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Mar 21, 2011

Brandon Gibson gunned down before he opened fire on several men

Brandon Gibson

The violence started on Friday night when twenty-two year old Brandon Gibson, a resident of Moya Street in Belize City, was killed shortly after nine o’clock. While residents of the St. Martin’s neighborhood remain tight-lipped about the shooting incident, Belize City police are probing what appears to be a case of self-defense.  Gibson was shot once in the back while attempting to open fire on a group of men who were at a yard on Black Orchid Street. It is reported that there was an ongoing rivalry between the two groups and Gibson was in the area to carry out an execution.  The weapon he was wielding apparently jammed at which point a struggle ensued and one of the men eventually wrestled the firearm from him.  That individual subsequently fired two shots fatally injuring Gibson.  According to Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, the police department is close to making an arrest in the homicide.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“On Friday, sometime after nine C.I.B. personnel responded to a report on Black Orchid Street where they saw the lifeless body of Brandon Gibson.  Somewhere partially in a drain.  Initial investigation revealed that Gibson was involved in an altercation with some members from a residence on that street and that is where he received his fatal blow.”

Isani Cayetano

“Can you tell us how many times he was hit?”

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well Isani I’d have to wait for the post mortem results but I know that he received [an] injury to the back.”

News Five also understands that police are looking for one suspect for questioning and will present a file to the D.P.P. for determination on what charges, if any, will be filed. The weekend’s fourth murder took place in the west and we’ll have that report later in the newscast.

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20 Responses for “Brandon Gibson gunned down before he opened fire on several men”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    If he was shot with his own gun, let’s not waste the court’s time & file another losing case. Harsh as that may seem, the reality is, in every society, citizens have a right to defend themselves & whether or not the witnesses are lying, if they are all telling the same story, the shooter walks.

  2. rod says:

    look and fitzroy s face you can tell the guy is tired lying just like his bosses they cannot cover up their incompetence and impotense on crime worse gov in the history of belize when will you resign barrow its time to admit you are incompetent at this job go back to being a lawyer please admit it to yourself and maybe 100 lives will be saved.

  3. truth_B_Told says:

    @rod wat does barrow have to do with this shooting…… I mean sounds really ignorant to say that they are plenty crimes committed under both political parties but if u want to be so critical about it look at the past years when PUP was in how many gang wars was happening…… how much guns, rocket launchers and especially drugs was in the country……….. think about the statements u make this is wat u call self defense by all means and there is no need to cover anything up…… he went to execute someone GOD said it was his time…….. Not Barrow!!

  4. j killa baby borther says:

    Raymond killa Gentle says good morning belize , if u blame life u blame who give it ,so don’t blame life blame the way how u live it….

  5. corf says:

    A classic case of “live by the gun and died by the gun.One problematic person off the street done in by his own deeds.

  6. islander says:

    No charges should be filed in this case. You come to execute me and your gun jams, I disarm you, clear the malfunction and pop you twice… thats too bad for you.


  7. Justice says:

    Justice was served. He lived and died by the gun!. Do not waste tax payers money to investigate. More like him should die like him! Residents please rememeber you heard no evil, saw no evil and will speak no evil! What good was he to the society?

  8. one less! says:

    If this was a selfdefence shooting then i would say big-up to the would -b victims! but then again there is no statment comming from the police to say that they recovered the weapon! so that have me tinking! was it realy selfdefence?

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    It sound like Brandon’s action was premeditated.Why would you go to a war zone without test firing your weapon?What a dumb Gangsta.

  10. enuff mein! says:

    i wish everybody who lives like that was killed. we need our streets cleaned up. i happy when gunman shoot a nadda gunman. it makes me laugh!!!

  11. enuff mein! says:

    i agree with JUSTICE above: its now the residents in teh area should keep tight lipped. nobady know, nobady si. leff dat soh.

  12. Disgusted! says:

    Oh what an ugly day when you end up on the other side of the barrel. I wonder what were his final thoughts defore he died??? Kill them all let God sort them out!!!!!!

  13. Disgusted! says:

    As to Fitzroy Yearwood and the corrupted Belize Police Dept, all I will say is, let the chips fall where they may. You will have your day of reckoning and what a day it wil be………….

  14. Earl Grey says:

    Street Justice????????????????

    KARMA!!!!!!!!!………….for sure.

  15. Kay says:

    First Yall Dont Even Know If What’s Up Here Is True That My Kuzin,So before yall say stuff get the facts ,The Police is Not Done With Case,And I Pretty Sure It Wasnt Selfdenfense,

  16. STOPTHEBS says:

    The Belize Police Dept what bunch of misfits ,where do these guys get their training at the udp n pup school of ethics . NICE LOL LOL

  17. anoymous says:

    first of all that is family to me, you guys dont know him, so you should be the last person to judge….brandon gave no trouble what so ever…..may he rest in peace

  18. anoymous2 says:

    if his mom died by the gun a few years ago…what makes you think he will live a negative life to die the same way?!! think about that! r.ip. cousin

  19. corf says:

    @ anoymous2…I guess you were just as dull as your cousin because your name should spell “anonymous”.I guess you want ue to sympathize with you because he’s family. You are one of those typical people that go on tv and swear that your relative was an angel. Well other opinion will differ when he’s caught with his hands in the cookie jar and end up with lead in him that he can handle. He may have been a good man to you but a terror to others.

  20. sharonbze says:

    I personally knew brandon and met him when he was about 8 or 9 years old on young street. He was always very dirty and needed food to eat. As a human u cannot turn a child away. Where was the family then. U could know he was gonna end up on the streets. But there was nothing i could do at the time. He spent many days playin with my little neices and nephews and ate dinner. I moved to the village and he could not go. Many years later i met him when i was a supervisor at readycall. He applied for a job, but the lack of education made it difficult for him. He never showed up one day and that was the last time i saw him.
    Its hard to see the youths struggle and no help is given. No one showed him the way, no one showed him another path to take. So yes., we are all responsible when a youth choose the wrong path if we r guilty of not lending a helping hand. What if i had taken the time to assist him at the job? What if i mentored him? Assisted him and helped more? Would anything be different. I dont know. All i can say is children left on the streets will end up on the streets.
    Brandon always had alot of respect for me…always was mannerly and helpful. Maybe if society did not abandon him it would not have made him think the street is his only friend.
    my point, mentor young boys and show them kindness. Some really want a chance, show them another way. Let them dream big
    Brandon was a good kid to me….but what he was to others is what we made him become.
    RIP. I am sorry i did not do my best.

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