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May 24, 2011

Carnal intercourse against the order of nature

The case against the Attorney General’s Office which is being brought by Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) challenging Section Fifty-Three of the Criminal Code is a little over two months away from being argued in the Supreme Court.  Lawyers on both sides of the gay rights argument appeared before Justice Michelle Arana today where a formal request by the Council of Churches to join the proceeding was granted.  The trial date for the case which will involve a host of international lawyers has been postponed until they become available.  Until then a deadline of June thirtieth has been set for local attorneys to file and exchange all affidavits in the matter before going to pre-trial on July twenty-seventh.  The constitutional challenge was filed earlier this year to decriminalize consensual physical relationships between gays and lesbians.  This comes in light of that section of the Laws of Belize which states that every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for up to ten years.

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30 Responses for “Carnal intercourse against the order of nature”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    There were approximately four murdres over the weeken and we’re wasting more time on this BS.Why not put our energy into ammending the laws to impliment the death penalty instead?How many gays has been incarcerated in Belize for ten years as a result of intercourse against the order of nature zero?Murderers are not even been incarcerated as a result let’s not waste tax-dollars on this issue.This money can be used for a sex offender’s registry which i think would serve the Belizean people a better purpose.

  2. victoria says:

    again here we go foreigners comming in to challenge their nasty way of life

  3. ESSB says:

    Caleb is a big freak…his !@#$ should be kicked out of this country.

  4. cantor says:

    Mr. Barrow is NOT to blame for the escalation of crime. Crime is a manifestation of the fallen nature of man. Society has rejected God’s principles and now we are harvesting what we sowed years ago. ONLY God can change our values and attitudes, NOT the death penalty or MR. BARROW!

  5. Hakeem. Taylor says:

    Why are Belizeans so caught up with these people when murder is # 1 problem in the country Mr Prime MInister do something about the crime JAH will deal with these funny people in his own way

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    They want to divert the Belizean people’s attention from the real issue which is affecting the Jewel and that’s crime not Homsexuality.Why not bring in international Attorneys to find a solution to the crime situation instead?

  7. Do it right says:

    Seriously? This is what is making news? Why are these people making a deal out of this. Caleb needs to give his @$$ a rest for a bit mein. How was this law in any way affecting any gay or lesbians in Belize. I agree with you Elgin, this is a big waste of tax payers money. If these people are they then thats their choice, but why must they push to go to court to change a long standing law (which isn’t even enforced), to suit a handful of people when the overwhelming majority are in accordance with the natural way of things. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

  8. perversion says:

    I can’t believe Belize is getting involved with crap like this. They are trying to follow the rest of the developed world, like the US and parts of Europe where same sex marriage are slowly becoming more commonplace, which wrong. We are living under less and less morales. No wonder there is so much crime.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    ……none of my business!!!….as long as nobody gets hurt.

  10. Disgusted! says:

    Quite frankly, Caleb Orosco is treading on very dangerous grounds attracting attention that he might regret and the government and churches is even worse for wasting tax payers’ dollars to deal with this matter that won’t go away……..The eventual repercussions of this will lead to serious crimes against gays and their blood will be Orosco’s hands for inciting public hatred and anger against innocent gay people. This is taking it too far now because that portion of the law was never enforced and didn’t actually pose a threat to gays. Orosco needs to re-evaluate his priorities, get on with his private life and stop trying to be a hero. Be careful Caleb…Be Very Careful my brother. I don’t hate you but you are opening Pandora’s box and it will cause misery for others.

  11. Brightman says:

    Educated people know that being gay is not a choice…genetic markers have been discovered that prove this fact, and sexuality is a broad spectrum. While agreed the nation doesn’t need distractions from the REAL problems afflicting every corner of the jewel, I do believe that it’s time that homophobes live, and let live…”the truth shall set us free” unconditionally. When we begin to respect ALL people, regardless of our own biases, harmony will begin to prevail. I applaud Caleb for bringing this issue to light–there are THOUSANDS of repressed gays and lesbians in our society scared of showing their true colors for fear of reprisals, and thus leading double lives. There are also many hypocrites quoting the bible who are engaged in dubious lives: extra-marital affairs, corruption, domestic abuse, stealing from the poor and misleading others, but cloak themselves with religion and self-righteousness. Unveil your eyes, Belize..educate yourselves.

  12. Belizean says:

    I agree with you Mr Martinez. Let stop waste out time on this foolishness and deal with real things that are affecting our life.

  13. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Earl Grey you are 100% correct,and for the religous fools.Religon is the biggest problem in the world.It promotes hate,war,and division amongst people.

  14. bun fire says:

    so it has been Earl so i no know wa dem di try start now.

  15. CEO says:

    Belizeans need to be more educated, their ignorance is evident in the level of their comments above. These laws are out dated and irrelevant and should have been removed from the books a long time ago during judicial reiews; without any trial. The reason there has to be a trial is because the leaders are not doing their jobs. This is the reason we have many problems in Belize because the “leaders” do not really lead.

    There are also a whole bunch of other laws that should be removed from the books. How many Belizeans that drive in Belize know how to make a left turn per Belizean laws? They put in left turn lanes but the law says that these lanes are illegal. I am sure there are many others that are now obsolete. Some of you bible beaters may not agree but this case is not about gay rights this is about human rights.

    So what do we do with the men that engage in sex “against nature” with their wives? Think!

  16. Star says:

    @ Brightman and Belizean, pedophiles are also genetically predisposed to being attracted to that type of behavior, but Belize lists it as a criminal act…shouldn’t we legalize it too?

  17. OWtoBoston says:

    Many people here are claiming that the current law forbidding such acts are not even enforced. These same people are saying it is a waste of time to pursue the matter in court any more because the law isn’t enforced. If it is not enforced, then why not end the matter right here and now; let the Attorney General drop the case and agree that the law is not enforced and therefore can be nullified.
    These are all back-handed tactics to keep a hateful law on the books.
    By the way, a person who tries to logically conclude that acceptance of homosexuality may lead to other ‘unnatural acts’ is ludacris. Belize needs to educate itself. It has been far too removed from the direction the world is headed. Belize can either choose to stay behind, or learn and prosper. I personally know Caleb, and I commend him for doing something that takes a lot of bravery. Graned people will always have their beliefs and customs, but it is a true act of compasion when your a fellow Belizean can be your friend when their own beliefs and customs are not your own. Live and let live. You don’t tell me how to live and I will return the favor. People seem to forget what they preach. Wherever happened to the Golden Rule. I may not be religious, but that dogma really takes the cake.

  18. Bash says:

    These people are already being who they are (Gay, Homosexuals or y whatever name), they want to legalize it now so they can bring their nastiness open in the public. Hell no

  19. Earl Grey says:

    @Star……….pedophiles are……. CREATED WHEN ADULTS (usually homosexual) MOLEST little CHILDREN, who grow up to be pedophiles. Kind of a cycle…..

    @Brightman………. Most homosexuals are so by choice, HOWEVER SOME ARE BORN THAT WAY.

  20. Belizean Woman says:

    A person’s love for another human being should not be looked upon with HATE!!! GOD said to love one another. ONE LOVE PPL!

  21. Da foreign says:

    @Star we do not tolerate pedophilia because we as a society know (and science supports) that children CANNOT make an informed, mature choice about sexual relations. On the other hand, two adults can.

    The issue is one of equal rights. Men and women who live well, love faithfully, and work diligently in Belize should be allowed full legal protection regardless of their orientation!

  22. belizeanpride says:

    if they can legalize the gay rights well legalize the weed also since it’s against the law to smoke weed but God created weeds as a plant for the benefit of the world in some ways. So before they do this orosco nastyness legalize the weed and i believe everybody will be happy (i get what i want and you get what i want). even though it sounds crazy but later everything will haveto be legalize because of some sort of right being fought after all. soon everybody will start to fight forsomething as a right which will end in caos.

  23. Elgin Martinez says:

    CEO:Everyone is entitle to their opinion and someone having a different view than you on this issue doesn’t make them ignorant.

  24. OriginalWoman says:

    @ Perversion…I couldn’t agree with you more…I have noticed this to be true for many years now, the more Belize, or ANY OTHER country keeps up with the Modern World (mainly speaking, America & Europe) and adapts its ways and thinking, the more crime-riddled, corrupt and perverted the country gets….

  25. GAY and PROUD says:

    Go CALEB!

  26. Johnny says:

    Earl Grey! There is not one person “BORN THAT WAY” Have u neva read the bible? “in the beginning it was not so!!” ? Its total Devilish and demon possessed stuff. And you MR. OWtoBoston, there is very very strong punishment for parts of the world where this stuff is going on. I rather stay behind of the rest of the world than being a bean pounder!, or having them around me. What happened to sodom and gomorrah?

  27. Fairman says:

    I don’t really care about what adults agree to do to themselves in the privacy of their own homes. The problem arise when they want to go public with their gay or lesbian practices. Exposing children to such abnormal behaviors in public can make more gays out of normal children. In the USA, gay couples want to adopt children because they cannot have their own biological children – they are not following the order of nature. The unfortunate children who end up in gay homes will inevitably be influenced in that direction by the head of the home. They might even be sex victims at a very early age and nobody will be there to rescue them. If it is being done in other parts of the world, that does not mean we must do it too. We can use our own head to uphold moral values.
    The laws that deal with Unnatural Crime or Sex against the order of nature needs to be retained or replaced with something better for the protection of boys and men who are sodomized against their will. It is not different from the laws that protect females from rape.

  28. BT says:

    @disgusted, Rosa Parks refused give up her seat because she was ready to challenge segregation laws that violated her human rights. The Freedom RIders (blacks and whites) rode buses into the US south to challenge State segregation laws that were in violation of Federal law. Critics of all these brave people told them the exact same message you are sending to UNIBAM now… that it’s not worth the risk and that they should give up lest they be harmed. Like the law enforcement officials in Alabama who arrested and detained civil rights advocates, you are on the wrong side of history. Rosa Parks opened a “pandora’s box” and changed a nation. Instead of pretending to care about the well being of Caleb and his supporters, why not admonish the ignorants who would do them harm? Why not stand up and demand a country of tolerance and peace?

    @Elgin Matinez, yes everyone is entitled to one’s opinion. But one’s opinion can make them ignorant. If I claimed that black people are born with tails and that doctors remove them at birth, is that just my opinion or is that ignorance?

  29. Chinaca says:

    Let me just quote Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York on this issue, “As private individuals, we may be part of a faith community that forbids divorce or birth control or alcohol. But as public citizens, we do not impose those prohibitions on society.”

  30. Chinaca says:

    “We may place our personal faith in the Torah, or the New Testament, or the Koran, or anything else. But as a civil society, we place our public faith in the Constitution: the principles and protections that define it, and the values that have guided its evolution.”

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