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Mar 21, 2011

La Popular Baker murdered

Albert Lopez junior

A crime spree swept across the Old Capital and spread to San Ignacio in the west. Four men were killed; three in the City which statistically continues to record the highest number of murders in the country. We start with the homicide of a baker who was last seen on Saturday night. His body was found this morning at about one o’clock by a co-worker. It was initially believed that he had plunged to his death but that theory was quickly dismissed. News Five’s Jose Sanchez spoke to the father of Albert Lopez Jr. who is looking for answers.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A baker was found dead at one a.m. at La Popular Bakery. Initial reports from employees indicated that on Sunday night Albert Lopez junior fell to his death on the second floor of the building. But the accident theory was thrown out of the window when it was revealed that Lopez had a cut wound on his neck.

Albert Lopez Senior, Father of Murder Victim

“He was my son, my youngest son and he worked here at Popular Bakery. And this morning when I come, they tell me they find him dead upstairs. I don’t know what happen. I live in Lords Bank and I come fi di little bwai fi ker ahn dah school, then the boss said they find him dead and he’s in the morgue.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand there are conflicting stories as to what happened.”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yeah well, they tell me that one of the guys come this morning one o’clock fi start work and when he noh report to work, they gone up stairs and they found him lie down, face up, dead. They said he supposed to fall down off the step and hurt his head. Right now the police are checking up and I noh really know weh di go on.”

Jose Sanchez

“I was informed he had a cut to the back of his neck.”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yeah ih got wah big cut behind ih head; about two inches.”

Jose Sanchez

“And that’s not consistent with someone falling.”

Albert Lopez Senior

“No, I no think so.”

Jose Sanchez

“So do you believe your son was murdered?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yeah, I feel like dah murdah.”

Jose Sanchez

“And this place has a fence, it’s pretty locked up. Would you think then that maybe someone here knows what really happened?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Well I don’t know. They say some guys they know and they see ahn before that. Ih lef wah bwai house and ih come up and somebody open the door, ih lady open the door for him and he gone ih. So I noh know weh fi say bout it.”

Jose Sanchez

“Have you any information if anything was missing from his body?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“No, nothing missing.  We gone and search the house and eh wife said nothing missing. Because me and ih wife gone upstairs and check and nothing missing.”

Jose Sanchez

“Nothing of money from the wallet?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Well the guy weh ih mi deh with say he had a lot of money ina ih pocket, but the police say that they noh find no money ina ih pocket. So ih had a lot of twenties and tens and when we ask the police, they said nothing was in his pocket.”

Relatives who arrived in the afternoon learnt on the spot that he was murdered. Family members say that the victim did not answer his phone on Saturday night. Neighbors also say they heard someone call out for him on Saturday night and he did not answer. No one saw or heard from the baker since Saturday so how did it take until one a.m. on Monday morning for his body to be found?

Albert Lopez Senior

“Ten years he worked here at La Popular Bakery.”

Jose Sanchez

“Your son, he was a father also?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yeah, he’s fat her of two kids—a girl and a boy.”

Jose Sanchez

“They lived here or…”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yeah, they lived upstairs—right here at Popular Bakery upstairs.”

Jose Sanchez

“So the entire family lived here?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“Yes they lived right here because he worked at one in the morning. So he had to stay here. But his wife wasn’t here, she was in Guinea Grass.”

Jose Sanchez

“The kids were here?”

Albert Lopez Senior

“No the kids were in Guinea Grass too. He was to go to Orange Walk and meet his wife but he neva gone. Ih start to drink with friends and he didn’t go.”

There are several cameras that monitor the different levels in and outside the business. Employees say that the cameras are working. Those cameras may hold the answers to Lopez’s murder. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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7 Responses for “La Popular Baker murdered”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    At some point, our Judiciary will take over the implementation of the death penalty, take it out of the hand of the street criminals & start applying swift justice to combat this terror.

    I am sure whomever this man was drinking with can provide information to solve this murder. Which one just got a small windfall?

  2. suspiscious says:

    Did he spend the money or did the cops do the magic? I really hope its not the latter.

  3. RG Belizean says:

    They need to question his wife…she didn’t find it a bit strange not to hear anything from her husband the entire weekend and they both live in that house together. She didn’t even call to find out what happen to him or made a report.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    Detain everyone that he was drinking with and make sure the case file don’t go missing.

  5. Disgusted! says:


  6. BDJ says:

    @ suspicious – It takes a whole lot more than praying to change a person and a an even greater effort to change a people. Belizeans need to stop crying about this and the other and actually make an effort to better themselves and so the environment itself.
    What we need to do is envision Belize the way we would like it and BE that change.

  7. The People Had Enough says:

    Digusted, you better start stacking up on bullets from now; for it seems that bullets, especially 9mm, are not being imported into the country right now; it is extremely hard, next to impossible as a license gun owner to get 9mm bullets. The dealers are saying that the US is asserting pressure on our Government and legal Gun and Ammo Dealers in the importation of ammo because of terrorism. Go ahead call around and see if you can easily find legal bullets, this is !@#$%^&* retarded what is happening in this country; law abiding citizens cant protect themselves, can barely get a license for a gun now cant find ammo but the criminals have easy access to both. Still wondering why this have not hit the news in any serious way, that also seems odd.

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