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May 25, 2011

Should G.S.U.’s jurisdiction be extended beyond gangs and city limits?

When the gang suppression unit was established, it was to deal with the gang related rivalry in the Old Capital. So tonight’s question is: Do you think that the scope of jurisdiction of the Gang Suppression Unit should be extended beyond the gangs and the City limits? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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17 Responses for “Should G.S.U.’s jurisdiction be extended beyond gangs and city limits?”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    If gangs exist outside the city & we know they do, they have every right to go to any part of the country where they are needed.

  2. wisdom says:

    Why not? Why be so near-sighted? Afterall the gang situation in Belize City is fueled by the sale of drugs ( including cocaine) and of course by the distribution of fire arms. Belize City does not produce either of those. To get to Belize City they must pass through other parts of the country and it is very likely that a few individuals who reside elsewhere in the country are the main providers.

  3. Earl Grey says:




  4. BelCap says:

    hmmm the only reason the GSU was established was to deal with the crime/gang situation in Bze City, obviously we have seen that they are enforcers so let them use those tactics on the gangs who are raping the city. People prefer them to remain in the city where crime is rampant. For the rest of the country there’s the ADU

  5. Hakeem. Taylor says:

    THis GSU reminds me of the old SIS days under the UDP goovernment of the past. Yes I agree they should stick to gang activities instead of prying on innocent citizens making them look embarrass.Imagine if a neighbor is jealous of you and decide to call the police informing them of drugs or an illegal activity in your home which is totally false, and they come embarrassing you in front of your neighbors and in the public eye. They should investigate before doing these embarrassing activities. COme on Prime MInister do something because they only report to you. And not the COmmissioner

  6. BDF soldier says:

    This laws,should be only for the city of belize,since its the city where the Negros are wild,the rest of the country dont have the problems the city have.thats why each town,village,should have the power to make their own laws,how can u make a law against tinted windows for cars,because this and that,belzie is a free country?ha a free country,villages,towns,have the right to run their own towns,villages,they elect and fire their police,etc.thats a free country.belize is more like a dictatorship style government.

  7. Sugar says:

    …i have always been saying that GOB needs to understand that BZE is from CZL to PG….now U cum with question about GSU operating out of Bze city……da all of us pay tax and demand equal protection.

  8. EMS says:

    GSU should be renamed, RAPID RESPONSE UNIT and its’ jurisdiction should be Nationwide!

  9. Darius Martinez says:

    The G S U should be renamed the Goon Squad due to the unprofessional way in which they behaved in Belmopan. The senior officers in this unit need to sit down and revisit their strategies in carrying out raids in the future.

  10. carlos says:

    The GSU should work in conjunction with the CIB . The should not just act with just a phone call from some body. They could have set people to check the movement of mr. Menjivar and then ack accordingly.

  11. King says:

    Extending GSU to the entire country will undermine the professionalism of other members of Police Force. Belize City is where the majority of gang activities take place, if we deploy them to other parts of the country, who will protect the city? shucks even with them present and on “frequent patrols” as indicated by the police press officer, many crimes and gang violence still occur in the city. Personally, i am a law abiding citizen, but hearing of them being deployed wouldn’t only have me scared to walk the streets but also of GSU. look at how they treated a respectable businessman in Belmopan. Next thing, as it is easy for police to just simply pick up someone as means of crime prevention, i believe the abuse will increase if Gsu is deployed everywhere. These people have a specific mission, they dont ask questions and it is unfair for them to use the resources against law abiding citizens simply based heresay.

  12. Easy N says:

    Well i think the GSU should go country wide cause innocent people are being targeted by criminals for example gang members being employed in PG and Corozal. These criminals reach with a high knowledge of criminal minds into these community. Easy money is their influence leading the youths astray. So i think with the Help of the Law Abiding Citizens sharing some information’s to the GSU about their community should be a big help. In regards to the situation in BMP i think if you don’t have anything to hide why risk the life of your family Menjivar, but the brother you have in the states got you in the hot seat huh!! We think GSU are ELITES come visit us here in the west to put some criminals behind bars.

  13. Dvirgin@ says:



  14. BZNinCALI says:

    BDF soldier, put down the bottle & take the meds the doctor prescribed before you start typing. I hope you have shared your views with your bosses. Mentally ill people should not have access to weapons but I will make an exception in your case as long as you promise to load it, stick it on your mouth & pull the trigger. .

  15. bmpresident says:

    BDF Soldier. About the tint its the people that go so far overboard and tint the FRONT WINSHIELD this is very stupid and unsafe, what happens after that? they cant see at night so they put these extremely bright H.I.D. blue lights and when you meet them your light look like a dim park light to them because they cant see nothing thru their tint, and you go blind by their extremely bright lights. Belizeans with their front winshield tinted srewed all of us now because they forced the Government to make the no tint law. Any vehicle with front winshield tinted should not be allowed on any road. Belizean men want tint so their ladies can’t see when they have their sweetheart along, well the tint also worked for the ladies to hide their sweethearts

  16. Belizean Girl says:

    The GSU should have jurisdiction nationwide. They are the best thing that happened in Belize since, the rise in Gang related crime. Many people feel safer walking the city and many gangsters and law-abiding citizens respect the GSU. The GSU has earned it’s respect so I give them that. They need more training and more resources, which is what all good institutions need continuously. So, if they have space for improvement, I hope the government supports and continues to invest in this stellar unit.

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    How many gang members has been convicted since the inception of the GSU? Zero,What is a fact is that they’ve killed more dogs than gang members.As a result i really don’t know how such ignorance has earned them respect.

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