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May 9, 2011

Fireman shot while sleeping in firehouse

And an hour after the senseless shooting of the security guard, another shooting with apparently no known motive occurred. This time an innocent man was shot while he was sleeping inside a fire station. That’s right, the victim was actually lying on the floor in the bunk room of Fire Station number two at the corner of Warrie and Dolphin Street when he became victim number six since Friday night. At about two forty Saturday morning, Evan Martinez was sitting behind the desk in the office when a man wearing a green T-Shirt  with a black rag pulled over his face walked in with a loaded handgun.  Martinez struggled with the assailant and the gun went off. The bullet propelled into the room where three persons were sleeping; two on the bunks and one on the floor. The slug then grazed the side of the bed and hit the wall under the window. It consequently ricocheted off the wall and hit Kendis Longsworth on the shoulder.  But the assailant and another man wearing a white T-shirt escaped the scene. Officers retrieved one nine millimeter Luger brand shell from the scene. Similarly, seven nine millimeter Luger brand shells were retrieved from the scene of the murder of Donovan Bailey.  And a gunman wearing a white T-Shirt was also described as the shooter of the security guard one hour before.

Shooting victim number seven was a minor, who was targeted on Saturday while riding in the area of Mahogany Street. The seventeen year old was with a friend when two men exited a yard and one of them fired a single shot, which hit the minor on the left thigh. He was transported to the K.H.M.H. and since the incident, police have detained construction worker, thirty-nine year old Wilhelm Elliot, for questioning.

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8 Responses for “Fireman shot while sleeping in firehouse”

  1. I Have Awaken says:

    Belize is officially, 100%, in full anarchy and chaos. I told myself that when murders and harm to others in Belize [City] becomes senseless and without reason, then we are in serious, deep trouble—it is so now, these young men are simply on a murderous spree and I personally believe that this is all being orchestrated by powerful men [in GOB] to spread perpetual fear so that the people will beg them to pass the draconian laws they have pushing since Barrow came to power; to move ever so closer to full dictatorship. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    A famous saying goes: if you want to get away with something egregious—unspeakably shameful—make sure you do it so spectacularly that no-one will believe you could possibly be that evil. We have even coined a phrase to describe it: “unbelievably bad.” There are many such examples in quite recent history; and it is once again happening before our very eyes and we can’t see it.

  2. I Have Awaken says:

    Another Lugar brand ammunition. Coincidence? I think not. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  3. Earl Grey says:



    They can grow food for school lunches, build desks and chairs for schools, clean the highways……etc.

    Kolbe too close to The City.


  4. BZNinCALI says:

    Why is a 39 year old in the middle of this mess? Is the next step to burn whatever will burn? As soon as we catch the fool on this rampage, please make sure he resists, take him out & save us the stress of a trial.

  5. islander says:

    Dear “I HAVE AWAKEN” You are not awake at all, in fact it is possible that you are in a coma.

    LUGAR is not a brand of ammunition but a designation, a name. Do some research and you’ll find it. ALL 9MM ammunition that has a dimensions 9mm x 19mm are designated Lugar. RESEARCH THE REST

  6. Toledo Worker says:

    islander so wtf???? you know sumting. congrats!!! u want a trophy???? or u just jealous caz somebody is smart??

  7. I Have Awaken says:

    Islander; firstly, I send light and love from the Creator. Secondly, for frame of reference, I quote myself,” Another Lugar brand ammunition. Coincidence? I think not. WAKE UP PEOPLE!”

    Thirdly, I meant — the ammunition was not a .38, not a .22LR, not .380ACP/auto etc.

    Fourthly, I have posted another thread that only Brodie’s — I have been informed and have verified as of a week ago — is carrying 9mm ammunition; thus the reason I stated and I once again quote, “Another Lugar brand ammunition. Coincidence? I think not. WAKE UP PEOPLE!”

    To elaborate a bit; and I am paraphrasing my comment from that thread –Black Orchid Street Murder and 3 shooting victims — : I stated that I find it interesting that, as a license gun holder, it is almost impossible to find and buy legal 9mm ammunition, yet the criminals seem to have an abundance of it.

    Fifthly, you are indeed correct when you indicated that 9mm and Luger is one and of the same.

    However; it is of great importance in understanding what is read in the context of a statement/sentence etc and not only the words with arrogance as a catalyst to interpretation and response. I did not mention my fourthly statement on this thread, thus the reason you may have had some confusion of what I meant. No hard feelings. I am sure we can argue semantics for a while, but I will pre-digress for semantics is arid.

  8. I Have Awaken says:

    Also, it is Luger as in Georg L. Luger. Thus, we were both wrong on that part.

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