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Mar 21, 2011

Supporters of Anthony “Boots” Martinez heckle voters at P.U.P. Convention

The opposition held its Port Loyola convention on Sunday afternoon. A little less than eight hundred persons lined up to vote for one of the four aspiring politicians. Additional to the convention goers, was a group led by Anthony “Boots” Martinez, the Minister of Housing and Area Representative.  A voter dropped by our studios today with a video of the scene as voters queued to cast their vote at St John Vianney. According to the voter, threats were hurled at them and many persons were intimidated by supporters of the Minister. Here’s that footage provided to us.

{Footage of intimidation…}

Of the four aspirants, Gilroy Usher emerged the winner.

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11 Responses for “Supporters of Anthony “Boots” Martinez heckle voters at P.U.P. Convention”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Boots, I hope this story is inaccurate because if it is true, you must know that as an elected Official & a person whom some of these children & parents look up to, this is a problem we do not need. Your division & our city is plagued by senseless violence & our cemetery now overflowing with young murder victims. Our courts are unable to convict violent criminals due to witness intimidation, etc. Destroying the democratic process will only make the situation worse. Real competition will hopefully bring out the best in everyone, including you. The last thing Port Loyola needs right now is its citizens further portrayed as mindless bullies who are now threatening voters.

    If this is true & they are doing this at this stage of the game, then the results in a general election will not be seen as legitimate when voter intimidation becomes the norm.. STOP IT


    Hmmm isn’t it ironic that the behaviour these supporters are showing and the recent deaths or murders of those two men like a month or so ago? The two men murdered were also affiliated with Boots if you’ll recall. I’m not pointing fingers but its surely an eye opener in my opinion. It would surely give a new meaning to the word ” corrupt government! “

  3. pinky says:

    Its undemocratic and its turning Belizeans against each other over party politics. not cool. I would have expected the Honourable Minister to have been in Collet with his brother in Cabinet.

  4. yc316 says:

    Boots is really immature, one of the ministers with limited education. very disrespectful.

  5. Al says:

    What else can we expect from Boots. He is a part of what is wrong in Belize. No respected politician would go to a poling place where people are exercising their freedom to vote and heckle them. I believe that UDP understand that their days are over so if they can’t win fair and square they will just intimidate the hell out of the voters. The personality and culture of a political party starts at the head. We know that the PM is a bully himself who quotes from the holy readings of those who live to oppress their people. Where are the educated people of Belize when they let the likes of a dumb ediot like Boots get away with the idiotic things he does and try to say. Try to say because the man is embarassing he is incapable of speaking one sensible sentence followed by another. I am embarrassed for my country to be led by such nit witts, thus the poor conditions that we have. Politician should be men of vision to plan for the present and leading into the future. The only vision these politicians have is what is in it for me and that goes for both parties. I say take to the streets like they are doing in Libya.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    These politicians have intimidated witnesses from testifying in court and now they’re intimidating the voters.This is not democracy.Mr Boots please don’t bring that Mubarak bs to Belize.

  7. enuff mein! says:

    “Honorable” Boots Martinez?? well there you go.

  8. Lucas says:

    A Puerto Rican saying goes like this: THE MORE ONE BENDS, THE MORE ONE’S PRIVATE PARTS ARE EXPOSED. It is of common knowledge that the U.D.P. is a bullying party. The more the P.U.P. allows being bullied by the U.D.P., the more the P.U.P is going to be bullied. Sometimes an individual has no other choice but to stop and fight. Sometimes things happen because of carelessness. knowning the area, did the organizers thought of requsting extra police protection? If not, whose fault it is?. My father used to say: THE BULLY SURVIVES UNTIL THE COWARD ALLOWS IT.

  9. Disgusted! says:

    I will state categorically here and now that I grossly despise Boots Martinez and EVERYTHING he represents. He is a !@#$ING DISGRACE as a minister of government and just another ordinary ghetto thug as displayed in his character, speech and behavior. This douchebag is clearly not very educated and his mentality is obvious by the scums he associates himself with. What boots needs to do is to go to jail and join his criminal brother JULIUS MARTINEZ, who is a convicted thief and con artist. I HATE THIS @$$HOLE!!!!!!!!

  10. Disgusted! says:

    Oh, and take some of the monies that you pilfer from the poor and get your teeth fixed dude. Your mouth likes like a disappointed ##$$%!!!

  11. Eric says:

    I think that we Belizeans have become accustomed to depending on the government for everything in our lives. When will we start earning our own keep. The cost of fuel is going up and there is nothing the government can do about it. Silly those who thought that any government can control the price of fuel. Those who really thought that GOB could have done that, shame on you; you redefine the term gullible. The other thing, stop blaming the government for all the killings and so forth, blame these so called parents who tolerate their sons in corrupt activities. When will we start taking responsibility for our own actions?

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