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Mar 24, 2011

Said Musa says government is criminal on crime fighting

Said Musa

And back to the House debate, notably absent from today’s sitting were P.U.P. representatives Cordel Hyde and Mark Espat. And although it appeared that Briceño was flying solo and getting the full brunt of the government fire, he was accompanied by Francis Fonseca, Florencio Marin and Former Prime Minister Said Musa.  Musa also came out swinging against the government’s impotence on crime.

Said Musa, Leader of the Opposition

“Police continue to be hamstrung by a lack of resources and a lack of direction. The 2010 police budget was cut by over three million dollars. The hundred and fifty thousand that was air-marked for new equipment for police department was not spent. The seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars approved in the budget last year for the forensic lab, not spent. Where is it? What happened to the seven hundred and fifty thousand for the forensic lab and they talk about combating crime and violence? Instead what we got was the so called jaguar operations. What we have instead happening in our country are planes landing mysteriously on our highways loaded with over a hundred million dollars of cocaine and the pilots fly away with impunity; that’s what we are getting. That is how we are combating crime and violence in Belize. The truth Mister Speaker can be very painful for some people. As the U.S. State Department pointed out, this government’s weak efforts—I’m quoting now from the U.S. State Department Report—the government’s weak efforts at combating drug trafficking is seriously impaired by a lack of political will and corruption. That is what the report is saying. But the Prime Minister’s latest solution to the crime problem. This is how we’re going to restore Belize now is to take fifteen high energy gang members out of Belize City, put them in the districts; put them to work in the districts. Is this how we’re going to restore Belize? That is going to solve the crime problem? Or are we going to spread the crime problem? You know in his typical self-righteous malicious way—he can’t help himself—he can’t help himself the Prime Minister to be personal and petty when it comes to me. Talk about a diseased mind? He, you should look in the mirror and what you will find is a bald hypocritical whitened sepulchre like the Pharisees in the bible. That’s what you will find. You know how to give it but you can’t take it. You know how fi give it but you can’t take it.”

We’ll have more on the debate on Friday.

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20 Responses for “Said Musa says government is criminal on crime fighting”

  1. Bulba Martinez says:

    If this is true, we don’t want no trash iin the South. Let his hard core Gang Members guard him and his immediate family, and work for his political first family. We have to keep our eyes on our 1% trash in our own back yard without any or much help from GOB and this bastard want to contaminate the entire country?. You wahn help Belize idiot, insure dem and donate dem to Libya. I noh know if I wahn trust P.U.P either, all ah unu da pura boca. Six a one and half a dozen a di other.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    LOOK WHO’S TALKING…………………..

  3. Disgusted! says:

    TYRANT VS TYRANT……THIEF VS THIEF…….DICTATOR VS DICTATOR……..LUCIFER VS HIMSELF…….any of the above can be applied to the these TWO @$$HOLE$ because they’re six of one and half dozen of the other!!!

  4. rod says:

    gaspar vega you are a traitor to your country just like the minister of defence and just like the pm you are worthless and useless just like the rest y por vavor eres una desgracia para los latinos en belice fuera fuera burro eres un ladron .

  5. BDF soldier says:

    Whoever is a belizean and can’t see that the pup and udp are a criminal organization is “BLIND”and how can u call your self a belizean when this 2 mafia every 4 years get a chance to rape woman,children,students,old and young?how dare you call your self a belizean and support this lawyers?you have no dam shame belizean if you vote for this PARASITES eating belizeansa alive.the pup and udp are in power to help the rich,like those oil foreigners,the makers of ciggaret and alcohol,why dont they tax the hell out of those 2 evils in belize(alcohol,tobacco)?

  6. rod says:

    by the way this year already this pm has taken back 4 gang members from the us gov for a few pieces of silver judas barrow is still at it killing our belizeans by taking back all these gang members from the us and what has this ambassador from the us done for the country of belize ill tell you nothing nothing at all except pass out some paper awards like they did with the american indians he thinks we are dumb we need to get this guy out he is just another token of obama he has no experience in foreign affairs even russia has given belize more than the us well lets get help from iran next china venezuela because the us only points fingers and they are the cause of all the drug trade we need another person for this job in belize both the pm and the us ambassador needs to go guan guannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  7. Sugar says:

    while i belive musa should be the last one to talk on ANYTHING against the government, i must coment on PM’s idea for restoring belize……U no move around deadwood mr PM. keep U lazy, g00d fu nothing murderers in the southside and DO NOT spread them across the country. i think the cry of “southside alleviation” is being used as a political football by both parties and its just good money being pushed down the drain….BLOW up the damn place, bulldoze it and then U will have enough space to maybe do a decent market and bus terminal.

  8. daveyt says:

    The ex-crime minister of Belize critisizing the current crime minister of belize over crime? If it wasn’t for real, this would have made a good situation comedy!

    Add the ‘solution’ to the script, and you’d probably win a Grammy for best fictional comedy!!! How the hell is relocating 15 of the worst & most violent gang leaders/members to the country to work ever going to work? All it will do is spread the killing to the villages during the week, and doubling the killing in Belize City on the weekends, when they return and ‘sort out’ any idiot foolish enough to take their place!

    No solution to the crime wave? Invest in the Police force, equipments, vetting & trailning. then once the bad eggs are removed, pay them better, and have annual fitness, training & examination goals to pass. If not, then they have 3 months to, or be drummed out of the force to make way for better motivated and qualified people to take their place.

    Lock up the known gangleaders & thugs… can’t do it now, as the courts love to set them free, but, declare a state of emergency and brand all who are in posession, or use unlicenced firearms as terrorists, and then they can be detained indefinately before going to trail. Forget the concurrent sentences. 5 years for each offence should mean exactly that, not to run concurrently, meaning the ‘perp’ will be out in a matter of months. weeks if he convinces Mr. Woods that he’s seen the light and is a man of God!!!

    Finally, re-nationalise the Prison. Then make sure that, apart form paying for the security, the prisoners needs are underfunded. Basic food, less visitors, and instead of sending them for medical & dental appointments in Taxis, have a medical centre in the Prison, and pay doctors & dentists to hold clinics inside!

    Even better still, introduce hard labour, thereby saving millions for the Ministry of Labour, having those who chose to kill, maim, thieve, rape & molest actually pay a debt to society. they don’t want to work? They don’t receive any privileges, even short rations, until they decide to ‘toe the line’. No TV, Radios, cell-phones etc. either. All Cells should be standard, same basic furniture & fittings, and very regular ‘shake down’ searches of both inmate & cells, so they can’t hide weapons.

    Visitors caught trying to smuggle illegal drugs or weapons should be immediately locked up without any possibility of bail, and the first court case be held at least 3 weeks after the offence was attempted. This would, even if they end up with a fine, put them off trying again, and be a warning to others!

    They should also have to do mandatory education whilst inside, even trade training for those only in for short terms, to better prepare them for their ultimate release, and

    They should also be wearing uniforms too. One piece ‘Boiler Suits’, in bright colours, so they can be seen for miles if they try to run! (Could even have a target patch sewn into the back as a further deterrant). No pockets either!

    the prison should be the last place on earth that anyone in their right mind would ever want to go into, not even as a visitor! It should be the ultimate deterrant!

    Oh, but this will be infringing on their human rights, I hear some cry! Well, they didn’t give a @&%* about the rights of their victims and families, so why should we?

    Just a few suggestions here. who knows? maybe Doug Singh might read this, and put them out as policies, and say these ideas were his. I hope so, not because they weren’t, but because something serious will get done to combat crime! maybe even save a life or two!!!

  9. B groovy says:

    Pot d cuss d kettle….

  10. Earl Grey says:

    rod………….YOU GOT SOME GOOD POINTS……………..

  11. Earl Grey says:


  12. BZNinCALI says:

    Ayeyayay Said, gotta hand it to you, those things are made of brass. We need the forensic lab but what all of us have asked for is that it be staffed by competent personnel. Poor people do not need a hand out, they need a hand up. If remedial reading & math lessons are needed, offer it through the churches , those buildings sit idle most of the time. Instead of parents going to Melchor to buy uniforms, those can be made in Belize by men & women who need jobs, we used to have excellent tailors all over the country, some are still alive, they can past that skill on to our young men & we can become the place to go for custom clothes but we have to sell that vision to our people & show them that it can be done, DO NOT PAY POOR PEOPLE TO STAY DEPENDENT.

    People, the US deports criminal aliens back to their countries, Belize is not unique. The US taxpayers are tired of paying to house their own criminals.

  13. BZNinCALI says:

    Cordel & Mark, why the absence?

  14. Disgusted! says:

    @: daveyt for P.M……… I love those prespectives but sad to say it’ll never happen!!!. The mothers and families of criminals would have brain haemmorages!

  15. RadicalBelizean says:

    Davety: Well said.

    I ask myself is this man for real? What hypocrisy? The State department reports going back over the past ten years have all expressed concerns about corruption, lack of political will in Belize including your administration too rod. Furthermore, there have been numerous allegations about people linked to your party drug trafficking and police corruption. What barefaced lies, this man really think the people of Belize are stupid.

    Also, if all the countries surrounding Belize are experiencing gangland crimes from Mexico all the way down south to Brazil and east and west of us, why would it not spill over in Belize? Why would Belize be expected to be peaceful? People in Guatemala have to live in gated compound because of kidnappings, shootings, gangland killings, you name it, same as Mexico and all the other countries, why would Belize be different rod? The US department constantly advise against non-essential visits to Mexico, Mr Musa and one would think their police department is well resourced. Until you politicians across Latin America (irrespective of your party affiliation) stop accepting bribes, stop your greed and corruption the drug planes will fly all over the region freely. The only way we the people of Latin America will have peace is if the USA send troops across the region to police the trafficking of people, and drugs. When the British forces were here in strength it was a deterrent for the planes to come in this direction I suspect so it was a relief for them to pack and go back to Britain right?

    The $200Million US President Obama committed last week to help Central America fight crime will go down the plug hole like ……. They would have been better off sending troops across the region under the guise of protecting their borders. Rod, if you sincerely want to do something about the crime in Belize you would work in solidarity with the UDP to address this problem and stop pointing fingers.

    Lets hope that the people of Belize are smart enough to see through this hollow sham.

  16. Joe says:

    I don’t even listen to the debates no more. These players make fools of themselves for couple days; then they make themselves rich!!!!! Now the question is – Who really are the fools???? Have you seen a minister or Prime Minister in Jail? – Come on Belizeans!!!!! Wake up!!!

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    How can the PM restore the Jewel with a 7% conviction rate?Are you people out of your minds?This man can’t even secure his affiliates at his Law firm.

  18. MyLegacyB4MyPeople says:

    Very well said BDF soldier I need not put in my 2 cent you have said it for me. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  19. steave says:


  20. DZ says:

    Disappointed to see/hear our “government” debate/quarrel like pikni…the fish start to stink at the head!.

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