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Mar 30, 2011

After Marcel’s meltdown, U.D.P. kicks Cardona to the curve and calls it resignation

Patrick Faber

In a letter sent to him and signed by the Minister Patrick Faber, the party chairman, the fate of Cardona’s party politics was sealed. While he has not tendered any resignation, he was told that by his actions, he has resigned. The letter also says that put he failed to attend Parliamentary caucuses and National Party Council meetings for six months and that he did not attend pre-budget conclaves.

The letter says in part: “In the view of the party, the above mentioned pattern of behavior constituted not simply a lack of interest in the U.D.P., but a deliberate abandonment of your duties to the party and a rejection of the allegiance you owed to the party.

Then on Friday in the National Assembly, you declared publicly your hostility to, and non-support of, the U.D.P. Administration’s budget and the U.D.P. Government generally. As a result of this, I write to tell you that the U.D.P. considers that you have, by implication, resigned from the U.D.P. Since your conduct is utterly inconsistent and incompatible with your being a member of the U.D.P., we deem you to have constructively resigned from the party. We hereby accept that constructive resignation and with immediate effect cease to regard you as a member of the United Democratic Party.”

So now that he has been put out of his party, where does that put Cardona?  Well, he is still the elected area representative for the Orange Walk East, but according to the party chairman Patrick Faber, they don’t want him on the U.D.P. side.

Patrick Faber, Chairman, U.D.P.

“There are a couple of issues and events that of course occurred—the culmination of course being Friday’s House Meeting where Mister Cardona clearly pointed out that he is not a supporter of the government and that he, by our estimations, does not any longer wish to be a part of the U.D.P. That’s, in effect, what our letter says—that we deem his actions over the past six months (maybe even a little bit longer) to be that he considers himself not to be a part of the U.D.P. I mean, how could you be a member of the U.D.P. and you don’t turn up to any of the National Party Council meetings? How could you be a member of the U.D.P. and you don’t come to the Parliamentary Caucus Meetings that we plan what it is that we are going to do in the House of Representatives and in the Senate? So based on these actions that he has demonstrated, not only on Friday [but] long before, we have agreed to accept these actions as his resignation from the party. His campaign that he launched with billboards and fliers and so on against the deputy party leader and the party leader, the Prime Minister. What you may not know about is at the time of his convention that we intercepted a letter that he was circulating to opposition businessmen requesting funding and we confronted him with it just before the convention and he accepted that it did come from his camp. A letter specifically asking opposition businessmen to support him in order to bring down the U.D.P., to bring down the party leader and the deputy leader, which by our view means that he is not in support of our great United Democratic Party. He was absolutely ridiculous in some of the claims made. I mean, as a representative myself, I don’t get everything that I wish to see for my constituency. Because I don’t get everything that I want, my dream list—and it was certainly a dream list that he read out. A three story concrete building for each village in his constituency? That’s ridiculous. Nobody gets that. So if we are to look at the things that he said that he wanted for his constituency and didn’t get and use that as the party victimizing him or anybody in the party victimizing him and not giving him his just due then that is ridiculous. He ahs for a long time been frustrated and there are some of us who are in this party who feel frustrated with a lot of things, but it does not cause you to get up and land base the government and land base your party—nobody really gets everything that they want.

This has nothing to do with him resigning as a member of the House of Representatives. Mister Cardona made it clear that that was not his intention. So this has nothing to do with him resigning his seat in the House of Representatives. There are two ways in which a bi-election could be triggered—him resigning his seat or him doing some kind of action that would be deemed crossing the floor. I think it is general consensus that he did not go that extra mile to say we could deem that he crossed the floor. He did not vote against the budget, but he certainly spoke out against it and said that he did not support it. And certainly he did not resign his seat, he made that quite clear. And so this is not really about whether or not he will continue to be a member of the house, if a bi-election will be triggered. But certainly as a party, we have all rights to say that listen your actions—consistently, not only your action on Friday in the House Meeting—but your actions in general, your actions by not coming to meetings—whether it is the parliamentary caucus or the national party council—your actions that you get out there and you badmouth the party leaders, that you claim outwardly to be seeking the demise of the U.D.P. has to be a signal for the rest of us that this man does not want to be a part of our United Democratic Party.

What our nest move will be is to say to the Speaker, listen he is not a member of our party and we would ask you not to have him sit with the other United Democratic Party members. And so you may well see him go back to the House but not sitting with the U.D.P. membership in the House of Representative.”

Marion Ali

“Has that ever been done? Where does a person sit?”

Patrick Faber

“I don’t know and indeed, it may not be the right place for him across the other side with the opposition either. But that is something for the Speaker to determine.”

Marion Ali

“He said that Mister Burns had been given privileges and basically had been put in a position as though he was the elected area rep. He is being given the opportunity to represent better than Mister Cardona himself and afford those type of resources.”

Patrick Faber

“That is Mister Cardona’s opinion. I am not sure that that can be substantiated. But in so far as Mister Burns is now the party’s official standard bearer—he did go to the convention and he did win the convention quite handsomely—we cannot deny the fact that Mister Landy Burns is now the United Democratic Party’s candidate for the next election and you cannot blame us as a party if we make sure that Mister Burns is given whatever resources the party can muster to help him to of course deliver that seat once again for the United Democratic Party. But Mister Cardona can only cast aspersions, he cannot really substantiate.

There is always a chance for reformation yes. If he reforms his ways and yes there might well be a case to be made to the central executive of the party if he chooses to reform his ways and he clearly says that of course he does not wish to travel that path in which he has embarked.”

Cardona’s woes started two years ago because of a contract approved by the National Institute of Culture and History, which he as the then Minister of culture did not know of. He was sent to pasture in the backbench and then humiliated at convention where he lost miserably to Orlando “Landy” Burns.

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24 Responses for “After Marcel’s meltdown, U.D.P. kicks Cardona to the curve and calls it resignation”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    The CURB is that area of the thorough-fare between the street and the sidewalk.

  2. Lucas says:

    I did not pay any attention to Mr. Cardona as a U.D.P. Senator until he became O.W. East standard bearer. It was until then I realized this man is a spoiled, opportunist , arrogant, selfish and full of it bratt. He actually disrupted the election activity in that division with blasting loud-speaker. The night after his electoral victory, a house which was used as base by the P.U.P. for community outreach; was torched. It was never investigated but it is believed that it was done by Cardona’s people. When he took over his ministry, all known P.U.P. workers in Orange Walk were his victims. In Carmelita, the P.U.P. had distributed land which the people had payed for surveying but Quitar Junior (Vega), took it all away. Since all these people were classified as P.U.Ps, Cardona said nothing and, do not forget he called the Mexicans FRIJOLEROS. Therefore, The P.U.P. people of O.W. East lost the day Cardona was elected representative of that division and like all the rest of known P.U.P. supporters around the country, were and are treated like red neck step-children by this U.D.P. administration. Because of his personal childish fight with Quitar Junior, the losers were the U.D.P.s of O.W. East and so they removed him. The tantrum he threw in the House reflects what I said he is but, not a hero much less a man of the people. By the way, Mr. Barrow once said that at a party, the lord cornered Mr. Musa who only grinned looking stupid. It may well be true but the public did not see it. However, what the public saw, while Cardona was fuming, was a Prime Minister Grinning and looking stupid.

  3. Disgusted! says:

    Everyone with any semblance of common sense knew that this would be the consequence of Cardona’s rebellion so Dean Barrow’s mouthpiece, Patrick Faber, does not surprize nor impress anyone with his rhetorical B$. Let this be a warning to anyone of you political @$$wipe$ who dare to defy your boss, the mighty tyrant Dean Oliver Barrow. I hope the people that Cardona stood up to represent are now willing to come to his defense and support and embark on a civil uprising!!!

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    It is what it is, a blind man could see this one coming….

  5. REGGIE says:

    Well most of us know the Pm dream came through to be the first Black pm.But he will have life time of regret.his day is #.Cordona:s did the rite thing.Pm only want the YES SIR you can see now the party NEGLET THE MAYA CARIB SPANISH .IS MINISTER ROCAHES STILL IN THE HOUSE?NEVER HEARD HIM SAY ANYTHING.BUT HE IS A GOOD FOLLOWER SO HE IS OK.PEOPLE ELECT YOU GAME TO LOoK OUT FOR THEM.NOT 2 BE A YES SIR STUDENT TO THE PM.HIM FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE MORE POWER THAT THE ELECTED OFFICIAL.WAKE UP MY PEOPLE AND GET RID OF HIM.

  6. rod says:

    dont worry marcel you are lucky that you will not go down in history as being part of the worse gov. and pm in the history of belize all aspects of life under this gov. and pm are in the drain 1. education in the drain worse it has ever been 2. tourism in the drain.03. exports in the drain4. imports in the drain4. crime way way out of control the most murders in the history of belize.5 .corruption out of control this gov. and pm will surely go down in the history books as being the worse gov. and pm in the history of belize so good riddance marcel now join a winning team because you seem to be an honest person .

  7. EMS says:

    Where is our so-called tranquil heaven of democracy going, no freedom of speech/expression. Is it a crime to be honest? Accept it or reject it honesty is the best policy. Isn’t it a God given right to speak our minds, right or wrong? Wake up Belizeans, rise up against this tyrannical udp administration. Barrow must go now!!!!!

  8. ESSB says:

    Money talks; Gapy and Landy are two rich powerful men so this obviously places Cardona on the wrong side because he is not a wealthy man plus I do believe that at some point he was deliberately forced to react this way.

  9. O. Walk observer says:

    Shame on the government for saying such stupid excuses for expelling Cardona from the party; can anybody have a different opinion than the boss, eventhough HIS decision is stupid?? This only shows how the remaining Elected representatives (NOT honorable ministers) are mere PUPPETS of the ring leader. Certain electoral divisions get all the resourses while others are completely forgotten! Look at O. Walk south, since election absolutely NOTHING has been done and worst yet PECH HAS NOT VISITTED A SINGLE VILLAGE (can abody dispute this?) Only now the highway from Town to San Lazaro is being built but that is with Canefarmers money (fair trade)

  10. JB says:

    Cardona should resign and have a bi-election. Let Landy prove he’s a loser too.

  11. Swamp Dragon says:

    Ha ha! That’s right Earl Grey. Kicked to the CURVE? Oh well. But this is despicable. Pathetic really. No meeting to resolve the issue amongst party members. Just cast him aside. Mr. Cardona made a some very good points and seemed very upstanding. That is politics. The same party members do not always agree. And when left ignored, it sometimes takes standing up against your party to point out the injustices they are either ignoring or are blind to. Barrow could have made himself look quite wise and dignified by scheduling a meeting with Cardona and addressing the concerns of OW east. Instead he laughed and yawned and mocked like a child. Like a bully in the classroom.
    Really pathetic leadership.

  12. Dissapointed UDP says:

    UDP falling apart!!! Crazy Glue said it ” Barroww likes to sorround himself only with psycophants and croneys”.

  13. RadicalBelizean says:


    You make a lot of sense. There are ways of conducting yourselves as government officials elected by the people and still achieving the outcomes you desire. Sadly these people don’t remember that it’s the people who got them there until its election time.

    Unfortunately we Belizeans will seem Mr Cardona as some kind of hero. How can anyone respect our officials when they conduct themselves in such a disgraceful spiteful way.

  14. Belize Cow says:

    Why has nobody pointed out the minister’s complete and utter misinterpretation of the term “constructive discharge”? “Constructive resignation”? Really? That implies that the government is abusing Cardona and he consequently has a right to resign. These ministers really need to stop using terms they don’t understand.

  15. Justice says:

    I am glad Cardona expressed verbally what everone knows. Barrow is a racist with an ego that is ridiculous. We knew he was going to get back at cardona and this is only the beginning. He is also an evil, vindictive manipulative person. using the word person to describe him is even given him more credit than is due.I would put him in history books but would equate him to the likes of Hitle and baby Doc and Saddam Hussain and the likes of those. He is a no good piece of $%&# that has brought shame and disgrace to a once very peaceful nation. When someone asks me who the PM of Belize is i pretend not to hear rather than to utter that piece of crap from my mouth!

  16. Storm says:

    Wait a minute, Justice, how does this situation make Prime Minister Barrow a “racist”? Has he done anything to provide this accusation any legitimacy? And if so, then, can you show me the evidence?

  17. Mayhem says:


  18. Earl Grey says:



  19. louisville,ky says:

    Justice, you joking right? You gotta be; for you to be comparing the PM to Hitler, Baby Doc and Saddam Hussein you got… to….be!! . I will give you the benefit of the doubt though, believing that someone only mentioned those characters to you in passing and you did not get the opportunity to do your own research. Take my foolish advice and please don’t let politics get your panties in bunches.
    Take some time and inform yourself about those three dictators because where ignorance is bliss, its (truely) folly to be wise.

  20. belizeanpride says:

    i totally agree with Orange walk Observer the south has been neglect since the P.U.P with the Johnson sign doing the highway for ten year nothing they did, Pech is the same and he doesn’t even vivit these village that gave him the win. hés days as a minister is counted.

  21. hugo RIVAS says:

    Who is Mr. Grey????????????????

  22. BelizeCan says:

    Folks – join the movement. Sign up now – we are in our infancy, but are looking for belizeans with back Bone. Mr. Cardona – as far as I read – and what was NOT disputed by the PM nor his office, declared some very serious things. He showed how NEPOTISM and the placement of Cronies governs Belize’s Political system. The PUP did it, and the UDP has perfected it!

    I speak to Belizeans across the country and the feedback that I get suggests that folks are fed up. Belize has no arm of accountability. Please folks, aren’t we smarter than this?

    Join the movement! We have gone from being pileged by foreign govenments (especially the Uk), TO being pileged by our very own blood. Belizean politicians mismanage our funds and squander out money and resources as they please; and all Belizeans have been doing is laughing it off!

    Wake up folks – please wake up! We need an EGYPT style uprising! Nooooooooooo Violence absolutely, just the people standing up all across the nation and telling both Red and Blue to Go home. LET THE Honest ones on both sides get together and form a real party For the People and By the people.

    Visit: and pledge your commitment to Support a RE-TAKING of our nation before we have no nation to talk about.

  23. chabelli says:

    cardona is now casualty and dispensable;no one needs him

  24. my 2cents says:

    In all due respect Mr Lucas,the UDP was the ones that made “victimization” popular.Whenever they get in office,they use their first year to seek and destroy anyone that works for the PUP.I was once a government worker and Boots Martinez use to send messages to use to pack our $#!% because when they win,he will come clean office.I do not support the UDP but I do support Mr Cardona because they did him wrong.As far as the land issue,poth parties does that to people so stop make it seems like he’s the only one that does these thing.Many years ago one worker from the land dept. told me that wherever anyone goes up to the office (Paslow building at the time),and fill out a application for land,she said as soon as you walk down the steps they tear up the application forms and I believed because people were always complaining that their files were lost…and yes the UDP was in power at the time. As far as i am concerned,Mr Barrow is nothing but a bully leader that bites like a snake when others speak up fot their rights. He tried to do the same thing to mayor Moya but she have as much balls as Cardona. He loves little !@#$%^& and @$$ kissers like Faber and mini Finny.@ louisville,Ky you are no piece better than Justice because you were not there first hand to see if these dictators really was the way the media said they were. Were you there when Sadam ,Hitler and whosoever else was doing what they said they did? America told you that so you picked it up and ran with it. You weren’t there so as far as I am concerned..justice is right on they mark. They all leeches to society that suck on others.No bastard better than the other.

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