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Apr 19, 2011

Alarming number of convicts deported to Caribbean and Belize

An alarming report has been released by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) that is picking up traction throughout the region. According to a report in the Barbados newspaper, Nation News, the I.C.E., in a period of only six months, over two thousand convicted criminals were deported to Caribbean countries. In Belize, where the crime situation has spiraled out of control, seventy-four of those convicts were returned from the US between October 2010 and March 2011. It’s a high number that can be contributing to the excessive violence and the means by which those crimes are committed. According to the report, the bulk of the deportees, referred to as “criminal aliens”, went to the Dominican Republic, which received one thousand and sixty-six persons followed by Jamaica with five hundred and twenty-eight. A hundred and twenty-five were sent back to Trinidad and Tobago while the Bahamas got sixty-five and Guyana, sixty-four. The remaining deportees were scattered in small numbers to other countries. During the same period, a whopping eighty-six thousand four hundred and sixty-nine criminal migrants were deported to Latin America. That’s also bad news for Belize since more than seventy thousand of those convicts are right across the border, in Mexico.

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28 Responses for “Alarming number of convicts deported to Caribbean and Belize”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    The US cannot afford to house criminals any more than Belize or any other country can. Trying to get across to our young people that many of the things that they can get away with in Belize will not be tolerated in the US is a waste of time. The idiots believe they are slick & can beat the system & when they get caught they or their families lie about their behavior. When the law calling for the deportation of criminal aliens was passed in 1994, every convicted & would be criminal was placed on notice & if they were paying attention to the news, they knew that it was retroactive. Many immigrants complained about the unfairness of it, conveniently forgetting that many cities & towns were dealing with high murder & crime rates resulting from the drug trade. In addition, because a lot of cultures including ours tend to make excuses for men who have sex with underage girls, we have too many pedophiles who are convinced that they are above the law & many have found themselves in jail with their permanent residence or citizenship revoked because they lacked self control.

    Parents, stop lying to your relatives about your angels, nothing pisses us off more than reaching out to help you get your choirboys out of harms way only to find out that your little feckurs should have been turned into fertilizer years ago.


    Unfortunately, Belize has to accept these criminals back into an already crime infested society; this could only mean an increase of gangs, and crimes in the near future. The economy in Belize is still at its worse, no jobs means no finance, and with the advance deportees back in Belize, bear arms to ensure your safety. With Mexico being the biggest receiver of criminal migrants with a staggering number of 70,874 deported as of March 28 this year, this could only mean more crimes, more drugs, more killings, and more robberies in Mexico. This phenomenon will affect Belize sooner than later.

    The Belize people need to call to the GOB to start exploring programs to reintegrate deportees back into the society. Jobs are scarce and police resources are limited but the GOB still have to play a big part into the “control” of these hardened convicts forced back into Belize.

  3. Allan Daly says:

    In reference to this article ” Alarming number of convicts deported to Caribbean and Belize” date 18 April, 2011.

    I commented on this issue before and it was although the media ignored it. It is strange that you are now making it news. This is not new news it is old. I also suggested in the past that the Belizean Government should require that the US compensate the country so that it can rehabilitate each returnee before placing them into the society. As hard as it might sound, Belize should require the US to construct a facility and pay for all the support needed to rehabilitate those criminal it return to the shores of Belize.
    Funny b4 those individuals became criminals, they were tax payers in the US so why should only the Belizean people bear the cost of dealing with the return criminals when the US previously benefit from the Labor.. Wake up people Belizean are not stupid in fact at one time Belize had one of the highest literacy rate. We close our eyes and let just anybody take advantage of this country that is no way backwards, as some might believe

  4. george alamilla says:

    criminals are criminals in their own country or in another country.scum bags will never change.they want the easy live,which is preying on the others that work hard for their living.If Belize would have received this felons as they onboarded their plane and escort to the local jails,we wouldn’t have them on the streets.If thelocal laws were adjudicated properly and punishment was harsh,youi wouldn’t see the violence that you are witnessing today.It all has to do with the punishment.You murder,you die in the gallows.You rape and maim,you rot in jail for the rest of your life.Is this so hard to understand?

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    America also has a responsibility to these criminals since most of them were trained to be criminals in the US.With that said Mr Barrow need to stop accepting deportees from the US.If they can’t assist financially in the rehabilitation of these criminals then Mr Barrow should refuse to take them.

  6. Josie says:

    we need to start eradicate them as soon as they land at the airport, that will reduce the crime wave in belize. What we have going on is an offshoot of the crime that they commit while in the US

  7. rod says:

    this is what i have been preaching all along now for the past year and judas barrow keeps taking them back for a few pieces of silver no one in the world has said that you have to take back criminals of course no one has challenged the us on this but this must be done do not take tehm back send them back on the same plane they arrive on challenge the us we do not want these criminals back in belize we do not have to do the bidding of the us but barrow is being paid a measly sum of money to take all these people back all the deaths are his responsibility do not ake back 1more not even 1more people.

  8. Swamp Dragon says:

    Of Course they are deporting these criminals. Why would they allow them to stay? Usually the criminals must serve their sentence in the US at the expense of the US taxpayer and then they are deported. So it is not like the US is unleashing criminals on the Caribbean and Belize. There is time for these and our Government to get they act together and prepare for the return of the deportees. Most are wanted for crimes in their home countries and are transferred from a US prison to their homeland prison. The big mighty US can do nothing right no matta what. If they keep those fools people would cry that the criminals are being held in a foreign land, and when they deport them people cry that they are being unleashed on the poor nations from where they come. It is the fault of the US for taking the role of Superpower. Now they can do no right. Until other countries take the lead to relieve the US burden people will blame the US for everything. Imagine a world without the US. We would be in Peten!

  9. Mick says:

    The United States reserve the right to cancel your immigrant visa or deport you as an undesirable alien! Belize has the same right also. Do not blame the PM for this! We need to blame all the governments for the spiraling of the criminal activity in Belize as there should be steps taken to curb it. We will never eradicate criminal activity but it can be curbed.
    I also believe that we should start taking serious steps in vetting the foreigners that enter Belize, American, European, African, Jamaican, matters not the origin! Why? Belize is known to be a haven for criminals when they wish to get away! But our Belizean criminals, we have to accept them, until we revoke their citizenship!

  10. Swamp Dragon says:

    If a US citizen is charged with a crime in a foreign land he could face charges in US as well! Now they are tracking down the pedophiles in ASIA and Latin America, Belize included, and charging them in the US for their crimes abroad. Any crime committed in any country is prosecutable in the US if you are a US citizen. I don’t know if we do that here, but we should. Keep them locked up!

  11. Proud Belizean says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions. What if some include Belizeans who were living in the US illegally? Are we classing them as criminals?

  12. crime free belize says:

    Yes this is old news,it’s just that since the obama administration these deportation has increased.Let me say i totally agree with allan daly,we can say this and that,but we need to look at the perspective of this issue.First of all i must say,it is next to impossible for a naturalized citizen to be deported,and only if you are a permanent resident,then this should be your concern.Let me inform those who does’nt know,the U.S. government(I.C.E)can,and will try to deport those convicted of minor offences,better known as misdemeanors,now this include’s D.U.I.,shoplifting,battery etc,now tell me how many of you have’nt driven a car after drinking,or gotten into a fight?In regaurds to the harden criminal,that was breb and nurtured in the U.S.,they should be america’s problem,many large countries is not accepting or issuing traveling document’s for their citizens,for fear of the crime wave coming into their country,so if america insist in pushing these criminal’s down our throat’s,and force us to then put them on probation in their country,where those crime was’nt committed,then they should be financially responsible for those criminal’s.

  13. crime free belize says:

    I also agree with elgin martinez,wonderful view’s.

  14. CEO says:

    Just before we get too crazy about blaming governments let me remind all of you that the problem started in the home! This is where the problem really is.

    I agree with the idea that America should help with the expense because if they are thinking the way they should the only: yes I did say the only reason there is a drug trade is because there is a drug culture in America who consumes every ounce of drug that can make it to the shores of America.

    When they repatriate these criminals all they are doing is dispatching drug agents all over the world that will in turn ficilitate getting larger and larger quantities of drugs to satisfy the American crave for controlled substances.

    So think America just putting these guys on a plane and sending back to the country of their birth and then turning your backs on a problem that was created in America is only making the problem worse.

    Here is an idea! Come up with MOU with the local governments in other parts of the world, then build prisons in these countries and send them back there so they can serve out their time while they are given opportunities to become better people. These facilities can be built at a fraction of what it would cost to house them in the US and the government would save billions, criminals would be off the streets, so crime rates would drop and the drug trade in America can be better controlled. Just think a little outside of the box America; just don’t walk away from this one it will bite you in the behind!

  15. Leo says:

    The majority of Belizeans that emigrate to the US are hard working people who came to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Then we have the others..the good for nothing BUMS who refuses to work, think’s the world owes them and, will get their’s any way they can. The worthless scumbags falls in with the criminal elements. The steal,rape, abuse their wives or girlfriends and children.They are a disgrace to humanity.America owe’s Belize nothing for these SCUMBAGS.Use them for fertilizer.

  16. BZNinCALI says:

    I agree with you Leo. Every Belizean I know who has been deported, earned his or her way back home by their behavior. And the US does have the right to rescind someone’s citizenship if they lied on the application. Let’s get real, when a child who barely went to Primary School comes to the states & in a few years has built his mother a large “cement” home & is driving expensive cars & sending barrels home every few months, stop pretending to be surprised when he gets arrested & ends up in jail. We have several middle aged men who are about to be released from prisons out here whose parents have tried to convince relatives back home that they were wrongly convicted by a racist system, they were not. None of those men came to the US as children, they chose a life of crime & scoffed at the ones willing to work security or other menial jobs that were available to them.

  17. crime free belize says:

    To all those saint’s out there,hard working belizeans and other foreigners that has homes,and businesses here in america,that has made minor mistakes in life,get’s thrown out of this country every month.Belize also has a whole lot of american scumbags living in that country,that have also committed hideous crimes in my country,vehicular manslaughter for instance,but still remain’s in my country,not to mention those that is allowed to bring bullet’s into our country form the U.S.,but they can call it an accident or mistake,with a slap on the wrist,get deported in some cases,without serving the time prescribed by our laws.America is a known exporter of crime,guns and corruption,remember those same I.C.E agents killed and shot in mexico?Well they was shot and executed with guns bought in the U.S.A,and sold to the members of the drug cartel,and get this! those guns was sold to the cartel by american federal agents,so please let talk about the real scum bags,one more thing,marijuana is also sold legally in the U.S.A.

  18. Roy Yates says:

    If these folks come to the USA to better themselves, then do so. If they come to commit crime there is a place for them when they are caught, and the US government is not oblidge to keep them after they have served their time for the wrong they commited aganist society. I know fellow Belizean that are going to Harvard because their parent embrace the opportunities that this country has to offer. Shape up or ship out.

  19. george from las vegas says:

    thanks leo,for that said it, in so many words.

  20. ang says:

    C EO’s idea should be explored but then in these haad times America itself dih struggle, gov’t themselves should on the plane put conditions and only reaccept them if they can prove they are productive, if not put them in prison and make them work there to pay for their keep and rehabilitation kind of a boot camp.

  21. ang says:

    we could call it ‘sustainable rehabilitation’ which is somewhat between voluntary and conditinal contract, recycling lives I think they are doing this sort of thing in South America already.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    BZNinCALI:Let’s not pretend that racism doesn’t exist in the US there is presently a high anti immigrant sentiment in the US that even President Obama’s Citizenship has been called to question.With that said if these people can question their President’s Citizenship.Then we can also assume that some of these guys that are been deported back home were profiled.


    Don’t forget that Belizean also questioned Said Musa background. Racism or profiling is not only an American thing. While Obama proved to the Americans that he is “black enough”. To be the American president, let’s not get confused or forget that in Belize today racism is loud and clear.
    Those living illegal in the states or any other countries (if caught they should be deported). In this situation the criminals are the real target, deported not so much because of the geography , but by the crimes the lazy bastards committed in another country.

  24. Earl Grey says:

    ang………I like your idea…….but I call it …………THE PRISON FARM.


    DON’T FORGET that we get lots of AMERICAN TOURIST who could fall victim to these DEPORTEES.

  25. BZNinCALI says:

    Elgin, profiling exists, racism exists but we do not have to live down to the stereotypes other people may have of us. The anti-immigrant laws that were passed in places like Arizona & Georgia recently have gotten a lot of attention but are probably more in response to the unemployment situation. People with money who exploit immigrants also use us as their scapegoats. How many times have we read comments from people on this blog who want the entire south side of Belize City blown up because of a few bad apples? Same thing…

    Someone mentioned marijuana being sold legally in the US, that is true but you have to have a prescription from a lying doctor. Since the law was passed in California, every time I have attended an Independence Day celebration, there are Belizeans, mostly men hanging out in the Patio area smoking weed with no regard for others or the children & in clear violation of our no smoking laws which is a misdemeanor. Too many of our young people have no manners & react negatively to the merest touch. Having a meltdown because someone bumps into you in a crowded room is overreacting, yet our young men often end up in fights & under arrest for just that. Many of us stopped going to the nightclubs because the night almost always ended with the sound of broken bottles & two idiots fighting. Sometimes it was the women fighting over worthless men. We had one that set the other woman’s house on fire because their man was in it, she is now in jail for manslaughter. This was not behavior she learned in America, we went to the same school in Belize City, they were mean & bullish as kids.

    About Americans questioning President Obama’s legitimacy. Take a good look at all of those people, you have not seen a brown, black or yellow face in that crowd, many are people who cannot accept a black man as their leader & the leader of the free world. Let’s not forget that many whites voted for him & were a big factor in his victory in ’08 so as warped as it may seem, we were reminded that there are decent folks in all groups.

    By the way, how many productive, intelligent, law abiding Belizeans do you know who have been deported?

  26. bigmon says:

    BZNinCali so true no law abiding Belizean is deported,but, I feel the countries of these deportees need to fight .Hear me out some of these people being sent back home are kids that has been out here all their lives they left home at a young age , they have no cultural ties to Belize so now the are thrown back to the home land with their americanize ways put a couple of them together and what do we have a roaming pack. Some of them have absolutely no ties nor close family in Belize, them their parents that are over here can no longer afford to support these grown @$$ men.They are Belizeans yes but with foreign behaviour the police along with the government need to come up with some solution they are no longer in america so that right should have been left on american soil British rules.

  27. BZNinCALI says:

    @bigmon, I am hearing you. There was a time in Belize when going to jail brought shame to our families. I can still hear my Mom’s voice telling us that if we had nothing else, we would have manners. We could not take anything home that we did not earn & my parents did not expect anyone to give us anything. Our parents & our society had standards & that is missing in our culture today. I cannot tell you how many times I have had the urge to choke the ignorant out of insolent young relatives who were born to Belizean parents & raised in Belize. I cannot feel sorry for them when behavior that was acceptable at home rendered them unfit for life in the US or anywhere. We have allowed the worst in the American culture to become the norm in ours, with that said, we have many young people from some of the worse sections of Belize City who have come to the states & excelled.

  28. fernando vega mora says:

    I agree with some of the opinions expressed here, that indicate that not all of the deported people are bad persons. Also that some deportees need some kind of assistance when they come back, in order to live a normal and productive life for them and for the community.

    By other hand, there is a semantic meaning of the terms ´crime´, delinquent´, and different levels of faults, depending of the country. In the U.S, I suppose, the judiciary system ´calls ´criminal´´, to the migrants entering that country without the proper immigration or visa papers, which in Mexico is not labeled in the same way, specially today with the new reforms to the ´Ley General de Población´.
    There is an accord between México and the U.S, to handle cases of serious offenders being deported, so that the detainees are kepts under proper control.

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