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Apr 13, 2011

Elusive Arthur Young charged, released and re-detained by the cops

Arthur Young

Arthur Young and the Police Department have been at odds for over a decade. But Young has beaten charge after charge, including murders, illegal guns and ammunition. This morning he appeared before Magistrate Albert Hoare on a charge of Escape and once again, the evidence was not strong enough to tie him to the offense. On January fourteenth, Young made a routine visit to the Police Station, to sign in as a deportee. According to Woman Police Constable, Tamara Humes, she approached Young to detain him in connection with the Murder of Patrick Kerr, but he bolted away. When asked if she had already cautioned Young before he left the station, Humes said no. Young’s attorney, Merlene Moody, argued that Young voluntarily went to the station and he could not escape because he was never formally detained. Moody also noted a technicality on the charge sheet which referred to Marion Chun, instead of Humes as the arresting officer. Chun is investigating Kerr’s murder, but he was not present when the alleged escape occurred. Magistrate Hoare freed Young of the charges, but as soon as his case was dispensed of, he was detained again and up to late this afternoon, he was still in the holding cell. One report suggest that Young’s vehicle was searched and confiscated.

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16 Responses for “Elusive Arthur Young charged, released and re-detained by the cops”

  1. rod says:

    this is one of those gang members that i have been talking about being allowed to come into belize doing whatever he wants its like this pm lets all these guys into belize for himself perhaps barrow is the capo it is surely looking that way because he is the one who took this guy back into belize he was paid a few pieces of silver from the us gov. to take him back into belize enough said.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    This man has supposedly committed every crime there is and is still out in the streets.This criminal is a threat to the general public.Shame on our Judicial System.

  3. Justice says:

    Guess we never know who is assisting behind the scenes.:day run till night ketch it”


    In many cases we cannot condemned the magistrates as incompetent bodies, due to lack of evidence by incompetent investigators with minimal qualification. One can only hope his days are numbered, he had caused enough pain, and wasted too much time in the judiciary system.

    Rod, America does not want these anti-socials in their system; unfortunately the only country that has to accept the animal back is Belize.

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    The US deports criminals to their countries of origin, they don’t need unproductive people either. If the courts cannot convict him, does it not seem odd that the streets have not eradicated him?

  6. Jah Child says:

    Who Jah bless no man curse!!! He is a strong believer that is why good things come his way. I dont know him personally but i’ve met him once and he’s a positive man that i see help and give his last. Congrats Arthur Jah know your a good man and your innocent. May Jah continue to guide u always. Peace and Love!!

  7. think before yo talk says:

    really u guys need fi think before yo talk ,sound ignorant

  8. panasonic says:

    lave the man alone…. let him live his life…

  9. STORM says:

    Everyone knows he’s one of the worst. Let’s hope there is no funny business with this prosecution, and he is finally hanged.

    All Belize will be better and safer then.

    How many good people have to die while trash like this walk free?

  10. Disgusted! says:

    One of his rivals or victim’s family members will deal with this parasite soon. Just let him be until fate meets him the crossroads of death and retribution. Watch the sands in the hourglass!!!!!! so are the days of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. UncleHubie says:

    BZNinCALI has no clue as to what goes on in the American justice system and his statement proves it. The United States is overwhelmed with illegal, violent garbage-like people. Deportation in the US is a joke. However, until the prosecuting attorneys get their act and facts together this man is free – unfortunately, as it should be. Thank you ‘Till Proven Guilty’ for pointing out the reality of the justice system.

  12. Jah Servant says:

    This is Arthur Ashton Young, blessings to all!! Many may talk bad and hateful things against me but their is two things to that. First you dont know me and most importantly your heart is not clean only the Father know my heart so only he can judge me and only he is protecting me. I get stronger when people without love in their heart talk about me. I’m not out there rendering evil for evil i pray for my enemies as well as everyone else. Ask the Father for change n guidance in your life then one day you will know what i’m talking about. Love you all!! Always remember to give thanks and praise to the MOST HIGH. Peace out!!

  13. UNHAPPY says:

    I see no one has anything to say now… You told them right Art… I will add to what you said and say Let he without sin cast the first stone.
    Art you are a GREAT guy and God is with you so you don’t need anyone else as long as you have him. People if you meet Arthur you will be amaze of how wonderful this guy is.

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    @UncleHubie, you missed my point…. Many “criminals” who are allowed to walk free in Belize eventually face street justice, if he is “chancing” people, eventually he will be taken out. If he is not doing what he is being accused of, then that may explain their inability to prosecute him successfully but I don’t believe most Belizeans have a lot of confidence in the BPD & DPP.

    There are bad people everywhere, deportation is only a joke to those who have been able to stay ahead of ICE, for the rest who ended up back in their countries, broke & alone,it is not. People are not garbage, they may corrupt, they may be worthless, some should be put to sleep & harvested for parts but they deserve the dignity of being treated as a human being until they prove themselves to be less than.

  15. Jah Bless says:

    If you dont know someone, you dont judge them…. am also a friend of that man you all talking about, and to me personally its society that put these people in these situations…. if you meet this Arthur, you will never believe that he is the same person that you all speak so negative about… he is an honest and positive human being, who leads and guides others positively! He is a man of guidance…. believe it or not… he is nothing like all you people who dont have lives think he is!! So what we all have pass, it shouldnt haunt us but he is someone who is on the road to changing… he is happily married, have his kids, his home and a life of happiness to live… he is a man who begs for forgivness and loves those who love him!!!… Dont let kno one bring you down, am a friend of yours now and always as you have given not only me but many youths out there GUIDANCE and STRENGTH to continue this battle…. Respect and Jah Bless…

    Instead of ruining this man you people should look at yourselves and become role models like him!

  16. U R Sick! says:

    I can’t believe he have the nerve to get up here and make such a post. He is evil as evil could comes. When people get picked up for a crime in Belize is because someone saw you do it. The police does not just pick him out of a haystack. Belizeans cannot keep secrets.Trust me when I tell you that nothing about him is innocent.One guy lived to tell the tale.Maybe he cleaned up his act not (I doubt it because every time he’s around the killings continue) but in the 1990′s and the 2000′s he was a terror to that country. I too am a firm believer of Let God be the only judge but when we meet someone like this guy.its hard to not sin your own soul and judge him. I think he is one of those people (serial killers) who do their deeds and run home to bow down to beg for forgiveness and go commit some more murders.I hope he will burn in hell for all eternity and I hope to be there to see it. Him and all his followers. He’s nothing but a serial killer of a different form. Since he’s so Godly now I hope he repeat this statement ( WHAT WE SOW, SO SHALL WE REAP) over and over again till the day he meets his maker. Role model my @$$? You stupid or what? I hope you or one of your family members won’t become one of his victims one day and run go beg for forgiveness.He is sick and beyond repair.You ever seen anyone like him get cured by prayers and nothing else? Oh yeah!, you must be his shrink too. Well good luck to y’all.Only God knows what else sick $#!% this dude is into.

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