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Apr 18, 2011

Police raid showers down on ‘Raindrops’ Swan and family

A series of police crackdowns across Belize City began on Friday with an operation on Flamboyant Street. One of the big finds was an antipersonnel explosive similar to that of a claymore mine. The operations concluded early this morning with an intensive four-hour search at the home of a well known businessman.  Shortly after four a.m. a group of officers attached to the Gang Suppression Unit descended upon the property of James Swan Sr., located next to A&R’s Service Station near mile one on the Northern Highway.  Swan is highly connected and is known to have a criminal past. The raid turned up an estimated fifteen thousand dollars, four thousand two hundred of which was in U.S. currency and the remaining seven thousand two hundred fifty dollars in various local denominations.  A magazine which supposedly isn’t compatible with Swan’s nine millimeter handgun and a stash of marijuana weighing a hundred and seventy-five grams were also found.  ‘Raindrops’, his nineteen year old daughter Kristie, son James Jr. and his girlfriend Camille Rodriguez were all arrested and escorted to Eastern Division where they were charged jointly  of possession of controlled drugs.

In court this afternoon the family appeared before Magistrate Albert Hoare where Rodriguez pleaded guilty to possessing twelve grams of marijuana and was fined three hundred dollars plus the cost of court.  That charge against James Swan Jr. was subsequently withdrawn.  His sister Kristie was charged with one count of drug trafficking in relation to the marijuana found on their premises.  She pleaded not guilty and was offered and met bail of five thousand dollars plus two sureties of two thousand, five hundred dollars.  Meanwhile ‘Raindrops’ was charged for possession of the empty cartridge but, due to the nature of the offense, was denied bail and remanded until May eighteenth.  Attorney Ellis Arnold has since filed bail applications for Swan’s release as early as Tuesday.

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18 Responses for “Police raid showers down on ‘Raindrops’ Swan and family”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. EMS says:

    Apparently, GSU’s operation of intelligence gathering is paying off, however, we must bear in mind that this is only the begining, now the DPP will need to do their job swiftly, efficiently and effectively in order to secure an indictment and possible conviction. Keep up the good police work GSU.

  3. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    This is what needs to be done all over Belize but wait did I hear that a magazine found was not compatible with Swan’s 9mm hand gun, would this be a licensed 9mm hand gun? if so how is it that a known criminal has been given a license for a hand gun, O’h forget I asked that question silly me, I forgot that the norm in Belize is for those in charge to take bribes for favors like issuing hand gun license to criminals and other such corrupted behavior. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  4. nokindaP says:

    look at this report and see examples of what’s messed up with Belize… “well know BUSINESSMAN”… “HIGHLY CONNECTED and is known to have a CRIMINAL past”…. “Swan’s nine millimeter HANDGUN”.

    How in the world does someone with a criminal past have a licensed weapon in the first place? Why are known criminals entertained by people in power? And why does the media legitimize these people by referring to them as “businessmen”. Really, what kind of business are they involved in?

  5. eyes on Belize says:

    Why the hell would police target Raindrops, isn’t he close to 70 years old. When last we heard someone of this age commit a crime in Belize. Come on Mr. Policeman and Women don’t waste the peoples time and money. Were not in your shoes, but we do know who u should be raiding. Since you playing stupid let me help. Majestic Alley, Pink Jungle, Victoria St, George St, West St, P.I.V, Dog pound, Kraal Road, Gill St, Vernon St, Jumpstreet, and southside. 4 hour raid what did u find, alittle bit of weed, and the wrong people paying fines and going to court. This is the way GSU is going to clean up Belize, then u Guys is a bunch of jokers. Maybe we do need a foreign Police Commissioner who have sense. I say bring in Sargent Adams from Jamaica. Who have the shoot and ask question last mentally. Stop protecting these Murderers, u guys are ruining Belize

  6. Belama Resident says:

    All this crime and Belama Police Station still locked down..They should reopen this station with three vehicles and some 15 police men to patrol this area. this is fast becoming the business center of the city. Imagine the gas these fools spend from Racoon Street or Queen St to this area for patrols. Only in Belize!!!!!!!!!

  7. Justice says:

    So pray tell me why they don’t raid the known gangs often?

  8. my 2cents says:

    Well its about damn time they brought down this fool. This guy is a veteran drug dealer and criminal and both his kids followed in his footsteps. We all know that girl Rodriguez was probably forced to take the rap for the drugs.Good job guys and I hope you all keep it up.

  9. sofia says:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo for the gang suppression Unit…Poverty is not always an excuse for crime.. Its being lazy and knowing that they can get away from everything in this country.. The draconian tactics work for draconian people.. Our 101% support for the gang suppression unit…

  10. BZNinCALI says:

    Thank you mylegacyb4mypeople, that was my question as I read this article. I am glad to see Dean & the BPD finally decide to go after the people who are feeding the street gangs. If we cannot arrest & prosecute old thugs, why waste our time going after the young ones? How m,any dead bodies is this man responsible for? Let’s not forget that the gangs are supplied by these “business men” & are killing each other on their orders. Girls, wake up…

  11. Disgusted! says:

    Raindrops keep fallin on his head and the old geezer still refuses to give up a life of crime………..Oh well… whatever!!! He’ll just pull his “Well connected, businessman” strings, get bail and nothing is gonna come out of this circus side-show. *Wow! not even old age and the fear or retribution is enough to incite the fear of God in these old gangsters!!!*

  12. belizeanbuy says:

    So it seems that di corrupt society is now reaping what it sow. Let the people carry guns. The currupt police and creminals are cut from the same cloth and the citizens are the only ones who suffer. We need new blood, for the people, by the people. People must realize that they must force change, shoot the crooks and the pigs (corrupt police) like the old times. Police only di chancy people now. Most of the murderers and drug dealers are cops and politicians because them know them could get away with.

  13. Sugar says:

    But…..the gang people who have Deano back have protection….right now the people in OW in uproar cause Deano has sent 5 of his ‘protected’ gangbangers to live in San Lorenzo housing site……keep it up thet way and there will be blood on the streets of OW soon….Southside drams in the North soon……keep watching

  14. Drama says:

    C’mon 1 or 2 raids and unu people start clap wait till the shoot out them really start like unu noh know how gang retaliation go. Mek we wait fi 3 months then we wah see how much work the police really di do. Wah high ranking gang leader just get killed now unu know that means 3 to 4 more people from the other gang wah dead and dat dah mo blood pan di streets. No start no celebration yet dis thing just start…nuff said

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    @ Sugar, this old thug was supposedly one of Dean’s people. Could it be that Crispin has been given the go ahead or since he will be retiring soon, he has decided to do his job & let the spit fly? How many bodies are on this man’s hand? Let’s not forget the Mothers Day massacre, there were four dead bodies, at least five suspects & one car seen at both locations & Junior walked. The only ones who are serving time are the ones whose families could not buy or bully their way out. Do we know if any of them were convicted, in fact Key(?) was taken from the courthouse to the airport & the news of his release & exit from the country kept secret until they were sure he had not only landed in Miami but in the wind somewhere in the states. There are too many people with dirty hands corrupting our system..

  16. dracula says:

    @ eyes on belize : you are so full of SPIT! we are like crabs in a bucket we as belizeans will never change

  17. MACAL RIVERA says:


  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    Don’t be fooled by Dean.This man probably have a shipment coming to San Lorenzo.Hence the reason he deployed those Gang menbers to that area.

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