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Apr 29, 2011

Citizens Group raising funds to buy handcuffs for cops

Julian Sherrar

If you ever saw police detain several individuals on a street corner, you would notice that at times instead of handcuffs, officers would use plastic tie wraps to restrain their suspects. Well the People’s Coalition of Cayo, a citizens group, also noticed that officers were using the construction material to make arrests, and they are on a mission to equip officers in their districts with bonafide handcuffs. News Five spoke via phone to Special Constable and Vice President of the Group, Julian Sherrard about their efforts.

Via Phone: Julian Sherrard, Vice President of the People’s Coalition of Cayo

“There are a number of policemen who don’t have handcuffs and so we are hoping to get handcuffs for every police man on the beat. The exact amount I think right now is at forty-five and we’re at thirty-six. So we are doing very well so far and then we are also looking to equip every police man with a maglite or at least every patrol car with a maglite because we’ve seen incidences where police go out at night and don’t have the proper equipment—either safety equipment for themselves—for example: the safety vest, the reflector vests or flashlights or that sort of thing. So basically we’re going through one thing at a time—if the policemen need something, we do what we can. We see that the government is strapped for cash as usual and so we are trying to fill the gaps where we can. We cannot be a substitute for the government obviously. The government has far more to put in than we as individuals have, but we feel that we can make a different in the life of every policemen and women. We certainly appreciate the hard work that they do.”

Jose Sanchez

“Was there a particular incident that made you notice that there weren’t enough handcuffs?”

Via Phone: Julian Sherrard

“Yes, one of our board members who happens to be working as a special constable with the San Ignacio Police Department was lending the use of his vehicle and he was the driver and they had an incident where there were three guys being arrested. Quite a dangerous situation where people were drinking and there were some violence involved. And so there were three guys being arrested and this board member noticed that there was only this one set of handcuff. So to try to bundle three men who have been drinking into a vehicle when you are arresting them and they may not be in the best of moods, could be dangerous for the driver, for the policemen and for the guys themselves.”

According to Sherrard, Maglites cost about one hundred U.S. dollars each and the handcuffs are sold for approximately twenty five U.S. dollars.  If anyone would like to contact Sherrard his number is 625-1770. And to donate to the handcuff drive, you can make a direct deposit to Belize Bank, People’s Coalition of San Ignacio, 650-1-1-21179.

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7 Responses for “Citizens Group raising funds to buy handcuffs for cops”

  1. Swamp Dragon says:

    How the Police no got no cuffs? Until they receive the resources to do the job properly, things gonna be bad all over. I remember a policeman in San Pedro used to carry his pistol in his pocket. One time he get out the truck and the gun fall out on to the street. Man these guys need the proper tools for the job. At the very least, they need to feel equipped. How the police gonna be in charge with no cuffs, holsters, flashlights, etc?

  2. BELIZEAN says:

    Shame on the government of Belize, instead of wasting the money on strip-clubs and bars hear in florida they should invest on things that matter like equipment for our law enforcemt officers and military.I have seen it with my own eyes and they have admit to it they are in to milk the system.They dont care cause they can get away with it .It only takes one person to make a diffrence, look around the world people are tired of coruption and they are making their voice be heard Belize needs to start doing it also ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS , STOP THE CORUPTION….

  3. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    The Plastic ties works fine, they even used them in the States, use that money for something else like maybe bullet proof vest for the cops they can use it. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  4. awrk says:

    Very good what People’s Coalition of Cayo is doing, Shame Shame Shame on Government how they waste money on so many things and can’t buy equipment for police officers, much less give they police enough training, the government needs to give the police a much higher standard, train them better, increase their pay, then if the police do something corrupt, punish them also. GOB will say no money to train, equip, and pay more. Yes there is lots lots money, just stop the ministers fromm giving their girl friends cars, just the gas that these vehicles use per week is a lot. I travel Between Cayo And Belize everyday and you will see lots lots vehicles with one lady or one man in the vehicle and the vehicle has government plates and these vehicles travel daily between belmopan and belize. Go to westar gas station at night 10 in night and you see government vehicles coming drivers with their girlfriends too buy drinks, and the poor belizeann people have to pay for the vehicle and the fuel, this money could be used to help the police.

  5. solo says:

    yes electrical tie wraps are even more effective and they are really cheap!!! i will get them at habet and send them a pack !!!! those don’t need keys !!! why do we give criminals expensive bangles, they !….ing love that $@!# anyways, they feel proud with them bangle , tie wrap their ….. as well !!


    I don’t know why policemen use the plastic tie wrap for hand cuff, they should use it around the neck of the criminals, wrap it around them neck six times and hang them from the lamp post in front of the police station, cuffs are too comfortable for these DAMM criminials.

  7. kreation rebel says:

    Plastic hand restraints are not cost effective, for a pack of 100 it cost 123.00 us $ they are not reusable, so that means they would end up in a landfill. Plastic is not biodegrable and harmful to our environment… A police grade metal handcuff is 20.00 us dollars comes w 2 keys… you and can be reused for life if properly maintaned.. Thumbs up to the people’s coalition…….

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