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Apr 27, 2011

Is the Gang Suppression Unit using excessive force on civilians?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think the Gang Suppression Unit is using excessive force on civilians? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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26 Responses for “Is the Gang Suppression Unit using excessive force on civilians?”


    De Gang Suppression Unit should be authorised to use excessive force when it is necessary, proportional and justifiable. The people want their crime free country back, and sometimes a situation will require excessive force in order to the situation. At the same time we must be careful of officers with inappropriate arresting styles; these officers might use force or ignorance to show they are in charge (By having a badge). They then become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

  2. ESSB says:

    Whatever the GSU is doing to fight crime is good. From the getgo if you don’t want to be roughed up then don’t get into trouble. Criminals don’t give a damn the minute they are committing a crime so why pamper them? Good job GSU…

  3. islander says:

    No the gang suppression unit is not using excessive force on civilians, it is the criminals that the GSU targets, they are the ones using deadly force on law abiding citizens.

  4. Tiredbelizean says:

    Its about time they get down to business!! first we complain that nothing being done against crime and now we are complaining that they are using excessive force. …………

  5. Bz says:

    Why don’t you do a survey asking if the gangs are using excessive force?

  6. Drama says:

    ……… Look at the murders happening in broad daylight,cocaine,weed and gun busts the GSU unit has accomplished, do you think the criminals are using excessive force Channel 5? It’s by force an unwanted weed is plucked from the earth or maybe you can let it pluck itself by talking to it….nuff said

  7. BelCap says:

    on the contrary, i agree that the GSU is using the appropriate measures to fight crime. In the last couple of wks, i have seen the GSU make significant progress to quell the voilence in the city. Crime is still a lil high but you can see that progress is being made with the confiscation of illegal drugs, guns, & ammunition. Law abiding citizens have the right to dress anyway they please but if you dress like a thug/gangsters your just inviting the police/GSU to search you

  8. Sugar says:

    Its just the criminals and their followers that are complaining. all that money being spend on “southside alleviation” should go to getting additional resources for the GSU, and let them pick up all the known gang people in southside…..but we need to mek sure tricky dicky is not in town, so these people being picked up can be off the streets for good.

  9. deedee says:

    The GSU needs to go after the big fishes who are supplying these rodents with drugs, guns & other illicit stuff. They aren’t using excessive force, they are just doing what should have been done a long time ago. A lot more work needs to be done to try & get the crime situation under control.

  10. belizeanpride says:

    my applause to the GSU keep doing the good work and minimize the crime and drug business, no excessive force excuse, live like decent civilian and no excesive force will be use against you unless you’re on the crooked side then expect anything. kudos to the GSU.

  11. REEL says:

    every day we get stories of police brutality, why can’t we get a follow up story on the police man shot in the chest at the Belama Police Station. we need balanced reporting

  12. B Groovy says:

    GSU keep up the good work………

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    No force is too excessive when innocent people are been slaughtered on our streets.What is excessive is the criminal activities that’s plagued the Jewel.




  15. Lucas says:

    I was reading the good book this morning and came across Luke 7:32: …WE PLAYED THE FLUTE FOR YOU, AND YOU DID NOT DANCE; WE MOURNED TO YOU, AND YOU DID NOT WEEP. To much crime and we complain; the police step to the plate and we grumble. I say we but indeed it is the same lawbreakers for example, I heard this person in channel 7 who has indeed broken foreign laws like illegally voting and not paying back student loans in a foreign country. I also came across Romans 13:3-5 which basically says…DO YOU WANT TO BE UNAFRAID OF THE AUTHORITY? DO WHAT IS GOOD….BUT IF YOU DO EVIL, BE AFRAID; FOR HE DOES NOT BEAR THE SWORD IN VAIN; FOR HE IS GOD’S MINISTER, AN AVENGER TO EXECUTE WRATH ON HIM WHO PRACTICES EVIL.

  16. Xaan says:

    I believe GSU i doing and excellent job. Keep up the good work!!
    Next step is to deal with those senseless killers, be it young or old!

  17. GGG says:

    The GSU appears to be focusing more on drugs and firearm interdiction. The police department has the SPU and ADU for that purpose. the GSU role is to apprehend and convict gang members if in the process they discover firearm or drugs then that is acceptable. the arrests made so by the GSU has nothing to do with gang insignia, being a member of a criminal gang or charges of similar in nature. there are existing laws that stipulate these offenses. they may fall under the Summary Jurisdiction Offenses Act and carry light fine or jail term they should start from there. their role is to suppress gang activity as the Units’ name suggest, lets not venture else where.

  18. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Just cooperate and you won’t get roughed up, if you refuse to cooperate then you must be doing something wrong and deserve to be roughed up you idiot. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  19. sofia says:

    should the questions not read.. Are the gang members in belize city using excesssive force on the citizens of this city ? Why risk the majority of law abiding citizens rights and be more worried about the rights of these criminals.. This kind of questions is what makes the crime in belize city do what they do.. We worry more about them than the rest of the country and its citizens.

  20. BlackWidow says:

    I agree with GGG the GSU should be focusing on on the Gang members and if in the process they discover firearm or drugs then that is acceptable. Right now they seems to be focusing more on drugs and firearm interdiction than gangs. They need to go after the gangs and leave the drugs and firearm arrest to the SPU and ADU. As usual they are using excessive force and are still harassing the small timers, but what can we expect when the Police Force is fill with ILLITERATE and CHANCY FOOLS.

  21. The very opinionated!!! says:

    I honestly think that the Gang Suppression Unit is doing a very good job. Using a little excessive force will act as a deterrent to curb the number of senseless offenses committed within this nation and ,hence, will be a form of expression of outrage and a prompt to action by both the people and our government to these criminals.

  22. EMS says:

    The GSU seems to be doing a very good job so far, however they appear to be too hard on some civilians, mostly faceless,nameless Belizeans. The well connected and friends of the GOB are getting treated with white gloves because of illness and other insignificant reasons. Nevertheless, I support the GSU, but we must be mindful justice is for all.

  23. The Punisher says:

    Definitely, the excessive force by GSU is out of the question. The Criminals are the ones that keep using not excessive force but deadly force so why worry about their cries. This is the rule about Check & Balance. Remember dont do onto others if u dont like to be done onto u. And for GSU u need to be more creative. Yes, the Uniform is intimidating to George Street & other Gangs, but be more creative & use plain clothes officers that would disguise in those high crime areas especially cause the criminals are studying ur movements & so u could ketch them off guard. My full support to u guys from GSU.

  24. I Have Awaken says:

    Everyone wants peace in the streets; but everyone, at the same, time want to be handled with gentle hands. If you want omelets you have to break eggs, if you are not committing crime or aiding and abetting, then you should have nothing to worry about, let the police do their work….or suffer your karmic returns.

  25. BZNinCALI says:

    Simple answer, NO. The parents & grandparents need to stop whining, if they had raised the little angels right, the GSU would not have to whoop their arse to make them comply. Policeman says stop, you stop with palms open, half of these fools will lose their pants but exposing their dirty drawers won’t kill them.


    Are the gangs using excessive force? Wow, and I will leave it that for now.

    The gangs are not using excessive force to get what they want; they are using deadly force to accomplish their mission. (Read the news)

    “Excessive force” is a violation of a person’s rights. The police are sometimes guilty of excessive force out of ignorance or while enforcing the law, (See news reports) (not necessarily the police)
    The gangs are using “deadly force”, which is an amount of force, or power that is likely to cause either serious bodily injury or death to another person. Which in this case is a reality in Belize today.

    The police are afraid to enter into those gang territories from lack of fear for themselves or the lives of family members. It might take deadly force by law enforcement to make an arrest of gang members/leaders. So rather than risking their lives the police are forced to focus more on petty drug dealers, or theft, while the gangs continue to dominate the streets with their hostility, and deadly force.

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