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May 18, 2011

San Pedro resident busted with lots of marijuana

Joseph Budna

A maroon Mitsubishi car with Guatemalan license plate appeared suspicious to Cayo cops. The car was intercepted on the Benque Viejo Road in San Ignacio Town. It was driven by thirty year old Joseph Budna, a freelance reporter of the DFC area of San Pedro, who you may recall facilitated the release of Belizean, Dennis Gonguez from a Guatemalan jail. Budna was in the company of a fifteen year old student of Roaring Creek Village. The officers searched the car and found three parcels of suspected cannabis. The marijuana weighed one thousand seven hundred and eighty four grams. Both Budna and the minor were charged for drug trafficking.

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26 Responses for “San Pedro resident busted with lots of marijuana”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Budna, I hope that halo is not morphing into horns but your little wings are about to catch fire. Now can we get the truth about that other incident a while back with you, the broken car window & the Police? And whose weed was Gonguez carrying in Guatemala?

  2. fromafar says:

    DRIVER!!! don’t stop at all……

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    This guy doesn’t look like he can roll up a stick of weed.I guess he’s been used as a trafficker because he probably wouldn’t fit the profile of what most people in Belize would consider a bad man.

  4. islander says:

    I knew budna’s story was too good to be true, the story about him being a good samaritan helping a Belizean drug trafficker get out of Guatemalan jail.

    It now all seems clear, Budna was simply helping secure bail for his MULE.

  5. islander says:

    And when they tried to kill him in his car,,,,,,hmmm yea no one just picks up strange men standing on a Belize city corner and gives them a ride…no one with common sense, it looks now like it was a drug deal gone wrong.

  6. roska says:

    hmmm…. so this was this the same guy who out of pure “philantropy” secured the release of another guy in melchor allegedly ALSO CAUGHT WITH MARIJUANA ……?????

    HMMM…. was that part of his stash also???…..

    sorry Budna…. just woke up today feeeling like being the devil’s advocate….

  7. ESSB says:

    Oh crap; so all this while we think this is one good samaritan; jail his @$$ so he can learn a lesson (hopefully).

  8. JG says:

    THAT GUY BUDNA IS A HUGE SCAMMER. i met him in san pedro years ago, a night i was partying. said he was a police officer, and he would arrest me for drinking while underaged. he offered to not report my offense, and instead said he would show me and my friends a good time on the island. offered us free drinks at a bar (that we couldnt find) a golf cart from a company (that we couldnt find). was weird that first he was attempting to fine us for underage drinking, then d next day offereing me and my friends a bunch of stuff, including alcohol. the second i saw him trying to get that guy released from guate prison, i thoughthe was fishy from teh beginning….even worse when gonguez lit up a spliff before the media left his house. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE THAT??????

  9. Concern Citizen says:

    from afar ur right DRIVER dont stop at all>>>>>>> I hope u keep driving>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. B groovy says:

    Free lance drug dealer…….

  11. Swamp Dragon says:

    Mope! I neva see him in San Pedro. Freelance journalist? In the DFC? What a mope!

  12. Earl Grey says:

    The marijuana weighed one thousand seven hundred and eighty four grams……MEANS NOTHING.

    HOW MANY POUNDS???????????? Something we can picture.


  13. Oh Sir Jasper says:

    Earl Grey…1,784 grams = 1.784 Kg = 3 lbs 15 ozs

  14. islander says:

    Earl Gray, I thought you always said you were educated…

  15. LARGE AND SEXY says:



  16. crime free belize says:

    This story get’s stranger by the minute,this guy is obviously “The” connection in both belize and guatemala for the marijuana trade between both countries,and look like he has connection at the very top.Now the government has done such a good job against the cultivation of marijuana in our country,our tourist dollars is now being pushed across the border,out the hands of belizeans.What i am trying to get at is,without jobs,and other means of making money,poor people will have no choice,but to turn to us hard working citizens,and rob us for the little we have.If we dont want to legalize marijuana for obvious reasons,then lets turn a blind eye to this problem,and if caught with marijuana,impose heavy fines,maybe ten times the value in fines.Tourist comes to places like belize,jamaica and the entire carribean,with the mind set,for our beautiful beaches,crystal clear waters and great marijuana.Lets keep our belize dollars in belize.

  17. Rodlovesbarrow says:

    how does a damp person become a drug dealer?

  18. jose says:

    large and sexy and to islander and others who seems to be jugdmental without knowing the bloody fact ok first get the story s8 then talk first of all san ignacio police found no drugs on me and be careful when using zeta if you dont know what that stands for and yes the person along with me was indeed a minor but a family member ,

  19. jose says:

    islander you can try to go and take joseph budna name off the votas list in san pedro and see were your @$$ will end up

  20. jose says:

    well mr budna is back home doing his normal every day work and that prove that no matter how bad how much some bad mind people would want me to fall or to give up … it just int working at all and like the saying cant keep a goodman down

  21. jose says:

    ill tell you this any of you people who are judging mr budna before asking questing yoll all remember him one of these fine bloody day the only think it would be too late ok

  22. jose says:

    first you all must realize that am a freelance journalist that had been behind alot of thing to get them stop and san ignacioand benque police had been very upset with budna for reporting there @$$ that is the reason they did what they had to do so as to mess me up but at the end of the day its coming back to them

  23. jose says:

    mr budna respect each and everybod point of view but i dont agree with what many of you are saying one indeed i had help mr Gongues with a clean heart and ones the LORD KNOWS THAT THEN AM GOOD TO GO OK

  24. jose says:

    oh sir jasper at least your eyes are open …. the police tells one media house budna had 4lb then to a other media house they said 3lb then to a other media house they said 5lb so pick sense out of nonse ok people the police did what dirty they needed to had done to try to mislead the public and mess upmr budna image but at the end of the day hell tell you all what happen how it happen when it happen and whose behind this $@!# ok member its not the first time mr budna had burst big people bags he tell it like it is ok that is why he got set up that is why some fools dont like him because he go to the point

  25. George says:

    I was in Peten in Guatemala today, and I saw him running freely on another vehicle buying tacoes today. He was set free by our justicee system. I asked, and it is said that he has a son studying in santa Elena…

  26. Anon says:

    Eventually the truth always comes out! I want you budna and everyone else involved to know that if you get out of the guat hospital for this
    Attest bust it is worse for you….. Messing with children lb
    Me that is sick…I hope you rot on earth before you get to hell to rot for eternity!

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