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Apr 27, 2011

Robbers had beef with victim, but culprits beaten with frozen meat

Jerome Middleton

A Belize City man was the target of two thieves who ambushed him on Monday night as he rode his bicycle on Dolphin Street. One of the attackers snatched a gold chain, valued at one thousand five hundred dollars from Wilbert Frazer’s neck, while the second man took him off his bicycle. While he was outnumbered, Frazer did not back down; he had a bag of frozen meat, which he used to hit one of the assailants and retrieved his chain.

Darrington Lauriano

The men took off with Frazer’s bicycle, but it wasn’t long before police caught up with nineteen year old Jerome Middleton and twenty-four year old Darrington Lauriano, who were today charged with Theft. Middleton and Lauriano were each offered bail of two thousand five hundred dollars, but since they both have outstanding fines owed to the court, they were remanded to prison until June sixteenth.

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17 Responses for “Robbers had beef with victim, but culprits beaten with frozen meat”

  1. Henry says:

    Darrington Lauriano walked off a murder charge in 2009 because of our stupid jurors and jury system. Now look what he is doing. If you type his name in the Channel 5 search I bet you you will find him in news articles regarding crime. Bet you the jury will be like Jay Z’s song and say “not guilty y’all got to feel me”

  2. Gustav says:

    Lauriano and Middleton are familiar names with this sort of thing. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    The bail on these offenses need to increase drastically to send a message to these criminals that crimes in any shape or form will not be tolerated.Why do we keep giving these criminals a slap on the risk?No wonder they’re making a mockery of the system.

  4. islander says:

    This is what gun control has done to the law abiding citizen of Belize, we have to defend ourselves with whatever we have in our hands even if its a hunk of meat.

    I wish instead of meat he had a .357 magnum and had done society a favor by taking out this scumbags.

  5. deedee says:

    Send these trash & rejects to Earl’s PRISON FARM.

  6. Drama says:

    Lol beat down with frozen meat fi try jack wah supa star bling and supa star u deh dah the city star why u d wear thousand dalla gold chain fah u think ghetto youths no d watch u think ghetto youth no hungry well think again….nuff said

  7. Had enuff says:

    I can’t understand why the system keeps allowing these criminals bail. Take for instance this Darrington Lauriano. He is a repeated offender and every time he is given a break, he does something else to break the law. Keep them locked up since they seem to not appreciate the chances they are given.

  8. Disgusted! says:

    HAhahahaaaaa….this guy gives a whole new meaning to the the to the famous phrase “they had Beef.”

  9. serious bob says:

    one murda three robbery( with gun) since eh get out and eh weh get off a this one to u watch weh i seh
    Belize justice system

  10. Earl Grey says:

    there THEY CAN EARN THEIR KEEP and CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY at no cost to tax-payers.

    They can GROW FOOD FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES…. BUILD DESKS AND CHAIRS for schools, etc……..the least they can do is break rocks 12 hours a day.


    The DEVIL finds work for IDLE HANDS…………….SO CAN WE.

  11. ny says:

    we need 100,000 people in the streets of belize city demanding that these crminals get what is due to them, after all its the city residents who are being held hostage by this crime rate. but people won’t because they only react when something happens to their own, @ which time its too late. there has to be something tangible that these criminals could see that will happen to them if they decide to act up, b/c the belize prison serves as a revolving door letting out criminals to prey on law abiding citizens. therefore if we do nothig and sit by, this dilema is going to get worst, we certainly can’t depend on the gob because time after time we have wtnessed that they are in over their heads , they are clueless as to how to combat this problem. remember this thing has been happening for the past twelve yr, how many more yrs do we have to wait.

  12. I Have Awaken says:

    Send them to their Creator, they are of no use to the helping of positively polarizing the human race thus is of no value to us ascending positively. Life is not sacred, what is sacred is realizing the positive path, the human body is nothing but a mere shell for the soul, which is the true value. Also, why is this guy riding a bicycle but wearing a $1,500 gold chain? Priorities must be upside down in this gentleman’s life.

  13. change says:

    Drama, why victimized the victim again? He has a right to wear HIS chain where ever he wants to. The government needs to put in place stiffer penalties for these menace in society. The criminals do not take the judicial system serious. They know, just like we do, that they will walk off of the charge. The sad part is that when we take the matter into our own hands, we are then looked upon as the bad guys!!!

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    All right you fellows at Kolbe, here comes almost fresh meat & we know these two just seem tough, with one hand occupied, these little !@#$% got whooped. Good job Mr. Fraser.

  15. drysdale says:

    the youths of to day have a lot to say. its the further which they living to day.lack of understanding and knowledge, parenting and overseer. full of on belief in the lord our evil as take over man woman and children in this time that we are living in.on less man woman and children can fine there way back to the lord there god and then they will have peace in them self, and for there fellow man. now don’t blame the government but our self.because in my life i of learn that with out the lord our god live can be ever hard. just as these time that we are living in.know jobs or money know food to feed the children so here comes our problem. negativity arrives like killing steeling disobedience suffering to us all.

  16. lady love says:

    bail must be much higher in order to send the right message. why are these criminals able to make bail so rapidly to be back on the streets and at it again?

  17. drysdale says:

    yes that’s right the devil is a breezy man with our father mother and what can we do about it in this time that we are living . as i say. will say once a again service the lord our god and live.because everything Mose come to a end.even if we are not hare to see it.see our children is killing us everyday.

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