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Mar 24, 2011

Coroner’s Inquest into shooting death of cop by cop

Paulino Reyes

Will Sergeant Paulino Reyes the officer who shot and killed Corporal Gavin Sanchez be found responsible for the death of the young officer? That is what a coroner’s inquest that got underway today before five jurors will determine. Six persons were called to give testimony, including police officers and B.D.F. privates who were stationed on the island at the time.  According to the testimonies, Sanchez was behaving unruly at Wet Willy’s Night Club on the night of March eighteenth, 2010 and was detained by Sergeant Reyes. The officers testified that while at the San Pedro Police Station, Sanchez made threats to several cops, that he would kill them after he killed Reyes. PC Jeffrey Martinez also claimed that Sanchez called the Commanding Officer and again said that he would kill Reyes. But according to Martinez, Sanchez was never confined to a holding cell and he got into another altercation with the sergeant near the Barracks, where he was shot nine times and died on the spot. Reyes is now stationed in Valley of Peace Village in the Cayo District, where his family resides. The inquest continues on Friday.

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10 Responses for “Coroner’s Inquest into shooting death of cop by cop”

  1. corf says:

    I have to say that when this case broke out last year, i was totally against Sgt. Reyes but then at the end of the day, we are all human beings and when we feel like we are backed up in a corner, none of us really know how we will react unless we are placed in the situation. I still believe though that 9 slugs to Corporal Gavin Sanchez was over kill but then again, I wasn’t there.Its a very unfortunate situation where nobody won. People will always look at Sgt. Reyes as a murderer and Gavin will never get the chance to love and enjoy his family again. A no win situation. I wish nothing but the best for them all and leave the rest to the big man above.


    Hmm I’m not sure of the details on this case but if the deceased had no weapon at the time of this incident he should not have been shot 9 times in my opinion! The other question is, why wasn’t he detained in a holding cell if he was such a threat to his fellow officers? Perhaps if he were then the situation wouldn’t have escalated to where it did.

    Its also interesting to know that this officer Reyes might not be a natural born citizen of Bze either! Does this matter? Well it depends on evidence or what was said during the altercation. So lets review, if this deceased cop was unarmed and still was shot 9 times is by Reyes, then there is a major problem I see here at least for Reyes!

  3. islander says:

    This is a case of self defense plain and simple.

    For those who do not know Cpl. Gavin Sanchez he was a hot head who liked to pull out his gun on people.

    What was Gavin Sanchez doing, wearing a bulletproof vest while lay waiting Sgt Reyes? What was Sanchez doing when he had put his passport and other essentials in a knapsack ready to skip town? And more importantly what was Gavin Sanches doing with a .,45 pistol lay waiting Reyes?

    Owning a .45 pistol in Belize is illegal, no one can hold a license for such a weapon, so automatically Gavin Sanchez was no longer a law abiding citizen but a criminal with a .45 pistol lay waiting a cool, level headed officer.

    Chancey Sanchez dead and him kill ihself, by drawing his .45 on someone who was better trained and faster on the trigger.

  4. even if we arent born in belize we are belizeans says:

    @Prince I am sorry but your comment just pisssed me off!! what if he is not born here what the !@#$ thos that has to do with this? he lives in belize he is belizean u dumb@$$$$!!! .

  5. jimmy says:

    wow! i didn’t know this. Sgt. Rayes is a real cop as far as i know and a Belizean. He is the real deal as far as i know. so for those you comment without thinking or knowing what’s going on, please humble yourself.
    Cops are trained to protect regardless of the circumstances… God bless you all and have a great day.

  6. Disgusted! says:

    POLICE KILLS POLICE?……….WHAT A FAVOR TO THE PEOPLE OF BELIZE. LET THEM ALL KILL EACH OTHER AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT!!! My sympathies to the wife, family and children of Gavin Sanches so as not to sound like a heartless monster- that said-ONE LESS CHANCY, CORRUPTED DOG OFF THE STREETS!!!!!!

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why even have an inquest and we all know this man is not going to be convicted.Stop wasting tax payers money this is just a front.

  8. corf says:

    @ Prince Michael, I wish I knew how to perform Magic so I could bring you forth infront of me so I can pimp slap the S*&T outta you for that dumb a$$ comment. I’m almost sure you passed that comment because of his name. That is like saying ( like the illiterate Americans said ) that President Barak Obama is not an American because he carries an African name. Thats the thing with you back ah bush pipple. You have no sense, I suggest you go back under the rock where you came and stop embarrassing yourself.

  9. Disappointed says:

    Well, I am still at the view that 9 shots is ridiculous and that does not point to me as no self defence and surely Reyes is no innocent in my book. He should be charged and convicted with manslaughter. I find it really odd and ridiculous if the Officer Sanchez was acting in such manner why wasn’t he in a cell. Are our police officers so stupid that they don’t know when their own or a man is out of control? Yeah right. I know Sgt Sanchez was no saint at all, I don’t even like the man as a matter of fact ( God rest his soul) from what I am hearing about him but everyone deserves justice. And I believe that after they shot Sanchez they put on that bullet proof vest on him. I don’t buy at all the story, and u are to tell me if this man was protected by this vest he would have obtained so much shots, yeah right.

  10. abnerl says:

    Disgusted! , i think its people like u that have the crime rate high, but let me tell u that no matter what u say and insult the police u will still someday have to belittle ur self as dont worry the way crime is its not to long before u have to make a report…….

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