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Apr 4, 2011

Asian Businesses close doors for 2 days in protest of murders

As we said earlier, the Chinese community held an unprecedented protest following the murder of two female Chinese grocers. To cement their message that they are sorely fed up of the violence against them, the Chinese community from across the country decided to shut down their stores, restaurants and game shops for two days, beginning today.  For them, fighting crime comes in many forms, and while it will mean a big financial loss, their rallying cry is for a crime-free Belize.  That message was loud and clear today.

Edmund Kuan, President, Belize Chinese Association

Edmund Kuan

“Today we’re shutting down because we’re coming out here to protest.  The crime on a whole in Belize City and throughout the country. We are out here trying to voice our community; what we are thinking.”

Marion Ali

“Ok, you’ve had closures before in the past when these kinds of incidents have happened. Obviously it hasn’t solved anything. You are back out here, you are closing again. What’s the next step for you all? Do you have a plan?”

Edmund Kuan

“We are planning to draft up a proposal to the government for amendment to judiciary laws. But I’m not sure the details on that; we need to discuss that. We had a short, short time. We are working on it—we will work on it.”

Philip Ying

Philip Ying, Chairman, Belize/Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce

“The crime situation is growing worse. If the judiciary system cannot be improved, you cannot stop the crime. You have to increase the prosecution power. You have to give very, very strong message—extremely important that we send message that crime is punishable, otherwise you know murderers are walking free. What kind of message are we sending out?”

When we did a random check across the city, we found only two Chinese stores open; both on Albert Street.

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19 Responses for “Asian Businesses close doors for 2 days in protest of murders”

  1. Sugar says:

    there is just a handful of people who are doing most of the killings in Belize, Police know who they are but are hindered from getting things done by many obstacles, some of whom are Human Rights and family members who defend these animals and cry ‘police brutality’ Its time to take the bull by the horn, send human rights to go kiss somebody backside and pick up all those suspects and take them to the bush….then just let them RUN….MR. BARROW, WE ARE TIRED OF PRESS CONFERENCES….all glitter and no gold.

  2. cg says:

    Sugar, its not Human Rights or anyother bull that dont get these people locked..its your Government and the cronies they work for….

  3. ANN says:


  4. FEDUP! says:

    The Chinese should close their doors indefinitely and get the hell out of Belize!!! They only step up when it is something affecting their community. Otherwise they dont give a rats @$$ about what happens politically or otherwise in Belize as long as they can come in and buy up our land and use up our resources for their people and take our money and send it back to China or wherever and rob our people!!!! They never take part in other civil rights movements in Belize unless it has to do with one of their own! They are a selfish group of people who are manipulative and sly! Nonetheless, they are showing us foolish Belizeans what we should do and how to take charge of matters in our country!!!! I do not know why Belizean people cannot open their eyes and see that they are being robbed and screwed over by both UDP and PUP! We need a revolution like what is going on in the Mid east so these worthless no good government can realize we are not imbeciles and we will not take no more of their BS!!!!!

  5. Nothing Personal says:

    Well i finally the sell wah lil bit cause the chinese shop close. deh should protest for the rest a year soh i could eat wah lil ham fu xmas.

  6. Earl Grey says:


    WHAT WILL THEY ACTUALLY DO???????????????????
    We had ’nuff words…..time for ACTION.


  7. ryaniel says:

    FEDUP it is us Belizeans and the goverment who tolerate these behaviour so shut your mouth…i bet you still buy at the chiney stores… is us Belizeans who have to step up and not allow these things to happen….

  8. landy says:

    maybe if we be more like the chinese group then all the killings would stop because we would look after each other instead of killing each other remember its black killing black lets be selfish about our culture and start to care for each other!!!

  9. wisdom says:

    Chinese are not allowed to protest in China.

  10. ms. nobody says:

    ship them back to China!!!They think they can come in our country and do whatever they feel like…come one please, they are only emptying our pockets, cheating chiny!!

  11. chinese lady says:

    FEDUP , I am fedup with your comment, well well well. you can say what all you have to say, but we chinese is the one who taking action…nothing can be achieve with a big mouth like yours

  12. me says:

    Dejen d estar pendejeando y ponganse hacer algo bueno, bola d …………

  13. FEDUP says:

    of course chinese lady you are the one taking action cause you are the ones who have all teh belizean money in ur pockets! You buy the guns and briong them into the country and give it to the poor black boys to kill themselves off! so of course u can take action u done rob us of our land and money and now ur in powerful position to close ur shops and dictate what you want happen in Belize. I am glad that you are taking action, someone has to, but it is selfish of u to just take action when it comes to your people! It shows you dont give a $#!% about the rest of belize or Belizeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. FEDUP says:

    It is true we Belizean and to a much greater extent our government is to blame for the influx of Asians into our country and the advantage that they now have over us Belizeans that they could close their stores to make a statement to the Belizean public. I think that is powerful and just a premonition of things to come. Someone has to say the words and we have to unite as Belizeans just as they can unite as Chinese and fight for what we belive like to get the Chinese out of Belize and keep them out!

  15. Belizan Chinese says:

    Well, Ms, Nobody, it is exactly as you had listed your name. You are no body, this is no longer a Chinese prolem. If Belizeans dont take care of this problem, it will even affect Belian society on a whole, even bigger than you can think. Everyday, there is Belizean dying because of crime. This is no longer just Chinese. But Chinese are standing up to try to not to have this continue, not because it is chinese, then it is more important to us. And as for Fedup, If you dont like chinese, then you have to adjust to it, in that case, I am not sure who you are, if you are a BLACk, guess what, you dont belong to Belize either, cause your ancestor came as slaves and were not originated from Belize. So guess what, you can say all you want, but you got to understand the fact that globalization is happening everywehere where. Lets say if US were to say that to all Belizean that lives there, tells you to get out and go home, I am sure you must have some sort of relative lives there also. So maybe you can understand now what I am refering to. So for you to say such thing, this is a time for unite and be together for the fight, not to fight agains each other. If you are being so racists, I am sure you must have some sort of problem, cause dont tell me that you only be friends with your kind.

  16. Belizan Chinese says:

    Fedup, I think you are fed up with either PUP or UDP, but you need to understand the fundamental problem is within yourselves. As much as yo uare accusing the chinese community, but hey, there are chinese candidates and now a councilor, but not because they are chinese, they only deal and work for the chinese, they work for Belizean over all, you have problems on your thinking for sure. I think either your thinking is really wrong or you are just never being outside of your little world, to realized that the world is changing and even Belize is changing. Dump @$$. YOU need to start to think of the bigger picture rather than yourselves. Belizeans need to realized that. If that is the case, you know how much more Belizeans would be return to Belize? By all means being evicted by other countries, as you had stated before, Let all the chiense go back to where they from.
    Then you should go back to where you are from, you know what, unless you are a true mayan otherwise I would say it is best you shut up and you have no say about anything else, and as a matter of fact, read of yoru history, even Mayans were immigrants.
    So no one really belongs to a specific place. Know it before you say anything and as I said, think what you say and if you even have the right to say it!

  17. chabelli says:

    Please leave my country;where were you in 1798?

  18. Queen Bee says:

    only in Belize will these Chinese be tolerated to come here and protest. How dare they close their doors for two days without thinking what will happen to the poor Belizean who has to go to the store on a daily basis. That being the case they should pop one of them every week then we’ll see if they will close cause they love money more than how they love each other. Belizean business could survive in this rat race also. Why did they not close their stores when the chinese boy killed his father! everybody knows that he did it. Yet that moon face kuan will get on the media and lie defending his own when ppl heard them arguing I want to see him arrested why didn’t they call for blood then.

  19. lynlyn says:

    with all the comments, this is just racism, in that case, all these people who are talking has no rights, I am sure anyone Belizean or all Belizean have some sort of relative in elsewhere and in any case of such thing ever happens to them outside of Belize, I dont think they will say the same things the say. Put yourselves in their situation. Don’t say things because you are mad or upset or because they are chinese, when it happens to you remember you are in the same situation along with them. It is no longer just the Chinese need to stand up for them selves, Look at the Belizean for justice, they are standing up for them selves and for the Belizean mothers who lost their children. Why can’t Belizeans see that? Although I do not agree to a few things they did in support but I totally support them once they have made their decision to support the cause. Anyone who is saying that Chinese needs to be out of Belize then guess what, anyone o fus that is so call Belizean right now as long as we are not Mayan decended then need to be out of Belize, cause Blacks, Garifunas, and Mestizos were all once immigrants. Chabelli, you were not there in 1798 either, it was your ancestors who were there, if they were never there in 1798 then you will never be there now. As simple as that. So all of us come from else where to be there. So Belizeans, open your eyes and look around the world. It is changing and if it was not the immigrants of Belize or I should say Slavery, then Belize would not be what it is today. No Blacks would be here today and Belizans need to look at it that way, we have no rights to say any of this because sometime in the pass we were once immigrant just like the Chinese now.

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