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Apr 27, 2011

B.D.F. soldier found guilty of murdering his wife

Just before five o’clock today a jury decided on the fate of a B.D.F. soldier who was accused with the murder of his wife. Raquel Requeña had separated from her husband, Glenford “Bucket” Bermudez in November, 2007, and when he found out that she had a new boyfriend, he flew into a jealous rage and went looking for her with a shotgun. The mother of seven was ambushed on the Boom/Hattieville Road and was murdered execution style inside her taxi. The jury of ten men and two women found Bermudez guilty of Requeña’s Murder. The trial lasted two weeks in the Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord and today’s unanimous verdict came after four and a half hours of deliberation. The prosecution called fifteen witnesses, who testified against Bermudez. They included Luis Cambranes, who said he was driving behind Requeña’s taxi and saw when a blue vehicle swerved into her path, a man got out of the car and shot her once from close. Cynthia Andrews also testified; she was a passenger in Requeña’s taxi at the time of the heinous murder. While they were on the scene, neither witness got a good look at the shooter, but circumstantial evidence provided by Glenford Fuller helped the case. Fuller was with two friends at the Hattieville dumpsite and witnessed when Bermudez ran into the area, cut the wire from an old washing machine and attempted to hang himself on a nearby tree. Police also found the murder weapon in the trunk of Bermudez’ car later that day. Following the trial, News Five caught up with Requeña’s daughter, who said the family has been having a difficult time coping since the murder of her mother.

Daughter of Raquel Requeña

“Ih rough, especially fi my lee sista—ih rough. And she seven and ih rough fi ahn ina school. Only she know weh ih di go through. Ih noh talk weh happen—ih just show it ina ih school work.

In court, Bermudez denied all allegations and gave a very different story. He told the court that he was also running a taxi on the Boom/Hattieville road and was carrying a passenger, referred to only as “Hyde”. Bermudez further claimed that Hyde pointed a firearm at him and ordered him to stop the vehicle and that’s when he swerved in front of Requeña’s taxi. According to Bermudez, he escaped from the vehicle while Hyde made a call on his cell phone and as he ran into the bushes he heard a gunshot. He says he ran all the way to Burrell Boom, where he was arrested. Sentencing has been deferred to May twelfth.

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11 Responses for “B.D.F. soldier found guilty of murdering his wife”


    We cannot keep sending these animals to prison; the prison system is just not big enough.
    When officials murder or commit crimes the penalty should be just as severe as when criminals murder or commit crimes in Belize.

    Sentence: death by starvation.

  2. Gustav says:

    Hang ALL convicted murderers.

    I’m a supporter of those who serve the nation, but his crime erased any good he might have done. No mercy!

  3. daveyt says:

    The reason the system got a prosecution is because he’s not gang affiliated. had he have been, the result would have been a Nulle Proseque, as any surviving witnesses would have either not shown up at court, or become ‘hostile witnesses’ and refuse to give evidence.

    he did the crime, so will do the time, but it would be good to see ALL murderers get prosecuted, regardless of their affiliations and contacts…

    A witness protection programme, and allowing sworn statements as evidence would help.

  4. belcali22 says:

    You need to go back to 2007 and read what exactly happened in this story. Mr Bermudez did not care who was around when he went after his wife. He a was in a jealous rage and could care less. His wife was a well known and well liked person. This incident happened in Hattieveille, where everybody see and know everything, so there is no way he could escape or lie about ever being in the scene. This is not a plot, this is the justice system at work. i wish more people would speak up in other cases just like how these witnesses did, so we can get the rest of the murderers off the street. Not if he is guilty. “He is guilty and he will be punished to the full extent”

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    belcali22:I don’t need to go back to 2007.My point is that there is a double standard with how cases are prosecuted and i stand by my statement.I am not disputing the fact that Mr Bermudez might have committed this heinous crime against the victim.It’s just ironic how the prosecution could have muster a total of fifteen witnesses for this case and couldn’t produce not even one witness for numerous murders that are still unsolved.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Belcali22:If the justice system is at work then it needs to be at work for every Belizean Citizen who have being a victim of these heinous murders.

  7. Earl Grey says:

    We can send HIM to THE SUSTAINABLE REHABILITATION CENTER…..4 life……there HE CAN EARN HIS KEEP and CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY at no cost to tax-payers.

    HE can GROW FOOD FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES…. BUILD DESKS AND CHAIRS for schools, etc……..the least HE can do is break rocks 12 hours a day.


    The DEVIL finds work for IDLE HANDS…………….SO CAN WE.

  8. belcali22 says:

    @Elgin that is understood, but when things happen in the city of course the witnesses will be scared to come forth because they fear reprucussions, but this happened in a village and Mr Bermudez is not from that village he only moved there when he met his wife which is the reason why the witnesses did not fear him or any retaliation. What you fail to relaize is that right after the incident Mr. Bermudez admitted to the crime. He signed his own death papers.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Belcali22: I do agree with you that Mr.Bermudez signed his own death papers.As a matter of fact Mr Bermudez put himself at the crime seen when he stated that he swerved infront of Requena’s Taxi.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Belcali22:I still can’t understand how the prosecution convicted Mr Bermudez when neither of the witness could have positively identify him.My next question is,how easy is it to convict someone of murder using circumstancial evidence?.With that said i am in no way condoning the heinous murder of this young Mother.Everything that i’ve written here is based on what i’ve red on the news.So please don’t get it twisted people.Belcali22.:Thanks for the clarification and i am going to give you this one.

  11. BZNinCALI says:

    He killed the woman, he forgot to or could not intimidate the witnesses & now he will do his time. Score one for DPP. Elgin, maybe we need to remind Cheryl Lynn Vidal that we need to see that same effort across the board, her decision to release Raindrops so that he could enjoy a hot Easter dinner at home was an insult to every Belizean & only weaken the justice system further.

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