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May 5, 2011

A walk to heal wounds

Diana Hall

There’s another positive event taking place this weekend and it has to do with the crime wave sweeping across the country. While most law enforcement officers are occupied with searching for suspects, a lone officer is on a different mission.  Assistant Superintendent Diana Hall is on a quest to unite the clergy in standing up against crime and violence.  She plans to do so on Sunday when she hosts a healing walk through the principal streets of the Old Capital.  Although the idea of a peaceful protest to signal the need for change has become commonplace Hall says she was spiritually chosen to head this initiative.

Diana Hall, Assistant Superintendent

“The Lord spoke to me and asked me to inform this nation to get the churches to come together as one body and pray for the healing of this nation.  As you are aware the crime situation is really high and recently, I think it’s yesterday or the day before with the throwing of this grenade, and I’d like to mention that the only reason why I believe that that grenade did not go off is because we have two pastors living in that area and God takes care of his own.  So this healing walk I have invited the churches to come out on Sunday, May 8th at two p.m. starting on North Front Street.  And I want to appeal to the different organizations, the schools, different groups to come and join in this cause because I know that we are fed up with this crime situation.  So I want to appeal to the public at large to come out and let’s take this to a higher level, we need God’s intervention in this time.”

Isani Cayetano

“It’s a bit interesting that this initiative would come from a police officer and I know it has more to do with your religious belief as opposed to your profession in law enforcement.  Can you tell us why it is important for other denominations to join in an ecumenical initiative such as this one?”

Diana Hall

“Well we serve one God and I think the pastors and the reverends and the different church leaders need to put religion aside and come together.  As a matter of fact the scripture that the Lord gave me talks about unity so I know this is something that he wants that churches should come together.  I am certain that the churches are praying separately for the divine intervention of God in this nation but they need to come together as one body.  The same way they tell us when two or three are gathered together in his name it’s the same way he wants the church to come together as one body and pray for the healing of this nation.”

According to the officer she has received confirmation from several N.G.O.s from across the city who will be joining her in the healing walk as a show of solidarity come Sunday.  The walk comes on the heels of a similar activity organized by the student government of the University of Belize recently.

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10 Responses for “A walk to heal wounds”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Marching is great & I am glad these people believe that God was protecting two of their ministers from the grenade but we have to address the problems with witness intimidation & teaching adults how to be parents. Good luck & I hope together you all can come up with a solution or ways to reach out to parents whose children have become a menace to society.

  2. Earl Grey says:



  3. belizeang says:

    Ms. Diana I know u personally from I was growing up I am so Glad that u found the Lord in your heart..People it doesn’t matter your religious just please live by his Diving killing including abortion, no stealing, be kind to on one another and all will fall into place…God Bless.

  4. amir castellanos says:

    We all need to open our eyes and realize that the parents (mothers) have failed to society. The human development services have failed and so have the schools; but everything begins at home and
    99% of the time the MOTHERS are the ones who uphold their kids in their mischief and misbehavior.

  5. MACAL RIVERA says:


  6. Aaron ara says:

    WELL, Honestly i don’t know why this person stop fooling herself because i know her very well. She is guilty of many injustice, ill practice, bad behavior and attitude towards her personnel where she is presently working. she is guilty of plotting lies, together with her favourite accomplices about innocent hard working officers at the branch i wish Isani Cayetano or Jules Vasques would revisit the branch where she works but have the appropriate personnel be interviewed, the entire nation would not be surpirsed to hear…………pretending to be someone close to god and using his name wrongfully, GOD WILL PUNISH YOU , YOU ARE GUILTY OF SOME MANY THING AND YOU KNOW THAT TO YOURSELF. STOP FAKING THE BELIZEAN PEOPLE. I heard you mention God asking you to do four things one of which is witchcraft, i didn’t know religious people believe in witchcraft……………which god are you serving…….I know of many of your ill practice and i believe you need to repent you are guilty, my people i am not lying i am speaking from the bottom of my heart and the good lord is my guide at all time. why is it that you ran to the media to tell them about yourself speaking to god , why didn’t you go to church instead of the media, Have you ever consulted your church leader i bet you didn’t. do you believe that the media attention you getting would change other mind about who you are…….I heard you mention about prayer service on Thursdays at your work, have you ever asked yourself why only three of you attends that service because you have caused that branch personnel to separate from you and your favourite officers who you brought from C.P.U. THE ENTIRE NATION MIGHT NOT KNOW THAT BUT THE PERSONNEL WORKING DIRECTLY UNDER COMMAND KNOW WHO YOU, STOP FOOLING YOURSELF PLEASE, YOU HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM, GOD DOES NOT WANT YOUR APPEARANCE IN HEAVEN, HE WANTS WHAT IS INSIDE OF YOU AND YOUR HEART AND HE WILL JUDGE YOU WHEN THE TIME COMES BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE OKKKK YOU MAY WANT TO REFRAIN FROM USING GODS NAME…..

  7. Angry Woman says:

    @ Ms Aaron Ara, didn’t your mother tell you to shet your mouth if you don’t have anything good to say. Why you hating on someone who is trying to do something positive? Try man up and do something good for your country and stop running your mouth like a #/$@#. What’s really your problem? Guess you are one of those guys who can’t stand to see a woman in charge right. Well get use to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bradford Berry says:

    Use your real name she who throws the stone must not hide her hands. The bible says that those nearest to you will prosecute you makeing false accusations and slandering your name all for their personal gain!

  9. Cayodawg says:

    We are all sinners and all are welcome to change due to the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter who u are or who u were no one knows your heart but God Almighty so let’s not taint people’s name for the sake of it….
    MATHEW 7:3-5
    3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  10. a follower says:

    At Aaron Ara,

    I challenge you to walk in her shoes! I am more than sure than you cannot even step your toes in them and walk in a straight line. It’s so sad to see such people like yourself hiding in the dark trying to preach false information. we all know that the devil is a busy man, and unfortunately he used you to try and bring down this strong woman. If you my friend, is a true follower of God as you claim, then you should have been a part of the march showing what you believe is a good example of a follower of God. But as i mentioned, the devil used you…You are not hated for the message either, we pray for you. God loves you! Miss Hall loves you. unlike the bad person you paint her to be, she is quite the opposite. You are just a broken person, you need to pray for yourself as we pray for you…God Bless.

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