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May 24, 2011

Bullets spray on Antelope Street: 5 persons shot, 2 dead

Eric “Lip” Arana

In the City, the gun violence broke out early with a double murder at the start of the weekend. Antelope Street looked like a war zone on Friday night. Two men were killed by a single gunman who simply rode up and opened fire on a group of friends. Eric “Lip” Arana died instantly while Dwayne Tillett died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital about an hour after the shooting. Up to news time, no arrests have been made. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports on the streets under siege.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Five persons were shot Friday night on Antelope Street a few minutes after eight.  While friends gathered at 7020 Antelope Street Extension, a gunman rode up and blasted several persons who were leaning against a derelict car. Before the shooting stopped, two persons were dead and three injured. Eric ‘Lip’ Arana received two gunshot wounds to the right side of the abdomen, right arm pit, right upper arm, center of the back, the right side of the buttocks, the center as well as the right side of the chest. Nineteen year old Khiry Haulze, Lip’s cousin was lucky, he received one shot.

Voice of: Khiry Haulze, Shooting Victim

“We mi di play game and thing when time we see somebody just come and bust up shot ina the yard. My cousin weh name “Lip” say, “bwai that dah noh shot.” When time he look so, gunman done come and shoot up him ina fi he back, gone over ah and shoot up ahn pan the ground. Then I run behind di yard. When I run behind the yard and I come back, I know that I get shot. Then I see my friend get shot and then I see my next friend get shot. Then I run and then I see the ambulance come fi we and then dah right deh ih done.”

Jose Sanchez

“How many males? How many females?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“Two females and three males get shot.”

Jose Sanchez

“You yourself was shot.”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“Yes sir.”

Jose Sanchez

“Where were you shot?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“In my buttocks.”

Jose Sanchez

“Did you see the person who did the shooting?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“I just see wah block shirt and a camouflage pants and wah stockings pan ih head and then I see ih ride gone so.”

Jose Sanchez

“But it is important to establish that you can’t identify the shooter.”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“Yes sir, I can’t identify the shooter.”

Jose Sanchez

“Soon after, how did everybody get to the hospital—the survivors?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“Ambulance come and take everyone who was bleeding and such. Then when they come to the hospital, police say they have to stay in all of fi we room because they don’t know if the person weh shoot wah come back to the hospital come shoot deh.”

Jose Sanchez

“The little gambling or playing of cards is this something that you do regularly out there?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“Yes sir. We enjoy fi we self every time out there.  Sometimes we play cards, we bet, all kind of things out there. We hustle and thing out there. So we make fi we lee money out there.”

Jose Sanchez

“But you noh got no beef with anybody like that?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“No me noh got no beef. Neither my cousin. “Lip” noh got beef or nothing with dehn.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you weren’t in fear that anybody would come and attack you Friday night?”

Voice of: Khiry Haulze

“No. Only one night, wah wake night when me, “Lip” and all ah we mi gone dah wake, we mi ketch ina figth with somebody back deh and I mi part the fight. I noh know if dah the same person come back and shoot “Lip.” The same person come back and retaliate and shoot Lip back.”

Dwayne Tillett

Twenty one year old Dwayne Tillett who lived around the corner on Elston Kerr Street received injuries to the center of his abdomen and the left side of the back. He died during surgery. His aunt says he was a true innocent bystander.

Shirlet Williams, Aunt of Dwayne Tillett

“Dwayne works for Tropical Sunset Horse and Carriage and he was there to collect his salary. He was in classes on Friday and when he came home, he brought all the food that was given to him—he was sharing in with his family and after he went around there to collect his salary from his boss and that was the reason why he was there.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you are saying that he wasn’t the intended victim of the shooting.”

Shirlet Williams

“No, he wasn’t the intended target. Dwayne was there simply to collect his salary. The other young man was the person and the police already confirmed this information that the other young man was the intended target. Dwayne was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Jose Sanchez

“So he was just a hard working young man.”

Shirlet Williams

“Exactly, Dwayne did his horse and carriage. He just got promoted as a matter of fact. Last week, he got a promotion. Dwayne went out and he did his horse and carriage job and he was enrolled in school trying to get his tour guide license—hardworking. Dwayne noh harm noh harm nobody, Dwayne noh involve ina no gang, Dwayne noh do none ah those things deh. He noh related no way to the foolishness weh dehn lee bwai deh do and then when they done run back and pretend like they no do nothing.”

The other victims, twenty one year old Juvanna Gillett had sustained two gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and twenty seven year old Karen Rivers received one gunshot to the right ankle. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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16 Responses for “Bullets spray on Antelope Street: 5 persons shot, 2 dead”

  1. Tha Max says:

    I talk to these two young men all the time when I visited Belize. Both were veryy smart and full of life Now they are gone taken away before they even had a chance to live so young didn t even get to see twenty my heart is overwhelmed with sadness and my deepest condolences to the family’s in this hard and sad time.
    In belize NOW they Kill you and you die just like that Like it’s nothing
    THese guys deserve JUStice JUST LIKE all the others and they were not gang banger just kids it sicken my to see this
    I wouild cry for change or justice but it would just land on deaf ears anyway.S kill on kill we self out. It seem like uno like to kill KIlling is what we are good at .

  2. crime free belize says:

    Where was the G.S.U.?Guess those rag tag commandos was too busy making an assault on a compound in belmopan,looking for “Osama Bin Laden”.Does’nt G.S.U. stan for “Gang”suppression unit?What is the G.O.B. realy trying to accomplish?Solving our outrageous murder rate,or ridding our street’s of drugs,is seems they are not very good at doing both.Oh! i forgot about our anti-drug unit,chasing after flying birds,drugs that is not destine for belize,sounds like another trapeze act,in that big circus show in belmopan,P.M. let’s tackle one bull at a time,before someone get’s the horn.

  3. Crazy says:

    Rigghhhtttt! They never do nothing these guys are all angels. Two less killers in Belize.

  4. Belize says:

    There are two parts of Belize- the crime ridden, dangerous, can’t walk down the street side and the decent hard working people side. Belize is paradise and its being destroyed by all the violence. The good people walk a “fine” line trying not to get caught up in the destruction around them. The gang supression unit is buisy shooting up homes with children in it while the gangs run rampant. There seems to be no end in sight to all this! Paradise lost.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    The Belizean people are now living in fear as a result of the criminal elements and this incompitent government inability to impliment laws that will not condone these type of behavior.

  6. belizeanpride says:

    what i still don’t comprehend is why they still want to go ahead and bann the tinted to crub the crime when the killers ride bycicle. it’s just a way ofthe gov. to charge you a fee to bring in more revenue. killers ride bikes not cars. i’m still oppossing this tint ban has not relation to it.

  7. REEL says:

    stay in school people, ITVET, Venus Bus terminal school. any highschool that is the only safe way out of poverty. smoking weed, playing cards and hussle is not a positive life. there no such thing as “wah lee teif” . where are the fathers of these youths, women in Belize need to stop having 7-8 pikney that they can’t care for. free tie-off at KHMH.

  8. Truth says:

    u wont hear anything else about draconian measures because the chinese have calm down and now the pm is at ease, so more Belizeans are dying. I know the government have sign deals with Mexico government to prevent drug kartels from invading our borders but why not invest to get rid of these so called crime lords we have in our community as well,like other countries have when crisis have risen in theres, for instance our neighbor Mexico. The President goal is to make sure these drug lords are brought to justice..The pm just sit and noting is implemented without any serious plan, no big conference until chinese start drop…

  9. crime free belize says:

    At reel,real talk,these belizean women that can’t live without d!€{ between their leggs,bringing children into dis world fu suffa,become criminals, spreading AIDS and becoming a burden to the working class belizeans,as long as criminals is killing criminals,it’s all fine with me.Street justice is doing a better job than our government,death sentence the street way.

  10. Earl Grey says:

    Send the SHOOTER TO………..


    SINCE WE CAN’T HANG ‘EM………………….



  11. maggie says:

    Shirlet Williams, Aunt of Dwayne Tillett

    “Dwayne works for Tropical Sunset Horse and Carriage and he was there to collect his salary. He was in classes on Friday and … that was the reason why he was there.”

    LIAD! Dwayne had collected his salary THE DAY BEFORE. He was there hanging out.

    They’re all clever, people.

    ALL THESE PREVARICATIONS don’t help your case. If I were the judge, I would punish you for lying.

  12. shian says:

    I, as a child, believe that the killings and crime are OUTRAGEOUS. I believe that if we want to change the way that our cmmmunity is at present, we must start from the younger generation. I believe that since I aspire to be the Future Prime Minister, female of course…. I will start by encouraging youth that i know to do good!!!!

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Who the intended target was is irrelevant ,the point in that a life was taken and even if we knew who the intended target was,It still wouldn’t have justified such heinous crime.Let’s put things in perspective.

  14. Tha max says:

    To my fellow Belizeans that responded to this post I find you all to be guilty. Speculations and rumors you are definately good at.I have been working with youths In Belize for 4 yrs now and it is so discouraging when you dont see anybody else doing the same. I am a american born and raise in belize and my love for this country is ever ending. Some of your comments have some factual evidence to support your fustrations. I to am fustrated in the last four year 2 have commited murder 2 dead and 2 now have jobs and are doing well. I try to tell them that there is hope but there are simply not enough jobs and many of them lack the basic skills they need to be productive because they probably and most likely dropped out of school. But this doesnt mean a person should be gunned down like a dog in the street The answer to all of this is that the devil find things for idol hands if they had something to do it could be better but most lack direction and some of them dont have food to eat most of the time i found alot of the kids dont even have parent they live with friends and reletive no mentors nothing they just live
    It seems. I am really thinking hard if i should go back my heart is telling me yes but my brain is telling me no. In ending I i ask is for solutions with actions either from abroad
    We need to stop ripping down each other and try to build each other up and
    Empire and lipi Rest in peace your every ending smile will remain in my heart forever

  15. nonya says:

    shut up maggie…seriously?? so what if the woman made a mistake..maybe thats what the boi told her he was going out to do! as if thats the real issue here!..focus woman!

  16. shirlet williams says:

    For all you complete no life @$$ wipes who didn’t know anything about who Dwayne Tillett was, first off to Crazy and you couldn’t choose a better name you are a complete asshole for posting something like that nobody ever claimed Dwayne was an angel he was certainly not a killer and for you Maggie since you seem to know so much about Dwayne’s life maybe you should have been the one that the bullet killed. I was quoting what was said to my family by Dwayne he said he was going for his salary and that’s the last thing he said. That’s the problem with stupid @$$ belizean kruffy always know your business better than you. I hope that when death comes knocking at your door you will have all the answers then too. To all the others that are busy blaming the Government and everybody else that you want to use for scape goats you’re all pathetic. Get a life and “take the !@#$%^& mite out of your own eyes before you try to remove the block from someone else’s” and I know that most of you are too illeterate to understand this so I’m going to break it down for all you @$$holes MIND YOUR OWN !@#$%^& BUSINESS – remember what goes around comes back around.

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