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Mar 24, 2011

En Espanol; Gabby and Johnny debate in Spanish

Gaspar Vega

Back inside the National Assembly, the Leader of the Opposition tackled the government and its supporters in English and Creole. But when it came to the portion of his speech that was in Spanish, it was unwelcomed by the other side. The Speaker of the House allowed Briceño to continue his oral Spanish excerpt, but the drama from party supporters and from Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega, made for a colorful moment before the cops removed many from the gallery.

John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition

“Nos vamos ah tener que conformar con comer las tortillas solo con sal ya que ni con la mantequia nos va ah alcanzar.”

Gaspar Vega, Minister of Natural Resources

“Mister Speaker, yo no creo que esta pronunciando las palabras bien.”

John Briceño

“What you di talk? Ih can’t talk English and ih can’t talk Spanish. And what is the point of order Mister Speaker, what is the point of order?”

Gaspar Vega

“Estas mentiendo eso es lo que quiero decir? Lo que quiero decir es que no soy ladron.”

Emil Arguelles, Speaker of the House

“Members of the gallery, I will ask you again to maintain silence. Please proceed, Leader of the Opposition, the Spanish, please proceed in English for now.”

John Briceño

John Briceño

“Mister Speaker, but on a point of order, the Deputy Prime Minister is using un-parliamentary language and I need you to call his attention.”

Dean Barrow

“Mister Speaker, that’s precisely the point isn’t it? If we are going to have the speech in Spanish, some of us are not able to say whether in fact the point of order is being breeched because it is not the official language of the house. So done now man.”

John Briceño

“No more mentiras. Only we, only we the people can save ourselves. This yah crowd, this yah crowd have to go. So join us, Belizeans unite. Cast out fair, cast out despair, believe again. Long live Belize, que viva Belice. God bless all of us, god bless Belize.”

Gaspar Vega

“And I know Mister Speaker that the Leader of the Opposition had mentioned that he fell asleep while the budget was being read. That’s normal for him. His uncle use to fall asleep in the house alos. The road to recovery has been an arduous one Mister Speaker, but we have traveled it together with the support of our Belizean people.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “En Espanol; Gabby and Johnny debate in Spanish”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    This personal vendetta between Johnny Briceno and Gaspar Vega is escslating to the point where the’re both insulting and disrespecting each other’s family members and it’s a shameful disgrace. I will say nothing further until the one of them kill the other!!!

  2. rod says:

    about time the pup and its supporters come out and call out this gov. and by the way i am not udp or pup i am ftp for the people of belize now briceno what you need to do is start fixing some of what is going on in belize start showing the belizean public that you can lead that you can bring results to the country all the people who need help start helping them even if you have to use your own money show them you are a leader and not a joke like barrow que viva belice que viva los belicenos march belizeans march before it is too late for you before you are the next one at the hospital with gun shots march for your kids and family lets get rid of the scurge of this udp gov.

  3. Disgusted! says:

    Dean Barrow’s point of order was petty and irrelevant. “Spanish” people make up the ethnicities and history of country, and they suffer, vote and pay taxes under both government so they’re entitled to hear their business discussed in a language that some of them can understand. Parliamentiary rules my @$$!!!!! When Barrow quote Sheakespeare and Homer in his speeches 3/4 of the population of Belize doesn’t evev have a clue what he is talking about. And the bussiness of the people was so important that the red spider monkey Melvin Hulse sat doodling a pencil. That, Belizeans, is what these politicians think of you. NOTHING!!!!!!!

  4. B groovy says:

    I am not a pup ha ha ha……i got a piece of land i want to sell in Scubadovia…..

  5. Earl Grey says:

    ENGLISH is the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF BELIZE….formerly (don’t forget)…British Honduras.
    There is a SPANISH HONDURAS……..


    it’s a colonial residue……… live with it.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    Dih lee gial dey di faas wid one anada. Bad Spanish or bad English, it is time for the leaders to set the tone. In the House, you may know that it’s all theater, our idiots on the streets take this foolishness to heart & hurt each other. And thanks Gaspar, now we know which side of his family Johnnie got his sleeping habits from.

    English is our official language, most native Belizeans regardless of ancestory speak English.

  7. Storm says:

    They must be smiling in Guatemala right now, happy to see pour leaders using Spanish in Parliament!

    English is our language, none other!

    I’m disgusted. That’s how we may lose our independence, by fools like this that play games with it and court foreign invaders.

  8. true belizean says:

    @Earl Grey te duela o no mas personas hablan espanol que ingles en Belice . ( Wikipedia, 2011).
    and if you did not understood: hurt you or not, there are more persons that speak spanish in Belize!


  9. Common Sens says:


    The moment they allow spanish to be spoke in our Parliament, that’s the moment I know Guatemala has won.

  10. Junito says:

    Earl seems you forget that 58% of the population in belize use Spanish as their primary language yet we still speak English because its the official language yes. However, with so large a population speaking Spanish it is common sense that you atleast give consideration for them to hear the budget in that language. BTW we dont come from the neighboring countries. My family is here before any english speaking english or slave came to this land. Know your statistics. Shame on Barrow that he cant allow a little spanish to be read when we are the mojority in the population that helped him become the first Black Prime Minister. UNU wah Nevaaaaaaaaaaaa Lawnnnn. Que lastima!!

  11. Juan says:

    Muy bien, el idioma que representa a la mayoría de los Beliceños ya se escucha en el legislativo. Es una lástima que no sea oficial.

  12. Juan says:

    Lo intento por segunda vez, ya que veo que alguine filtra mi mensaje. Por qué será??. Sólo quiero dar mi apoyo a que se utilice el español en el Parlamento. Es el idioma de la mayoría en belice. Translation: I want to support spanish language in the Parliament, being the language of more than 50% of the population, i translate it for the 3% native english.

  13. Lou says:

    @Juan – go back under that rock you came out of. Spanish should NOT be brought to Parliament. Personally, I don’t need it, never did and like here in the US, the Spanish speakers need to respect the country that tolerate their @$$#$ and learn English. Belizeans who speak spanglish only do so because of the multitude of migrants who flock there whether cartel or taco seller just choose not to. DO YOU SEE TRINIDAD, JAMAICA OR ANY OF THE OTHER CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES trying to speak that BS language?… DONT NEED IT!!!!

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