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May 5, 2011

Minors fight and teen bludgeoned; murder at Louisiana Government School

Shamir Gonzalez

In the other homicide, a brawl involving two sets of siblings ended in a senseless murder at a school in the north on Wednesday evening. Three minors from Orange Walk Town are expected to be arraigned shortly in connection with the murder of a nineteen year old ITVET student, Shamir Gonzalez. Shamir and Yassir Gonzalez were waiting for the younger brother, Zair, at the Louisana Government School.  A brawl broke with two students of the school who police have identified as minors.   Shamir was hit on the neck with a metal pole and died soon after he was rushed to the hospital. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports from Orange Walk Town.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

It was here, near the second gate on the grounds of Louisiana Government School, that nineteen year old Shamir Gonzalez was hit unconscious during a fight involving his two brothers. According to Gonzalez’s brother who was there on the school grounds, the fight involved a group of minors. But after the fight ended the ITVET student never regained consciousness:

Yassir Gonzalez

Yassir Gonzalez, Brother

“One ah di lee bwai already had wah stick he mi either wah wap me down off my bike or if we fight he mi wah use it so then fi avoid he fi wap me down off my bike. I get down off my bike and I step up to ah and say best thing me and he go one pahn one instead ah mek everybody get involved and that dah wen he tek di stick and he mi wah wap me eena my head. Then I put my hand front and then wen I grab the stick and that dah wen ih buss open my hand. He come een fi help ah and then my bredda si it and then fi mek deh nuh chance me he push weh di next bwai fi mek deh avoid fi beat me and then the bwai bigga bredda come een eena di compound with an iron pipe and then ih wap ah the back ah ih head. And then when that happened the bwai run but then his older bredda like pick we up and ask wat dah di problem with his two lee bredda and then my bredda he mi can’t like stand up good and he just drop pahn di ground.”

Andrea Polanco

“So when your brother was hit in the back that was the only time one of the boys hit him?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yeah, I guess if he mi cudda, if he mi see it, deh neva mi cudda hit ah, but like how deh come from the back and knock ah back ah ih head.”

But yesterday’s murder was the result of an old threat made to Shamir’s younger brother some two months ago, by boys unknown to them, all because of a girl.

Yassir Gonzalez

“No this dah like first time I di see them, but then deh say that how, the thing is that deh get jealous cause my lee bredda mi di talk to wah gial. And deh tell my lee bredda continue to talk to di gial deh wah beat up ah and deh wah bruk ih jaw and everything. I didn’t go to Zena’s school for almost two months soh and then wen I went to look for my nephew cause I came out early and dat dah when they start cussing and telling me those things.”

Andrea Polanco

“So all of this is because of a girl?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yes, I think suh. I think dat dah how deh look pahn it but fi me I gone protect my lee bredda.”

Today the Gonzalez family says that Shamir would still be alive if he was taken to the hospital immediately:

Yassir Gonzalez

“My bredda stay deh like bout fifteen minutes pahn the ground cause no teacha mi wah help we not even di principal nobody.”

Andrea Polanco

“Ok, so you tried talking to him while he was down on the ground?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yes but he neva ansa me nothing.”

Andrea Polanco

“Was he bleeding or anything?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“No bleeding, he was just like knock out on the ground. And he mi just di breathe, but soft and then we di try like pick ah up or ker ah eena wah car and then no teach mi wah offer wi wah car. None ah deh mi not even want mek we get close to my bredda.”

Andrea Polanco

“So after all of that happen they took your brother to the hospital was he still alive?”

Yassir Gonzalez

“Yes but barely cause like he stay wah long while on the ground and he like breathing done mi di stop already.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you think if he was rushed earlier to the hospital he might still be alive today?”

Yassir Gonzalez


Yanely Osgalla

Yanely Osgalla, Sister

“They didn’t do anything and at that time the teachers and the principal just watched everything and when my little brother dropped on the ground, they just like just stood there and my other brother said about fifteen minutes after they called the police and until then they got assistance. I guess this thing was kind of thing of neglect because the doctor said he could’ve lived but it was due to that if he was earlier at the hospital they could have attended to him but they just left him there like a dog.”

Around four yesterday, the police were called to the Louisiana Government School, but shortly after, they were informed that Shamir had died at the Northern Regional Hospital.

ASP Eugene Fuentes, Investigating Officer

“Twenty minutes later we learnt that one Shamir said Shamir had died. The scene was visited whereby we recovered a metal pole measuring between six to seven feet long.”

Eugene Fuentes

Andrea Polanco

“From what I understand from the family it was a group of boys involved, the police expect to maybe charge all of these persons involved?

ASP Eugene Fuentes

“We are presently conducting the investigation. I am looking at charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. At this time I have three of the minors of detained and before the end of the day charges will be laid.”

Andrea Polanco

“Has it been determined who was the one who hit Shamir with the pole?”

ASP Eugene Fuentes

“Yes there is evidence to indicate who hit whom?”

And even as three of the minors involved have been detained it is no real consolation to the family, and getting justice will help them cope with their grief.

Yassir Gonzalez

“I nuh so sure yet ah nuh know maybe the things he mi wah do I wah do it. Cause he mi wah be wah chess champion and he mi teach me fi play chess, so maybe deh got wah chess tournament dah Belmopan so I di look fi win it fi he.”

Yanely Osgalla

“The only thing I want is for the police and them to do justice because even if they are kids I just want them to  just feel in some kind of way the pain we are going through.”

Orange Walk police say that investigations are ongoing but so far they don’t contemplate charges will be brought against the Gonzalez. Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

At news time, police say that the charges will include Murder and Abetment to Murder.

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20 Responses for “Minors fight and teen bludgeoned; murder at Louisiana Government School”

  1. stranger says:

    MY HEArt goes out to the gonzalez familiy even though i dont know them but i feel the pain cause i have 3 boys and one girl and i dont want to imagine loosing them that way or for them to even feel any kind of pain. even when i loose 20 dollars i get distracted but thats nothing compared to loosing a close love and all u have is loving memories. but stay strong family stick togather still
    bless up

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Let them fight over the girls at Kolbe but they need to go to jail. Even if the school staff feared being assaulted, they could have & should have called the police as soon as they sensed trouble they could not control.


    The fight took place on school grounds, and at least the teachers could have been responsibly by immediately calling the police to come intervene.
    We cannot blame the teachers solely for the death of the student, nor the fight that took place on the school grounds.
    The brother did say that his brother was threatened before his death. How come the victim or his family didn’t make a report to the school, and the police, they could have taken some responsibility as well. Although I had expected the teachers to have called the police immediately, we cannot solely blame them for this incident. The teachers are there to educate, not play security guards, and what if they had physically intervene the situation could have only gotten worst for everyone.
    Do we need to have security guards outside the gates of the school yards now?

  4. Justice says:

    This is so ridiculous and sad. My poor Belize! Again what is our useless PM trying to do to reduce crime rate? It seems as if his interpretation of being PM is to fill the pockets of his family and drain the Belizean people and ignoring the very people who voted him there.

  5. Corozal Queen says:

    This is a sad case. What is going on in our primary schools????????????? Where were the teachers and principal?????????????? Someone could have stop this tragedy.

  6. ow says:

    this is surprising…it seems crime is skyrocketing!!!orange walk seems to be changing from peaceful to “crime-full”!!!!

  7. confused says:

    somebody in the school has to be responsible, not legally, but administratively. we need to start to hold people responsible in this country for things to change.
    the legal part: I am for charging teens who do vilolent crimes as adults, show the media their faces and give their names and give them adult sentences, 30-life in jail. do the crime do the time!!!

  8. MACAL RIVERA says:




  9. NOLA says:

    so sad. cops should have been called ASAP!

    they lee buay want act like man, they need fu get lock up like man!

  10. j killa baby borther says:

    Raymond killa Gentle… r.I.p. to all the yuths that lose there lifes to vilocen in belize . Gone too soon,ohby the way happy early mothers day mom…

  11. Bz says:

    They should charge the teachers with negligence. Shame on them. If they do not get charged, I hope they have nightmares about this for the rest of their lives, they deserve it.

  12. chabelli says:

    Remember to charge the principakl and teachers who had a duty to at lea call 911 this is no play ok

  13. Ginseng says:

    “They didn’t do anything and at that time the teachers and the principal just watched everything and when my little brother dropped on the ground, they just like just stood there and my other brother said about fifteen minutes after they called the police and until then they got assistance. I guess this thing was kind of thing of neglect because the doctor said he could’ve lived but it was due to that if he was earlier at the hospital they could have attended to him but they just left him there like a dog.”

    heartwrenching. shame on the school.

  14. Roy Yates says:

    What a country? In need of serious Spiritual healing. Its the only way that will give reality to love others as we love ourselves, then it will not be so easy to take the life of our fellow human being. No amount of laws will stem the tide of violence. The concious cosmic change must come from within each person.

  15. roska says:

    Two older brothers go to school to “protect ” their “lee bredda”…. not to pick a fight….hmmm..
    why not report it to the police????? or to the school authorities…???? what business they have inside a school compound in the first place.???? .”and I step up to ah and say best thing me and he go one pahn one….” is that protecting ???

    I guess we must first try to answer these questions before blaming the principal and teachers…
    They are not security officers…!!!!
    People… people…. it we were as quick in finding solutions to our moral problems and poor parenting as we are quick to BLAME OTHERS…. Belize would be a much better place….!!!

    sadly one of these “protectors” will not have time to reflect on his mistake that afternoon… a young life down the drain…. as for the pole wielding youths….. pay the consequences for your actions…..kill like a man….. be charged like a man….

  16. Tiredoftheblamegame says:

    Two media houses giving differing stories, in the other story the young man Gonzalez said nothing about teachers and principal standing around and doing nothing. We are quick to lay blame but are very slow in suggesting solutions. This is such an unfortunate situation and I am sorry for the lost of this family, but there are too many discrepancies in the story. Go online and read both accounts given by the same person and tell me you are not confused. These are young men from a good productive family who send them to school and give them all the necessities, so who or what is to be blamed for this incident? No job? Southside? being black? Come on people let us call this for what it is an unfortunate incident which could have been avoided if calmer heads had prevailed

  17. Mad at all the crime says:

    Let me make something clear…..It’s useless to sit on our a**es and blame the Government. Bottom line is, parents ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB! Spare the rod you spoil the child. Parents are so neglegent and love to turn a blind eye to things happening around and jump to defend their children. When u do wrong, you do wrong, why hide it? This sixth former should have never have found himself in that situation in the first place. As a sixth form student he should have known better, been alot more mature about the situation and he should have complained to the principal or to the police. As the older one he should have been more mature.

    STOP blaming GOB and start blaming PARENTS, they need to start teaching their children how to channel their energies into possitive stuff and not be idle and attack at the first bark. Our yourth of today have so much anger, so much hate bottled up inside and find the slightest oppertunities to lash out. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!! PARENTS, WAKE UP AND DO YOUR JOB THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!!!

  18. astonished says:

    hmm dats so sad to hear…i cant believe that happen ina the school grounds and noone did anything to avoid that fight! what happened?

    i know those little boys that love to heng their altough the arent attending the school…jus to go mess with the girls! the principal should have noticed that and reported it to police because that is loitering….where is the security? youths youths… your life! i know that wen someone is in a fight you are able to do anything because of tye nerves…….its better to prevent than lament!

    so sad that shamir gonzalez went to heaven at an early age……! hay abimael why u choose that road?…parents please show more to the children mein,maybe thats the reason the children are being violent! talk to your child,gain their convidence, make them feel loved and so they will be loving their live. abimael i really feel this for you….but i do believe in justice! maybe you didnt mean it or it was just the nerves and you just overreact witout measuring your actions! SAD SAD….TWO OF OURS YOUTHS! ONE WENT TO HEAVEN AND ANOTHER BEHIND BARS……WHERE IS LOVE MEIN,WHERE??

  19. chabelli says:

    At 17 I had no time to even play now these guys must be an example for our ids sake


  20. boskunu says:

    Now so sad what happen at that school in Orange Walk Town , what the minister of education will do now with the school staff, reprimanded them show the corporal punishment to them or investigate and forward results to the police. .

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