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Apr 21, 2011

“Raindrops” Swan gets bail

James “Raindrops” Swan Sr

James “Raindrops” Swan Senior, the highly connected man whose house was raided on Monday morning, has been granted bail due to a health condition. Members of the Belize Police Department including the Gang Suppression Unit swarmed Swan’s family home at Mile one on the Northern Highway beginning at four o’clock in the morning. The search lasted for about five hours and yielded about fifteen thousand dollars in cash, a stash of weed and a magazine which is claimed not to match Swan’s nine millimeter licensed firearm. Swan and three family members were escorted to court later in the day. He was charged for keeping a magazine without a license. His daughter, Kristie Swan, was charged with one count of drug trafficking, his son Swan Jr., along with his girlfriend, Camille Rodriguez were jointly charged with possession of a control drugs, in relation to twelve grams of weed. Swan’s family members were released on bail but Swan was not and he was remanded to the Belize Central prison until May eighteenth. This morning, however, his attorney secured a hearing in the Supreme Court and Swan will not be spending the Easter behind bars after all. No objection was made by the office of the D.P.P. and so Swan is out on a five thousand dollar bail. But there are conditions to be met.  Justice Adolph Lucas ordered that he must be present in court in May eighteenth, report to the Queen Street Police Station on April twenty-eight, and every Thursday after that until the firearm charge is disposed of and he is not to interfere with any witness in the case.  The D.P.P. Cheryl-Lynn Vidal herself appeared in court. She explained that the reason why she is not opposing bail is because of Swan’s health condition.   Swan, she said, is a diabetic and his medication and special diet cannot be accommodated by the prison.

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24 Responses for ““Raindrops” Swan gets bail”

  1. wth says:

    what a bunch of bullcrap!!!!

  2. Gustav says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can;t do the time.

    He belongs in jail, health problem or not. Plenty of other sick people are there, but they don’t hobnob with political leaders.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Miss Vidal, it is time to tender your resignation & return to your home under that rock. We have had people deliver food, weed, weapons & God knows what else to the jail under the wardens watchful eyes. I do not believe that this man will be the first or the last diabetic prisoner you have or will ever deal with, he can take his meds with the same tap water the other prisoners drink & if he needs insulin shots, I have no doubt there is a prison nurse who can stick a needle in his backside or wherever it is needed. Can we stop this BS about telling these people not intimidate witnesses, our people are not dying from the lead in cheap paint dumped on us by other countries, the lead from the bullets are killing us & anyone they believe is a potential witness. Stop blowing smoke up our skirts.

  4. Rasta says:

    BS!!! …if u noticed how d news was worded.. d ii dem seh, a highly connected man!! … den d dpp gon say dey cannot take care of him in prison bcaz of his many ghetto youths dem deh behind d bars n cast away…get d eff outta here roots!! d justice system is effed up!! man ah man thief wa couple pint bottles n get 7 yrs… n these “highly connected individuals cant get convicted…errbody knws who raindrops is…n his son bj!!!! bt a soh d ting set!! … money makes d world goes round …mek dey continue n mek wtvr dey do affect bze n any of my peeps dey get hurt n yall gon c wuts gon happenin… noh seh nttin yet!!! ;)

  5. islander says:

    So what happens if he gets convicted? Will Chryl Lynn Vidal then oppose him going to jail because his special diet cannot be accomodated in prison?


  6. The People Had Enough says:

    stop wasting goddamn time and tax payers money on these ‘known’ criminals. Put a bullet behind the ear and call it a night. We seriously need to start supporting GOB and Police to clean out these scum bags. As i said before, it is not hard to deal with crime in this country; maybe Barrow should hire a few Black Water team, tacitly, and have them come in a do an los pepes type clean up and they disappear after that, GOB has plausible deniability and we live in a safer country…but then again, PM wouldn’t do that, because the white color criminals, like himself, would be up for grabs as well.

  7. EMS says:

    Very unfortunately, if one is ill with certain medical conditions, one should stay away from breaking the law, this is a poor excuse for granting bail to this individual, clearly the law states that these kind of firearms related offences are not bailable. This sounds kinda fishy, just when it appeared that the GSU were doing a great job in an attempt to put a dent into criminal activities.

  8. Disgusted! says:

    “RAINDROPS SWAN GETS BAIL” and the earth is round. DUH!!!……That doesn’t surprize anyone because we all knew he would in time for Easter. When next we hear anything about this case…IF WE DO….the charges will be dismissed on a technicality and the earth will still be round, the judiciary will still be a mockery, the police will still be corrupted and the untouchables will remain untouched. CASE CLOSED…. LONG LIVE BELIZE!!!

  9. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Well I guess all the criminals could go to their doctors now and use diabetes as an excuse to secure bail, does that mean that if you are diabetic you can commit any crime you so wish to and will not be jailed for it? just asking. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  10. battybusta says:

    He is small time, I think this is just for publicity. Something stinks in the police department. Fight the real problems, not a washed up small time drug dealer. 12 grams of weed is a joke.
    embarrasment for the BPD, and their so called gang unit. Bunch of cowards..

  11. Drama says:

    If the police really want a high ranking drug lord speak with swan make a deal with him this “cat ” is no Senior high connected he is merely the vein of a leaf of the tree. I’ ve had a couple of words with him and as a man who spoke to a man i can tell you swan isn’t even close to what can slow down the flow of drugs which is in our streets. Why not approach a real Senior connected man like the indians in orange walk who use their stores as a front while they are landing their drugs in mennonite villages and paying the mennonites in a discreet way. Real People know what is going on this guy swan must have said something about some gov’t official to piss em off and now has a small crime around his head……nuff said

  12. innocent says:


  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    All this double standard need to stop.

  14. Disgusted! says:

    There are inmates currently serving time and on remand for eons in Hattieville prison with Diabetes, AIDS, High blood pressure, Cancer and a whole medical dictionary of diseases so that pathetic excuse to give bail to Raindrops Swan is an insult to the people’s intelligence. Sheryl Lynne Vidal Tate needs to go back into the hole in Guyana that the dog barked her out of. She’s nothing more than a (Kurubiti)!!!……. And YES……they DO provide diet and medical services for people with special needs!!! WHAT DOES THIS B$%#H TAKE US FOR???!!!

  15. B Groovy says:

    What happen if he is convicted??????? At least they should chap his wings or wet e feathers mek the old gissard can’t fly…..

  16. CEO says:

    This is not a funny joke! So prison does not have the wear-with-all the feed diabetic inmates?

    Is there anyone in Belize in the justice system with any sense and or balls.

    Well Mr Swan if they cannot keep you for a few days how the hell will they keep you to serve a full sentence? Does not take too many brain cells to figure out that he will be freed.

    The only logical explanation I can come up with is they let go the rat to see which whole he will run to. Are we smart enough to do this; wire tapping, phone survelance etc?

  17. Concern Citizen says:

    This is sooooo ridiculous…. SO we cant send him to prison because of his Diet aNd meds??? I am a dietician living in the U.S am sure our Belizean prison has access to BOIL OR STEAM VEG and protien our country has these things in abundance???? As a Diabetic if he is on Insulin he gives himself a shot or have the prison nurse do it for him. IF HE IS FOUND GULITY HE STILL HAS TO SERVE HIS TIME AT THE SAME PRISON i REALLY DONT SEE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS.

  18. Justice says:

    That is bare BS. I am not sure what is going on here but it is blatant disrespect for Justice. Shame on you Sheryl Lynne Vidal Tate! He is known all these years for his activities and now gets bail! What happens if he is found guilty, will you house him at your home instaed of jail?

  19. daveyt says:

    A lot of law abiding citizens don’t have access to medication or special diets because they simly can’t afford it, yet they keep within the law and suffer in silence when these thugs get bailed for un-baillable offences??!!!!??? Lord help us. they may as well open the gates of Hattieville now and let all the Inmates out, as they’ll all claim illnesses and lack of treatment or facilities inside!!!!!


    The judicial system in Belize is nothing but a joke, where the criminals treat the system like a urinal, and Cheryl-Lynn Vidal failing to oppose bail was no doubt triggered by oxycontin abuse. What a shame.

    Every man is entitled to doctor’s assistance even while under arrest or in prison, that I can accept, but to let this animal roam free with a promise not to interfere with witnesses involve in the case is beyond me. I hope they gave him bail and didn’t forget to take away his passport.

    I would sleep much better at night if “Raindrops” Swan was handcuff to a bed post in the hospital, with guard’s heavily armed and dangerous standing by his bed side.

  21. dezzmae says:

    raindrops was not even in prison for the easter weekend, on HOLY SATURDAY he was driving the WAVE RADIO vehicle in the Cross Country Race. is that what Dean BARROW and the UDP stand for. shame on them, they want to rid the justice system of corruption but yet they facilitate BIG DRUG BARONS with ease when sent to JAIL. if the ghetto youth can be sent to prison then raindrops can go to jail too. WAKE UP BELIZE, OPEN YOUR EYES. c’mon my BELIZE, lets get together and fight for our BELIZE.

  22. dezzmae says:

    so if the prison can’t accomodate raindrops because of his medical condition, then what happens to the others who are asthmatic etc. !@#$, whats up with cheryl lyn vidal and the udp administration.

  23. Gary says:

    To: The People Had Enough….TOTALLY AGREE!…..Time to rid Belize city of ALL THE SCUM!!!….like Charles Bronson did in that movie….

  24. my 2cents says:

    What a damn shame.He is not the first and certainly be the last one with diabetes in jail and since when do they need extra special attention for that. All he have to do is have his machine to test his blood and have his family take his medication for him on a weekly basis. @ Drama, i know Mr Swan personally too and maybe he isn’t a bog fish now but back in the 90′s he was one of the big man that was responsible for many of the drugs that was on the streets of Belize.He was either lucky to never have been caught or had people on the inside like now that he was paying off to look the other way so by no means make any excuse for him now.He was simply over thrown by bigger fishes than himself. ll I can say is God help us all because if they will use something as stupid as this to keep him out of jail the we are truly a doomed nation. Like Disgusted said,there are people with much more serious illness than diabetes sitting in jail and they do not get a “get out of jail” pass for it but God will take care of all of them eventually.

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