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Apr 7, 2011

Mayor Moya apologizes to the Prime Minister

Zenaida Moya Flowers

Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya Flowers’ expulsion from the United Democratic Party was reduced to a suspension at the start of the year. The Mayor remained steadfast to her party and maintains that her heart is with the U.D.P.  In today’s edition of the government’s newspaper, there was a curious publication of a public apology to her party over the words she uttered when she was criminally arraigned a year and a half ago. But will she now be allowed to seek office in the coming general elections under a U.D.P. ticket? That’s what News Five’s Marion Ali asked today of the U.D.P. Chairman, Patrick Faber.

Zenaida Moya Flowers, Mayor, Belize City (File: October 1st, 2009)

“Everybody knows that I do not have a cozy relationship with the Prime Minister, with the leader of the party.  They know that fully well.  This is not something new man. This is something that we all know from the convention.  Zenaida is not somebody that is a puppet. I feel it that somebody doesn’t have balls when they are going to come after me when I’m on my bed delivering a child.”

Marion Ali, Reporting

Everyone remembers the riveting comments that Belize City Mayor, Zenaida Moya Flowers had when she descended from the steps of the Magistrate’s Court on October first 2009.  Those words reverberated across the country in the days that followed.  And she was expelled from the U.D.P. for uttering them.  She took her party to court over her expulsion, but it wasn’t until January of this year that the U.D.P. announced that her expulsion would be replaced by a one year suspension retroactive to the day she was kicked out. But all along Moya-Flowers maintained that she was still a U.D.P.

Then this week’s edition of the Guardian newspaper had this public apology by Moya-Flowers.  It is one of her requirements, according to U.D.P. Chairman, Patrick Faber, that would allow her back as a U.D.P. member.

Patrick Faber, Chairman, U.D.P.

“At the time of her expulsion from the party that came of course as a ruling from the Ethics Committee. She had for some time written in to the Central Executive of the Party to appeal the decision for her expulsion. Some time ago, the party Central Executive did meet and made a decision that she would be allowed to come back into the fold of the party after reducing her sentence issued by nominations committee to a mere suspension for a year. But they had conditions upon which this could have been done and one of those conditions was that she was to put forward a public apology in a manner that was designated by the party. So that is what you see occurring now.”

Patrick Faber

So where does this leave Moya-Flowers with her status in the U.D.P.?

Patrick Faber

“The end of the suspension, I should say, comes at the end of any period for her to apply for anything. So she would not be able to put in an application for the Municipal Elections or for the General Elections and so the short answer to your question as to whether or not she will be able to contest for the party; the answer is not in this time period.”

Marion Ali

“Can the rules be bent in that case just as when she was expelled, there was also talk that she would never be allowed back in the U.D.P.?”

Patrick Faber

“Well the party is supreme so I won’t tell you that it is not possible at all, but I’ll tell you that the chances are highly unlikely. Her suspension from the party ends in a few weeks time and then she becomes a regular member of the party again and a member in good standing once again.”

News Five contacted Mayor Moya-Flowers today to ask her next political move, but she declined any comment.  Marion Ali for News Five.

So for now the mayor is complying with what is required for her rejoin the U.D.P., but still yet she’s without a constituency.

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18 Responses for “Mayor Moya apologizes to the Prime Minister”

  1. rod says:

    why is the minister of education dictating policy what a joke and illiterate idiot who cannot even do his job is going around dictating gov. police mein this useless gov. keeps getting worse wow.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Has Mr Barrow apologized to the Belizean people for refering to the leader of the Opposition as a Jakass at the National Assembly?

  3. cayobway says:

    Moya and Faber 2 brown nosing scum.

  4. Earl Grey says:


  5. BDF soldier says:

    Deanny B has to do a lot of apology to poor belizeans for having them en slave to a system that is raping them of their basics in life,such as good medical care,dental care,high gas prices,etc etc etc etc.this other election we bleizeans are sure UDP mafia will loose,then the next LAW FIRM AKA PUP will take over and rape once again the tiny country of belize,may this time they will use vaseline.and the stpry goes,every four years belizeans are rape by this 2 law firms.

  6. cg says:

    why do people even vote??? you are just picking from BADDER and BADDEST. Lesser of two evils don’t even cut it…they are both EQUALLY EVIL and RIDICULOUS….such a joke!

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    When the expulsion was reduced to a suspension there was no reason to believe that Prince & Princess Machiavelli did not already have their strategies for the next election season. If Moya can win in a PUP stronghold, she will run & they will find a loophole & back her through it.

  8. Gran says:

    I sorprize at Z, we strong wimen do not apologize to ballsless men. Deeny buay da lone taak, rememba at the slightest hint of corruption heads will rolll!!!!!!!!!!!. well he no see BOOTS, GAPI, ERWIN,FIYAH LOVAH CASTRO all de hussle… he no du noting bekasn he is BALLSLESS.

  9. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Bunch of crap just more political games between Moya and the PM she is only trying to make it look like she is for the people and in disagreement with Barrow but they are all up to no good and is in it just for their own self interest, this is not powered by the people but powered by self interest and greed, although it is nice to have a woman in politics I don’t think that Belizeans should settle for just any woman just to have a woman there, I am sure that there are more upright and decent women in Belize that can fit the bill common Belizeans stop being deceived by the what makes the grass grows in Texas. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  10. Disgusted! says:


  11. daveyt says:

    Miss Piggy eating humble pie? Don’t believe a word from this manipulating gold digger!

    How many years has she been the Mayor of Belize City, and apart from Albert & Regent Streets, paid for by Cenral Government, what improvements can we see to the city, and what benefits have the residents received????? Absolutely nothing, yet she takes home an estimated $9,000.00 a month, and lives outside the city boundaries in a mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Samson says:

    I personally love and Appreciate the Mayor for her leadership, committment, and Outstanding working at the City Council. I prefer someone is taking the money and at the same time working, rather than have someone taking the money and not working. If Z had the privilage of contesting the elections, I personally would votoe for her again. Comparing the PUP city council, the UDP has done a tremendous job.

  13. ivan cal says:

    jajjajaja zenaida again,sooner or later she had to apologize,I believe she should apologize to the Belize city residents for failing them and stealing their tax $$$$$$$$,and lying to them,she promised better accountability and transparency and ahe has failed the people’. she will continue to be dean barrow’s puppet, like Hon.Marcel Cardona said that dean barrow is a PUPPETT MASTER’. I apalaud Mr. Cardona for standing up for his constituents and NATION OF BELIZE against the vampires of the UDP’.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    daveyt…………..I like THE MISS PIGGY REFERENCE…….looks like she would eat anything.

  15. Swamp Dragon says:

    And why is crime out of control? Because people like this are in charge. She is working at nothing but staying in the good graces of the almighty UDP. People hear nothing from this woman when the murders occur. Clearly unqualified and out of touch with the reality of the Belizean people. Mayor of Belize City! What she do to combat violence? What is her stance on the violence towards the Chinese community? Maybe I am missing something, but I had completely forgotten about this woman. Is she still the Mayor? Does she work?

  16. Marisol says:

    The mayor makes a total of $72,000 salary package, she confirmed it thursday nite on Tony Wright’s show on Krem. I think she has earned every bit of that and hope one day she runs again. The majority of women WILL support her.

  17. Chris says:

    The UDP and no member is not required to give apology to absolutely nobody and worse to the pup so please stop talking nonsense and start thinking with some common sense. It is the pup who owes an apology to the people after leaving us heavily in debt with so many different countries and organizations; money which at this moment you can see on the pup cronies and pup businesses! money which the poor people will never enjoy yet we have to pay and cripples this government from performing to the best of their abilities. let me email you guys some common sense porfavor?

  18. Queen Bee says:

    What happen Z? Wats up with the apology i thought you were a strong woman. You really want to keep that mansion for true. Lap you tail miss and take a bow. Your show ova. You look like the fool them got you the sing for your suppa. Them got you pan you knees the beg. Cho! I think you mi bigga than dat!

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