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Mar 21, 2011

B.T.B. to hold more consultations about proposed purported Placencia Port

We have been reporting since last week that a consulting firm has concluded that government should not proceed with cruise tourism in the south. And tonight, another round of public consultations are being held with residents of the Placencia Peninsula to discuss the results of the assessment, conducted by Seatone Consultants. In the executive summary of that report it is concluded that a vast majority of both residents and tourism stakeholders in that region are against cruise tourism.  On Friday B.T.I.A.-Placencia chairman Stewart Krohn urged the Ministry of Tourism and government to explore alternatives other than niche tourism which would disrupt overnight arrivals in the area.  Director of Tourism Seleni Matus told News Five today that the Ministry of Tourism is taking the recommendations into careful consideration.

Seleni Matus, Director of Tourism

Seleni Matus

“I think the findings have really very clearly stated what a very broad theme of consultants who really work closely with the communities have had to say about the project.  I believe that the Government of Belize is taking that into consideration.  We have assurances of the Prime Minister as well as the Cabinet to take into consideration the results coming out of the consultation process.  The way forward now, looking forward I think some of the things that came out of the consultations are very important.  They touch on issues that I think go way beyond what I think just Placencia has been experiencing and coincides with some of the high priorities that both the Ministry of Tourism and the B.T.B. have.  For instance, the whole issue of how do we find a way to involve at a much greater level our Belizeans in the industry through ownership opportunities for instance and so what you have in Placencia and you have in other tourism destinations is that the leakage is high and so the participation of our local Belizeans might not be at the ideal level.  And so the B.T.B. in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism will be working very intensely over the course of the next twelve months to look for very specific way to change that dynamic.  For instance, we are looking at more affordable financing to be made available to our local Belizeans.”

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11 Responses for “B.T.B. to hold more consultations about proposed purported Placencia Port”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    NO………MEANS NO!!!

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    In other words, you should not have wasted time & money on a consultant who would not rubber stamp your proposal. How many more times do you have to be told that until the average Belizean can benefit from the exploitation of our resources, our social problems will only get worse?.

  3. cindy says:

    Stupid people. cruise tourism has negative effects same way all other industries have. they need to study tourism and they will know what it means. one good planning and making negative to positive would have benefit many hungry mouths. well suffer placencia.. and dont cry when money is not around. not government fault its people fault.

  4. Bulba Martinez says:

    To Cindy, you go to hell like the rest of the Jack-a–es them. We in the South have held our own damn good and are not dying from Malnutrition. We have been suffering from the abuse of GOBH/GOB since Jesus Christ was a boy. These beauracratic sob are like Sharks preying after little fishes, especially when they realize that they !@–ed up big time. You don’t know the abandonment and abuse we in the south have endured from Colonial days, so shut the !–% up, who feels it knows it. We don’t want you or any mother !–%@# to think that we need to beg to survive because, all we ever hoped for is that every Belizean is treated equally even though we were/is separeted from the rest of Belizeans until needed. Let me remind you that, @$$—le Hereidia came to Dangriga little over two years ago, only to expose his stupidity and ignorance to our Grigalizean Entrepreneurs at the Pelican Resort, explaining how funds for development in the Tourism Industry is being distributed to our districts throughout Belize. Guess what Cindy, he explained to us that names of all Districts was written on a piece of paper, put into a hat, and one of their people from BTB shake the hat and pull out a piece of paper to know which district was the winner for funds to be distributed to. The idiot continue to tell us that San Pedro was the chosen one and guess who’s constituency that is?. You guessed it right for once, you knuckle head you. Conscience is a !@#$%, according to their report to us then, the Government of Taiwan had donated $18M US dollars to Belize for enhancement and development of this industry in our country. Cindy, you help me with my math because other citizens including some of our Area Reps think that we have pebbles for brains here in the south. Donation of $18M US dollars is equivalent to $36M dollars BZ currency right?.
    For those of us who recognize and respect or six districts and surrounding villages, if each district was given $5M BZ dollars each towards this industry, that would give !@$$w–le Hereidia $6M dollars BZ to drown himself with. Talking about being fed Cindy?. Every mouth could have been fed if these idiots did and continue to do the right thing for every Belizean in this business. Now that we say “NO” to them, it become a big issue and now have the opportunity to figure that out. “Good job pebbles, atleast we were though common sense”. How dare these dispicable human beings come here to add insult to injury. After all we don’t give two Coconut husk if they give anything, We tek if dem give and we noh give a !–@# if they don’t. And to you CEO, we help fu we own di best way we can, we beg in times of disater for survival sake and not because we’re use to beg for begging sake from government. We need decent Human beings as politicians and more honest Professionals to run our Country instead of the garbage we have in power today. God noh like ugly, mek den !–% themselves, di whole world di see now. Unu must get di big picture?. Da noh everything weh good fu eat, good fu swallow. — unu again with unu conniving ways, “NO DA NO” and enough is enough. Call it weh unu want but who feels it knows it.

  5. Disgusted! says:

    I said the $#!% was gonna hit the fan didn’t I??? We have not heard the last of this- PREPARE TO WAR PLACENCIANS……. NOBODY SAYS NO TO THE MIGHT dean barrow AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. THIS ARROGANT S-U B IS GONNA COME DOWN ON YOU LIKE WHITE ON RICE!!!!!!!! PREPARE TO WAR!!!!!!!

  6. cindy says:

    Bulba Martinez get some help. you seem to be a little out of your mind. i not cursing but you are lacking of language usage.

    study then you will know what to say. typical people with no sense but talk nonsense.

  7. mustard stand says:

    Us in the south have been ignored by both GOB’S, until now, and you know what?? No is No is No, we no what de cruise ships, we need sustainable development that will bring good jobs, cruise ships would bring us disaster. Pirates rule, lol, We do not need the GOB to tell us what we need, and, Cindy we no gonna starve either. The people in the South are not stupid, i would say you are rather ignorant and stupid.

  8. Bulba Martinez says:

    Thank you very much mustard stand. Who feels it knows it, and hopefully Cindy got the message and will attend meetings set up by BTB to get her facts straight. She being the educated one don’t have any common sense like the rest of the idiots that are trying to dictate our future after abandoning us for so long.

  9. The People Had Enough says:

    Bulba, I feel your frustrations, people like Cindy, just ignore my friend, these are the people who simply refuse to read and comprehend facts about this industry and simply look at tip of the barrel and not the whole gun, per se. several people who supports cruise tourism in the South can not sit and debate, logically, why they support cruise tourism; because they are always countered with concreted facts; but they hold there corner, like a man in a burning building who refuses the believe that jumping and breaking a leg is not as bad as burning to death. People like cindy only see money; oh ships mean money, so money is good everybody happy, they don’t comprehend, willfully, how this industry operates; willful ignorance have always been what foreigners have preyed upon in Belize. Look at her response, she only red the expletives in your comments, but the facts you stated completely went right over her head. My point proven.

  10. Seagull says:

    God Bless Belize!!! Please My people it is cheap to point a finger, but there is profit in leanding a helping hand Love Belize the people more…

  11. cindy says:

    Sustainable development? do you know the meaning?
    Do you know the cycles of the earth?

    what happen negative because of the less pollution to the earth?

    get some knowledge

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