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May 9, 2011

Black Orchid Street Murder and 3 shooting victims

Donavan Bailey

The violence started on Friday night around seven-thirty. The first fatality of the weekend was Donavan Bailey. He was killed instantly from among a group of friends hanging out on Black Orchid Street off Mahogany Street.  The fatal shot caught Bailey on the right side of his chest and another bullet hit the nearby house injuring at least two family members. The shooters fled from the scene in the dark of the night. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Four men were shot while socializing in front of 4156 Black Orchid Street.  While the men were talking in the front yard, the gunman rode up to this parked car from which he aimed and fired into the group. Donavan Bailey was mortally wounded while he ran to the back of the house. There were kids inside the home when the shots were fired. One bullet penetrated the outer wall, then into the living room and through a bedroom wall before coming to a stop.  One of the victims, who wished to remain unidentified, was grazed on his stomach. His son was also shot in the ankle.

Jose Sanchez

“Did you or any of the gentlemen see who shot?”

Voice of: Shooting Victim

“Noh. We noh see nobody. It happened fast and they gone.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you were here hanging out socializing?”

Voice of: Shooting Victim

“Yeah just mi di socializing when they just appear and just start to shoot up cause where they came from dark, dark. I woulda really want wah lee light dah the lamppost. We always call pan BEL to come put wah lee light and they noh come at all. Cause the place dark and you can’t see nobody. That dah wah concern, we wouldn’t mind they come put wah light there cause we’ve been asking for light for years and still no light. Lone workers come and heng out yah. Everybody weh come yah got wah job. Dah just workers; everybody got wah job. They usually come socialize here and then after that everybody go home.”

Voice of: Neighbor

“This area is a peaceful area. All we do dah affiliate with each other and drink and that dah after work hours in the evening. This house noh known fi be no troublesome house, not known for a house of gun lying around and gang members hanging around. This dah noh know gang related nothing, this dah, I think, mistaken identity. We no know who come ya last night or how they look and what was their motive of coming here. We noh know why they choose this area fi come do what they did last night. They killed an innocent man cause Donovan dah somebody; wa work man weh drink too and sit down and talk fool and smoke ih cigarette. That is about it and they aim after two people weh dah innocent people too. Hard working people from work to home.”

According to the aunt of Donavan Bailey, his murder is painful.  He had a regular cleaning job at a gas station.  And though she raised him since he was a child, she fears that criminals may have associated her village with a particular city block in the former capital.

Shirlett Galvez, Aunt of Donovan Bailey

“Donavan was an easy going boy. All he likes to do is take his drink now and again pan Friday time. He no give no trouble; no back chat. Dah me mostly raise his right. Before ih ma dead, he was with me.”

Jose Sanchez

“I know he is not known to give trouble but ih got ih lee weed problems now and again.”

Shirlett Galvez

Shirlett Galvez

“Yeah, ih smoke ih weed but gives no problem.”

Jose Sanchez

“The people who were at the house said this sort of incident doesn’t really happened there, but what have they told you? What have you heard?”

Shirlett Galvez

Well, I no see none of them yet. Just what people are saying on the street.”

Jose Sanchez

“The rumors are that all the shootings are related, just one shooter, random shootings everywhere? Is there anyone that you know that would have wanted Donavan dead?”

Shirlett Galvez

“No, no. But I hear a rumor that all the manatee man da from George Street, but that dah noh so. Noh because we are from Manatee, we link up with George Street. So they say they want get all the Manatee man dem and that’s what they will do.”

On March eighteenth 2011, a gunman police identified as 22 year old Brandon Gibson, rode up to the same house on Black Orchid Street. His gun jammed and during a struggle, he lost his firearm and he was shot and killed with his weapon. Neighbors report that the area is too dark since the light on a lamp post has not been replaced.  Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Three others who were injured are thirty-five year olds Morillo Lazaro and Percival Torres as well as forty-four year old Joaquin Lazaro.  Seven nine millimeter Lugar brand expended shells were recovered from the scene.  Police are still looking for the perpetrators.

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5 Responses for “Black Orchid Street Murder and 3 shooting victims”

  1. Storm says:

    Here’s how we need to approach murders:

    Catch the killers, give them a fair trial, then HANG THEM!

  2. I Have Awaken says:

    Very, very odd: as a license firearm holder, I find it odd that not one single license gun dealer/distributor in Belize have 9MM rounds, except for Brodie’s; and the type of round they sell—Lugar. This can be easily verified. Reason for no 9mm? I was made to understand that the US Government is putting a blockade, per se, on ammunition coming into Belize, especially 9mm, due to terrorism related issues. However I have been unable to verify this from any official source, but was told for someone who works in this field; thus I needn’t much more convincing or evidence.

    So, the question is: How come it seems that the street criminals don’t seem to have a problem finding and using 9mm ammunition when licensed gun holders and even cops complain that they can’t find at any dealer in Belize, except for Brodie’s?

    These are all False Flag operations: get crime out of control and the people will be begging for the draconian laws; getting Barrow and minions closer and closer to total dictatorship.


    It Seems like Shirlett Galvez/Neighbor are putting their necks on the block for everyone’s reputation in their neighborhood.

  4. Earl Grey says:



    They can grow food for school lunches, build desks and chairs for schools, clean the highways……etc.

    Kolbe too close to The City.


  5. BZNinCALI says:

    Shirley, it may come as a surprise to you but being from Manatee is just as good a reason as any for these trigger happy fools when choosing their targets. I don’t know that I believe it but what matters is that you do. After going home for the funeral of a young family member, who had a job, was well behaved & just an all around Boy Scout, I no longer buy into this BS. These poor misunderstood, misguided souls were walking in the funeral procession drinking, sat on the graves at the cemetery smoking weed, threw weed & gang rags with the sweat from their brows on top of the coffin after the Priest said ashes to ashes. “Dah soh dey pickney behave”. “Dey pickney noh mean nothing by it” is a pile of BS that too many of our parents hide behind & our children continue to die. By the way, at least six of the young men at that funeral are now dead & everyone of their parents have told the same story. I’m not picking on you sister but as someone mentioned the other day we can only eat this elephant one spoonful at at time. We need to take our blinders off & understand that by harboring one criminal, we put an entire neighborhood at risk.

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