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Mar 21, 2011

No New Taxes! Just old ones going up; Fuel at the Pump skyrockets

It was a particularly bloody weekend, but before we get into the carnage, there’s more bad news that will put a licking on drivers and consumers. So if your tank is empty or half full, you’ll want to fill up before midnight because fuel prices will take a huge jump. At the presentation of the 2011-2012 Budget on March eleventh, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that taxes would be waived on a single shipment of fuel, avoiding an increase of over one dollar on prices at the pump. Well, that was ten days ago, and now prices of fuel are hovering close to the twelve dollars at the pump. The biggest hike is in the price of premium, which goes up one dollar twelve cents to sell at eleven dollars, fifty-one cents. Regular gasoline goes up by one dollar eleven cents, putting the new price at eleven dollars twenty-four cents. Diesel, which was once considered the affordable option, will be selling at ten dollars and sixty cents after a ninety-nine cent increase. It’s merciless and we do note that in some Caribbean countries, governments are putting initiatives in place to bring relief to weary consumers.

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35 Responses for “No New Taxes! Just old ones going up; Fuel at the Pump skyrockets”

  1. Earl Grey says:



  2. john says:

    dean barrow is a dumb fool and should rott in hell for putting so much of a harder life of the belizean people

  3. rod says:

    ok belizeans are you not tired of being robbed from this useless incompetent udp gov.and getting nothing in return are you not tired of filling the pm and his wife and ex wife bank accounts while you have to eat corn beef every day well i for one am sick and tired of it lets march belizeans lets march on this gov. lets show them that we belizeans have a little brains and that enough is enough out barrow out guannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn guan resign resign resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


    I do believe that there were talks about building an oil refinery in Belize some months to a year ago but I think they were saying it would be very expensive to build. What really gets Me is that we are a nation that do have an even expert oil to Costa Ricardo for millions of dollars per year and its unlikely that those revenues are being put to good use because of the dilemma the country is in today! I’ve never heard or seen any nation that denies or choose another county to expert their much needed resources like oil to another country! This is a sacrifice that will continue to cripple Bze if its not fixed quickly!

  5. Robert2 says:

    I agree with Earl Grey. There is no reason for Belize to be held hostage by greed loving international corporations. They’re doing the same thing to us here in the USA, however we are better able to sustain it. It’s a shame that countries whose wages and economy are lesser than larger developed nations have to pay more for necessary goods. (…the love of money IS the root of all evil).

  6. ESSB says:

    Yeah but we rather waste our time on the garbage butane being separated from the crude oil while this is being shipped out of the country in front of our noses enriching foreigners because I don’t know where this crazy idea that BNE is a Belizean company came from.

  7. cg says:

    wait…wait …wait….don’t we like have oil in this country…or was it just a dream i was made to believe was real….so ridiculous. Bring on the next contestant on the Price is Wrong!

  8. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    We should build some more fuel storage tanks so we can stop the monopoly on the importation of fuel That would be a good start and a preparation in the process for when the refinery is built, This fuel importation thing is a big rip off and is also tied in to the WEALTH BUILDING LEGACY SCHEME of the politicians that is the reason why it has remained this way through the years, let’s get some new storage tanks so that private parties can import fuel and create competition in the industry and eliminate the price fixing. BUILD STORAGE TANKS! BUILD STORAGE TANKS! BUILD STORAGE TANKS AND STOP THE RIP OFF OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE POLITICIANS WEALTH BUILDING SCHEME. Remember, MY Legacy B 4 My People.

  9. jr. says:

    @ john. how stupid can you be? this isn’t barrow’s fault. it would be no different if musa were in charge. i’m actually vomiting a little writing that line. you want somebody to blame? blame the libyans for starting their war. blame nato for intervening. blame the middle east for being greedy. we’re a small nation, and yet we go around blaming those in charge for screwing things up. you can type, that obviously means you can read. well read: the whole world is going to hell in a hand-basket. you think the united states is any better off? or any other nation for that matter? quit your whining, it’s never helped anybody. the world isn’t getting any larger, but the people are. what does that say?

  10. yagalove says:

    wow. I know it is hard over in US with the fuel increase but I feel sorry for my fellow Belizeans. The governement should be doing more to help out as much as possible but since they dont have to pay for gas out of their pockets they cant feel the crunch like the rest of the country.

  11. a tired belizean says:

    we should boycot the gas stations/government institutions. they feel that the belizeans will pay off the governments debts. boycot and carpool and catch busses walk or ride a bike. the more we can do that the more pressure the government will have and will have to re-evaluate what their doing. this is bull…Barrow need fi go! we need change. but u know that its world prices that are messing with us. but the belizean government take advantage of the situation and chance we.

  12. yc316 says:

    Nationalized the oil industry mr PM and you will will the next general election straight up.

    and establish a refinery for Belizeans.

  13. O. Walk observer says:

    This morning on CNBC channel the price of crude oil stands at $102 and gasoline at $2.90; this crap about acquisition price is just rediculous nobody is to blame except the UDP government. Dean Barrow takes Belizeans for fools; all of this information is available at a click of a button. Tell the Belizean people the real reason for this huge increase? YOU CANNOT MANAGE!!!!

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    If you’re not using your vehicle for business purpose,park it and use your bicycle.

  15. Junito says:

    Lybia, war Blah blah blah. We should already be receiving royalty payments from the windfall tax since crude is trading above $90.00 a barrell for over a month now. Why not subsidize the tax hike with the money GOB recieves from the royalties and windfall tax????? Barrow is a plain theif. So where are the funds of the windfall tax going?? Only he knows

  16. one less! says:

    I’m still of the oppinion that tax is good but the government need to be taxing the corect items! Rum, Cigarrets, Sodas, even the local produce ones should carry a huge tax! not things like fuel!
    I’m pretty sure these so-cal bad-visors’ to the PM in Belmopan would be looking elsewhere for the answers had they have to buy their own fuel to get to work!

  17. ughhhh says:

    Well, To whoever said we should blame libya, wtf?? forget about them at this moment everyone will kill themselves for power & money!!! If we continue like this the same thing will happen with us we will have a war in our country!! how? people will start stealing more bycycles bcuz they wont be able to afford for a car, they wont have jobs and they will need to rob then everyone and everything in belize will be trash. Yes its Dean Barrow fault he is not thinking about us, the people that serve this country!! he knows he will loose this next period so he wants to take the most possibly money out of us!!!!!

  18. Random Belizean says:

    Man… i nuh know weh part of this is reduced cost of living

  19. rod says:

    boycott belizeans boycott all gas stations and this useless gov. no one should buy gas for a week all these profits going into louis young purse and the pm pocket along with his buddies enough is enough barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  20. Joako60 says:

    Well…have to start using bikes and public transportation…if you sit down and wait for help from those ruling…that will never come!!!!

  21. Do it right says:

    Some of you are ridiculous. Blaming the the UDP government when the last government were raping the belizean when it came to the gas. It don’t matter which party is in, the price of fuel will still be high. When PUP was in government the price was hovering around $11. Which mean that they were collecting close to %100 in profits. When UDP took over, the price dropped to under $6 which showed how much the last government was ripping us off. Under PUP it would damn be near $15 or more. The price of gas is high everywhere. Until we can produce our own gas, we will forever be subject to the high oil prices. Oil is at $102 for oil, that does not include to refine it, acquisition cost, shipping cost, import costs, and the markup for the gas stations to turn a profit. My suggestion, haul out the bike and start riding if u don’t want to pay the price.

  22. Disgusted! says:


  23. pinochio. says:

    if unu think tings had rite now unu should left d pup in then unu mi wa know wat da had time yer.

  24. Truly says:

    Hm! Dean Barrow got all fooled. He took away Gst from fuel because he knew what he was doing. Now you can’t get that money back. He took away a dollar so he put a dollar back to confuse the system.

  25. BDF soldier says:

    We need to build a re-finary in belize.someone commented here,B.S.what we need is get RID of the PUP&UDP LAW FIRM that are be having more like TYRANNTS towards belizeans,a leader,or politician cares about its citizens,and for over 75 years we have seen here in belize that those to mafia’s in power (bunch of lawyers,or criminals with a law degree)dont give a dam about us.LYBIA,EGYP,TUNISHIA, have revolted against such dictators ,and we belizeans need to be next,nothing will bring change to us here in belize,unless we get rid of those 2 PARTY’S.

  26. Lucas says:

    I have no idea where CNBC gets it’s information but my daughter who lives in L.A., told me yesterday that gasoline is $3.99 which is $8.00Bze. Recent economic reports in the U.S. predict that before 2012 ends, gasoline will be around $20.00 a gallon. For the record, as an independent, I hate many of Mr. Barrow policies . However, I have to acknowledge that with the issue of gasoline price, there is very little he can do if any. Yes, it is true that our politicians always end screwing us badly. But what hurts me more is that we allow people like Matura, Choc any company dictate us what is best when we should be doing it ourselves and what pisses me up is that when we start feeling the pain, we complain like girly-men.This is not a matter of politics, it is a matter of finding ways to ease the pain of the Belizean people. Mr. Barrow, tell those so called environmentalists: SCREW YOU. Build a Refinery and Drill. But please, please do it environmentally friendly and responsibly. Yes; it can be done. SI SE PUEDE.

  27. BDF soldier says:

    Ellections coming soon to belize,and guess who will win the lotto?yep,the PUP law firm,and so it has been in the tiny country of belize for over 75 years,and belizeans dont learn that the pup and udp mafia are a bunch of criminals in power,parasites.this will be the deciding point of the next elections ,gas prices went up,out with the udp,the pup will will the elections on the promise that when they get in power,they will lower gas prices,because prices are high in the USA dont mean belize need to do the same,or the excuse that dean barrow give,belize dont have a refinery.thats why gas price goes up,what with the millions$$ of oil stolen from spanish lookout?is that not enough for thier wallets?away with those 2 rats.

  28. BDF soldier says:

    TRULY,did every belizean saw this comming or its just you?this lawyer move was a master mind move,by the way,the pup and udp ,this is how the pup and udp law firm operate(i am not a pup or udp bye the way)

  29. minimal says:

    CIA fact book pon Belize seh the country consume betw 5-7,000 barrels ah oil products per day, BNE di produce only 4,000 per day! Ih physically IMPOSSIBLE fu get 5-7,000 outa 4,000 (du unu maths) Battam LINE we NEED FU FIND MORE OIL!!!

  30. oilgirly says:

    Refinery?? Really? you ppl obviously are connected to the net unu google REFINERY and see what all that entails! who unu think wa pay fu da !@$$ deh? Belize done deh billions inna debt, let’s not forget BNE is an exploration company NOT a refining company, unu do unu homework before unu talk ignorant pon dis ting EDUCATE yourselves and stop spitting grapevine material…Moreover BNE da di only ones weh find oil, dat da lee bit fu start up any refinery

  31. george bush says:

    Brownie i was watching Dean Barrow which did he say?

  32. The People Had Enough says:

    Simplified: Gas now zero rated. Now you can’t claim back any GST. Price still high and just went up.

    PUP use to !@#$ us up the @$$, but they had the courtesy of using some oil. UDP does the same, but they put sand on the shaft.

  33. REPENT! says:

    Even the so called middle class must struggle to make ends meet. Now the prices of gas have gone up once again. I can’t really say who is to blame except all of us. If politics is all we are going to worry about as a country then we can rest assured that nothing will get better.

  34. STOPTHEBS says:

    It’s amazing watching these politrictian bringing my beloved Belize to it’s knees with their greed and i attitude. these clowns have got to go and i do mean both of them red n blue i have never seen such visionless leaders the only vision they have is their bank account , thy are like vampires sucking the blood of the sufferers. well i hope the Belizean people wake up and stop the BS before it;s too late. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  35. Truthseeker says:

    Oil price has undergone a significant decrease since the record peak of US$145 it reached in July 2008. On December 23, 2008, WTI crude oil spot price fell to US$30.28 a barrel, the lowest since the financial crisis of 2007–2010 began, and traded at between US$35 a barrel and US$82 a barrel in 2009.[3] On 31 January 2011, the Brent price hit $100 a barrel for the first time since October 2008, on concerns about the political unrest in Egypt.[4]

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