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May 20, 2011

Shots fired as la Cabana owner’s home raided by police

A team from the Gang Suppression Unit carried out a surprise raid at the house of Mike Menjivar, the well known owner of La Cabana Bar in Belmopan looking for illegal items. It started before dawn and continued all day. A shoot-out ensued, Menjivar and his wife were held inside their house, but their three children were removed from the premises. Menjivar returned to Belize from Guatemala on Thursday following a round of surgery; he is said to have been seriously injured in the raid. At about six this evening he was taken to the police station and we’ll have more on that, but When News Five’s Andrea Polanco arrived at the scene, a G.S.U. team was guarding the main entrance to the community of Las Flores, while the others surrounded Menjivar’s home as well as La Cabana.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Residents of Las Flores say they heard a wild spray of bullets in the area sometime around four thirty this morning, a little over two hours after La Cabana closed off for business. Commander of the G.S.U., Marco Vidal, told us that they were acting upon a tip to search Menjivar’s residence but they were greeted with bullets:

Marco Vidal

ASP Marco Vidal, Commander G.S.U.

“Immediately thereafter, shots were fired from inside the house towards the officers. Immediately our Officers took cover and the shots despite repeatedly after and even after the shots were fired the police continue to say that it is the police and the shots continue to come into their direction and they didn’t responded. I must say that the unit exercised a lot of restraint most of the gunfire was suppression because we were aware that a lot of other occupants that included minors were inside the house so for that reason there was a lot of suppression fire, this was not the case eventually the house was breached umm the person were barricaded inside the house and this was when I arrive and I spoke to the occupant to surrender himself umm he was inside one of the rooms I suppose it was the Master Bedroom, and eventually he was subdued and umm  he had a firearm at the time in his hand when he was apprehended and we immediately called the ‘scenes of crime’ although umm right next to where he was there appears to be another firearm in a bag that wasn’t tampered.”

Mike Menjivar

Is it possible that Mike Menjivar suspected that robbers were entering his home? Not so, says Vidal, because the G.S.U. had to get over the gate to gain access to the property:


ASP Marco Vidal

“Breaching the fence would not have alerted anyone inside the house. Our officers are trained to operate in stealth mode, breaching that fence would not have given, and they don’t have cameras to say they saw us and therefore they reacted to that. Once they were at the door they informed the occupants there was a warrant and they were about to execute the warrant. There was no need for the persons inside to respond with gunfire.”

But a security guard at the night club says he witnessed it all:

Miguel Angel: Security Guard, La Cabana

“All the vehicles and motorcycles were coming that way, they surround the whole house, they were jumping the fence and when they couldn’t go up they started shooting. They killed all the dogs they were about fifteen dogs in the yard. The opened the burglars door on the fence with gun shots. They started shooting around the house they broke up the glasses. The broke down the door, they shot the door until they broke it down. Some of the bullets came and they caught the trucks, they caught the wall and the glass in the business and even the neighbors’ vehicle door over there has bullet holes on the side and the house next door.”

While some Las Flores residents claim that bullets were flying carelessly, Vidal says they weren’t from the G.S.U.’s guns:


ASP Marco Vidal

“The shots that were fired to the officers are from the inside of the building. There are actually impacts on the establishment which is a clear indication that it came from inside the house. The holes from inside the house will certainly point to that direction so the indiscriminate firing was from inside the house. The Gang Suppression is trained in operating these firearms and they will not randomly shoot if they cannot see their target so it’s not like the police officers were in anyway indiscriminately firing gunshots.”


Menjivar’s relative says that he doesn’t believe the G.S.U. should’ve carried out the search in that manner:


Jose Chacon

Jose Chacon: Menjivar’s brother-in-law

“I’ve heard they had a tip, acting upon information supposedly about drugs or firearm I know the law makes provision for this kind of thing to happen but there is a legal process for doing stuff. I know if they have a search warrant it’s a legal process and they should do it but I really have a problem with the way they supposedly carried out their job today. When the shooting started the guard called Mike’s brother and one our cousins and they came to inquire, and upon coming to inquire they were captured also and they were thrown to guns and gun put  on them and stuff, they’re still out there.”

Andrea Polanco

“Would you happen to know if Mike or somebody close to him open fire on the G.S.U. this morning?”

Jose Chacon

“I am not certain  as I told you I haven’t heard official information but umm I put myself in his shoes if I am asleep and people start firing in my house and I have a gun maybe I’ll respond back as a reflex.”


The G.S.U. says that charges are expected to be brought against Miguel Menjivar:


ASP Marco Vidal

“Our officers’ lives were threatened because there was gunfire close to their face and also the Gang Suppression Unit vehicle received impacts from gun shots. The tire has exploded the rear of the pickup truck received impacts as well. He will be facing charges for aggravated assault upon the officers; he will also be charged for attempt murder and damage to property upon the vehicle.”

Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

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100 Responses for “Shots fired as la Cabana owner’s home raided by police”

  1. friend says:

    Just Saying…To b an officer u are really disrespectful…n if all of the police are like u….no wonder nonsense like this is happening in Belize…so sad….plus all unno need dah std 6 no wonder unno so ignorant!!!!!!!!Losers unno attack innocent ppl ….why unno no go chase afta real criminals…cause unno kno who dem!!!

  2. Sasha says:

    There is more to this news than is presently being reported. From the time 15 DOGS are killed you know something is wrong, all the noise of dogs barking and gunshot would have alerted even the DEAF. This is the reason stay away from DRUGS or ILLEGAL ACITIVITIES if you don’t want the LAW to come after you and your family.

  3. dasha caden says:

    As much as I respect the police’s need to do their job, they have no right to attack people in the brutal manner in which they did. The search could have gone one peacefully if it were properly planned. i wonder who is the fool who led this operation. Its execution was careless and ignorant of the fact that there were children in that residence. They killed the dogs, gained access to the residence, shot up the house and took advantage of its owners and what did they find? in the end they charging Menjivar for attempted murder…which man would not have sought to protect his family? Mike, i am proud of u for seeking to protect your family. Abusive police officers need to be dealt with severly. Mr. Prime Minister are u ok with the so call “peace officers” causing such havoc on a family and their home? please give mr mejivar and his family their human right priviledges. mike…stand strong.

  4. LIS says:

    I soport police ,but this time they are not right.Imagin u r sleeping ,and 4 am you see pepole jumping your fence shooting your dogs,come un u might think they are robers.dose’nt matter if Mr.Mike have money or not the GUS is wrong not well treain, i have seen many cases when police come into pepole house with no warrant ,just walk in if any one is infront push them away serch the house ,they abuse there power and pepole rights.

  5. BMP Resident says:

    G.S.U you cannot cover the sun with one finger!!!!!!!!!! This time you messed up with these innocent family.!!!! Only hard working business owners like us know for a fact that only envy and hate are the cause of these family disasters..Men,for Gods sake use your brains!!!! And for the rest of all who questioned if the G.S.U found anything? Well no,that is the reason they invented the attempted murdered charges obviously!They need a cover for all the shooting!!!! We Believe in the thruth!!!!!Mike and Family,God is with you and we all who put ourselves in your shoes,are praying for you. Belizeans we need to pray that we are not the following target!!!!God Bless all those who meant harm to these family!!!!!!!!

  6. Disgusted says:

    Who the !%@% does Marco Vidal think he is talking to??? if they went “in stealth mode” onto the guy’s property that automatically means they secretly invaded the house unannounced, which automatically tells anyone with common sense that since it was a surprise raid so there’s no way they would’ve informed the occupants of the house that they were about to enter the premise. This @$$hole$ version of what happened is full of inconsistencies and it’s obvious that he’s nervous and grasping for words in the media interviews. Vidal is a bias, corrupted parasite and is probably jealous of the guy’s success as a businessman. That along with the fact that anybody can conspire against another and have the police disrupt people’s lives, destroy the sanctity of their homes and SHOOT AT THEIR KIDS WITH AUTOMATIC WEAPONS based on malicious lies and red eyed jealousy. May the wrath of God fall on Marco Vidal, the entire police force of third world savages and all their family members and offsprings!!! The day ANY member of the police force brutalize ANY family member of mine for whatever reason is the day Belize will stand still in horror of what will happen to the police department. ENOUGH IS !@#$ING ENOUGH!!!!!

  7. bmpresident says:

    Sasha very well put with very few words.
    Mike and Iliana You do the crime you do the time.
    A blind person can see there is something fishy with Cabana

  8. CASHMONEY says:

    To getitright Stop Hate People Live Good…..You Told Us That You Are An OFFICER? Am I SEE WRONG??? Or A BATHRROM CLEANER????Why U Don’t Go After Minister??? They Are Biggest Drug Dealer….U CHANCY!!!!!!! Are You AT SCENE? lol…..U Don’ t Know SXXT!!!!!!!

  9. Roy Yates says:

    Two wrongs will never make one right. This is all about power play. This is the tip of the ice berg of the folishnessdue to of a bunch of incompitent Politicians. But this raid was poorly planned as well as executed. Seem like they got the Navy Seal fever too. They need to rake their informant over the coal.Judging from the manner of the respondent to this situation, it would seem that if this goes before a jury this could well be a lost case for the prosecuter. Its always been said, its not what one does, but how he does it.

  10. Belizean says:

    Given that there were children in the home, carrying out a raid in the middle of the night, killing dogs and spraying gunfire is not necessary. With the way armed robbers are carrying out their criminal activities which business person/homeowner wouln’t think that someone was trying to rob them and possibly harm them. The natural instinct would be to defend ones family and property. I can imagine how traumatized those children are and cannot imagine being in such a situation. Is the police serious? They couldn’t carry out this raid when the kids were at school or when the occupants were not in the home. The cops say they were in stealth mode and then they said they declared that they announced that they were the police..which one is it? stealth or announcement, it cannot be both! This story is full of holes, like the family home.

  11. Fed Up says:

    these cops are idiots.. they have too much power! I know Mike and he is a family man and a good guy.. he nor his family deserve this.. how can you go and just shoot a mans house up, kill his dogs and endanger children on a suspicion of drugs, which they found none. so much coruption in Belize starts at the top.. look at the money laundering, so many customs agents caught with hand in cookie jar. Bring in some real cops and some real law to Belize!!! You would think that after the prime ministers partner gets shot he would drop the pride and ask for help from England or U.S.. there are many foreign Belizeans who have worked in the military and as police officers that would be glad to come back and i know they have offered to but, the proud and corupt government will not give them the leeway necessary. This is just absolutely hideous, horrendous, corrupt and i could go on and on.. which police officer would he not pay off for them to do this to him???

  12. carlos says:

    I really against any one doing drugs and worst in drug trafficking, but the way the GSU do thing is not the correct way. Mr. Vidal is not telling the truth. Don’t you think that the same bullets shot at the house could have been the same bullets reflected by the hard surface of the walls of the house? How many persons were inside the house to respond to more than ten or twenty GSU? Common sense will tell you that the head of GSU is not telling the truth. As somebody said why not go against the same people in the police department of high ranking people in government involved in drug trafficking?

  13. Fed Up says:

    bmpresident… just because Mike is doing well that means something going on is fishy????
    sound like all the other bars who cant do what Mike does… he and his family work hard, work late nights and have really built up a good business.. sounds like another jealous businessman who cant make it.. i knew Mike from when he came into this country over eight to ten years ago and i watched him and his wife work hard, take crap from Belmopan, have people copy his success and now i have watched jealousy or the mark of someone who sent the police after him.

  14. star says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire, you don’t hear of the police raiding any other successful businessman or woman in Belmopan. It is common knowledge in Belmopan of Mike’s illegal actives; the same as everyone in Belmopan knows where the crack houses are, stand assure that natural justice will prevail on those who demoralize and erode the fabric of society; one day they will pay. Warning to the family that is either ignorant or oblivious to this guys way of life, this is just the beginning, either they separate from him, or natural law will come down on them….life has a funny way of working out justice.

  15. MACAL RIVERA says:






  17. LARGE AND SEXY says:



  18. Dvirgin says:




  19. 1 Day User says:

    Now now, MIKE CABANA. God work in a wonderful way. Mike is a chancy man, i could tell from experience. Good for him. He is a big drug dealer and a real ….. BWAI!

  20. 1 Day User says:

    Now now, MIKE CABANA. God work in a wonderful way. Mike is a chancy man, i could tell from experience. Good for him. He is a big drug dealer and a real ….. BWAI!
    The GSU need to go check in his septic cause his wife Liliana was flushing the drugs in their sewrage taht was why he was firing the gun to keep tham from coming inside so that they could do away with their drugs!. That happened to him caz he and his in-laws who are the CHACON is know for chancing people at La Cabana. And they don’t realize that the come from nothing just like all of us and think the are on to now just because of the racket that he run! PAY BACK IS !@#$%, AND THAT’S WHAT IS HAPPENING TO U MIKE. I’m not sorry for u at all! TEK YO LIK MI BALLY!

  21. belizeanpride says:

    i knew this raid was going to happen anytime, some activities held there seemed kind of unnormal and the belmopan residents there well know which kind of extra business he was working, so there was nothing unexpected when they know what kind of business they deal with. mike is a nice person but a coin has two faces and we people need to know the two sides. many business florish with good management but others florish in a week (meaning that the assets were very quick as a normal businees would bring in) and gain popularity but behind it we know all what pushes these kinds of business. i heard this before and i knew anytime was about to be raided.

  22. wh says:

    $#!% face @$$ police cant do their job and them they go and blame on people defending themselves. Just bcuz he is spanish, from las flores and has a good business he is in drugs? !@#$ that then no1 can have a good business nowadays it if not drugs. they should have conducted the search but not treat them like animals. if they treat people like animals is time for them to be treated as animals too

  23. Hearts says:

    I agree with what the GSU are doing but only one thing I don’t like is an abusive apprehension of a person. They doing a good job taking all the drugs dealer down and criminals.

  24. scarecrow says:

    The point is this if mike is doing dirty business or not and the GSU had a search warrant that for sure wasn’t the way the GSU shud have operated!! Dem Bloody GSU love jump fence and kick down door it’s not the first time they do something like dat!!

  25. La cabana customer says:

    Mike we know you are a wise guy,a man that puts his brains to work in every way,to have a nice place for us to relax after everydays stress,you and iliana are hard working people that deserve everything you got.That is the reason a lot of people will look at you with jealousy and envy and everyday will try to see you down but,be strong.You have achieved everything on your own because you never rest,i know that you will get a lot of experience from these situation and will use it positively like the other times,dont give up guys,see you soon.

  26. Cabana fan says:

    Mike and ILiana you are the type of people i would love to be around to learn a little from, i am very sad to hear the way they abused you ,and kids.People who talk crap about you are that full of envy.Ignore their discontent on your successful business. which by the way is on top of the best tourists and locals attraction!Dont give up.God Bless you and your family.

  27. BZNinCALI says:

    People, get a grip…. This man’s house was not raided because he is Spanish & from Flores, they raided his home because they had reason to believe that he was involved in illegal activity. Is it possible that this incident is being blown out of proportion to get what the big boss wants, unrestricted access & the ability to do whatever they want in our country because they know that as soon as the police are accused of misconduct enough of you will rise up & raise hell. A few months later, after one of your relatives are murdered over a joint or a rock, raise more hell about what the police are not doing. If these people & their lawyer cannot tell the difference between 2 dead dogs & 15 dead dogs, we need to be skeptical. I’m not sure if Mr Saldivar was the one who mentioned a comment one Officer supposedly made but as someone seeking elected office who prides himself in being an intellectual, was it necessary to try to inflame the situation further by introducing a statement that cannot be confirmed?,

    And Menjivar was in Guatemala last week undergoing surgery?????….. Does he really want to admit to being in Guatemala last week? Let’s not forget, there was a blood bath on a farm there last week, the BPD may be the ;least of his problem.

  28. GGG says:

    !@#$ U d virgen. !@#$ the GSU and the entire police. I know from personal experience that they are some chancy !@#$%^&*()_+!. what the !@#$ this !@#$% D virgen the throw comments bout aliens for. Where are U originally from !@#$%?
    Congrats Mike, We have a right to defend our selves

  29. Cabana fan says:

    Shame on you Vidal to say your lives were in danger,and that the poor guy started shooting!,,to reach to the door you had to kill the dogs first,who in his place wouldnt react the same way hearing that all his entire house was being attacked.Plus,why no one saw the search warrant you supposedly showed.?all this is nonsense,start doing your job right,you have the entire community in shock at all the terror that took place,poor kids.Next time try using binoculars,that house is see through damm it!!Abusing kids and killing dogs thats insane,well trained huh?Shame,shame.

  30. Shelly says:

    We cry for something to be done with the crime situation and now that we have a group of honest, no nonsense officers in place, we cry foul. WTF! The GSU actions might not be liked by the families of Mike but I can tell you, for us law abiding citizens who want to see our children grow up in less crimes, we welcome the GSU to Belmopan. There are many more “Dons” to be search and its only a matter of time. Mike was riding a high horse and now that he has been thrown from that horse, the world is about to end. Good move GSU. Now whose next………………………………..

  31. BLZ pepole says:

    I know a case about a man get brutaly hit in la cabana by the gurds ,when he went to the police station ,police told him he was giveing troble thats why the gards did it ,but i put my self in Mr.Mikes shose and i would’t like something like that happend to me and my kids ,if he is a drug dealer ,the GSU should not take thier oporation like that, shooting dogs ,kids ,hiting the guy.If the GSU wants to put down drugs dealers,start with the tops,thats the prime MINISTER.

  32. Nigel Hawke says:

    The only thing Mike is a victim of is Karma. Far too long he has been treating his patrons like sh%$ and getting away with it and far too long he has been hiding behind the local police that he has in his pocket (don’t say that is not so as one of these cops is a family member) in order to have people thrown in jail or to facilitate his shady business. Life is cyclical and what goes around comes around. How does it feel to be the one that is abused by the police? Good job GSU, obviously you all are operating without the knowledge of local police as this would have never happened if they had knowledge of this raid. Your sympathizers sit there crying over what takes place in every country (even the U.S) when police carry out a raid. I bet even in the U.S the police would have put a bullet in your head for shooting at them.
    Let me ask other residents of Belmopan this, when you all woke up early Friday morning and news of what happened was scarce, tell me if you all didn’t think it was a drug related hit of some sort and not the cops raiding his house. Come on no one could have believed it was law enforcement because he has been getting away with what he has been doing with the help of local police, some “upstanding” business people from Belmopan and some local government officials. It is no secret that he circumvents the law and has been getting away with it (until now).
    For all you fools trying to paint a pretty picture of this common thug… please you are not fooling anyone. When you all say he is innocent and clean it is the same as saying the Devil is as good and pure as God; you all know that is total bulls*@t and you all are probably on his payroll as well.
    The only thing I am not in agreement with in regards to the way the GSU conducted the raid was that they showed restraint in not putting a bullet in this scumbags head. We all know that if it was some poor a@% low level drug dealer from the South Side of Belize City that said drug dealer would have been riddled. Drug dealers are low life human garbage no matter how high flying or low level they are. They pray on the misery of their fellow man and cause nothing but grief and death, so they should be treated as one of the same.
    This is not about him being a Hispanic or jealousy (in a true society we seldom envy parasites that sell drugs) this is a case of right and wrong and the type of negativity that people of this caliber creates in a law abiding and God fearing society. By having such elements living among us we allow our fragile society to be corrupted and eroded from within. Then who should we fear when we are put in such a situation the GSU doing what we pay them to do or the drug dealer who only take from us and destroy our family structure by dealing addiction and death. So all you who defend this personification of the Devil I hope that the same drugs that he sells traps your children one day so you can see him for what he is; after all it is only Karma working it’s magic.

  33. Jessica Valdez says:

    ILiana we are so sorry about what happened to you and your family. We read the Belize headlines, and we were schocked. It’s sad to know that you guys are going through a tough time. God Bless you guys, an our prayers are with you!!

  34. 1 Day User says:

    Mike is guy, Jose Chacon is guy, liliana is for any man, she ran off with nigga when nigga came to san pedro and mike reported he missing, hahahaha, ship them back to flores, they got what dey deserve, the treat ppl unfairly when u go at their business place, the only ppl that is taking up for him is the ones who is like him and shake their booties like him on another man, they should keep them at hativille until they turn old and grey. THE WOARLD IS AROUND, it just turned on them same way how they were treating, mek dey tek dey lick ka they deserve it!

  35. JUSTICE says:

    The Minsters are the biggest drug leaders.

  36. ABC says:

    If you all have complaints about how u r treated at La Cabaña, then no none forces you to go there.. so plz stop complaining like ur always doing.

  37. 1 Day User says:

    @ ABC, justice prevails for it self. God noh d sleep thats why that the happen to them. And for the record every1 can voice their own opinions so if you don’t like it try yoh best OKAY!

  38. lovely says:

    This is our country. people like them come and take opportunities that we should get. I bet u u brok. Why? because u tek up fu them aliens

  39. just saying says:

    You talking bout disrespectful??? Read these comments these fools say every week.

  40. Iliana aka lala says:

    It’s a pity to see how ppl coment from stupid coments without caring there wher kids included in this stupid operation. Seriuosly? I was flushing drugs in the surige they say, obviously shrimps have more brains than who wrote that, and I’m no alien as the other one said, as long as I know I don’t have to be black to be belizean cause for your information you shrimp brains I’m born belizean, and you wonder how our place got so popular quick? Jejeje try working 18 hour or more every stinking day and you will see it pays off, cause wile u bone heads are snoring we are still working, and mike is wonderful as a human being and the best father ever to the point that he defended us till the end, I’m sure if u hear somebody in the middle of your sleep shooting at your house and then throwing your door down with heavy tools, I’m sure instead of defending your family you would poop. On like mike he stood up until the end. He is my hero and my kids hero to. So instead of hate, pray to god that it doesn’t happen to your family. Thank u don for your smart coments

  41. judit says:

    just heard from my mom about Mike, n that whole capture,,, it is indeed a very wrong move and we all know that, First of all there were kids and a pregnant wife. what’up with those people they thinking they are very smart and wana make it like a movie thing going on or wtf??? stupid racists. I cannot say if Mike is a drug dealer bcz as many of u …u were not there seeing with ur eyes, having doubts or hearing rumors dam those Belize people village people are the biggest gossipers i am happy i’m in the states n i dont know my !@#$%%^ neighbors. I can say i known Mike since i was like 10 and that is 15 years ago when he lived in Gallon Jug and from there i have seen and heard he is a very hard working man and i mean very hard working, a man that would do just about anything without hiding or being ashamed. i support them and pray for them, i read all the comments and it is so sad how much hate people hold. Yet i am not saying i support drug dealers to the contrary i hope they will get their one, but the person i know Mike is very hard working. God bless u guys and ur kids i hope they wont hold a trauma or something for all that accuse that !@#$%^ group of damaging ur kids comfort and their heads, i bet they will be scared of hearing a balloon pop from now on or nightmares thing. stay safe

  42. Bmp says:

    Nigel hawke you are right on the saying that(in a true society we seldom envy parasites that sell drugs)of course with all that bunch of nonsense crap you wrote,either you are a crack head or dont have feelings nor brainsthats the reason nobody would envy you!!!!!

  43. Lady D says:

    HaHaHa,1 day user you make me laugh with that ….. story hahahaha!!!!you are so full of $$$$it you really need a brain wash urgently,or maybe a little shake from G.S.U will refresh you.hahaha the circus in bmp needs a clown you know?well give it a try,working with the public will teach you a few lessons!!or they might ship just you back to the deepest jungle in africa where you came from!!!mmmhhhh!!!!hahahahahahahahahahah!!!

  44. Belizeangirl says:

    Dvirgen,you go back to mars!!!you have no clue of this world,less of whats happening in Belize ssshuuuuuu!


    Amigos ILiana y Miguel,los saludo desde el fondo de mi corazon. Esto que les esta pasando me llena de tristeza sabiendo que a mi personalmente me ha pasado muchas veces ya que cuando uno llega a cierto nivel de fama,la gente se llena de envidia y es poca la que nos quiere sinceramente,pero le estamos pidiendo a Dios todos nosotros desde aqui que les ayude y les habra los ojos a esa gente de mal corazon que los rodea,Senora D.P.P la saludo calurosamente y le suplico que no haga mas larga la espera de esta famila inocente,usted bien lo sabe!Saludos a mi gran amigo el Buki Belizeno.Familia Dios esta con ustedes,paciencia,Dios esta viendo todo.Amor Belize!!Se les quiere a todos.I will be there soon!Thank you for supporting our good friends Mike and Iliana,peace and love for all.!!!

  46. Jack says:

    G.S.U you really are messing our country all over,what you did to the Menjivars Family is just the portrait of whats happening to people not so popular but still humans.What kind of gangsters are you?You are taking over the streets but not to stop criminals but just to satisfy your power needs.I still cant believe you are being sent by the government,I can tell everyone not to judge the police in our areas for this,am sure nobody informs them of what these G,S,U criminals are doing!!!and still they are trying to protect and serve the country,even though they are left out.what will happen if they attack a family that does not have a licensed gun?who will protect that family from these criminal animals called g.s.u?if police have less authority than them?who the hell gave them authority anyways?who should we call?if the only above these criminals is the prime minister?is it you who we shall call when our lifes are endangerd by these bastards?If they give us time of course.poor people who are facing these hell creatures,everyday.may God give the serenity these families need.May he protect us from harm of these G.S.U

  47. I Have Awaken says:

    Marco Antonio Solis, aren’t you the little fella they call el buki? Please, for the love of the Creator, don’t use Mr. Solis name, have a little respect for a such a great artist, also I truly doubt that Marco Antonio Solis is monitoring Channel5 forums, i doubt this very much el buki.

  48. Wake up my people says:

    Belize is getting worst everyday with the G.S.U. how many more innocent people will be beaten up by these dogs with rabies?people we need to get together and start doing something about this! all are innocent until proven guilty,then why beat up everyone that meets on their way?

  49. Wake up my people says:

    The G.S.U abuse people then they plant stuff so they go straight to jail! is that fair for our people? and they laugh at their victims after the abuse. What kind of gangsters are these?

  50. Sleven says:

    The right way to do things is to infiltrate someone and get the evidence and then do the take down.who goes to make an arrest base on a hunch?Belize police have no class and no proffesional training mr.Police office above me…a hunch is not a valid reason to make a raid. I !@#$%^& hate when people speak and have no have any proffesional trainning in anything…please dont say !@#$ if you dont know nothing about proffessional police work or proffesional talk force…!@#$ you all piece of !@#$ police officer of Belize you dont know !@#$ about proffessionalism .i speak this way because you dont deserve to be spoken to you no other way…peace!

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