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May 6, 2011

Murder at Louisiana Government School: 17 year old charged

Shamir Gonzalez

Shamir Gonzalez was killed at the compound of the Louisana Government School in Orange Walk on Wednesday afternoon. Tonight, a seventeen year old is charged with his murder while a thirteen year old and twenty-year old Adoni Jah were also arraigned earlier today for abetment to commit murder. According to family members, Shamir went to the school along with his brother, Yassir to pick up their youngest brother, ten year old Zair because of earlier threats made by a group that included the suspects.  A fight broke between the two groups and Shamir was hit on the neck with a metal pipe; he never regained consciousness. The fight is believed to have been triggered over a girl with whom Zair was reportedly seen. On Thursday, Yassir recounted the tragic incident.

Yassir Gonzalez, Brother of the Deceased

“My bredda si it and fi mek deh nuh chance me he push weh the next bwai fi mek deh avoid fi beat me and then the bwai bigga bredda come een eena di compound with an iron pipe and then ih wap ah the back ah ih head. And then when that happened the bwai run but then his older bredda like pick we up and ask wat dah di problem with his two lee bredda and then my bredda he mi can’t like stand up good and he just drop pahn di ground.”

Andrea Polanco

“So when your brother was hit in the back that was the only time one of the boys hit him?”

Yassir Gonzalez

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yeah, I guess if he mi cudda, if he mi see it, deh neva mi cudda hit ah, but like how deh come from the back and knock ah back ah ih head.”

Andrea Polanco

“Ok, so you tried talking to him while he was down on the ground?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yes but he neva ansa me nothing.”

Andrea Polanco

“Was he bleeding or anything?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“No bleeding, he was just like knock out on the ground. And he mi just di breathe, but soft and then we di try like pick ah up or ker ah eena wah car and then no teach mi wah offer wi wah car. None ah deh mi not even want mek we get close to my bredda.”

According to Yanely, Shamir’s sister, by the time the family got to the hospital, he had already died. A postmortem conducted on Gonzalez’s body on Thursday listed the cause of death as hemorrhage due to acute lung failure and trauma caused by the blow to his back and neck.

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13 Responses for “Murder at Louisiana Government School: 17 year old charged”

  1. Justice says:

    This is sad news. What have this world come to? Children should be innocent and shouldn’t be exposed to violence. The government should put more effort in providing activities or kids so that way they won’t be exposed to violence. As well parents should also play a roll in disciplining their kids and always know what their kids are up to.

  2. mustard says:

    This is just terrible, our young people getting so violent, and the teachers doing nothing? but watch, how can this happen? this is a very terrible, sad tale. Where were the teachers? they should of intervened in this mess of young boys, unless they were scared of the young men?
    Why is it, that Belizeans never intervene in seeing something going down wrong?
    I hope these kids are charged with murder. Children should be safe at school and safe from other children. tI would be interesting to see the friends and grades of these young hooligans.

  3. Earl Grey says:

    FIGHTING OVER A GIRL……………. how sad.


    Kolbe too close to Belize City.

  4. Drama says:

    So much for the back in the day fist fight now these cowards pick up weapons to hide their cowardness but seriously parents should explain to teen boys especially that their is more than one woman for a man out there in the world if she ain’t yours then move on someone else will definetly come along……nuff said

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    We complain about the crazies in Belize City but the insanity has infected the whole country. Yesterday, this sounded like a group of young men with too much testosterone & an irresponsible school staff. Our children are now murdering each other because a 10 year old boy was seen with a girl??? Has everyone lost the mother slapping minds?

  6. Gustav says:

    Our age to treat criminals as juvenile offenders is too high. Kids today are quite sophisticated, and carry out serous offences.

    I say we should lower the age to try them as adults FOR SERIOUS CRIMES to 16, maybe even 14. I wouldn’t hang them under 18, but I would lock them up and let them die in prison.

    Take a life, pay the price.

  7. eighteen street gang says:

    according to the death no one will do nothing the !@#$%^& police is a $@#! in belize what we have to do is take matter into our own hands or in other words payback .just like what happened almost 6 months ago in bella vista when honduran national a was murdered the police hasnt done anything these lazy !@#$%^&**( the most of them !@#$%^& black gorrillas dont do anything because he was a spanish but you what we the eighteen street gang will retaliate.these ………. !@#$%^& who killed him will die too even the dumb@$$ police .. the police !@#$ la policia they will get the feeling too these words come from an eighteen street click that will be coming from las campaneras soyapango honduras wont know the date nor the time ..the deaths will be just another headline,,

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    @eighteen street gang, your homie’s murder did not go unpunished because he was “spanish”. It went unpunished like most murders in Belize because people like you have threatened witnesses & instilled enough fear in them to make them give up any semblance of civic pride & community responsibility. Racism does not help the situation, it only puts poor folks & the people who are already struggling to get by at an even bigger disadvantage. Let’s not forget that a foreign national is now under arrest for killing Espat & neither of them are your so called “black gorillas”. Belizeans have to work together to stop the destruction of our society.

    It’s Mothers Day, if you have a mother, look at her & imagine how she will feel when she has to go to the morgue to identify your bullet ridden body & ask yourself if her pain is worth the temporary euphoria you will feel after taking another life.

  9. I Have Awaken says:

    eighteen street gang, you sound like some frustrated kid who have watched one too many movies, thus the perpetual cycle of ignorance and negative polarization. You will solve nothing from harming another, you will feel no joy, you will simply become and empty vessel with a confused soul that will exist instead of live and learn the meanings of life. So sad, some people chose to hate and harm the world in a perpetual cycle, yet they fail the realize they only hurt themselves. I ask the Creator to guide you my fellow human and I ask the Creator to show you that the catalyst of pain is to teach us to appreciate life and to love everything and everyone for everything and everyone is you and you it. I give Thanksgiving to the Creator and ask you to guide to lost, help them, I beg of you to see the light and not perpetuate the darkness and negative polarity we now face.

  10. WTF says:

    to eighteenth st… is that type of thinking and your type of attitude as to why these things happen….

  11. Swamp Dragon says:

    18 street gang, you sound like one of these !&$%*#g …. thugs. Is that how you want to live your life. Waiting to be killed for running your mouth like that. It is one thing to do so behind a screen name, it is quite another to do so on street. Be humble bwai. I don’t know your age but you sound young. Stay in school. Go to college. Learn to solve your problems through intelligence. You will be happier and live a long healthy life, if you can do so. If it is not already TOO LATE!

  12. Earl Grey says:

    eighteen street gang says:

    …. the police hasnt done anything these lazy !@#$%^&**( the most of them !@#$%^& black gorrillas dont do anything…………..

    THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF……………………… sad…………..

  13. Belizean Gial says:

    to begin with if parents would set a better example to their kids then these children would grow up respecting everyone else and understand the true virtue of patience instead of hating n fighting. i have seen 3 year olds cursing and being impatience n they cant even walk well. these are all learn from watching parents. now a 17 year old has ended the life of another human being n his very own. he is charged for murder what a waste of two young belizeans lives who COULD have possible been more in life than what they ended up being. Tragedy!

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