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Apr 13, 2011

What really happened during murder of Hogbone at the Fish Market?

Avondale “Hogbone” Fuller

In our newscast on Tuesday night, we reported on the late afternoon murder of Avondale “Hogbone” Fuller who was ambushed at the Conch Shell Fish market.  The homicide has the Gang Suppression Unit on high alert as Hogbone, is a reputed affiliate of the George Street gang and retaliation can be expected.  One person, with a long rap sheet, was quickly detained but up to news time, he has not been taken to court for arraignment. News Five’s Isani Cayetano went back to the crime scene today and files this report.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Twenty-nine year old Avondale Fuller, a resident of Belize City was executed gangland style shortly after four o’clock on Tuesday evening along Ebony Street in the Conch Shell Bay area.  The George Street capo had been out with his family shopping at a nearby fish market when he was assailed by two gunmen who let loose a shower of bullets inside the maroon Isuzu Trooper he was driving.  The spray of gunfire sent both vendors and customers scrambling for cover as Fuller, commonly known as Hogbone, was being executed in broad daylight.  A bystander who was in the area at the time of the incident spoke with News Five off camera.

Voice of: Bystander

“Look like he mi come buy fish and he and his girlfriend were outside already buying the fish. So he was inside the vehicle and it look like it was two young man they just came up on him and just fire shot. First they start to shoot the front of the windshield. Then the next one tell him go dah back and he gone dah back and he just start di let go di rest ah shots dehn. When the shots done fire and I ran outside and I look, I see he like he di gasp fi air—he di catch fi he last breath before they ker he to the hospital.”

According to police press officer Fitzroy Yearwood, Fuller died shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer (File: April 12, 2011)

“I know that Mister Fuller was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to the injuries. He received multiple gunshots to the body. I know we have investigators presently on the scene canvassing the area and we are hoping—this is a broad daylight killing—we are hoping that we have witnesses that may come forward and assist us in this yet another murder investigation.”

Fitzroy Yearwood

Another bystander who was also present during the shooting informed us that a child was also injured during the incident.

Voice of: Bystander # 2

“I didn’t see but the screaming that the baby was screaming, I know that something was happening to him because the vehicle, I just hear something banging on my shot and the banging it was nothing nice. But the banging on my shop makes me know that something more than I expect was happening out there. People was screaming, I thought that someone got knocked or get hit with vehicle and thing like that.”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“It wasn’t a chase. From what we understand so far is that when Fuller was killed, a vehicle end up slamming into another vehicle that end up slamming into a lamppost. Like I said, it’s too early to comment on all that so let’s just take this investigation one step at a time.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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26 Responses for “What really happened during murder of Hogbone at the Fish Market?”

  1. rod says:

    we are sick and tired of your nonsensecycal explanations and complete failure at your job fitzroy yearwood you need to resign from your job also along with the rest of this gov. you all need to accept your total failure and you should all resign all at the same time because all of you are pitiful at your jobs the stupidity level is just overwhelming of this gov. resign barrow please resign .

  2. 100% Belizean says:

    Terrible, terrible, terrible!

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am hoping that all the gang members in the Jewel be met with thesame fate as their counterpart “Hogbone”.I guess the Crow at the Cemetery will have some “Hogbone”Buffet.

  4. misha says:

    i agree it very pathethic what the government and police force is doin…let see what the government is goin to do now since they know that they will be retaliation. may he RIP

  5. eyes on Belize says:

    This is why the killing in Belize is never going to stop, its going to always be revenge killings. I hate to say it, but it is going to be a lot of senseless killings behind this shit. As we speak leaders of George ST is pushing a gun in a young jobless youth hand with no common sense, because he dropped out of school at a early age to hangout, and smoke weed and be a follower. Because that’s all a gangbanger is, a follower with no sense of direction. Belize is in a bad state, with corrupted officers and thieving politicians. P.U.P will do no better, let us not forget they stole the most money from the Belize people in our history. Belize needs a whole clean up on everything. The opposition is just waiting to get in to rob the people of the little we own. I wish the British Government can take back over, because I miss walking from Yarba to Memorial park without the fear of gun shot. We can’t even enjoy Belize and it’s nice sea breeze. Because of all this !@#$%^&, we need the British Government in our lives in Belize, so we the people can be proud Belizeans again

  6. B Groovy says:

    Another one bite d dust…

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    Someone either knew he would be there or they saw him, had their weapons on them & saw their opportunity to take revenge. Maybe the child was screaming because he/she was traumatized like everyone else. Many of us have complained about the psychological impact this is having on our children & are just grateful when innocent people aren’t physically injured.

  8. 187 says:

    @eye on belize how u know that da george street shoot the boy were u there stop speculating and talking $#!% you dont kno this was something well planned for bone…RIP

  9. Rodbizoy says:

    Mr. Barrow the violence will reach up to your people soon, you have a no sense leading the Police dept, the problem is in Leadership cause a lot of these gang member work for minister not legally, if these guys hang with the minister at times then your minister are unwise, so if their are unwise that looks bad on you Mr. Barrow, you need to repent, all off you minister, likewise all those bad Police and corrupted members Repent before it too late….. JESUS is the only Solution

    If you don’t listen don’t even campaign no more, I will continue pray for you and the entire Belize we all need to turn to the Lord Almighty GOD these are the last days

  10. Xaan says:

    all i wanted to say in a nut shell.. thank you “eyes on Belize”

  11. Proud Belizean says:

    Maybe its Vigilante justice…..the bad thing is innocent ppl always get hurt too.

  12. george usher says:

    mr yearwood we need to overhaul the police dpt u guys are like the pink panter cant even catch yourself shame shame on u sir go school over seas and learn un want the public to help u but u cant protect them make no sense sir yearwood sir peace

  13. Disgusted! says:


  14. think before yo talk says:

    rod ,do u want fitzroy roy job why u asking him to resighn so , he is not a politician ,he is a public servant being proffessional, u make it sound personal bro, if u are a bro,mr barrow or no one in cabinet committing murders, why u blame dem for everytime someone dies, clean out ur house first then ,tell me mines dirty

  15. Prophet says:


  16. STOPTHEBS says:

    I’m tired of seeing shitzroy yearwood face on the news these corrupt cops can’t even a catch cold talk about catching criminal ,Belize is in a sad state of affair ,with the criminals at the TOP( IE UDP, PUP) and the criminals at the bottom(IE STREET GANGS) how do you expect law abiding Belizean to prosper with these two criminal element prospering we are Doom Doom Doom. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE FIGHT THE POWER…

  17. panasonic says:

    @ eyes on Belize, iam really proud of you.

  18. eyes on Belize says:

    187 for your information how would George
    ST shoot one of there generals. U need to learn how to read and understand. I know more than u think. U need to read and learn what people are telling u and have some sense

  19. Earl Grey says:

    THIS should not happen ON THE PUBLIC SQUARE………it SHOWS NO REGARD FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. It’s like living in Afghanistan or Iraq…………….

    THEY NEED TO CALL A TRUCE……. LIKE WHEN BARROW FIRST TOOK OFFICE……………………. .and they summoned him to the meeting.


    There is HOPE and WITH GOD……………………….. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  20. may anderson says:


  21. mail man says:

    ok let,s take a shot —— who dead —– no one —— why —– because in belize every one of us are related to each other in some cousen — aunt — grama –grapa –etc —— seperated by money —– here is the problem when money talk bs walk ——- poor P.M poor police are doing what they can —— why elect a city MAYOR for mayor sake —only to take care of trash —— the mayor of any city call shot so as to have a safe city —– we know that pup and udp are calling these shots —- with lots of drugs money to up set each other as to be elected —– they prefer to have crimes — than meeting new golds to meet the needs of the people —- why because they love dirty money -big mouth and dont give $#!% after elected —– sleep well and always carry a small bible with you you will be safe no weapon form against you will harm you ,…………………………………………….. love

  22. my sad-sad little belize says:

    to all my brother and sister in belize pls put down the gun and lets live in peace and unity… blz is a very small and bless country… i remember when having problem with someone used to be settle with a good fist fightn, and every thing would be fine… now its seems like this new generation are nothing but punks and cowards, hiding behind guns…. last but not least to all the leaders. it is only a matter of time before you’ll love ones become target too, so give the ghetto youth some livity and respect. create jobs and stop thinking about yourself… peace and luv… stop the violence my people!!

  23. my sad-sad little belize says:

    to all my brother and sister in belize pls put down the gun and lets live in peace and unity… blz is a very small and bless country… i remember when having problem with someone use to be settle with a good fist fight, and every thing would be fine… now its seems like this new generation are nothing but punks and cowards, hiding behind guns…. last but not least to all the leaders. it is only a matter of time before you’ll love ones become target too, so give the ghetto youth some livity and respect. create jobs and stop thinking about yourself… peace and luv… stop the violence my people!!

  24. bigmon says:

    Another on bites the dust okay. So now what we as Belizeans are doing about it stop blaming the Politicans they are not giving out guns that is pure ignorance. Mothers and fathers know what your children are doing. Too much TV and not enough reality don’t you see the drains are filling up with our blood please have some pride in ourselves we no longer want to work for a living but we are willing to wait and steal someone elses lively hood corporal punishment needs to be returned. God is watching and when the plague hits us the devil will be waiting.

  25. RIP AVONDALE says:

    BONE is good guy if you get to know him, we only see and hear the bad. If you known the man, you wouldve found out that he was a human being just like us. Yes maybe he is a bad guy to yall but he had a personality that was kind and generous. All of us have our bad deeds we have done in the past so judge not. Oh i forgot to tell you anybody who he problems with, brought that on themselves! Trust me he, he spared my life. So is he really a monster? like the the namecallers say. Condolences to the family and wife.

  26. Buddy says:

    Avon Sr. may have done some bad things but he without sin cast the first stone. we are quick to judge the other with looking in the mirror. Avon again a new family who he truly love, he had change his and that is why he wasnt holding the gun…. I am happy it end up this way because the killing took his sins now he have all that burden to carry with him until his turn come…. and that will be sooner than he think. Avon had his 2yrs old son in that vehicle but God protect that child only a little graze he got…. people paint bad image of avon by mere gossip and until people reach in his position then they will be able to speak. Avon is resting sayin bad things about him wont change the past, present or future. RIP Avon Fuller

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