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Mar 25, 2011

Marcel’s Meltdown; U.D.P. Area Rep’s kamikaze on government

Marcel Cardona

The debate on the 2011-2012 budget began on Thursday with a rousing presentation by the Leader of the Opposition; in fact it was inarguably one of his finest moments in the House of Representatives. But as they say, that was yesterday’s news. Today the U.D.P. area representative from Orange Walk East, Marcel Cardona, stole the show. Cardona has had an estranged relationship with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. In fact, he’s been relegated to the back benches since his ouster from Cabinet. We haven’t heard much from him in the past months but today he delivered a stinging indictment of his own government in true Cardona style. News Five’s Jose Sanchez begins coverage of the debate with this story.

Jose Sanchez

Day two of the 2011-2012 budget debate began in less than stellar fashion. The government representatives spoke mostly of P.U.P. failures, that is until former Minister of Culture Marcel Cardona, rose from the back bench to berate his own party for not giving his poor constituents a fair share of funds for needed projects.

Marcel Cardona, Orange Walk East Representative

“Are not our people not considered to be poor like the rest of our country or are our people from Orange Walk East being singled out? If carrying out land surveys was so easy for others, why had it become an impossible task for us the people in Orange Walk East? Were we operating in an animal farm situation where some of the animals were more equal than others? Was favoritism, bais and discrimination being used as a basis for making the governments taxpayers’ dollars available to one constituency over another? Are governments resources not paid or contributed by all taxpayers not which political constituency they belong to?”

But Cardona belongs to the ruling party and thus began his meltdown.

Marcel Cardona

“Politics is really about the effective delivery of goods and services to the people. If you interfere with this process of providing an effective delivery of goods and services then people will inevitably weigh their options and perhaps look elsewhere for a more effective delivery of goods and services. This is a situation which is negatively affecting us in Orange Walk East—a deliberate and carefully orchestrated plan to remove the Orange Walk East area representative from his leadership role over the people of the Orange Walk East constituency. But I have not shed a tear in the process Mister Speaker. God works in strange and mysterious ways. As my mother always says; “No hay mal que por bien no venga.” Sometimes even the darkest cloud has a silver lining.”

But there were no silver lining today. And not only did he express his dissatisfaction with the deputy Prime Minister, he also went after the Prime Minister.

Marcel Cardona

“Here was the clear evidence of this gross injustice against the people and the leader of the Orange Walk East constituency which was quietly perpetuated over the past three years and change most certainly in collusion with the highest authorities in the present administration. The same government which the Prime Minister has attempted to convince us all it is an egalitarian government; meaning a government which advocates equal rights for all.”

Emil Arguelles, Speaker of the House

Emil Arguelles

“Honorable member, I have given you wide latitude to proceed, but this is a financial and economic debate on the budget. You are venturing into political and religious matters. Please proceed with that.”

Marcel Cardona

“This is relevant to my constituency and it pertains to the annual expenditures and it affects my constituency.”

Emil Arguelles

“I said, I said proceed. I said proceed honorable member.”

Marcel Cardona

“The torment, the scorn and the disrespect has steadily increased. Mister Speaker, there is only so much punishment that a man or a woman can take no matter how humble they may be before humility is turned into rebellion. This is what is happening to us in Orange Walk East. We the people of the Orange Walk East constituency are sick and tired of the unfair treatment afforded to our people. We are sick and tired of the advantage being taken against us. We are tired of the clear discrimination and abuse—we have been suffering at the hands of our very own government. We are tired of being treated like lepers or sub-humans, like we don’t have the same rights and privileges as any other Belizean citizen.”

Michael Finnegan

Michael Finnegan, Minister of Housing

“Mister Speaker, on a point of order. Ih dah look like the member of Orange Walk want the whole budget so why the Prime Minister noh give ahn it.”

Marcel Cardona

“But I was merely being used by the puppet master, who now that he has accomplished his lifelong dream of becoming the first black prime minister now wishes to dispose of the very persons who helped to get him elected and this is one of life’s many ironies.”

Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Works

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“Mister Speaker on a point of order, the member for Orange Walk East is not referring to what entails inth e budget debate talking about first black prime minister. That noh have nothing fi do about the budget. So on a point of order I want you to address that situation with the member of Orange Walk East because it is the people of Orange Walk East who say they don’t want him no more, not the Prime Minister.”

Marcel Cardona

“On September fourth, 2008, I was threatened by an individual and told that I am not to rise and say anything otherwise he would have me kicked out of the House of Representatives.  I cannot support this budget and shall abstain from voting on it less my actions be deliberately confused with my having cross the floor.”

He did not cross but he drove off immediately after the speech. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Cardona says he intends to serve out his term under the UDP banner.

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41 Responses for “Marcel’s Meltdown; U.D.P. Area Rep’s kamikaze on government”

  1. Aint fair says:

    At least the honorable Marcel share his sentiments about the injustice of his people East Orange Walk, but the sentiments should go to all the Belizeans who are treated as sub-humans across the country, even though he had share his sentiments of not getting a fair deal of the budget to his constituency, some bunch of morons who have no heart and presume to be God because of the power they got and close bond to the prime minister blurt out and say give him all the budget funds, these guys are supposed to be our elected leaders but act like kids and got no sense of how to address someone, bunch of illiterate in the house of rep…What will Belize come to ……..WOLVES ARE LEADING THE FLOCK INTO Jeopardy!!! Belizeans are u all soft…..ur standing on grounds that our ancestors bleed on for the greater good of the future…and now we’re been manipulated by political gangstas!!!!!

  2. Storm says:

    Cardona inadvertently put his finger on the political problems in Belize: he said politics is about “delivery of goods and services.” THAT REALLY MEANS BRIBING THE PEOPLE BY TAKING FROM SOME [OR BORROWING AGAINST THE FUTURE] TO ENRICH OTHERS.

    That is redistribution of wealth, or communism. IS THAT WHAT GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME HERE?

    Politics should be about finding the best policies to support general prosperity and security for now and into the future, and to do it on the basis of equal opportunity for all [not necessarily equal results -- results should be determined by how hard each person works to get ahead under the equal opportunity afforded him or her].

    When politicians have become so venal that they think their job is about dividing up the national piggy bank, they should be gone. ALL OF THEM.

  3. Lisa says:

    Where is the serial writer Disgusted now? Looks like instead of frustrating himself from afar late at night, he finally found a girl to hang with one time. Lolllllll

  4. Stephen says:

    What else going on, is it one man running the show I bet he can not do that with John Saldiver or Patrick Faber. I guess that a lot will be out before this month ends. Cardona we will welcome you but you do not stand a chance to run for area rep within our party. Once a traitor always a traitor just like Phillip Brackett. Only UDP make them like that, by the way I had a bet and I won so I have an extra 200 to spend. I am thinking of giving it to Cardona to help pay for his security as he said he has been threatened.

  5. macal rivera says:


  6. Disgusted! says:

    O WHAT A DAY WHEN THE HUNTER BECOMES THE PREY!!!!! I watched every second of this tirde and enjoyed it. Let me see what the Dean Barrow/U.D.P. apologists and @$$kissers have to say about that now. A house divided among itself will fall and it’s quite obvious that the U.D.P. like the black male of Belize is self destructing. I watched in complete shock as Arturo Roches (The other political leper and flunky) tried to signal the speaker of the house to shut Cardona up and hung his head in utter humiliation as their misdeeds and corruption was broadcasted for the entire globe to digest. Obviously Arturo Roches didn’t know he was being captured on camera and this confirms that Emil Arguelles is a #$%## and a puppet who is controlled by his political masters in government. what does the creole proverb say? “When fish come from river bottom……………………..” I don’t support any of these robots but I respect a man who brave and stans up for what he believes in and the rights of the poor. Well done Cardona, WelI Done!!!!!

  7. Bulba Martinez says:

    Thank you Jesus, shame and scandal in the family. Mr. Cardona, I feel for you and I have a lot of respect for you standing your grounds, especially when your Party used you like a Yoyo and allowed Dianne Haylock to disrespect you and your leadership as Minister of Culture then. Long story short, you got kicked out as Minister of Culture and became your own Party’s enemy and target. “If you can’t win them, join them” and you refuse to join them in some of their corruptness. Is it good or bad?. For me I try to look at the positive side of life to overcome the evil that surrounds us, the Belizean people. Lesson to be learnt here, is to stand up for your rights and the rights of the people of whom you serve, even if you have to go through extremely harsh consequences. That being said, I’m not looking at your situation as a racial issue because you knew excatly what you was getting into when you ran for politricks in our country. (Dictatorship). You and your consistuency are only receiving a drop in the bucket of the abuse, abandonment, and disrespect we in the south have endured since the Colonial days. It is not a nice feeling, especially when our so called Area Reps are being used as Puppets that never bring back anything from GOB for their constituency for our interest. Noh knock youself out mi bredda, you wah get over it just like we and thank you fu tell it like it is. Fu Finnegan, how irresponsible and unprofessional can you be?. Just think about your statement and you’ll know how stupid of a remark it was. Cardona, you deh eena di black book , soh expose dem now anyway. Da noh nothing weh we the Belizean people noh know!!!!. I noh deh wid PUP neither. Typical case of Monkey see, Monkey do. Six a one, half a dozen a di other. Like I said, look at the positive side people, atleast the Prime Minister is learning how to muffle his sucks and humble himself. No more outburst from him about the “Jack-ss”.

  8. Disgusted! says:

    I would like to advise Michael Finnegan (the human parasite) and Boots Martinez (the illiterate ghetto rat ) that they are a gross embarrassment to Belize on an international scale. These are by far, two of the most disgusting human beings I’ve come across on the face of the earth and I despise them with a passion. Diane Finnegan (his wife) needs to tell the public why her services as counselor at the Hattieville Prison was terminated. Or should I publish it on this blog??? because trust me, I have the proof.

  9. Stephen says:

    Cardona, in a way you are right government spend too much money on the old capital that are not bringing in revenue. It is time to spend money on the productive district and leave Belize City alone all can see that Belize City residence do not respect this country and other are afraid to go to that City. We need to focus on another place where out district people can go and be safe. Quit filling up land for more house lots as there are not enough jobs there. Let people start to seek house lots out district and job as well. The crime situation is bad due to no jobs and also due to cabinet not implementing capital punishment. It is time to let the POLICE start killing these youngster as they are menace to society. Mothers,Fathers and other family members stop crying and start to act responsible by sending your own to jail in order to stop this madness. There are only a handful kill them and get it over, soon we will have no tourist visit our country then they will start to spread out district but we are waiting for them. Give another Government the country, UDP need to call election in order for the people to make a change.

  10. kick Ass says:

    hey Marcel…..maybe you should become a PUP…..i bet those guys will welcome and appreciate your ideas…….at the same time making Dean Barrow’s pants catch on fire and perhaps his bald head…who is he anyways??? don’t let that seat get to your head Mr. prime minister…whatever goes up must come down….just dont leave the belizean people on the street before you are kicked out of Government…..i cant believe such a smart (i know everything) person only plans to take government for a petty 5 years…do enjoy Mr. prime minister…your time is due

  11. ReVoLuTiOn says:

    It takes guts to come out and speak against the injustices that is being done by the party you represent Minister. I think he is a strong man for doing that because I know there will be consequences and re precautions. All the other things he said is just him venting. It is clear to everyone that Mr. Borrow and his cronies have simply been abusing the authority bestowed upon them in trust by the Belizean people. Pardon me but Mister Finnegan sound so stupid in his response to the minister. Talking like someone who doesn’t understand what the man’s point is and sounding so childish as usual. How can he think the man wants the whole budget? What kinda ppl we gat di run di country laaad.

  12. William Grimshaw says:

    Its about time, some of these politicians have backbone, despite their political affiliations, supporting their true beliefs despite their own potential loss.

  13. Bengal says:

    That’s politics for you a so call leader and a bunch of sycophants.
    As a democratic nation I believe that we can disagree without being disagreable.
    If Mr Cardona had sit back and play the goody too shoe he wasn’t going to be ousted.
    Poor Belize until we get some new wave politicians we will keep having poverty, embezzlement, and crime.
    Only JAH can save us now.

  14. DArknLovely says:

    Am proud of this MAN and ashamed of our Elected Ministers. They are disrespectful and childish. With Cardona 100% and i ask the other Minister’s going tru similar situation but feels threatened to talk to speak up not for themselves but for the people who elected them!

  15. Czl says:

    Good Mr. Card. Rare the people who has the BALLS to voice up their opinion. hahahahah

  16. MIGUEL GUERRA says:

    In my own opinion Mr Marcel Cordona with all respect he is a man with dignity and respect, because he has the sufficient balls to fight for the rights of the people. As UDP supporter I think my party is going on the wrong direction. It is time for the people of Belize to stand or wake up and do something before things get worse. Remember that when election comes politicians promise all kinds of things. NEVER BELIEVE IN THEIR WORDS. They will look for rich and never for the poor. TIME FOR A CHANGE AGAIN.

  17. Concern Belizean says:

    this is one of the Best presentations I have sent from a Minister. I was from Orange Walk East but moved abroad when Cardona won believing that he would be the most person to served. another listening to his presentation today I might go back to Belize if he ever wins on the PUP bench.

    good job Marcel.

  18. Youth for Change says:

    Buay, Right now as things stand, many many Belizeans want no party affiliation. Dem tiad a sih those old faces. Those same old faces are downplaying our educated young Belizeans who join the wagon thinking they can do something to change things in thier area. But they are used by the system. By both parties. And this will continue to happen unless we Belizeans begin to get wise. WE need fi staat Big-up we young people fi staat run independent against the 2 set a wolves. When one party ina power, the same govt employees unda the oppposition paaty mek things haad fi many Belizeans because they want the party in power to look bad. But they damage us. If only we cuda get at least 11 independent candidates fi run. Mek dem be young and energetic. Buay yu wa sih fiah staat up.Way down South, because the people want harmony, Espat and Eden wa get vote out. Stann Creek West gat wa old crook and another old crook. A hope wa young man run fi UDP convention deh. Ferguson, if he come in, da di same old thieving faces yu wa sih. Any young man run independent we wa support ‘am. Get wise Belizeans. Get rid a di old mafia faces. If yu ask bout the background a the leaders a dis country, da thru drugs dem get rich and powerful. Da neva sacrifice. Da neva intelligence. Vote out ALL the old faces.

  19. BZNinCALI says:

    “Politics is really about the effective delivery of goods and services to the people” or more accurately, a privileged few. Politics is really about having the ability to spin BS, sell it to the majority & have them vote against their best interests. Neither party has any incentive to change , we !@#$% & moan, then turn around & vote for the same idiots over & over again.

  20. Antonio says:

    I like Marcel style, this is good for politics in Belize as in other countries chairs and books would have been flung.
    This UDP goverment is on a rampage, as now I don’t support any party and this clearly show what they are doing. Many of their diehard supporters (UDP’s) have now silently turn away from them as the mercy has gotten worse.
    The past administration use to spend money like krazy but this crowd has made the circle smaller, and the poor are suffering in silence.
    Mark my word come election time a lot of UDP’s will loose their seat in the house, if people vote any at all.

  21. Justice says:

    I am so proud of Mr Cardona. He has balls not like the PM who tries to use his office to intimidate people and help his family to get rich. Disgusted I agree that Michael Finnegan (the human parasite) and Boots Martinez (the illiterate ghetto rat ) that they are a gross embarrassment to Belize on an international scale. These are by far, two of the most disgusting human beings I’ve come across on the face of the earth. However you must add the biggest rodent of all. Dean Barrow.Ever wonder how Emil Arguelles is speaker of the house? I like Emil but he has no idea of what transpired there.

    Now that Mr Cardona has spoken I guess we will now see more of the Barrow admin revenge. I hope that Mr Cardona keeps us enlightened. One day Justice will be served and all those will be on satan’s admin.

  22. Disgusted! says:

    Seems like (STEPHEN) is lacking in enemies and trying desperately to get my attention. Well let this be a clear warning to you………..BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT. AND IN THE MEAN TIME YOU CAN GO …. YOUR MOTHER!!!

  23. Jan says:

    Take off my hat & to reverence to Mr. Cardona. It takes a lot of guts to stand for what the people elected you for to represent them. Many folks will say that he is crazy, that why all the show cause the budget is still going to pass. That is not the point. I applaude to those members who are voices of the Belizeans. We need more people like that to stand up for what they believe.

  24. Swamp Dragon says:

    Give it to’ em Cardona! When other politicians are rolling over trying to secure the next election, you are speaking the truth and fighting for your people. Orange Walk should be very proud to have you as their representative. I don’t see this as a “meltdown” at all. Who wrote this story? You sound like a very reasonable person fed up with the politics from Belize City and Belmopan. It shows great courage to oppose the leadership and fight for the little people being trampled on. He could just as easily have sat back and waited for a payoff to remain silent. GREAT JOB DOING YOUR JOB MR. CARDONA!!!!

  25. Daniel Chavez says:

    As a voter of the OW East constituency, I applaud the actions taken by Hon. Marcel Cardona, in this year’s budget debate. For too long our people have been neglected and the elected representative has been ignored by this vindictive Government. If Dean Barrow, Gaspar Vega, and all the high ranking UDP officials can do that to one of their own (Marcel Cardona) what wouldn’t they do to you and me. Marcel, said it best “NO MORE!!!!!!” Better days are ahead….come home Mr. Cardona….welcome to the party…PUP fu all a we….adelante con el PUP!!!

  26. Swamp Dragon says:

    Disgusted; What are you rambling about. I didn’t see any comment from “Stephen” directed at you.
    Go……your mother????? That’s a bit much don’t you think? Relax!!!

  27. Do it right says:

    Marcel, Marcel, Marcel you don’t take losing easy at all. Hope this guy doesn’t try to kill himself after his epic meltdown. Heard he was crying after his speech and thats why he literally ran to his GOVERNMENT assigned vehicle. While i do agree that his constituency has not benefit much i do not agree how he will chastise the government when he was the one not doing anything. Nothing is given to you Mr. Cardona. You were a lazy and uncaring area Rep. You want something for your area you have to go and get it. You get a budget for your area and you did not do anything for the people there. You allowed Landy to strong your area. Landy went there and worked for the people there and did what you weren’t doing. At the end of the day you only have you to blame for losing your convention. You came in last and got beat by a whopping 800+ votes. Obviously your constituents weren’t too flattered with the nothing that you were doing. So grow some balls and admit your laziness. And all of you that felt like he did something good are fools because all he is trying to do is come off as the “people’s champ” so that he can run as an independent candidate in next election. It was all a show to garner support. He is a true PUP that !@#$%^& when they lose and they weren’t doing anything. Go cry some more Marcel.

  28. Christian says:

    Mr. Cardona, congratulations for standing up against the bullies. When you are officially kicked out of the UDP party, which you know will happen because that is the UDP way, at least you can walk with confidence that you had good intention for your supporters. Like William Shakespeare once said, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”, but not everyone is a puppet. So do what your good conscience tells you.

    Lastly, we pray that the Holy Spirit descend on our leaders that they may be guided to do what is right for the good of our country. We rebuke the evil of conceit, lust for power and greed, we ask for all this in Jesus name, Amen.

  29. Michelle says:

    Isn’t it ironic that whenever someone speaks with genuine passion, honesty and emotion the people who are most threatened always use the “he’s crazy” excuse! Keep strong Mr. Cardona the masses are with you and know ur cause. God Bless you!

  30. PISSEDBZN says:


  31. Hearts says:

    did well speak out cause there are only few black barrow love to help with his hyena look the grin like anything funny he and the crew…….some big jass…….

  32. Creole says:

    Ever wonder if mister cardona wasn’t, of whom his entire family is pup,finally bribed by the pup to make these statements. dont get me wrong, i know what he said is true, but just something that makes you go hmmmmm. politics in bze, and government on a whole, whether udp or pup, have gone to the dump. and as for the other idiot to say, give him the whole budget, to his own party member, and member of government. like one person said, six a one and half a dozen a the other. and there is always something wrong too when, mr. landy burns can give land or whatever to people, and he is only the person thats going to run under the udp for that division. he has no powers, but dah we got them so. all a bunch of theives, and swindlers that cant teach my people to be proud of themselves and degrade themselves to these so called representatives. Stand up my people. now who here are serious about starting to solve bze’s problems?

  33. only belize says:

    i have watched parliament in so many countries and only in belize have i seen all our debates and legislative meetings are such a zoo. i guess that comes with having most of our house of representative members being uneducated. then again isnt that what the p.m. wants… get them uneducated, unschooled so he can control them. udp pup.. all the same..

  34. Earl Grey says:


  35. Earl Grey says:


    THIS IS HOW THE EXPERIMENT OF DEMOCRACY EVOLVES……….better than mass blood shed in the streets.

  36. Disgusted! says:

    APOLOGY TO (STEPHEN)=That was a completely misdirected statement I made and I apologize to Stephen for the misprint. The whole statement was typed wrong and I couldn’t correct nor delete it after it was submitted. I was going after (LISA) who directed a statement at me but I will deal with you on another day #!#$#!!! SORRY STEPHEN, MY TYPO….

  37. corf says:

    @ only in belize, in all due respect,i have seen much worse from Asian and middle eastern countries where these people actually get violent with each other, women included. Belize haven’t reached to that level yet but I don’t thing they are too far away. Now back to the subject. I have to say bravo and congrats to Mr Cardona for being brave enough to stand up to these bullies and as one post said above if it was Patrick Faber or John Saldivar, he wouldn’t have done that. Well this is where I think you under-estimated this fellow. That statement alone tells us all about who these UDP hood-rats are. Nothing but bullies. …but seriously..who the hell are they for anyone to be scared of them. All it took was one little Spanish guy to bring down the whole army. I am so proud right now and I think you should use that $200.00 to buy candles for you and your worthless UDP dingbat to see your way to hell. Mr Cardona was very professional and made them all look like damn fools. Its about time that someone bring them down to the level that they really need to be. That’s what Mr Cardona get in the first place for not being loyal to his PUP family and the thing i hate about PUP the most is that they accept all the UDP rejects. I was always in favor of political victimization. The only reason they make the switch is for a damn meal ticket .

  38. Mimz says:

    I’m happy for all of you who find this distraction entertaining…laughing while people are suffering because of the decisions this incompetent administration are making. It’s a shame how everybody behave in the house, it’s an insult to the entire nation but as usual, you all will sit there and talk about irrelevant things.

  39. hugo RIVAS says:

    good job marcel………..datz all i got to say!

  40. L.C. says:

    Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. (10.35)….(Adaptaion from Animal Farm)

  41. Jay Jay El captan de los nazis says:

    The U.D.P. Government was elected under the umbrella of transparency, equality, and accountability. This includes the equal sharing of public funds to all the different districts within Belize. If the public funds was equally shared within the various districts then obviously there would not have been any out cry. However, the world will never be perfect. Even in religion, school, society, and cultures there is division. That is why GOD decided not to be of any color because the human race would even be more segregated.

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