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Apr 19, 2011

Hattieville woman says ex tried to take her life

A Hattieville woman says her life is in danger and she pointing fingers at her ex. The woman and her children were asleep on Monday night when a volley of bullets hit her house in Hattieville. The bullets penetrated the walls and one came eerily close to a sleeping child. According to the woman, she broke up a relationship and now her ex is after her. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Three year old Isidra Avila was fast asleep in her parents’ bed a little after eleven on Monday night when a salvo of gunfire rudely interrupted her slumber.  Her parents who had just retired for the night hit the floor of their wooden apartment until the shooting subsided.  When it did her mother rushed into the makeshift bedroom under the cover of darkness to make sure that Isidra and her three siblings were not injured during the incident.

Patricia Avila

Patricia Avila, Owner of Targeted House

“I was awoken by the sound of Mr. Domingo’s vehicle.  Why I said Mr. Domingo’s vehicle [is] because I know the sound distinctively.  I do and I got up and I looked through my window here and I could have seen him right on the street.  I kept my eyes on the car and followed it ‘til it went all this way until I couldn’t see it again or hear it anymore and I just went in my house and looked through my other window but I didn’t see and I didn’t hear anything so I came back to lie down.  Not three to five minutes after that my house was ringing with gunshots and my boyfriend was like, and I asked him, I touched him and asked him, “Do you hear that?  What is it?  Is it gunshot?” and he was like ‘Yes it is.”  You know, and I got up and I got up to go and check on my babies and was like “keep low don’t stand up.”

The assault on this Hattieville home is eerily reminiscent to that of Francine Pitts’ whose residence on Zericote Street was the target of gunmen intent on sending a message to its occupants.  Unfortunately, during that incident eight year old Eyannie Nunez lost her life in a spray of bullets.  Last night’s attack, says Patricia Avila, began here in Belize City.

Patricia Avila

“It started at the terminal actually where Mr. Domingo had gone and met me there and upon getting there Mr. Domingo seemed very aggravated as he usually is to the fact of me not wanting anything to do with him.”

Gilbert Domingo

The Domingo the twenty-seven year old mother of four is referring to is Hattieville Village Council Chairman Gilbert Domingo.  The two were once in a three-year relationship with each other; a union, Avila says which ended late last year.

Patricia Avila

“He use to come by and like I said from then it started with me telling him I can’t deal with the relationship anymore.  It’s too much and it’s not making any sense so I got to let it go.  He actually that night, he and his nephew parked his van at my work sight waited for me to get out and actually forced me into the van.  I struggled with him because, you know, I didn’t want to be there.  I told him that I didn’t want to be there and he insisted on me being there.”

The allegations against Domingo who was elected to serve as chairman of Hattieville in May of last year are pretty serious.  News Five spoke with him by phone earlier today and he denied knowledge of the incident.  He went a step further by stating that the two were only associates.  Avila’s home, on the other hand, is pockmarked where the round of bullets penetrated its walls.

Patricia Avila

“The lives of my babies, me, my boyfriend; he’s putting everybody at stake and he had to didn’t care.  He didn’t care.  The bed where he knows I sleep, [so] he probably thought I was going to have my boyfriend in the bed sleeping there so that was his aim.”

Hattieville Police have since visited the premises where a scenes of crime technician processed the area.  Meanwhile there has been no word on any arrests being made. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Police have processed the scene but no arrests have yet been made. We did get in touch with the man at the center of the allegations, but he denied involvement.

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27 Responses for “Hattieville woman says ex tried to take her life”

  1. Deja vu says:

    This is serious but then again three 8 years old were shot in this country without any comsequencies. Hattienville is a very small community Mr. Domingo, while you might be able to deny sending gunmen to Ms. Avila’s place, you can’t deny that 3 year relationship. Let’s hear your version on the next newscast after seeing tonight’s newscast.


    Is it men like Gilbert Domingo who tends to use their status as Village Council Chairman, etc to pry on needy women in Belize. Luckily the kids were not harmed.

    The animal will get away as the brain behind these attempted murders, because it is what that organization do, they protect their own, the criminals.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    She said, he said & everybody is lying. Of course he was tapping her & yes it is possible that he shot up the house. If my crazy ex tried to force me into his van after work or at any time, my first stop would be to the Police station to file a complaint. He would have to chase my screaming behind & no one needs that kind of attention. Second, if she knew that he was unstable, heard his car, looked outside & saw him, the first impulse the average woman has is not the urge to go to sleep, most of us would lie awake for a while listening for any sounds out of the ordinary. Now, can we get the real story.

  4. 100% Belizean says:

    WOW! You must have been a good woman. The best he ever had, if he would do all that.

  5. chabelli says:


  6. southAmerica says:

    no one will even knw the real story, first of all bzeincali needs to stop being so judgmental, every one is not like u an ppl react differently to different situation.. so if u dnt have anything better to comment shet the hell up.. people do stuff for reason who is to say what would happen if she didnt go with him. a man will always be a man a to save his OTHER relationships of course he will deny these allegations..

  7. jane says:

    Men why can’t you just get it in your head when a woman gets enough there is nothing you can do to get her back worse if she and her children have been living a life full of fear, from my personal experience i think when a relationship is over each should go their own way but the men usually don’t ever want to lose so they will always be there harassing.
    Please belizean men you are better than that the relationship is over you make over your life and leave her to make over her life, what the use you live together and neither are happy!!

  8. Marvelous says:

    Mr. Domingo needs to go home and apologize to his wife. She is a really nice person and does not deserve what he puts her through. Sometimes when you think you are using someone it is they who turn out to be using you. KARMA can be a real B!+cH

  9. Xaan says:

    Some men just doesn’t understand when it’s over. Senseless idiot! what if he would have hurt the kids! simpletan!

  10. Xaan says:

    I am so happy no murder has been reported in this news cast! Finally!

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    The idiot Domingo need to be detained and please appear in coutr to testify against this clung Patricia.

  12. belizean says:


    I can understand what the wife is going through. Sweethearts raise havoc in other people lives and that is why we have serious breakdown in our family values. don’t do unto others what you don’t want other to do to you
    My Belizean women stop recking other people life

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    SouthAmerica: Based on what is stated in the News i don’t think BZNinCALI is been judgemental.

  14. Hattieville Neighbour says:

    Lots of holes in this story. Patricia Avila ….. gets around, so does her sister and mother. Yesterday at the terminal I was there, Mr Domingo, and he did not even acknowledge her!!! AND, if the chairman was with the police when this thing supposedly happen, then you’d understand why no arrest has been made.
    It’s really sad when women open themselves to be used like men like that, get rejected, then can’t deal with. It is also unfortunate when the media can be so used in such way. Judging by the comments, some people bought everything thing they heard hook, line and sinker.

  15. sexygirl says:

    gilbert domingo ” Sala” needs to stop sleeping around with these girls and disrespecting his wife. He is a married man an needs to respect his wife and daughter. He should be ashamed of him self running around like a sixteen year old. This is not the first stupid thing he has done and who knows him personally knows its all true. The other day another girl he was messing with tried to leave him and he started rumours that she had AIDS, but yet is still seeing her, grow up you idot and get a life while you’re at it get TESTED!!! and for these young ladies stop encouraging him in his non sense and bring yourself down you all need to respect yourself and others.

  16. Disgusted! says:

    These low-lifes who prey on vulnerable women should be thrown to the crocs at the Belize zoo!!! (expletive deleted) COWARD!!!!! Send his @$$ to jail for aggravated assault and attempted murder so he can be somebody’s B$#CH!!!

  17. BZNinCALI says:

    @southAmerica, like you & everyone else here, I voice my opinions, I don’t agree with all I read but shetting up is not what I do. I simply want us to think before reacting, just because she says something, it does not make it true, stop being gullible & if she is your friend, help a sistah out. Sometimes we have to address people’s behavior & question what we are hearing. The woman had a 3 year relationship with someone’s husband, that relationship ended for whatever reason. He may be a prick, he may be stalking her but common sense tells us that if she was uncomfortable going to the Hattieville station to make a report, she could have done so in Belize City.

    I’m not knocking Hattieville but it is not a Utopian suburb, Mother Teresa here is not an upstanding citizen who just accidentally got tricked by this dog. Her story has holes, no one is condoning his behavior, I am not questioning the fact that her house was shot up but gunshots did not wake her up 3 to 5 minutes after he took off, that does not ring true. Talk to the neighbors, the man who was supposedly in bed with her. Is it possible that she, her boyfriend or one of the fathers of those four children shot the house. Most of us would not do anything to jeopardize our or anyone’s children, a few would. LET’S TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

  18. BZNinCALI says:

    Thanks, Elgin..

  19. deedee says:

    @ Hattieville Neighbour…Lets not get strayed away from the issue here, nobody really wants to know how Patricia, her mother, sister & whom ever else from her family gets around. The issue here is this woman’s house was shot up several times while children were in there. Who ever did this whether it be Mr. Domingo or whom ever else…they are some cold & heartless ………. who doesn’t have any regard towards a human life. If Patricia is fabricating her story she should be careful & chose her words more wisely, because from Monday night’s incident she came close to one of those grieving mother’s who has lost a child or children to gun violence.

  20. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Lets hope the people of hattieville take note of this incident and don’t vote this man in next time as chairman of their village council, this is a very bad example he is setting seemes like he is just another dirty small scale politician. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  21. CLEANHEART says:


  22. Observer says:

    @ deedee…….You need to know the full history of Mrs. Avila to understand why “Hattieville Neighbour” made those comments. She has cheated on her husband for those three years with numerous people. History is important in understanding the facts of the recent events. I hope she (Mrs. Avila) has learnt her lesson now and will stick to one man for the sake of those young babies she refers to.

    To the Chairman: Did you really expect Mrs. Avila to be faithful to you while she spent time cheating on her husband with you. If so then you are really gullible. Be faithful to your wife!!!!

  23. Agasha says:

    This was not God’s design but y’all left him no choice. Shame on you Patty and shame on you “Sala”.

  24. Elgin Martinez says:

    Now i know why they made the Song SWEET BELIZEAN GIRL.Tek it easy with then bwai Mrs.Avila. we do not want another statistic.Let’s leave the murder rate as it is.

  25. Elgin Martinez says:

    observer: To much information family.With that said Mrs Avila you look damn good Sista.You probably look betta than Jennifer Hudson,But this dah definately not the kind of Spot Light that you want to live under.

  26. I Have Awaken says:

    They always say, “Seek and thee shall find your own truth.” Finally I understand my own truth, but I will not elaborate at this time, however I will start of with saying this, “Satan” is a human invention. Simply the ‘personification’ the human race have given to all the Negativity that has and still exists on this beautiful planet. Humans didn’t know who to ‘blame’, and as humans could not find it within ourselves to take any of the responsibility, “Satan” was created to absolve yourselves.

  27. I Have Awaken says:

    How can you present anything to ones who have no desire to have their belief system challenged?

    They will believe what they want to believe, and nothing you can say is likely to make any difference. It becomes ingrained at a subconscious level, and when a belief structure becomes that insidious, the only way it is likely to change, is through a ‘mystical experience’ or such a personal demonstration of ‘another way’ in the life lived of ‘another’, that one cannot fail but to notice that there is ‘something different’ about them. How can you reach such as these? Only by example.

    To get out of this negative polarity the people of this small country called Belize the people, on an individual level, need to start focus on more positivity in their lives, …………….

    Each person that Awakens can spread their positivity, no matter how hard it is, it is the only way, for we must remember that a society is not made up of one person, but of all of us, unfortunately too much of us in Belize are negatively polarized.

    Start by changing yourself, start by setting examples, as Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” There is no truth greater than this, trust me, I have search all my life to come to that conclusion.

    Start by looking in the mirror for as long as possible and realize that you are human just like the gang banger, the children running around the playground, the mother spanking her child, we are just all either positively polarize or negatively polarized, but our true essence, our soul cannot be corrupted or destroyed.

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