in another country and this wud happen to you would you like them to do it to you ? of course not so come on lets talk some sense ok.See there are a lot of belizeans living there. I am a belizean but i m also a human being and if ou guys are human i bet you would feel but like most of us have our land so we dont worry but let me say i do worry because it could have been me there with my family.SO i dislike prime minister barrow decisions. there are means and ways to work this out. ANd to tel you the truth i will not vote UDP i dont care what they think.and this time we will vote blue and yes PUP might thief but we never been in this situation before .and yes the pup will come and take advantage and that is good go all the way Johnny Briceno.i will never be UDP again its one vote less for them.So can anyone tell where is the prime minister he not even showed up to asist the people as well as the bus line he acually admit he take off the runs my good nes what aprime ministr we have.I will hve to aplaude you prime ministr like this you will win your election gain.

  22. Mr. felix says:

    What the government the Hon. Dean Barrow did is not justifiable he acted in a mallicious manner which clearly shows he has no feelings for the poor Belizean people. we understand yes that the squating is ilega, But they were not squating on any persons land or any other citizen land they where squating in the government land which we are the government, and so if it is government land why not take the land and give it to the poor people who had already squatterd and are struggling for a better living. why go and destroy the peoples house man that is nansense Mr. prime minister let me tell you this since you and your government got in to ride the train all a uno no know how fi drive it and the time will come for us to chose a new leader and that will not be you!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT !!!!!!!

  23. Storm says:

    Firstly, although it is true that these people were evicted in a manner that seemed a bit brutal, I believe that their eviction was necessary as so to send the message to all concerned that those who are in the country, that is, no matter what their legal status is, must follow the laws that exist in regard to the usage of land. As I said on the issue of Harmonyville almost a month ago (if I recall correctly), squatting activity could have the potential to threaten the future economic development of the country because it could lead to the loss of prime land that could be used for economic activities other than agriculture or tourism and it is because of this potentiality that the government, both now and in the future, must take a harder line in regard to this particular phenomenon.

    And secondly, I am absolutely sickened by the behaviour of the opposition in this incident. It seems that they are willing to ignore the rule of law in order to gain votes in the next general election and that they are willing to do so despite the inherent risks that exists in regard to the pursuance of this course of action.

  24. chabelli says:


  25. Elgin Martinez says:

    About 75% of the people living in Belize City aquired their land by squatting.What is so special about this case?

  26. defend BZ says:

    Look out Moses it is not if but when the preventative detention law passes you and other activist will be held in prison for 21 days for actions like this. Please GOB stop encouraging migration of immigrants into Belize if we don’t action like this will become more frequent and violent. we already have 23% unemployment. We are being taken over from two sides , from within by recent migrants and fast becoming a colony of Taiwan.

  27. rose says:

    Squatting is one of the most common method used to get a piece of land and i believe that the government uphold it because they do not want to allot money to clear land and put infra structure and have a first come first serve basis in distributing land to the citizens of belize who are entitled to a piece of land. The government prefer people to go deep into the swamp and fill their land clear the land pay extra money for light lamp posr and water to run in rhe area. then when everything is in place they come in and tax you for the infrastructure that you pay for.

  28. Belizean says:

    All of these non belizeans /aliens should be put back over the border to where they came from. I’m a belizean and I can’t get land what gives them the right to sit and take land. Go sit on land in Guatemala, Honduras or Salvador. No politics here, get these violent people out of our place. We condone these people to walk in our country too much. Squatting is illegal. Put them back over the border.

  29. Western Bull says:

    wait wait wait a moment…. I agree that the people are immigrants but let stop and think for a moment, what are we when we go to live in another country? we are iiimmmiiigggrrraaannttts right? but as immigrants we all try to see how we can survive in that other country. OK but here in little belize of course its the government that has all the fault of this hold issue. and as the leaders of this country they did not conducted this operation in a professional manner any at all. GO DEH HAV TO GO.

  30. Sharry says:

    Some people are really ignorant like the minister Martinez alien or Belizean they have no right to treat those people the way they did

    How else could anybody who are not related to Barrow and his crew get a piece of land if not by forcefully getting theirs

    Martinez needs to talk about his daughter expenses in law school at Belizean expenses that what that ignorant fool needs to talk about

  31. Anonymus says:

    What I hate the most is that the “government” “ministers” are taking all the money for their pockets and the people cannot even say a word, that is “capitalism” and “communism”.
    Why don’t the ministers say that they are getting money out of the people by doing more and more business for themselves, and that is just part of it. There is more that we don’t know.

  32. Jones-y says:

    Stop the pity party. Belizeans couldn’t do this in Guatemala nor could guatemalans do this in Guatemala. You can’t blame no one but the gambler that made a bad bet and lots everything. As Minister Martinez said, if these law-breakers are even a little serious and the mistake is made to colljust consider giving these people free land forvthem bad deeds Belize will go to hell bc every non-landowner will be untitled to the same treatment.

    A next thing….with all the open land throughout Belize how can these people have the gall to come squat in the city. Not even Ladyville but the city..facet is not the word..Belize City is prime Real estate ..

  33. The Truth says:


  34. Coralblack says:

    British Honduras (Belize) is a (Cooperation) and a subject of the (British Crown). The Queen of England is the Head of State for Belize. Note. (Belize Constitution is not a Land
    Deed). The his-story of (British Honduras) was built on (ie) Illegal Immigrant. Most of Us are descendants of Illegal Immigrants. Anyway ,the Earth belong to the Almighty Creator and the fullness thereof. No Man created this Earth, so no Man have the right
    to tell another where he, she can live, or not live. So before we call anyone illegal, do some research on One’s own history, and analyze the facts. Like Gill Scott Heron said,the
    revolution will not be Televise. (Power to the People) Love Justice So We All can Live In Peace.
    YHWH Shalome

  35. Jones-y says:

    Stop the pity party. Belizeans couldn’t do this in Guatemala nor could guatemalans do this in Guatemala. You can’t blame anyone but the gambler that made a bad bet and lots everything. As Minister Martinez said, if these law-breakers are taken even a little bit serious and the mistake is made to consider giving these people free land, Belize will go to hell bc every non-landowner will feel intitled to the same treatment & will try do the same thing.

    A next thing….with all the open land throughout Belize how can these people have the gall to come squat in the city. Not even Ladyville but the city ?..facey is not the word..Belize City is prime Real estate ..

  36. Tropi says:

    Two wrong does nt equal a right . Your basically saying “‘ you dont want to rob the bank but i have too because that only alternative ” Thats a poor mentality to start off with if we continue we end up like most 3 rd world Caribbean countries if you know the country’s history . Traveling and experience out side of Belize would solve many ignorant Belizean problem .

  37. Mack says:

    I guess if I go and clear out a piece of land, knock up a living quarters and move my things… then that land belongs to me. Regardless if it is a strategic area where government has plans for an international standard basketball arena, bus terminal and a bridge that would connect southside to Belama. Regardless if that land is not my own. Regardless if that land belongs to you. No matter how much they warn me to move I guess I should stay here because I have invested in something that is not mine. Hmm, how humane is that?

  38. want land says:

    When I wanted land I have to go and buy.. applying for a piece of land is waste of time but yeah the foreigners come sqaut and in no time minister them give them papers and then they go and sell and the trend goes on and on….

    the gov has to be blamed for this bull…. they mek it get out of hand and now its hard for them to get back to normal…. just for the guats vote they give them land and papers…. !@#$ the government this one and the other one.. they are all full of it

  39. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  40. cg says:

    so we should just be as heartless as any other country out there? maybe if we actually took care of our people we could avoid many of the problems we have. in the end everyone pays taxes anyway…no matter which walk of life you we should all get taken care off. this whole mess is unacceptable…..

  41. cg says: need a like button mein Coralblack…you made an awesome point

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